honestly these kids

tbh I didn’t watch Avatar The Last Airbender until I was 20 but the watchthrough I really hold near and dear to my heart is when I watched it with the kid I used to babysit, that was so fun and honestly if anyone knows any kids who haven’t seen that show I highly recommend the bonding experience of watching Avatar The Last Airbender with them. They’ll enjoy it. You’ll enjoy it. It’ll be a great couple of weeks for the both of you. 

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I honestly feel like a little kid again. It feels like Christmas eve I have butterflys in my stomach and I'm all anxious


I’m so ridiculously excited I feel like squealing! I have no idea how I will cope when those credits start tomorrow…like, I can hear them now in my head and it’s making my heart beat race. I’m gonna be such a mess at 7pm tomorrow 😂😂😂

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Drakken and Shego's child making its first try to take over world domination at age 4 and only failing because it get's so tired that it begins to cry. They both rush over, cuddle and comfort it and telling it how super proud they are, as full with pride as they could possibly be.

Honestly. And the kid would have like a toy gun or like a water gun and go around “shooting” the henchmen. Like the kid would be all serious, like “im taking over the world, watch me” and drakken and shego can’t help but laugh because the kid’s not even allowed to go outside w/o parental supervision. The kid gets about as far as the backyard and then comes inside bc the bugs are biting and they want some coco moo

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i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..

A conversation with my colleague
  • Them: So, what have you been watching recently?
  • Me: Oh you know, this and that.
  • Them: Like what?
  • Me: Ummm... this tv show about an international figure skater?
  • Them: Oh cool, so like about the Olympics and stuff?
  • Me: Yeah sort of, but I like it for the romance to be honest.
  • Them: What's the main character called?
  • Me: Yuuri
  • Them: And does he get the girl?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Yeah, you could say that.