honestly the greatest shit


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

i’m trying, i’m trying to sleep,
i’m trying, i’m trying to sleep,
but i can’t, but i can’t when you all have,


This shit is honestly the greatest.

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Okay, but do you think Will's actions were at all influenced by the fact that he now knows Hannibal is _in love_ with him? Did that revelation change anything for him? What did Will's question, answered so eloquently by Bedelia, mean for the narrative of the show?

I almost hate to suggest this, but it’s possible the reason Will pulled Hannibal into his arms at the end of “The Wrath of the Lamb” was because he knew that the gesture would be overwhelming to Hannibal because Hannibal is in love with him. With that touch, Hannibal wouldn’t be able to think ahead to what must be coming next. (All that business about touch making us who we are and putting hands on shoulders for authenticity.) Which doesn’t mean that Will wasn’t authentically feeling the moment, but just that he knew exactly why it would work.

I honestly think the greatest purpose the revelation served was the “shit or get off the pot” business that Bryan Fuller talked about. Eventually the story has to step forward, and this was that step. I think it was less about giving us anything we didn’t already know and more about moving on from there, to get past discussing Hannibal’s feelings and focus on the question of whether Will returned those feelings: “But do you ache for him?”

That hanging suggestion that Will is in love with Hannibal does a few things, but most importantly, I think it cemented Will’s sense of not being able to save himself. “The Number of the Beast is 666″ was essentially about how Will was too intimate, too in sync with Hannibal. Will tells Bedelia that Hannibal has agency in the world in that same first scene as when she confesses Hannibal’s love to him. Hannibal’s motive for wanting Frederick Chilton harmed emerges in the “quantifiably bitchy” scene, and then the whole episode progresses without any contact between Hannibal and Will. But later, when Bedelia and Will discuss Frederick’s fate, Bedelia tells Will that he is Hannibal’s agency in the world. The suggestion is that the whole reason Will experienced the urge to put Frederick in danger at all was because it was what Hannibal wanted. Will even voiced Hannibal’s thinking directly in that therapy session with Bedelia, in response to her suggestion that because Frederick played, he paid. "Chilton languished, unrecognized, until Hannibal the Cannibal. He wanted the world to know his face.“ “And now he doesn’t have one,” Bedelia added, finishing her earlier thought about contrapasso: Frederick Chilton was punished at Hannibal’s whims and by his design, not Will’s or Francis’s. Will is so intimately involved with Hannibal that he can influence the world for Hannibal’s sake without intending to, wanting to, or even needing to ask Hannibal what he wants. In the context of the episode’s teaser leading with the question, “But do you ache for him?” the answer to this question seems to be Yes, yes, so much that I will act on his behalf, even against my own morals, to swat this fly that buzzes so annoyingly.

Going further, that conversation about Hannibal being in love with Will, and the suggestion that Will is in love with Hannibal, puts Will and Reba in parallel situations. It comes up as a piece of contrast between Will and Reba in “The Wrath of the Lamb,” when he tells her that she made Francis try to stop and that she probably saved some lives. She didn’t attract a freak–she attracted a man with a freak on his back–because there was nothing wrong with her. Unlike Will, who did attract the freak. His involvement with Hannibal puts lives in danger rather than saves them at this point. Again, the implication is that this is because there is something wrong with Will: the same “something” that caused him to be Hannibal’s “agency in the world” for Frederick Chilton. 

All of this helps prepare Will’s mindset that if he has to die, it’s probably for the best. After what happened to Frederick and before that, to Molly and Walter, it’s clear that, prison or no prison, Hannibal has to go. Will can’t conscience any of this, and since Hannibal has too much influence over him, he really ought to go too. He can’t move on like he wanted to in “Digestivo,” and the truth comes out about how he got Hannibal to surrender, that he wasn’t really moving on even then. Going back home really would be just like Hannibal said it would be: maddeningly polite, and he’d think of Hannibal. There wouldn’t be any point. His heart belongs with Hannibal anyway, not with the family he so carefully chose for himself, and it’s never going to belong anywhere else but with Hannibal. They might as well go together. At least this way, the dogs will be taken care of. 

So I think hearing the words spoken, that Hannibal is in love with him, allows Will to approach the question of his own feelings more honestly. With this self-insight, he frees himself of any real restraints and inner conflict for the first time in a long time. He finds death an acceptable outcome, because he really can’t live with Hannibal–his morals won’t let him–and he really can’t live without Hannibal, because he is in love with him. Bedelia helped him face that. 

I don’t think he planned for suicide specifically or that he knew exactly what he expected to happen between himself, Francis and Hannibal (in the sense that I doubt he’d have leaped to his death if Hannibal and Francis had somehow managed to kill each other without involving him), but I think finally accepting his and Hannibal’s relationship as one that’s in love helped ready him to take that dive off the cliff. When the moment comes, when he’s finally killed with Hannibal and is awash in the beauty of that moment, it doesn’t surprise him to the point of inaction. He’s able to draw Hannibal gently into his arms and guide them both into the abyss. The beauty, the love–they simply make his path more clear.

  • Real Name: Ernesto Popōca
  • Age: 31
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Occupation: Rockstar, Vigilante, Protest Leader
  • Base of Operation: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Affiliation: Overwatch
  • Role: Defense
  • Health: 250


   In the wake of the Omnic Crisis, Mexico was left in shambles.  As reconstruction began, the LumeriCo Corporation began their construction of power plants, promising clean affordable power.  This however came at the cost of some of Mexico’s lower class losing housing and jobs.

   The rockstar Ernesto returned to his hometown of Mexico City after a world tour so that he could help in the re-construction effort, hoping that his presence and music would lift spirits.  What he came back to was a country torn into three: LumeriCo, the lower class, and the criminal organization of Los Muertos.

   Not wanting to see the carnage of Los Muertos affect the innocent lives of Mexico City, Ernesto used the pyrotechnics that his Latin-Rock concerts were known for and used them against Los Muertos, defending the lower class from their criminal activities, Ernesto became a voice for the lower class and eventually Ernesto began talks with LumeriCo about how to better the lives of those he stands for.

Primary Fire: Ring of Fire

  • Type: Linear Projectile
  • Damage: 15 (3 per projectile); 5 projectiles per shot
  • Rate of Fire: 1 shot a second
  • Ammo: 110
  • Ammo Usage: 5 per shot
  • Reload: 1.5 seconds
  • Headshot: X

Official Description: Ernesto’s custom guitar is capable of firing pyrotechnics with every single strum of the strings

Behavior: The weapon fires 5 projectiles with each attack

Secondary Fire: Brimstone & Fire

  • Type: Frontal Wave
  • Damage: low charge - 30; mid charge - 60; full charge - 90
  • Maximum Range: 10 Meters
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Ammo: 110
  • Ammo Usage: low charge - 10; mid charge - 20; full charge - 30
  • Reload: 1.5 seconds
  • Headshot: X

Official Description: By playing a rapid paced tune, Ernesto can build up a powerful pyrotechnic blast wave, launching it at the people in front of him.

Ability: Up In Flames

  • Type: Barrier
  • Damage: 15 per second upon contact
  • Area of Effect: 2 meters thick x 8 meters long x 10 meter high
  • Maximum Range: 20 meters
  • Duration: 4.5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Official Description: Deploying a row of pyrotechnics, Ernesto manages to not only put on an impressive display, but also creates a wall between him and his enemies, damaging any who touch it.

Behavior: Unlike Mei’s ‘Ice Wall’, ‘Up In Flames’ allows projectiles through, but will damage anyone who touches the wall.  Additionally, it cannot be destroyed and instead will go away after time

Ability: Blazing Inferno

  • Type: Area of Effect
  • Damage: 25 per second while in radius
  • Area of Effect: 6 meter radius around Ernesto
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 11 seconds
  • Headshot: X

Official Description: Ernesto lets loose on his guitar, having it fire out pyrotechnics in all directions, lighting any enemies around him on fire.

Behavior: The radius of the ability only goes as high as Ernesto’s jump height, so if a character can gain height (Pharah’s rocketpack, Hanzo’s wall climb, or Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook), they can escape.

Ultimate: Sacred Fire

  • Type: Rapid-Fire Arced Projectile
  • Damage: 30 per rocket (rocket), 20 per second (flares)
  • Rate of Fire: 30 Rockets per second
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Maximum Range: 25 meters
  • Headshot: X

Official Description: Hitting his stride, Ernesto cranks out a power ballad, dozens of pyrotechnic flares going off behind him, arcing overhead and landing in front of him, causing damage on both impact as well as the fires that it leaves in its wake

Behavior: The flares go in the direction of his crosshair, and once the attack starts, Ernesto cannot move until all the flares have landed.  He can move while all the ground fires are burning however.

Color Palettes:


Hero Picked:

  • “We all have our roles to play!”
  • “Who called for a rockstar?”


  • Guess they want an Encore
  • Keep the tempo!
  • Let it rock
  • Crank it to eleven!
  • No need to hold out for a hero anymore
  • Power to the people!

Health Pack:

  • That hit the spot
  • Órale!

Being Revived:

  • Thanks for the encore Mercy

Capturing Point:

  • I’m at the point, accompaniment would be good though
  • Taking the point!  Hope they don’t mind me heating things up.

Ability-Up In Flames:

  • iVamos a jugar con fuego!/Let’s play with fire!”
  • Light it up!

Ability-Blazing Inferno:

  • ¿se siente como el fuego, no es?/Feels like fire, don’t it?
  • You’re on fire!

Ultimate-Sacred Fire:

  • Burning down the house!
  • iEn las llamas de fuego y!/into the fire and flames!


Ernesto: “Let’s go harder-”
Lucio: “-Better-”
Ernesto: “-Faster-”
Lucio: “-Stronger.”

Ernesto: “This will be just like that time we did a show in Pairs!”
Lucio: “But we were only being chased by fans and a limo was a block away!”

Reaper: “I can’t believe I have to rely on a musician…”
Ernesto: “And I can’t believe you’re wearing a calavera for a mask.”

Reaper: “Someone needs to show you your place.”
Ernesto: “And someone needs to stop being so dang edgy.”

Ernesto (to Reaper’s El Blanco or Mariachi skin): “Ahora sólo me estás burlando.”

Ernesto: “What’s wrong McCree?  I thought country music was supposed to be twangy.”
McCree: “You dare disrespect Mr. Cash?”

McCree: “Be prepared for ol’ Reaper to push you hard.”
Ernesto: “And I’m ready to push back.

Ernesto: “So Dee, how are you at music games?”
D.Va: “I prefer my RTS, but I can manage.”

Ernesto: “Reinhardt…you do realize that the Hoff was an actor, right?”
Reinhardt: “Maybe to you, but in Germany, we love his music.”

Ernesto: “When we get back, I’m showing you Knight Rider…”
Reinhardt: “And what about this ‘Baywatch’ I also hear of?”


  • (Widowmaker): “Puebla sends its regards.”
  • (Symmettra): “I already have LumeriCo to deal with.”
  • Crash and burn
  • Sorry, no encore for you
  • Play with fire, you get burned
  • Fizzle out
  • That was your finale
  • (Killstreak): I got your ‘greatest hits’ right here!

This is honestly super impressive. Like, holy shit. Good work on this and coming up with everything. I am also loving the piece with all the skins too.