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Klaus Mikaelson/Mikael imagine - Monsters Of Men

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AN: Well, I may have started watching the originals again and I’m almost on season 3 and I had a little idea of an imagine… So…here it is. I mean I don’t really know what this is, since I just let myself write this at 1am and  so I’m posting it. 

Summary: Klaus loves you, therefore you are a weakness, a weakness that Mikael can use but what happens when you turn into Mikael’s weakness too?

Pairing: Klaus x reader, Mikael x reader (somewhat)

Word count: 2,040

Warnings: None really, mentions of blood, some strong language

Two men. Two monsters. Two creatures of darkness.

Both cruel and cold and murderous beings. Both so far stuck in their own minds that you weren’t aware that they could even feel what they did for you.

You. A simple human, longing for the immortal life but it never being granted to you.

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Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

Chapter Summary: Badassery by Ms. Baggins

A/n: Honestly, it’s hella short because I just needed to update this series since literally all of my other series have been updated except this one. Also, there’s not much sassy hobbit as there is bad ass hobbit. I just need a bad ass woman in this because we are bad ass. Lmfao I’m done now.

Previous ChapterChapter 4

Next Chapter: Chapter 6

When you find the troll cave, you decided to stay outside, knowing that it won’t smell too good. 

You take a seat on a rock that’s over-looking the entrance of the cave. You swing your legs back and forth, watching everyone do their own thing. 

 Dwalin, Nori, Gloin, and Bofur have decided to follow Thorin in along with Gandalf. What an interesting mix. You suppose that each of their families had to be represented somehow.(a/n: I legit just fucking noticed that as I was writing this story) 

You look at Kili and Fili who are off, away from everyone and they look like they’re talking in hushed tones as if not wanting to be over heard. They’re obviously plotting something. 

 Fili catches your eye and he gives you a little salute. You narrow your eyes and turn away, still salty about your earlier predicament and their role in it. 

 You try to find your brother and you spot him standing with Ori talking about something. Whatever it is you care not. 

 Thorin comes out not long after with Dwalin right behind him. 

“Enjoying the view?” Thorin asks you. 

“Just got better, sweat cheeks,” you reply sending him a wink. 

He just raises an eyebrow before going to talk to Fili and Kili. 

 Gandalf comes out with two swords. 

 "Bilbo!“ He calls out and your brother makes your way over to him and you know he’s about to give him a speech and you were not interested in that so you stand and turn towards the first. 

You see something moving in the distance and at high speed. 

 "Something is coming!” You shout, getting down from your perch and unsheathing your sword. 

The company runs to confront whatever it was which turned out to be the most ridiculous looking man being pulled along by rabbits. Rabbits that were larger than you but still cute. 

 "Ah. Radagast. It’s Radagast the brown everyone,“ Gandalf announces and the Company still looks apprehensive. 

You are the first to sheath your sword and you bend down in front of the rabbits as Gandalf goes off to talk with this Radagast person. 

You hold out our hand and they sniff it before allowing you to pet them. 

 "They’re the same size as you,” Dwalin states as you rub behind their ears making them thump. 

 "I’m pretty sure they could kill me if they wanted to but look at how cute,“ you say, rubbing under their chin. 

 "I myself am not into cute things if you hadn’t noticed,” Dwalin states before walking away. 

You roll your eyes. Everyone was such a buzzkill. 

 You straighten as you hear a howl. You remove your sword. 

“Was that a wolf?” Bilbo asks and you turn to look at him. 

“That was no wolf,” Bofur says and you quickly draw your bow and two arrows and fire it at the warg about to attack. 

You hear another and grab two more arrows before bending down a bit and firing at the other warg. That one falls dead as well and you look around to find everyone completely shocked. You pull out the arrows from the head and they’re still useable. 

“Who have you told about your quest beyond your kin?” Gandalf asks. 

“No one,” Thorin replies. 

“Who have you told?!” Gandalf shouts. 

“No one I swear! What in Durin’s name is going on?” Thorin asks as you put your weapons away. 

“You are being hunted. We must hurry,” Gandalf says. 

 "We can’t! The ponies. They’ve bolted,“ Ori cries out and you sigh. 

Things were not going good for you today. 

 "I’ll lead them off,” Radagast states. 

“Those are gundabad wargs. They’ll out run you!” Gandalf argues and a smirk appears on the shorter’s face. 

 "These are Rhosgobel Rabbits. I’d like to see them try.“ 

And thus begins a not so fun game of hide and seek. 

You try to quiet your breathing as you lean up against a rock. You could hear the footsteps of the orc and warg above. 

Thorin nudges Kili and looks down at the bow in his hand. Kili notches an arrow, making you roll your eyes. 

That arrow was only going to injure not kill and that’s the exact opposite of what you wanted right now. 

You notch two arrows and before Kili can step out, you do, gaining the attention of the warg. 

You let your arrows loose and the warg falls dead with out a sound, bringing his rider with him and with the dagger attached to your hip, you kill the orc. 

Nice, quiet and quick.

 You replace your arrows and follow Gandalf’s direction. 

You all reach a gigantic rock and you know you’ve been made out because the growling wards are getting closer. 

 "Kili! Y/n! Shoot them!” Thorin yells out and you do as you’re told, trying to aim for the heart. You kill about three before Fili calls out. 

 "We’re surrounded!“ He yells. 

 "Hold your ground!” Thorin replies, swinging his sword around. 

“This way you fools!” Gandalf shouts and you turn your head to find the wizard sticking out of a hole like a weasel. 

The dwarves are falling down said hole so you join them. 

 You slide down the hole using the momentum to stand up as well but your left foot gets caught behind your right foot and you go tumbling into Fili and end up straddling his waist. 

 "Have a nice fall?“ He asks.

 "I’ve had worse,” you say, taking Dwalin’s outstretched hand as you hear a horn. 

Your ear detects arrows and fighting outside and when an orc comes rolling down, you jump a bit. 

Thorin takes out the arrow from the orc and glares at it. 

 "Elves,“ he states before throwing it into the ground and looking at Gandalf with trepidation. 

"I do not see where the path goes. Should we follow it or no?” You hear dwalin ask. 

“Follow it of course!” Bofur calls out and the dwarves start making their way through the path. 

“That would be a wise choice,” Gandalf says and soon you are all following along.

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So if I was going to give my lowdown on what I think of Sonic’s portrayals in games that elaborate on the character? You know, with speech and cutscenes? I’ll note what traits in specific portrayals stand-out in particular to me.

Sonic Adventure Sonic - Oddly irritable - Watch a lot of Sonic Adventures cutscenes and you’ll often find that Sonic was actually easily irritated, like he really did have a short temper. Lines such as “Oh now what?” in response to Amy’s surprise when she sees the floating tv screen outside Twinkle Park’s entrance and what it says, “You won’t get away with this you madman!” before Chaos 6, his throwing what appears to be a brief hissy-fit by jumping and whirling his arms around once he’s gotten to his feet after faceplanting after jumping off the Egg Carrier in an effort to get Eggman who was fleeing. There’s more examples than that but I don’t recall seeing Sonic as irritable as he was in SA in games after SA.

Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic - Really cool - I always liked how Sonic was portrayed in SA2. Gotta love how he takes control of the situation then flips the bird at gravity in a single cutscene at the beginning of the Hero Side story. I do wish he had more interactions with Shadow but then when he did, the contrast was quite interesting.

Sonic Heroes Sonic - More cheesier than usual - Do I really need to explain this? Sonic’s lines in this game were so often very cringeworthy. His in-level dialogue otherwise was charming. Characterization seemed low-key.

Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic - Someone get that Hedgehog a sedativeAm I the only one who truly thought that Sonic was Flanderized into being a character that was more like an irritating little brother in comparison to Shadow’s far more dead-set and serious demeanor? A character whose polar opposite personality traits from Shadow’s were morphed from what they were in SA2 (Incorrupt, jovial, determined) into an overly cheerful Hedgie who, during ShTH, sounded like an immature fool who sounds like he broke into his local Don Fachio Hot Dog Restaurant, ate all the Chili Dogs in there and had a surge of hyperactivity as a result, culminating in behaviour seen in;

The cutscene before Black Bull; Jumping up and down shouting “Woo-hoo! Now you’re talking! Bring it on!” whilst flexing his arms in mock punches.

The cutscene whilst he and Shadow are on board the Tornado Shuttle on the way to the ARK; Sighting the Black Arm bird things in space, “Time to Rock and Roll! You up for this Shadow?” and running off like a kid who has sighted the playground of his wildest dreams.

It’s character exaggeration that takes Sonic’s differences from Shadow and Flanderizes them in order to make Sonic an extreme contrast to Shadow instead of the far subtler one depicted in SA2. And It’s certainly not my cup of tea.

SONIC 2006 - Boring non-entity - Good God was he boring in this game. And it’s just….demeaning in a way how he was treated more like a plot device than a character with impetus and an endearing personality as well as Silver’s bitch and then was killed in a truly ridiculous fashion. The only positively vibrant thing about Sonic in this game is his portrayal in the opening cutscene of his story. What the heck happened to him in the rest of the game!?

Sonic and the Secret Rings - Reflectiveness and modesty (Modesty is still apparent in SatBK Sonic) - Before SatSR, you’d be hard pushed to find times where Sonic was truly reflective, where he had Soliloquys. Sure he had a soliloquy in SA2 whilst he was figuring out how to escape his doom in the capsule but that was not a vocal portrayal of how Sonic thinks. In SatSR, you know that Sonic is aware of his impending death. You know that he has reservations about collecting the World Rings because he’s doomed to die by sacrifice anyway if the Flame Arrow doesn’t kill him first but as he’s not in a better position, he collects them anyway, presumably hoping that Erazor will keep up his end of the deal and remove the arrow (As farfetched as that is).

Sonic collects the White Ring and Blue Ring and suddenly becomes very thoughtful, wondering about how the White ring’s powers of wishes can either lead it’s wielder into happiness or misfortune by negatively or positively affecting them through their own greed and/or ambition. The Blue ring makes him consider the true power of the rings due the sheer potency behind the emotions they bestow.

This kind of insightful thought processes of Sonic throughout SatSR brings a dimension to him previously unseen. And I’m all for it personally. Kid yourself as much as you want, Sonic has far more dimension than his love of speed and arrogance and SatSR brilliantly portrayed it through such things as his apparent regard for literature and his ability to, you know, kick back and doze in his house/Tails Workshop as well as his insistence on not being referred to by titles such as “Mr”.

Sonic Unleashed - Contemplative - As far as i’m concerned, Sonic’s flatness (If you can call it that) throughout SU was a result of Dark Gaia’s influence. We know that Dark Gaia can’t influence him to lose control in Werehog form due to pure heart and will power but I still believe that Dark Gaia still had influence on Sonic’s behaviour, resulting in a more contemplative fellow who honestly seems to think before he opens his mouth. He comes off as a character who’s actions and body language were often louder than words. His responses to certain NPC’s were incredibly endearing and are a world apart from Chronicles’ rubbish.

Sonic and the Black Knight - Compassion over/before Business - This was a trait similar to SU’s Sonic except SU Sonic was getting business done at the same time as helping Chip regain his memory. SatBK Sonic placed his compassion before business. He had forsaken his chance at mastering Caliburn under Nimue’s instruction by helping the small child and his/her relatives by saving them from the Earth Dragon instead. Overall a fantastic portrayal of the character because it really reflects his attitude and personality amazingly well but also his attitude to heroism.

Sonic Chronicles - Bipolar Hedgehog - And absolutely terribleto boot.

Sonic through “positive” dialogue choices - Boring. Trite. Unexceptional. Not particularly Sonicky.

Sonic through Amy-revering dialogue choices - A guy so reverent of Amy you’d think he’d get on his knees any second and confess his undying love for her.

Sonic through snarky dialogue choices and even some neutral ones - A mean jerkass who has to put down others for the sake of his own ego, something that the Sonic in other games NEVER had to resort to or would never resort to.

Poor character was ruined not only by bad writing but the premise of wildly contrasting choices. Which was never a good idea for a character with an established personality. To me, this game is like a checklist on how not to write Sonic.

Sonic Colours - Safety over Ideology - I don’t like some aspects of this portrayal but I’ll give it it’s dues. For instance, his interactions with Tails. Whilst I firmly believe that Sonic would poke fun at himself after he was caught talking to a dead robot instead of act genuinely embarrassed, Sonic in Colours could take a jibe in good nature and fire one back. His and Tails’ interactions were that of blood-related brothers and Sonic placed Tails’ safety above his own ideology, something I don’t think I’ve seen him do before. And do I have to post these again as to why Sonic’s Big Brother Instinct was so wonderfully rendered?

External image

External image

Note how the arm in front of Tails in the full motion cutscene never moves? It’s a glorious yet subtle showing of Sonic’s protectiveness that could be interpreted as even being something Sonic did subconciously. It annoys the hell out of me when it’s said that Sonic pushed Tails into the elevator because he considered him “useless”. What bullshit. Sonic did that to protect him, like any responsible older sibling would do. It shows how Sonic has a rational head on his shoulders given the situation they were in, you know, considering the park was being consumed by a black hole and Eggman was harassing them?

Sonic Generations - Bland - Sonic in this one came off practically as nothing-y as the narrative.Does nothing wrong but then doesn’t really interesting with him either. And Classic Sonic’s muteness was nothing more than silly pandering to warped interpretations. Which very much put a damper on particularly interesting usage.

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Prompt: ‘I taught you how to pick locks, and this is how you’re using that skill?’ @spnfanficpond​ writing challenge!

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Warning: flirting, swearing, heated scenes. Think that’s about it!

Authors note: it feels ages since I posted so I thought I’d post this one right away! Hope you all enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated! :) x

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The new chapters of Bleach have been putting me on edge because, at the same time, I am so glad that finally Ichigo and Orhime are fighting together by themselves but I can see a minor death flag for Orihime and it scares me. I know that as long as Ichigo is with Orihime he won't let her harm but...what's your thought?

I know one of the big concerns here is that (true to shounen form) Orihime might be sacrificed as both a tool for Ichigo’s Man Pain™, as well as a “much needed final push to use his true power”. Ordinarily, that would be fully within my expectations for a shounen manga, but Ichigo seems to already have the extra push he needs right at the beginning of this fight. After all, he’s fighting the man who killed his mother, and her death (and his inability to do anything about it) has plagued him with guilt and sadness since his childhood. He couldn’t win against Grand Fisher back at the beginning of the series, but he has a chance against Yhwach right here and now. This is his only other chance; he’s already desperate, he already has that extra push. Orihime dying at this point might cause him to be more frenzied and reckless, but I just honestly don’t see how it could really add to the setup we have at the moment.

And what’s more, the trope of “loved one dying to inspire a burst of strength to defeat the boss” was already sort of used (albeit inverted) between Ichigo and Orihime during the Lust Arc. I just don’t see a permanent death for Orihime being an option, storytelling wise. If nothing else, Kubo will keep Orihime alive (or at the very least, won’t permanently kill her off) to spite the fans of his series who hate her (if his infamous defense of her on twitter is anything to go off of).

–But honestly, the only things that Orihime’s presence in this battle signifies for me personally are (1) her finally having her powers/resolve/strength being acknowledged and valued by the very person whom she worked the hardest to gain them for, and (2) that we will be finally getting some insight into the origins of her abilities. That Orihime’s presence could possibly be raising death flags was something that frankly didn’t even cross my mind until I noticed the fandom reaction at large, to be honest!

There’s definitely a palpable sense of “something big is coming” that I get from these IH vs Yhwach chapters though. I firmly believe that if there’s any revelations within these chapters to be made about Orihime specifically, it will be about the origins of her abilities. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before, so at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll just (try to) summarise my feelings about Orihime’s powers with:

  • there’s too many instances of major characters (or super powerful characters) commenting on the nature of her ability
  • things that don’t quite add up with her origin story (Orihime being the only member of the main cast to have her backstory delivered by someone other than herself– on top of being pretty vague, the fact that Orihime and Sora don’t look anything alike and their noticeable age gap, the fact that Orihime was just able to defend Ichigo against an attack from Yhwach who is now God-status– an attack that also pushed Ichigo back, that Ichigo himself was surprised by Orihime’s power)
  • and there’s even a pretty glaring red herring (with Yhwach initially writing off her powers during their prior confrontation)

There’s just too much of it to be merely written off as coincidental. Sure, if there were three or even four times that Orihime’s powers were noted by other characters, then it could be validly read as coincidental. But like,

  • “From the impression I got by inspecting her reiatsu up close… it felt like she had barrier abilities similar to mine. Perhaps she does, and therefore only she can find this sealed location… but possessing those kinds of abilities while still a human is a little hard to believe.” - Hachigen Ushoda
  • “Does anyone require aid? […] It looks like the Ryoukas don’t need any help.” -Retsu Unohana (Visibly surprised upon watching Orihime use her powers to heal Ichigo after his fight against Byakuya.)
  • “I don’t know who you are, but you seem to have a powerful reiatsu. It would be bad if he absorbed you too… –You are the princesa that Aizen took!” - Franceska Mila Rose
  • “Her ability is to limit, reject, and negate any kind of event that has happened to her target; it is an ability that can return its target to its former state no matter what has happened to them. It’s even better than ‘temporal regression’ or ‘spatial regression’. It easily tramples the horizon of events that God has decided. In other words, it is a power that trespasses into God’s territory. - Sosuke Aizen
  • “His arm was reduced to ash by Overseer Tousen! How can you heal something that’s been erased?! […] What?! How– How did… she restore… I’ve never heard of anything at that level! How did you do it, woman?! […] No way… no human could possess such an ability… it can’t be…!!” - Luppi Antenor
  • “I have never seen anything like that before… it seems quite exotic, even for a Ryouka. Also, the healing speed seems to be greater than what Kotetsu-fukutaichou and I are capable of… not to mention the will power she possesses to be able to stay focused after seeing a horrific injury such as that. If someone like that were to join our division…” -Iemura Yasochika
  • “What the–?! Just now, I was repelled? This ability… is it from Inoue’s Shun Shun Rikka?” -Ichigo Kurosaki
  • “Why didn’t you heal your left arm? If you had ordered that woman, she could have done it.” - Yhwach (to Yamamoto, about Orihime)
  • Her ability is awe-inspiring. The ‘rejection of events’ is a power that far exceeds the realm of what is permitted to humans. The highest levels of Soul Society understood the significance of this ability, and that is why her abduction served as a means of eliciting such a sense of crisis in Soul Society that they would strengthen their own defenses rather than those of the Human World.” - Sosuke Aizen
  • “Ho!! That’s a very interesting technique! That shield… did the girl behind you do that? […] Ah, but it’s interesting! It’s the first time I’ve seen a technique like that!! What about it, girl? Would you like to be my research subject? […] If you work for me, I’ll treat you well! In case you are worried, I am really gentle with female subjects! […] How about this?! I’ll give you top class special treatment! I’ll only drug you eight times a day, and only four hours of machine operations a day. You will eat with your mouth and when you sleep, I’ll give you clothes! And I’ll stay away from any life-threatening operations if I operate on you! How about it? This is a special offer that I’ve never offered to any test subject before…!! - Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • “Just be quiet and she’ll fix him. Be quiet and watch.” - Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

This is just… way too much for it not to go anywhere. I mean, there are lines from characters spanning from the Soul Society arc all the way to our current Blood War; lines spanning 673 chapters of ongoing content. Even taking into account Kubo’s tendency to rush or completely drop side plots, he’s been steadily and deliberately giving Orihime a more central role. I’m really confident that where the nature of Orihime’s powers are concerned, it’s one of those things that Kubo definitely won’t skimp on or rush through. If Kubo is gearing up for any revelations regarding Orihime, I definitely believe it’s going to be a power reveal. I have serious doubts about her being killed off any time soon– and if she does manage to be killed off, it’s definitely not going to be permanently.

And if that weren’t enough to convince you (oh yes, there’s more):

She’s yet to bust out this little ability that was teased only once back in the Fullbringer arc. The context of the scene I pulled this panel from is when she’s trapped beneath Yukio’s cage during Ichigo’s fullbring training. This point on is purely conjecture, so don’t treat it as canon/fact: And given that it’s “Koten” (sharing the same first part of its name with her only other known purely offensive ability, “Koten Zanshun”), I would assume it’s a strong attack power she developed. This is purely theory, but my best guess is that it’s called “Koten Kesshun” in full which (don’t hold me to this) I think would translate to something like “Solitary Sacred Links Shield”. But I got that name meaning from literally guessing, so I can’t say whether that’d be a valid translation.

But yeah! TL;DR I don’t think she’s going to be killed off– if Kubo’s building up to anything, it’s a power reveal in my opinion!


Shizuo realizes, later, that he should have suspected some kind of plan.

It’s Izaya, after all. Izaya always has a plan, and always more convoluted and dangerous than Shizuo can ever guess at. It’s better, Shizuo’s learned, to deal with the threat Izaya presents right away before whatever plots the other can muster can get off the ground, before Izaya can even get traction on the unpredictable attacks he offers if Shizuo moves too slowly or holds still for too long.

That’s what he’s doing today, too. Shizuo caught a glimpse of Izaya out of the corner of his eye at a distance of two or three blocks, his attention pulled by the familiar flicker of an unseasonably dark coat in the hint of a summer breeze, and he had moved even before he opened his mouth to give voice to the “Izaya-kun” that spilled from his chest with all the involuntary force of learned reflex. Izaya had turned as soon as Shizuo spoke, his whole stance shifting backwards in the first instinctive retreat, but Shizuo was all but on top of him already; his first punch had come so close to the other’s face Shizuo could feel the soft of dark hair grazing his knuckles as Izaya twisted sideways and out of the arc of the other’s blow. Shizuo followed up the first swing with a second, without waiting to give Izaya a chance to collect himself, and Izaya had stumbled backwards with uncharacteristic clumsiness, like he was struggling to find his footing or as if Shizuo’s unexpected appearance had honestly caught him off-guard as it so rarely does. The thought made Shizuo’s pulse speed, coursed a fresh surge of adrenaline through all his body, and when Izaya had twisted on a heel and taken off down the street Shizuo followed with a grin pulling at his mouth and the possibility of long-awaited satisfaction hot in his veins. He can almost imagine the soft of Izaya’s coat under the grip of his fingers, can almost see those crimson eyes going wide with startled surrender as Shizuo finally, finally concludes a chase that has spanned full years of his life. The thought steals his breath, and speeds his steps, and then he rounds the corner Izaya turned down and there’s the shadows of the side street, and the high wall of a deadend, and Izaya standing breathless in front of the barrier. It’s too high for him to leap, too smooth to provide any handholds for his usual absurd escape maneuvers; Shizuo wonders, for a moment, if Izaya won’t manage one of his typical unbelievable escapes anyway, but as he steps forward and down the street Izaya falls backwards, pressing his shoulders hard against the wall at his back in a motion too frightened to be anything but the actions of a cornered man.

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