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Hey mate, just saw your post about Hotline Miami and was curious as to your favourite piece of both soundtracks? (Love your music btw!)

Silver Lights by Coconuts is my fav track of the first game, it’s the first thing I ever heard from the game before I even knew what it was about and it got me to look into it. It scratches an uglyjams itch for me that few other songs has been able to.

The second game it’s harder to pick but probably Roller Mobster by Carpenter Brut. WHAT A DROP. It’s like getting pushed off a neon skyscraper, honestly. love it. <333 *-*

But...That Was My Dad

Author: Emmalee

Player/Team: Matthew Tkachuk/Calgary Flames

Prompt: Meeting Matt Tkachuk’s parents!!! Thanks!

Rating: Pg

Word Count: 1,500 Words

A/N: Okay so I wasn’t even that pumped about this, but then I started writing and oh look at that. 1500 words. I honestly am so proud of this. This is probably my fav thing I’ve ever written, tbh. Yeah so enjoy me being REALLY enthusiastic about Matthew Tkachuk’s fam.

Thanks, loves!! Xx Em

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honestly the doctor who fandom is so fucking cringe but the most disgusting thing they’ve ever done is literally disregard martha jones like FUCK u and FUCK ur white faves like just bc she was a black femme who was in love w/ a main white chara, u hoes couldnt stand that. u couldnt stand an independent black woman gettin in the way of ur white ass ship

all these pretty girls
skinny legs
thick eyebrows
gorgeous smiles
clear skin
blonde hair
i wanted to be
just like them.
so i did calf rises
and filled in my eyebrows
and smiled in the mirror
and washed my face
and bleached my hair.
but i still wasn’t
just like them.
and then i realized
i didn’t have to be
pretty like them.
i could be
pretty like me.
and i could
admire another girl’s beauty
without questioning
my own.
—  Things I’ve Learned On My Own

honestly 313 of the 100 is such a gift?

like I know we’re talking always about bellarke hug scene/together/bellamy finally standing up to octavia but..
this ark flashback is the best thing ever?

and it doesn’t even have my fav characters there (bellamy, raven)? well bell is there for 1 sec but no raven obviously.

“The key to survival on earth what is it?”

“"is to keep fighting at all costs against all odds“

Octavia is such a child here, so innocent and this quote is one of the best ones they have done in the 100? And Pike in flashback is such a blessing, they made me like his character in just one episode, i mean.. how?

and then John Murphy aka ‘bad boy’ on the Ark

and then when he met Pike “told ya, I’ll survive”.

and then we have this trio:

you have to learn which plants you can eat and which ones..

and then Jasper looks at Miller and gosh this friendship is all I wanted and I didn’t even know? And Jasper had to be separate with Monty because of how they make fun of everything. I mean how awesome all of it is?

and then when I thought it can’t be better they play radioactive

and I think I haven’t told you all how much I love Jasper&Jonty and how greatful I’m for this short scene

so like seriously now I think it couldn’t get any better and then I see Kabby and she says

English isn’t my native language and she said it so quiet that when I was watching it for the first time I actually heared

“You cut your extra hair” and omg look at his hair

(im joking of course)

confirmed: when you use hair gel you’re bad boyyy

I mean Bradbury?

and almost bellarke meeting on the ark - in other words - my dreams - almost came true?

and wells?!

like yeah, this is the show I fell in love with, give me more flashbacks please @the100writers

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🐝🌼 ^^

🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!

@teenbillionaire i love u since forever my fav thing about u is how cool and chill it is to talk to you like i honestly feel so calm and also ur hair binc

@zaprowsdowers curSED friend but ilysm ssjhdf my fav thing about you is how u can cheer me up so fast like u always make me laugh Die

@scrrappy my fav thing about u is how fuN you are and how kind and lovely u are to me all the time honestly ur the sweetest person ever i am cryin as i write thist ur the 76 to my torb 

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?

this is a hard question omshbd but i guess just like. really honest and tolerant ppl and also a lil dominant or outgoing idk if that makes sense but anyway also funny folks are my weakness

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tbh i have no clue what his album is gonna be like but i know i will LOVE it, because 1) i have this thing where i just sort of like my favs music even if its totally not what i would ever listen to on my own and 2) his music taste is amazing and very similar to mine and it excites me so much that he seems to like the same music i do, plus he has such an appreciation for music in general that i honestly cannot imagine him ever creating something that isnt good. its niall after all, he delivers

yes i agree. i love his music taste.  

@harukie @oyatetsurou @nagihtos aaaaa thank!!!!! all of u are my favs too :” sorry it took me so long to reply! 

10 facts: i like anime/manga, i like watermelons, i like tofu, i like sushi, i hate bees, i love being cold, i dance, i like running, i like reading, i hate hate hate those scratchy/screechy/??? sounds like eg. fingernails scratching the board/chair scraping on floor?/fork scraping the plate???? IDK I HONESTLY just hate those sounds a lotttttt sorry i have the most boring life ever so

5 things i like about myself: my eyes! i like my hands too (that sounds weird but yeah), my eyelashes hehe:x i like that i always unintentionally make people laugh somehow, aaaand my piercingss 

honestly torb is such a great character with lots of depth to him it almost saddens me to see the overwatch fandom basically making him into a meme


GONE FANCAST: #ActualFifteenAndUnderEdition

ulrik munther as sam temple // camren bicondova as astrid ellison // booboo stewart as quinn gaither // xolo mariduena as edilio escobar // mekhai allan andersen as little pete // devery jacobs as lana arwen lazar // dylan sprayberry as caine sorensen // sofia richie as diana ladris // lucky blue smith as drake merwin // yara shahidi as dahra baidoo // noah gray cabey as albert hillsborough // annalise basso as mary terrafino // avalon robbins as brianna “the breeze” // kim dani as taylor // reiya downs as dekka talent // ryan lee as computer jack // jacob latimore as howard bassem // riley griffiths/the thing as charles “orc” merriman // kodi smit-mcphee as “bug” //  brandon soo hoo as duck zhang // nash aguas as hunter // jimmy bennett as zil sperry // peyton meyer as lance //  devyn nekoda as penny // rowan blanchard as orsay pettijohn // kara hayward as sinder // max burkholder as toto

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I promise I'm not trolling or trying to cause drama. I am annoyed at the fact that Zayn didn't get the solo career start that he deserves. He's such a talented person and it's not fair like honestly all the boys are talented and deserve a great start but they haven't. I think Liam having his signing done properly is a good thing but I'd like to see something good happen to Zayn. Maybe I'm biased because he's my fav idk Sasha I'm rambling tbh Liam deserves to be happy. I hope all 5 of them are.

The circumstances weren’t ever gonna be the same. Zayn’s solo deal was actually a part of his punishment for helping lead the Great One Direction Insurrection™ alongside Louis, imo. I don’t think he ever would have chosen to go solo that way. But I do think if he had to do it over again, he would.

Zayn and Louis both fell on their swords in part for the men they love. Look at what Louis is going through compared to Harry. And it’s similar with Zayn and Liam. Sure Liam is saddled with Cheryl. But since March 25, 2015 Zayn has had a tougher road. They snatched him away from his boys. He got gross press that distorted his image. He was forced into a solo project designed to line 1DHQ’s pockets with a quick buck. Then they actively sabotaged his career once their profits were assured. They still downplay his Pakistani Muslim heritage. They portray him as unstable. Even though he’s been successful, he’s paid a price for it. 

So really, it’s apples and oranges. Liam’s solo announcement was probably negotiated so that at least that much could happen as he envisioned it. And Zayn’s mega stunt probably played a part in allowing that to happen. Zayn’s whole solo career to date is a 1DHQ mandate, with all the fuckery that comes with it. But it gets greater later. In time he’ll be free to pursue solo work the way he wants to, without the interference.

In the meantime, appreciate that Ziam are relationship goals and no bearded ho stroll could ever compare to the way they’ve supported each other over the past 16 months, against all odds.

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what's ur favourite part/person/thought of pjo hoo

honestly my favourite thing in the entirety of the pjo/hoo series is that one time piper knocked hercules over w/ fruit. the strongest demigod to ever exist got taken down………….by some coconuts………

and piper. like, mostly piper. 80% piper 20% coconut.

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Fave dean/reader fics? Maybe a slow build

Hmmm let’s see 

Where She Stays by @ibetthathurt (maybe the most slow-burn of these?)

What You Need by @rizlowwritessortof

Wake Up Sex by @winchestersandwordprocessors

Like Ocean in the Desert by @saenalife (who is now thoroughly sick of me reccing this fic left right and centre haha)

Is it bad form to rec a couple of my own here? //shifty face// here and here (that second one’s not really a slow burn but i just love young Dean k)

The Pickup The Hookup and The Spoon by @deanfiend, honestly if you read one thing on this list read these (the second one has maybe my fav Dean sex moment ever)

Stake Out by @sp-oops (God in HEAVEN let me write like this when I grow up)

Bait and also this drabble by @withoutaplease

Tequila, Whiskey, and Beer by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

Watch and Learn by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

On Your Mind by @spnsecret

Twenty Minute Warning by @deandoesthingstome

Tangled Up by @anotherwinchesterfangirl

Tomorrow by @aprofoundbondwithdean which is just pt 1 but presumably there is a sequel (looks meaningfully at Kale)

Honestly this episode is my fav so far. It had the most incredible scenes, we got another Malec kiss (lighting ruined everything), we got bamf!magnus (best thing ever), maia was bomb! love my bae, also raj!!!. And lets not forget raphael and saphael (i honestly chocked on tears with that scene with saphael and elaine) and then to end it all Jace and Alec just showed me why they are the best brothers ever. like. perfection. what a mother effing great episode.



Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

For my darling Liz ( @caprelloidea ) and one of my favourite stories she has ever written.

I love you so friend and cherish your friendship so much. You’re one of the most wonderful, talented, endlessly creative, generous and giving people I have ever met. Sunshine itself! I am so glad you’re my friend and I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday! <3