honestly sells

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)

will i ever stop drawing ffxv shit? NOT LIKELY

anyway i was bullied by my friends to draw more cheebs and it ended up kinda charm-like so i made them to look more like charms, maybe ill sell them sometime in the future once i have some $$$ and time and knowledge how to manage charm selling

for now theyre stickers on redbubble


Honestly this is what sells me on the fact that Janna has a crush on Star.

Look at her face when she discovers that Star has a crush on Oscar. She’s initially dissapointed, even saddened by it. It’s nearly the same expression, same body language that Star has when she realizes Marco’s in love with Jackie in Bon Bon.

Every subsequent time Star shows affection towards boys?


Vetra has a footlocker full of nothing but the exact same brand and flavor of cereal in her cubbyhole

and they say aliens can’t be relatable


Also just in case my new followers haven’t seen my face, here it is. 

(snapchat is a fucking blessing for looking good amiright)

This is a total sellout but I have an instagram too (look at me trying to gain more followers jfc) but its ‘cheekysmagic’ if any of you are interested x

I’m gonna awkwardly hide behind a wall now and cry because you guys deserve better from my flowercrowned ass 


Idk if y'all already knew but I am in fact the biggest Yuta hoe out there like WOW I’m such a bad Yuta stan I didn’t even wish him a happy birthday 😪 oh well, enjoy these gifs of him and don’t forget to keep sending in requests!- admin yu

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Episode  — Twilight of the Apprentice

I won’t leave you. Not this time.

does bighit think we print money or something?

Hello, I'm gonna start selling some band merch to help pay for college.

So if you follow me you already know that I’m struggling with money to help pay for college and that FAFSA didn’t help much. If you don’t know, then a link will be added below to my post explaining it all and how you can help just buy donating to my PayPal ( I’ve already received two donations and I am so grateful).
I’m on a short end of the stick right now. I’m selling personal stuff, and even plasma to help pay for my debt. i also will be selling drawing/painting/photoshop edits of any request y'all might have!! Now to the band merch, i don’t have much but I do have a few flags and some shirts I don’t wear anymore, i even have signed posters of a few bands that I am willing to sell.

I’m going to make a separate post (possibly blog) soon so you can see what I am selling and such.

Link to other post: http://lucidaffliction.tumblr.com/post/156685750660/please-help-my-gay-ass-stay-in-college

Please help spread this,
Thank you ! :-)

Another one!

Alright, so you know those little drinkable, refrigerated probiotic shots people get? Someone once left a ton of those (empty, mind you) on a shelf in our store. And I mean a LOT– I found 8 of them,  not even hidden, just clustered together on the top shelf behind some product.

Again, I work in a pet store. And none of the shops near us sell those.

Honestly, I wasn’t even mad about having to clean up that trash. Whoever left them was probably having a pretty bad day if they had to down over a half dozen probiotic shots in the flea&tick aisle of a pet store at 10 in the morning.