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So you guys already know I’m the worse kind of shipper trash, ‘cause I’m a fujoshi shipper trash. I ship Guts x Serpico, ok? I try to keep that to myself because not everybody ships what I ship and it makes some people uncomfortable.

However! Realistically! I do want Guts and Serpico to be genuine bros, not just because it satisfies my trashy shipper dreams, but because it’s honestly the best development that could happen to both of them.

They’re both pretty closed off guys, both because of their upbringing that didn’t allow them to become close to people. Guts eventually found his nakama in the Band of the Hawk and Serpico found a reason to live through Farnese.

Later on the Eclipse happen so Guts goes back to his solitary ways until Farnese, Serpico and Isidro join him, slowly he starts opening up and caring about them. Serpico as well, despite his devout following of Farnese he does note that meeting Guts changed him too.

As the manga goes on, they do talk a little more, especially after getting on the boat. But imho there’s still something missing. Sure, they’re buddies now, but Guts obviously hasn’t told him or anyone the truth about the brand, and Serpico too still keeps his true feelings under wraps.

Who better to open up their feelings with than each other? The two who have fought together the most? Who make snarky quips to each other during battle? The two who have someone they want to protect the most out of anyone in the group?

“Dude, this shit happened to me.” “No kidding, some shit happened to me too.”

Can you imagine how good it would be for Guts to have someone he could talk to and share his feelings and experiences with? Yes, I know there’s Casca but here’s two things: 1) we’re not sure how Casca is coming back or when, or even if she will want to talk to Guts, and 2) it’s not the same talking to someone of your same gender. Guts needs some male friends just as much as Casca needs female friends.

They obviously care for each other, I’ve talked about this before, but there’s still a lot of space for development between them.

Contrast for example Griffith’s relationship with Guts. Yes, their friendship developed through the years and became close, so much that Casca was jealous of the trust they had, but deep down Griffith always considered Guts his property, saying his life belong to him and him alone would decide when Guts would die, which is partly why he gets such a BSOD when Guts leaves.

On the other hand Serpico outright dislikes Guts from the very beginning, tell him so straight to his face and also tells him they should try to get along despite that. Serpico has always been honest with Guts, he respects and admires him and Guts reciprocates those feelings. They’re not yet as close as Guts and Griffith were once but that’s probably Guts unconsciously putting up his own barriers after everything he went through.

All in all, I think they have plenty of chemistry, unfortunately the story is ultimately about Guts, Casca and Griffith so Serpico’s involvement will have to take a backseat, especially given that his own arc is on pause (regarding his relationship with Farnese and his thoughts on Farnese’s own feelings towards Guts and Roderick), that said, I don’t think it would be out of character for either Serpico or Guts to consider the other a friend or at the very least, a comrade in arms.

Wonwoo and Mingyu describing each other

Mingyu: Ha, where do I start… I love that guy. I really do. Wonwoo’s my best bro. He’s understanding of me even when I’m acting out. He’s always got my back and he’s also really talented! His rapping is inspiring to me and I honestly think he’s the real visual of Seventeen. He’s caring, sweet, and he calms me down. I believe that, even as Seventeen grows and becomes stronger + more united, Wonwoo will always be my best friend and #1.  :)

Wonwoo: Mingyu? He aight I guess 

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