honestly the best angel

I still laugh every time I watch ‘School Hard’ and see that Spike seeing through Angel’s charade of being evil is presented as being such a twist of events, when later you see that Angelus is an actual dick to Spike 24/7, so of course Spike didn’t buy into the, “Hey, buddy! Ain’t it great that we’re evil?” thing Angel was doing, there. I mean, really.

Angel, pretending to be Angelus: Spike! Great to see ya, man! How about that Slayer? She’s scary, huh. I mean, you can try to take her but you’ll probably fail, so maybe just leave instead, buddy friend pal?

Actual Angelus: I think I’ll kill the Slayer’s friend’s fishes today. *Pushes Spike out of his wheelchair.* After I fuck your girlfriend, I mean. 


Shoutout to facebook for making me look at pictures from like 5 years ago when my friends and I got front row tickets to a community production of RENT and everyone else in the audience were offended old people who left at intermission so we went out of our way to be the most enthusiastic crowd members in history which lead to the actors getting obsessed with us and talking to us in between scenes and winking at us during the songs and then when we wanted pictures with the cast Benny’s actor came over and personally thanked us for reminding him why he wanted to become an actor

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you should totally hit us up with more domestic!victuri ^^;;

i’m always down for domestic victuuri, my guy

  • they pick up more couple-y things to do together in their downtime 
  • like scrapbooking? scrapbooking
    • what better way to cutely display their memories than by decorating a scrapbook themselves to look through in the future :’)
      • they hadn’t thought of it until their wedding where phichit gave them a scrapbook of memories as a gift on their wedding (with a little help from chris, who contributed a lot of photos)
    • it was yuuri who suggested it first, and victor was the one to gather all the supplies, reference pinterest, all that
    • it’s literally so cute they have so much fun and sometimes ribbons are accidentally glued to fingers and buttons to noses it’s just adorable i imagine them having so much fun and laughing a lot it’s so Good i’m
  • they also adopt like 2 more dogs– i don’t imagine a specific breed bc i’m sure they love all dogs but it’s gonna be a big round dog full of FLOOF and super bouncy and they love it makkachin is so happy he has more friends especially since he’s getting old but fuck i don’t wanna talk about that nope :)
  • you would think that victor – being a little broader shoulder-wise and taller height-wise – would be the Blanket Hog™ but nope
    • yuuri katsuki is a selfish fucker who hogs all the blankets and while victor’s p good at handling the cold it gets rlly annoying like yuuri pls enough is enough
  • working out together is such a struggle like it’s either them being rlly cute and doing that “sit-up and kiss” couple thing but other times it’s like hey victor bet you can’t do tHIS
    • victor feels rlly torn like on one hand he thinks it’s really cute and on the other he feels like he’s created a monster oh no
  • they go grocery shopping once every 2 weeks but its one of those little mundane things to look forward to like for some reason just the thought of going shopping with someone you wanna spend the rest of your life with is appealing? wild
    • not to mention like half the groceries they get are for yurio because let’s face it they basically adopt yurio too
    • and yuuri learns to make a really good pirozhki 
  • a few years after they retire, they’ll be in their like mid- to late-thirties and that’s when they decide they want kids
  • just think about them with kids its literally so cute
    • yuuri and victor are such doting parents they love their kid(s) so much they wake them up with kisses and hugs and tickles
    • 100% supportive always, especially when they start school and Anxiety™ kicks in yuuri is there before you can say pork cutlet bowl
    • they love to hang up their art on the fridge it’s just rlly cute imagining them to be the proudest parents no matter what their kid pursues its honestly the best feeling ever

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When Aoi finds out that Playmaker is Yusaku, I want her to be so disappointed. "Seriously, this is my knight in shining armor?"

Honestly, that would be the best. It’s confirmed that Blue Angel felt an ‘immediate admiration’ for Playmaker, but that’s just it: she only knows Playmaker, the guy who saved her from literally being set on fire. Playmaker is heroic, brave, and obviously confident enough to sport a full latex bodysuit—what’s not to admire?

But Yusaku is the one she actually goes to school with, and will have to interact with. You know, the guy who busts everybody’s balls to pieces like it’s the latest fashion trend. Apperently Aoi is going to be pretty aloof herself, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be annoyed by Yusaku’s dickishness.

I’m… curious to see how she’s going to react once she finds out the hero she admires is really that asshole from school. I guess my hope there would be that she makes the connection herself, and it totally throws Yusaku that this random girl from school was able to figure out his identity. But in any case, her being disappointed would also be hilarious. Knight in shiny latex indeed lmao


such an angel !!! she’s so sweet n lovely, i’m so glad to have met her !!


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adofih  sophia i was planning on putting you as one of the blogs heheheh!!! but anyway here we goooo!!!

@chocoulat - honestly, my best friend and sweetest angel and the one i love most she’s amazing and lovely and her blog is GORGEOUS just like her and aodfiahx just follow isabel i love her so much!!!! she’s the sweetest!!!

@jiminsarroz - another absolute FAVE!!!!!! her aesthetic is perfect just like her and she’s really super duper sweet!!!! and she tags me in the cutest things!!!!!!! she’s my fave dance line bias!! seriously like… over half of my reblogs are from her [sometimes i even click on other people have reblogged it to reblog it from them so i dont over spam my jayda ahahah]. seriously follow her now!!!!

@namkwan - AGAIN another faveeee!!! i love her to PIECES and she’s lovely and sweet and bless her i love krystal!!! shes my fave girlgroup stan!! her posts are honestly FAVES and adoifhs idk what else to say i just love krystal with all of my heart!

@kangsmolbean - if you love girlgroups she’s the blog for you!!!!!! she’s sanas girlfriend and honestly sana could not be more lucky!!!!! seriously all of my girlgroup needs are fulfilled by this one blog!!!!

@khuaho - ahdifhdosivhced i dont really need to say much [nor do i know what to say] but dao is a fave and im highkey too scared to talk to her but idec i just loveeeeeeeee

for every 🎊 ill recommend a blog

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Rate 1-10: 10
Favorite Song: La Vie Boheme👌👌👌
Favorite Character: Mimi
Best Moment: honestly when Angel comes in and just starts dancing all over the apartment (Also Out Tonight))
Something that makes me angry: just anytime Benny opens his mouth tbh except for one time
Gives me the chills: Goodbye Love (just fucks me up, also I’ll cover you (reprise)

20 Days At Outpatient

So I woke up at 1130 and was like ahhh I need to go to the bank and go and get gas and make it to the clinic all by 12 because that’s when the clinic closes!! I was freaking out I’m like there is no way I’m going to make it and I NEED to dose. So as usual I go to my best friend and honestly my living angel.. my mother!! I can always count on her to make my life better. So she gave me her card to get gas so I can save some time and make it before the clinic closes. I went to get gas then jumped on the highway and I got there at 1140. This was the first Monday I didn’t have a UA so the last UA I had was Thursday; but I’m sure I’ll have one Tue or Wed. There was no line & window one was open I gave the nurse my patient ID number and what dose I’m on I’ve been on 55mg for 4 days. Tomorrow is my last day then Wed I go up to 60mg. Tomorrow I have a therapy session I’m going to stay strong and not ball my eyes out like I did at my first appointment it was water works galore!! I do have alot to talk about so we should be busy chatting for the full 30 min. I was sweating so much and my hands were shaking almost to the point of not being able to hold my cup with my medication! I hate feeling like this it’s been almost 3 weeks clean and my body is still withdrawing pretty bad it’s not only tiring but frustrating as well. I just want my body to stop it’s been long enough now that I should not continue to withdrawal!!! So I went bumming at old Navy I got three dresses, two shirts, a one piece swim suit and a high waisted swimsuit bottom then these cute flip flops!!! So I think my wardrobe is so ready for the summers blazing hot sun!!! Then I went to the bank to pick up money for my mom because she was so kind to me and give me money for gas. Now I’m at home relaxing I should be sleeping.. I work tonight and I’m really not feeling the best my withdrawals are in full swing RN and idk why…it’s like chill out brain plz give me a break PLEASE!!! One step at a time, one minute at a time…