honestly the funniest thing

Did I ever tell you guys about how a kid in my class asked my chemistry teacher what’s his stance on gay marriage and he responded with “why don’t you ask my boyfriend” in the sassiest tone bc it was pretty much the best thing ever

me: [tells a male on facebook that donald trump is bad for women]


Honestly I can just envision Piper meeting Thalia and oh god I honestly think it would be one of the funniest things…

-Like Jason becomes close with Thalia again, and Piper keeps hearing her name but hasn’t got the chance to meet her.

-From Percy, Annabeth, and Reyna she gets the idea that Thalia is the badass I-don’t-give-a-damn person which isn’t too far off from the truth.

-Word gets around that Thalia is coming to camp to visit Jason and when she comes Percy whispers to Piper “The monster is coming, run while you can!”

-That, to say the least, did little to nothing to help calm Piper’s nerves.

-Piper then walks with Jason to meet his sister and after the two siblings hug the two girls look at each other.

-Just as the girl is starting to seriously think that the Hunter of Artemis is plotting her death, the girl breaks out and says, “Are you sure this is a daughter of Aphrodite, ‘cuz I like her!”

-The two then quickly become friends much to Jason’s dismay and they’re also super protective of Jason.

EDIT: as someone pointed out, they did actually meet in TLH but I guess this is kinda a cannon divergence for if they didn’t

Dating Harry as a Hufflepuff

request: Harry and a quirky spontaneous hufflepuff 

I loveD thIs

here’s a song for this

-When the word gets out, Ron is kinda like “A hufflepuff..okay?”

-Harry yells at him about it

-Despite your warm and fuzzy demeanor, you are really good at quidditch

-lmao you completely drag harry in quidditch

-him just admiring you when you do anything honestly

-you just completely sass Ron and Harry thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world.

-You probably made the first move

-Harry is always surprised why you weren’t in Gryffindor because you’re always up to something

- su p rise hugs

-al so this

-you would help him calm down whenever his scar starts hurting, even if you’re worried yourself.

-you would also help him whenever he misses his parents.

-”I wish they were still here, they would love you”

-”Your dad wouldn’t be so happy considering I can take you down in quidditch.”

-”*laughs* oh c’mon”

-Harry would love that despite you being very spontaneous, you have a really kind heart

-he would feel comfortable telling you anything


-you and Hermione would get along swimmingly

- also, “Harry. This is the 500th time.”

--”I’m SorrY my glasses aren’t indestructible…”