honestly the greatest love story of all time

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Omg is it true?? Nora back with jb in the dorm?? Omg I'm gonna cry if it's trueee! How do y'all people find out this information?


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None of the anons from earlier but I reread the prison fic and just 😭😭😭 right now. The first time I read it I was too full of anxiety about what Peeta must have suffered to fully appreciate the story. Of course I still liked it b/c you wrote it. It's hard to imagine someone who was able to work through that anger towards forgiveness but our man Peeta is capable. 😍 Thank you for writing you stories and please never stop! 1/2

I love all of them and am so thankful for the time and effort you’ve put into them. But not just that, the care and love you have for Katniss and Peeta shines through in all of your stories. We are all united in our collective deep need for these two idiots to bone at every chance they can get. 😘 2/2

thank you so much anon, you are very kind <333 it’s been one of the greatest joys of my life sharing my love of Everlark with like-minded people honestly. i’m working on a drabble rn and i fully intend to make them bone at least one more time ;)


Got my first tattoo. Type one diabetic with symbols below the wings reading “I am greater than my highs and my lows”. This has a huge meaning to me. I have always struggled with my diabetes and being comfortable with it in my own skin. I hated taking care of myself in public. I’ve had people approach me and ask me outrageous questions and quite honestly it would set me up for a panic attack and a lack of appreciation for socialization. I’ve wasted five years of my life not wanting to care for my body and my life. Today I am working harder every day to become comfortable with a disease I cannot control. This is one of the greatest things I could have ever done for myself. Much love for all of you. -R

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hey I'm curious--what makes you think romeo and juliet are actually in love? I've just read the play and I don't really understand. i've also never heard anyone else talk about their love as actual love. i'm not trying to shti on your opinion or anything, i'm just curious.

no of course I’m not offended! and I’m happy to answer your question. Just prepare because this is a long response:

Yes, I am one of “those people.” I think the love that Romeo and Juliet share is beautiful and innocent and pure, and that their fate was a tragedy. But hear me out. 

So imagine this: you’re young. Insanely young. You were raised with parents who either ignore your feelings or send somebody else to come console you when you’re sad as if they were sending an errand boy on a chore. Your entire family is at war with another family over a disagreement so old no one really remembers what started it, and despite that, this old, stupid dispute is more important to the adults in your life than actually paying attention to you. You have only one, maybe two friends who practically (or literally) raised you, and even the friends you love are hard to confide in because they too often don’t see things the way you do.

Then you meet someone. Someone you instantly click with and whom you adore with all your heart, but the world you live in is so violent and controlling you can’t be with them just because they’re on the “wrong side” of the feud. So every aspect of your life is under siege, and the one chance at happiness you have is taken away from you because of a feud you don’t care about.

And yeah, maybe you’re both young. Maybe you’re being reckless. Maybe the relationship could potentially dissolve later on. But in this situation, it doesn’t really seem realistic to go “Hmm, so I just fell in love with someone who loves me back and am experiencing pure, utter bliss for the first time in my life. But my family hates them, so I think I’ll just end it with this amazing person that seems to care about me and obey the parents who have emotionally neglected me for my entire life instead.”

So to get at my point, I’m not about to tell you why Romeo and Juliet are or are not the epitome of a perfect couple that every couple should aspire to be. Because here’s the thing: I don’t care about that. Whether Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is “real love” or “just lust” is meaningless to me, and I believe it’s entirely irrelevant when dissecting this story.

What matters is that what they have feels like love to them. What they have is innocent, not because they desire to do nothing but hold hands with each other and cuddle (quite the opposite), but because they were, by the textbook definition, innocent of having committed any crime.

Romeo and Juliet is not a cautionary tale warning against teen love, like most seem to think; it’s a cautionary tale warning against senseless violence. Romeo and Juliet are doing nothing wrong by loving each other. It isn’t even possible for loving another person to be morally wrong in the first place. Technically, the only thing that’s wrong with their relationship is that they made reckless decisions within it, but even those reckless decisions can be blamed on the violence, as they wouldn’t have needed to make those decisions in order to stay together if there hadn’t been fighting in the first place. The only reason they had to rush into marriage was because, logically, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, and it’s fairly obvious they would have never gotten permission to marry if they had asked for it.

The tragedy is not “these reckless hooligans in love got everybody killed because they couldn’t keep it in their pants.” The tragedy is that the adults are so busy fighting they manage to taint the one nice, healthy source of happiness in their children’s lives.  The tragedy lies in the fact that without the violence, Romeo and Juliet would have been able to have a relatively happy relationship (or at least a relationship that ran it’s natural course, whether they ended up breaking up or not).

From the very beginning of the play, Shakespeare very clearly warns the audience that look out guys, this is a story about two cute kids who fall in love but kill themselves because they can’t be together because of how badly their parents fucked all of the shit up. Within the first two lines he’s describing how Romeo and Juliet, so pure in nature, are poisoned by the toxicity of their environment, “where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.” 

The point of the play is how love and hate are two things that cannot exist within the same space, and this is reiterated constantly. When Benvolio tries to explain to Tybalt that he’s trying to keep the peace between the families, Tybalt responds “what, drawn and talk of peace?” This line is perhaps one of the most profound lines and tells so much about the story. It reiterates that you cannot begin to “talk of peace” with a drawn sword. Weapons must be put away for peace and love to thrive.

The love between Romeo and Juliet is pure at heart, but is almost instantly tainted by the violence between their families. Even their first meeting takes place under the threat of Tybalt, who almost attacks Romeo for being there in the first place. As soon as Juliet learns the family Romeo comes from she is in anguish, already feeling the threat of violence in something that shouldn’t be threatened at all.

The violence, in the end, can be blamed entirely on the feuding families. Even Mercutio, who seems to be the one character directly in the middle of every conflict except the one that kills him, realizes in the end that the ones to blame for all of the pain is both families for engaging in the feud, not who started the feud in the first place. “A plague o’ both your houses” is more than just a fun thing to shout when you’re mad at someone: it’s a fair and well thought out response to the injustices of which both families are guilty.

I think if Shakespeare wanted to write a story about how teenage love is stupid, he would have. But he didn’t write about how teenage love is stupid. At least, not in Romeo and Juliet. He wrote about how fast young love appears and disappears and how young people can be very ill-equipped to make good decisions when under pressure, but he does not place the blame on Romeo or Juliet. There simply isn’t enough evidence in the text to support such an argument. 

And even if you don’t really believe Romeo and Juliet loved each other, who is anyone to be the judge of that? Love isn’t like taking a test where you have to meet all of the requirements and do things the right way until you can finally deserve to label your feelings for somebody as “love.” Romantic love feels different for different people and the only way anybody knows they’re in love is when it feels like love. So whether you think it’s valid or not, Romeo and Juliet interpreted their feelings as love, and that makes it love because there is no disproving love (except in the case of abuse, in which case it’s fair to say the abuser does not love the abused, but this point is irrelevant as neither of the characters abuse one another in the text).

So back to the main question: is “Romeo and Juliet” the greatest love story of all time? I don’t know. I haven’t read every love story ever written, so I quite honestly am not the right person to answer that question. All I know is that to call “Romeo and Juliet” a love story is an oversimplification. It’s not just a story about love, but a story about hate, and what it can do to people. It’s about how parents need to pay attention to their children because they’re smarter than you think. It’s a cautionary tale that’s anti-violence and pro-love. Parents disregarding and shaming young love because of their own prejudices is not a thing of the past, but perhaps, if more people read “Romeo and Juliet” with an open mind, it could become one.


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do you have any eruri and ereri fic recommendations?

Why yes Nonnie, I do indeed! Here’s my list of favourite fics:


Blackbird by @redbirdcalling
This is an amazing fic about life after the war for Eren and Levi. I have to say, this is so beautifully written and oh goodness, the angst (and my poor baby Levi). I really love how their relationship is written and how after everything Levi’s been through, Eren is still the one who wants to help him. My poor babies. 

Crossroads by arminoni (AO3)
Ahh I’m always a sucker for Star Wars AUs! Goodness, this one especially. It follows the basic plot of the Star Wars prequel movies, and how Levi and Eren get to know each other. It’s very sweet and I think it’s a beautifully written story. Unfortunately, it was discontinued by the author. Oh well. 

Humanity’s Greatest Bedtime Story by @gothicdancer
The. Best. Ereri. Fic. In. This. Whole. Fandom. And I’m not even joking. It’s so heartwarming and oh my god, it honestly is the best fic I’ve read. It follows again, Eren and Levi’s life post destroying all the Titans, and they have a family and it’s adorable and honestly it just makes my heart melt. I still have to say the final chapter is the best, and I followed this chapter from the day the 1st chapter was published. 

My Regret by @erenlevijeager
Longfic time! Where do I start? The love? The angst? The “oh my god that’s beautiful I think I’m going to cry.”? Well, if you love angsty adorable ereri old men with kiddies, this is the fic for you! Eren finds out he’s carrying Levi’s kid, Levi decides he doesn’t want the kid, Eren leaves and years later they meet again, and Levi wants to patch everything up. For a while you’ll think Levi’s an ass but rest assured, everything works out in the end. 

The Rest of Their Lives by @zhedang
I recently finished reading this, and I honestly cried at the end. I actually adore this story so, so much and it’s the best and most beautifully written reincarnation au I’ve ever read. When you read it, you’ll understand what I mean. There’s also a lot of fan art floating around for this, so if you need ideas as to what Levi and Oscar look like - it’s around the internet. But thank you author-san, this is my favourite reincarnation AU. 

The Way We Were by @addinavi
Zombies + preggo Eren = gay sad love story. It’s not finished yet, but the story keeps getting better the more you read into it, so I’d recommend sticking around for this one. 


Dirty Kisses by @sexycanofsoup 
If you don’t read this Nonnie, then you’re not welcome to the eruri fandom anymore (I joke, I joke.) But honestly, I love this story with all my heart, and it’s certainly one of my no1 eruri fics. I think it’s because of the plot line and how the characters are written. I will warn you, it will make you sad, and possibly cry a lot. But you’ll be pleased with the ending! 

EF&D by @birbwin
How could I not put birb on this list? But seriously, this collection of one-shots, drabbles and ramblings is enough to keep any eruri fangirl happy. The verses range from modern to canonverse and everything in between. And you don’t have to read them in order! It’s great for a quick drabble-a-day or a quick break. 

I’m Only Going to Heaven (If it Feels Like Hell) by @stereobone
Who didn’t cry when they read this? I love this one a lot. I think it’s because I just love the idea of sugar daddy! Erwin (hehe). But I also think it’s cleverly written, and the way the author writes Levi is on point. Also, plenty of smut to keep your mind happy. 

Oathbreaker by @pitftw
More Star Wars AUs! More angst! A really great portrayal of Levi and Erwin’s relationship through the light and the dark side of the force. Ahh, my poor babies. But a highly recommended one-shot if you love to see the old men do stupid things and become evil together. 

Once More by @afuzzyowl
And another reincarnation fic! But I always recommend this author’s work. In this fic, you get to see how Erwin and Levi’s lives play out together, how they meet again. There is angst, and it gets sad. But I like this one a lot. It’s great for if you need to be reminded how much these old dorks love each other. Also, it’s a very sad but beautiful ending, and if you’re in need of a good cry I’d recommend 10/10. 

I hoped this helped!

I’m sitting in my car at lunch, yeah? Listening to my music on shuffle. And “If I Could Fly” comes on. And instead of lunging immediately for the skip button, I’m listening. And of course, I’m thinking.

I have often said this song is too intimate for me, that I feel like it’s meant for them alone. That I feel like I’m intruding when I listen to it. That, as a fan, it feels like I’m treading over a line somehow, like I walked into a room I didn’t belong in.

I wonder, how much of what they’ve done has been meant for them alone, that we’ve been lucky enough to bear witness to. Things can’t be as spit-in-your face obvious as matching tattoos, so as fans we’ve collected hundreds, if not thousands, of stolen moments. Sneaky private touches, fond glances and kisspers. Song lyrics written, later being serenaded to each other. Plausible deniability at its finest, able to be dismissed and denied without a second glance.

How much were we never supposed to see? “Pay attention I hope that you listen.” AH yes, but who is you?

What I’m trying, and spectacularly failing, to say in all of this is how lucky I am. As a fan, to be a witness to the greatest love story of a generation. I truly believe they will change the world with their story, and to be included before the doors open and the sun pours in, to watch the rainbow break through from the clouds, to be here in this place at this time.

It’s something we forget sometimes, I think. How wonderful it is to be here. Why we’re here. How lucky we are. Larry ok.

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What's your love story?


Almost 7 years ago i got a message from this really adorable guy but at the time we were both interested in someone else and that was okay because he turned into one of my best friends & honestly i wouldn’t have had it happen any other way. Anyways! So we started spending all our time together on skype, texting each other constantly and things just felt right between us, he was one of the greatest guys i could ever ask to have in my life. However, he decided he wanted other girls and he was a player. While he was telling me he loved me he was telling 3 other girls the same thing and eventually i found out and it destroyed me but, this guy was still my best friend and i know everyone’s thinking “how stupid could you be gurl” and trust me at that point i didn’t care. So continuing on he actually left my life numerous times for other girls and i was never his choice but now nearly 2 years ago he came back into my life and since that day we’ve been inseparable. Unfortunately he lives across the country but that doesn’t matter because we make it work every single day. Long distance or not this is where I want too be. We have a long and extremely rocky past and yeah its brought on trust issues but everything just feels right when I’m by his side and i’d never choose to be with someone else over him. We’re actually planning to get married in November (you guys are officially the first to know.) 

We may have had a rocky past but hes the brightest part of my future.

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Hey Jax, I love DBZ to death but after watching the new movies and the DB Super I think I've lost my interest completly. I remember losing my shit when Goku turned Super Saiyan for the 1st time or The beam struggle with Gohan and Cell. But now, It feels samey and monotonous. And after watching One-Punch man I felt like i was a lil's kid again. I wanted to Love the new DBZ but at this point, it'd be forcing myself to do it

This is gonna be a long post

I honestly have to agree completely. And heres the thing. Dragon Ball and DBZ will ALWAYS be My Favorite Animes of All time. It never has to worry about its spot on my list since it impacted me so much

Why DBZ will always be the greatest to me

. Hell I’ve said this story to death but back in middle school I was friggin Chubby Anime Fanboy getting bullied and beaten up every single day and being told I was a weak bitch who’d never be anything and seeing a character like Goku who was so strong, so humble, so badass and so kind and treat all his friends he outclassed as equals inspired me to start training and be the strong confident individual as well. He will always be my biggest motivator for that

And Dragonball and DBZ will always be my favorites…..BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME BLIND and ignorant to this new stuff. Hell DBZ the series ended for us American Kids back in 2003. 

so we’ve had YEARS of Awesome Anime to come along that are clearly influenced from Dragonball and these new artists have made some 



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We’ve been Spoiled with so many Great Quality shows and even though Team Four Star is Fantastic  and I love them

A lot of this New Dragon Ball stuff just hasnt been hitting home for me to get me excited. 

Again these are my Personal Thoughts but Honestly.

I didnt really care for the Xenoverse game

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I thought Battle of Gods was a cool theater experience but rewatching it. I think its an okay film with beautiful animation and comedy but just…okay

I Fuckin hated Resurrection F if you wanna know why you can read this link

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and For Dragon Ball Super The first 2 episodes I loved but onward has been Meeeeehhhhh. 

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The fight scenes arent that aesthetically pleasing to me like the old fights are but again I have to admit I’m Bias cause the old show impacted me tremondously

Again thats why when I found One Punch Man as a manga a few years ago I was like this is what I want to see animated its like a BADASS new show kinda similar to DBZ but Much better Drawn

Then low and behold it FINALLY got its Anime the same year DBZ came back. So I was double Hyped. But as DB Super only entertained me for the 1st 2 episodes, One Punch Man was God Tier from Start to finish as I KNEW IT WOULD BE 

and since a lot OPM has characters and abilities that are clearly Influenced by DBZ it makes me upset knowing that Super had to potential to do that.

LET ME put this out to you. I want you to Imagine the One Punch Man fight I hyped up all year between Boros and Saitama with Goku and a DBZ villain

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You see the shit of Genos doing his Blasts Imagine that animation style with Goku’s Kamehameha

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Though Funfact Boros is only about as Strong as Vegeta when he landed on Earth during the saiyan saga with Cell’s regeneration

BUT NOW just Imagine that was what all of Dragonball SUPER WAS. Incredible Fight scenes and Animation like OPM but for DBZ.

Remember DBZ Feats are Planetary and Universal So while the Feats of Saitama are Drawn INCREDIBLY

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Imagine that but with a DBZ Villain JUST PUNCHIN A PLANET into nothingness

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Super made that look Okay but imagine a PUNCH

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It makes me excited to just think of what we couldve had and Mad House has done long series before. The Did 140 Episodes of Hunter X Hunter and each ep looked fantastic

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But yeah I see what you are saying. DBZ will always have a special place in my heart but watching Super Right now aint doing much to help me acheive that past love

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Am I the only one worried after all these spoilers over the weekend? When EBR mentioned in an interview that she didn't see olicity break up unless there were secrets kept, I was 100% sure that oliver wasn't going to tell her about the son.i am one of those who want to see them kinda break up.i mean I wanted to see felicity give him back the ring, and walk away so oliver would go after her. I mean she has walk away from him a couple of times and I wanted oliver this time to go after her (1/2)

Okay I’m gonna take a detour here. Because everyone knows I’m 100% confident in Olicity and very much on the “watch and see what happens” train. So instead, I’m going to address something this ask made me think while I was reading it.  It’s something I’ve thought while reading so many other asks I’ve gotten just like this. This happened last year too. 

I think the reason you and other people have no faith in the writers is that you’re fixed on your own vision and uninterested in giving another vision a chance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I’m not saying this is wrong. So many people do it. But I think this is why you and others are bothered and I am not. 

(first I’m going to apologize for going off on your ask… this isn’t specifically geared towards you so please don’t take it that way.. I’m addressing a general fandom rationale I’ve noticed, using your ask. I am not calling YOU or anyone else specific out on anything, just giving my thoughts on this matter.)

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Whats your view on religion? What do you believe?

I’m sorry I have never answered this question candidly around here before. Thanks for asking- I hope my answer won’t be cause for too much vitriol here on the internet, but real-talk now:

I believe in Jesus, that he was the son of God and that he was resurrected on the third day after being crucified for crimes he did not commit. I believe Jesus was the single most important figure in human history, and that he showed us what it means to love. I believe that Jesus is Lord.
I am a Christian- I have a hard time laying claim to any one particular denomination. 
What’s with all the theological church-lingo? (I’m sorry- I’ll try to be less ‘churchy’ in the way I communicate- I also want to be clear and open)

What does this have to do with art? concept art? comics? 

To me: Everything. 
I can’t separate the two things- because in my life I have been profoundly affected and changed by the story and presence of Jesus. And not just in me, but the people around me- my family, my friends, my community. I’ve seen actual lives changed and been deeply loved and encouraged.
When I lost my job, my grandfather, a relationship and a childhood pet all in one fell swoop- the Church community and my family were there to pick me up in some pretty profound ways. It’s hard to bicker over the finer points of theology when someone loves you enough to feed you when you can’t feed yourself. Realizing that that sort of generosity comes, in their case, from a desire to follow & imitate Jesus was eye-opening.

I have plenty to regret in my life, and a long road of improvement ahead- but my hope is rooted in my faith. I don’t believe I am called to judge or condemn anyone else- but I have to be honest about my own experiences and convictions. I don’t believe I am perfect- but I do believe that God loves us so much that he forgives our shortcomings and brokenness through Jesus (you know…that sin thing nobody wants to talk about). 

I believe that there is hope and that it triumphs over darkness.
I believe that there is love at the center of the universe, and that true love that chooses to sacrifice and give rather than to take for itself is the greatest power against darkness, hate, bitterness, rage, envy, and every other awful thing we do to eachother.
I honestly believe that Jesus is the embodiment of that love, and that his victory is the literal victory of that love and hope in the world- that is why I am full of joy as Easter approaches! Love wins, and it is a time we get to celebrate that! 

I think all stories we tell have their root and their power in the story that God is telling through the whole world, and that we get to be part of it. So I see every drawing and artistic effort I make as an attempt to celebrate and remind myself and others of how loving and good God is. I am convinced that Jesus is way more important than my art career.

There’s some pretty amazing and inspiring stuff in the Bible that isn’t often talked about- many people are content to set Christians up as straw-men to be lambasted or ignored- I hope you won’t do the same here. I am just a person, and the same person whose art you’ve enjoyed. 

I don’t want to fight you about it- I do want to make art that inspires you and hopefully speaks to you regardless of what you believe or where you are in your journey. I’m still a work in progress- I don’t have all the answers and I’m not an amazing theologian.

But since you asked, this is what motivates and drives me, and I’ll not be able to keep that entirely under-wraps. I’m still working out my faith, in a lot of ways, and I think it’s a journey as much as any part of life is. But I am sure that I think Jesus is awesome and that he has everything to do with making art if you’re open to it:

I’ve blogged more candidly about it here: http://nicholaskole.blogspot.com if that interests you. 

Much love,


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(1/2I think one of the things why I love destiel is, is that the stuff that has happened between them would normally be metaphorical for a normal relationship/ how a couple met, e.g. sparks flew when Dean saw Cas, & idk theres probably some metaphor about stabbing ones heart = love.

(2/2) also the fact that Cas is his angel (literally), and that Cas fell from heaven for Dean. There are also several cheesy pick up lines about angels falling from heaven and stuff which could apply to destiel. idk what are your thoughts? I guess that’s why they say destiel is the greatest love story ever told. Also not to mention that Cas literally saved him from hell, which in relationships can be considered a metaphor. Not to mention purgatory

Same, honestly, all of this. :p 

Also, I do think that this is one of the reasons why the ship in general is so popular, because it has all of these ‘clichés’ that we prefer to see in love stories, and at the core of it all you have that tale as old as time of an angel falling from Heaven who ends up falling in love with a human along the way. 

It’s a rather popular theme, and pretty much what the entire Dean/Cas relationship is about. Everyone who’s not bothered by same gender romance and who has an open mind to all elements of the show, is therefore likely to be lured in by that particular story/relationship imo. 

Thoughts on Chapter 44 (+ A Slight Re-Evaluation of “A Case for Jane/Michael”)

Two months ago, I wrote a post called “A Case for Jane/Michael” about why this ship made the most sense in terms of the specific story that the show was telling and writing in general. There are some adjustments I need to make to that post given everything that’s happened in the finale and I also just wanted to fangirl a bit about the episode. Spoilers under the cut.

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