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Can you do a headcannon on mitsun plsss, I can't think of the subject tho

i’m always up for stuff abt my fav robot son i luv him

  • extra af and somehow always tryin to come up w/ a reason to off himself (usually bc he DISGRACED hideyoshi). oh wait this is canon. honestly a millennial icon???
  • he thinks his stupid button collar/cravat/whatever the fuck that is, is like. the coolest thing ever. 
    • literally no one understands its purpose
    • mitsunari tells them to shut up (it’s obv bc it makes him look. Scholarly)
  • has touched one (1) boob by accident once but he’s felt deprived ever since…… when will he ever be blessed w/ tiddy again
    • ofc he would never tell anyone this and proceeds 2 just make insults at u abt ur chest bc he can’t stop paying attention to it. obviously
  • sakon has suprisingly dragged mitsunari into more Teenage Boy things than mitsunari has ever wanted in his life
    • mitsunari: stop sakon i don’t want anything to do with hitting on anyone love isn’t real!!!!
    • sakon: oh but u still gonna keep the erotica tho ok u fake bitch
  • everything he ever reads is for educational purposes only
    • yes that means the lovers guide
    • and every cheesy romance novel he owns
    • all for Learning bc he’s a REFINED SCHOLAR
  • actually v attentive even tho he’s insensitive af like……. if he’s tryin to do something for u he’s rly doing his best but it always comes off kind of Bad bc he’s horrible at expressing himself
  • once had a pet rabbit he literally named manju and mitsunari was That Pet Owner and blew on its ears like all the time
    • manju got mad at him too and then hideyoshi would burst out laughing finding mitsunari tryna chase this damn rabbit all around the room
  • very good at shogi but is horrible at go for some reason???
  • one of his hobbies is calligraphy and he just has v beautiful handwriting tbh
  • we’ve all seen how good he is w/ kids and like………. lowkey he wants a family so bad. like wants to teach his own kids about literature and strategy and math and the world and he like wants that so??? bad??? imma cry
  • is mean to literally Everyone except like…… old ladies. like the ones that are like OH SONNY PLS HELP ME CROSS THE STREET and he shuts the fuck up immediately and helps old ladies cross the street bc he wasn’t raised in a fucking barn

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I just saw the 4 min video. God Gillian looks so happy. She looks SO HAPPY. They both never look as happy as they do when they're together. Honestly, they need to do public stuff together more often. Not only do they make EVERYONE insanely happy when they're together, but they make each other so happy too. They clearly enjoy each others' company. My fav thing about David Duchovny is honestly how he makes Gillian Anderson smile. Does she ever smile & laugh like that when she's with anyone else?

Nope. This is what her very own David Duchovny does to her.

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in your opinion, what is the best dance off that's been at tda? like the one which every dancer was amazing and they were all fighting for it??

tbh all of them!!!! they were all amazing if they made top 10/11!!! personally i can feel the tension with the juniors and the teens, the minis are so small and still have souls in their bodies so it wasn’t that bad. the boys seem to be a lot more relaxed across the board, and all the senior girls and a couple teens every year fight for it but they don’t make it seem like they are in a really really tight competition. they just do their thing!

my fav dance offs: i hold this one dear but realized it’s only bc it’s one of my fav improvs done, kalani’s legendary murder at TDA 2013.

probably the one that fits your description: the senior female girls proving once again they leave fire on the stage whenever they dance. the best ever, simi snatched every hair off my body. my girl!!! but honestly everyone killed it, no weak links in my opinion. 

also the junior tda dance off w/ quinn, boss, and jaycee in top 3! not a fav but you could tell they were all ready to kill someone. 

also the best one from tda lv, the senior boys!!! lots of heavy hitters like deary lex, riley, jj, nico, etc. a strong group that probs went unnoticed! 

one i just watched yesterday: a more interesting one, besides the leg leg leg lauren yakima smokes everyone with her ballroom skills showing that whatever yall can do, she can do in heels. also a girl tapped for both the ballad and the upbeat jazz. 

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Thoughts on chocolate?

if u mean the food; i like all kinds of chocolate but i like milk chocolate the best especially without any nuts or other flavors or anything just… plain milk chocolate is 10/10……. but at the same time i feel kinda gross and sick if i eat too much of it (or too much sweets in general) so i dont eat chocolate that often and if i do its usually in something (a mocha, pastries, that kinda thing) 

if u mean chocolate the 13th track on r&b/pop contemporary kpop group SHINee’s 4th repackage album written in part by kim jonghyun and released as a medium tempo r&b track…………..i think that song is super underrated and rly easy on the ears if that makes sense. its honestly one of my fav slower shinee songs and im a SLUT for songs that romanticize dark skin!!! like holy shit i dont think ive ever heard another non-hiphop kpop song that actually praises dark skin instead of “pale” or “porcelain” and thats rly great to me!! like the lyrics r kinda cheesy but i mean?? its still Great and impressive to me that theyre……saying…….dark skin is beautiful and attractive. thank u shinee and a SPECIAL thank u to jjong for writing it like that!!!! im so!!! 

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also on another note the part where kibum goes “oh my GOD” in that dramatic ass voice is my favorite part

You know what earlier I was rewatching some of my fav s1 scenes and honestly like…Vogel im Käfig 2.0 has honestly ruined the old one for me like…? 

We’ve only heard a tiny fraction of the climactic part, and that’s still technically the buildup section and yet…it so friggin bloody good like? DUDE?!? I#m so over the top pissed that the intermission cut off the actual climax of the song because I swear to god that’s literally going to be the most eargasmic thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life ever? like what? holy shit! Judging from the appearance of Vogel during the scarf talk (and the overall history of the track in s1) it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll get it during the climax of chapter 50 and I just…..


But...That Was My Dad

Author: Emmalee

Player/Team: Matthew Tkachuk/Calgary Flames

Prompt: Meeting Matt Tkachuk’s parents!!! Thanks!

Rating: Pg

Word Count: 1,500 Words

A/N: Okay so I wasn’t even that pumped about this, but then I started writing and oh look at that. 1500 words. I honestly am so proud of this. This is probably my fav thing I’ve ever written, tbh. Yeah so enjoy me being REALLY enthusiastic about Matthew Tkachuk’s fam.

Thanks, loves!! Xx Em

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honestly the doctor who fandom is so fucking cringe but the most disgusting thing they’ve ever done is literally disregard martha jones like FUCK u and FUCK ur white faves like just bc she was a black femme who was in love w/ a main white chara, u hoes couldnt stand that. u couldnt stand an independent black woman gettin in the way of ur white ass ship

all these pretty girls
skinny legs
thick eyebrows
gorgeous smiles
clear skin
blonde hair
i wanted to be
just like them.
so i did calf rises
and filled in my eyebrows
and smiled in the mirror
and washed my face
and bleached my hair.
but i still wasn’t
just like them.
and then i realized
i didn’t have to be
pretty like them.
i could be
pretty like me.
and i could
admire another girl’s beauty
without questioning
my own.
—  Things I’ve Learned On My Own

bokuto voice: HEYHEYHEY! this should have been made a while ago but, as always, im lazy af. anyways, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH? im actually surprised how many followers i got in such a short time span jdskaljd thank you so much for sticking around when all i do is shit post (quality shit post tho right?) you’re all so amazing & i cry all the time because you all are so sweet aksdjl i never ever felt like an outsider coming in, and i’ve never felt like im just a burden blog. everyone has been so welcoming & even join in on my crazy ooc / crack posts. im honestly at a lost of words bUT THANK YOU AGAIN !! 

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Do you have a favorite fan fiction or fanartist?

Ok like straight up, @thesearchingastronaut is my fav fanartist cuz she is like the sweetest, and most caring person ever. I love her so much and I’m so happy to be able to collab with her on a bunch of things (so many wild y'all I’m telling you)

And fav fanfic author would prolly be a tie between @girlskylark and @wittyy-name. So girlskylark is a fucking firecracker on steroids and is honestly one of the funniest people ever, she’s awesome. And it helps that she’s a multishipper so there’s so much variety in her fics. My fav of hers is the quilted lion, which I would link but I’m on mobile and lazy af, but she’s geewillikers on ao3, check her out you won’t be disappointed xD (not to mention she has like a new fic every week and I’m like ???!???? )
And then there’s witty who is like #goals. She’s also like one of the best people I know and have the pleasure to talk to xD she gives some rovjsolid advice about writing and y'all know SUADWM (cuz honestly who doesn’t in this fandom lol) honestly. I still don’t know how she can crank out 20k chapters because I’m in awe. I love both of these writers so much like you wouldn’t believe.

Ask me stuff~



Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

For my darling Liz ( @caprelloidea ) and one of my favourite stories she has ever written.

I love you so friend and cherish your friendship so much. You’re one of the most wonderful, talented, endlessly creative, generous and giving people I have ever met. Sunshine itself! I am so glad you’re my friend and I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday! <3

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u kno that performance w joon and zico and everyone in the comments said zico was a god and was better than joon but joons rap was a diss towards bobby and he quickly wrote it like a few days before while tough cookie imo isnt even that good lol.. i rem joons flow was rly good in that performance

oh btw do you and tough cookie were both released the same year and they’re polar opposites in terms of the message they send lmao

honestly… tough cookie is just like dissing and a catchy hook…. namjoon had straight bars…. like ? i don’t think he should have written it just beforehand like he probs should have used a verse or two from an RM track but like…. the ppl dissing namjoon don’t know anything about rap like a catchy hook and hot beat really has nothing to do with legit good rapping… ppl r … dumb ….

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is it weird i don't think anyone else really does but, i lowkey ship eleven/mike/lucas like, stranger things should just become The Poly Show

you know i’ve like never ever thought about that ship before, but i’m sure as hell not against it.  because i do love mileven, but also lucas/mike is like one of my fav rare pair ships.  honestly all my favorite ships, no matter the fandom, usually are poly ships.  im definitely gonna think more about this

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I'm honestly shocked at how much I love Astro. I never expected to ever be a fan of them. I listned to "Breathless" cos fans were talking about these rookies and at fisrt I found it kinda annoying(it's grown on me now). I was like "nah, not really my thing" but after listening to "Confession" and "Again" I was hooked. I’m slightly ashamed to like a cute group, my other favs are BTS and BlackPink but I’m also sad that none of my friends like Astro & I have no one to talk to about them.

okay first of all do not be ashamed to like a cute group 

Astro is the sunshine energy and pep and encouragement and frickin light that everyone needs in their life 

honestly the groups I liked before finding astro were expecting BTS map6 and up10tion and I thought cute groups were gross I was really into concepts like BTS run and I found astro because I wanted to be with a rookie group from the start and I came across Astros cover of Dope and bang bang and I was like Yoooooo yaaaas and then I saw that their only song was puss in Boots onesies version and I was like wtf why are they cute this is gonna give me a cavity and here I am a few months away from celebrating 2 years with astro isn’t that wild 

ur friends are missing out u should make some aroha friends we are all real friendly and I would suggest @oceaneunwoo (Dani) bc she also likes black pink 


GONE FANCAST: #ActualFifteenAndUnderEdition

ulrik munther as sam temple // camren bicondova as astrid ellison // booboo stewart as quinn gaither // xolo mariduena as edilio escobar // mekhai allan andersen as little pete // devery jacobs as lana arwen lazar // dylan sprayberry as caine sorensen // sofia richie as diana ladris // lucky blue smith as drake merwin // yara shahidi as dahra baidoo // noah gray cabey as albert hillsborough // annalise basso as mary terrafino // avalon robbins as brianna “the breeze” // kim dani as taylor // reiya downs as dekka talent // ryan lee as computer jack // jacob latimore as howard bassem // riley griffiths/the thing as charles “orc” merriman // kodi smit-mcphee as “bug” //  brandon soo hoo as duck zhang // nash aguas as hunter // jimmy bennett as zil sperry // peyton meyer as lance //  devyn nekoda as penny // rowan blanchard as orsay pettijohn // kara hayward as sinder // max burkholder as toto

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1. Favourite show/movie from your childhood?

Silversun or Ocean Girl were some of my fav shows

2. Favourite article of clothing you own?

Probably my dressing gown because it keeps me warm and cozy…  That seems like a bad answer but it’s the truth.

3. An artist you used to like but you don’t anymore?

What do you mean by an artist? I don’t consume art. And honestly I tend to not end up not liking things, I just become not obsessed with them. Like if I like them in the first place I don’t really tend to stop. Oh except when there is *problematic* things but I don’t think I have any specific people.

4. A country you would like to visit?

All of them. I really don’t have an answer to this question and it annoys me a lot.

5. What’s your favourite holiday and why?

Christmas because it is so joyful and there is so much community stuff like we have a local carols that everyone goes to and it is a time for meeting up with family and I get to buy presents for everyone which I am really bad at but it makes me really happy.

6. Do you want to dye your hair (and I mean ever, not necessarily now) and if so, what colour?

Not really. Like I really did for a while but I am kind of over it, it seems like to much effort to maintain and my hair is so thin it would dye. Die. haha.

7. What’s a song you like from a genre you don’t “typically” listen to?

Well a the moment I am basically obsessed with this song called “The Yawning Grave” by Lorn Huron and it is kind of country/lyrical and not my typical jam at all but I really like it.

8. Cars or Shrek (with reasons)?

Shrek is an icon in society so although I thought they were both kind of meh I can admire Shrek for it’s post modern techniques and subversion of the genre.

9. Themeparks or waterparks? (and I don’t mean the band!!!)

Waterparks. I don’t really do rollercoasters and high rides so waterparks are more my speed.

10. A book recommendation?

I have many… but specifically for you @shady-adventurer

  • There’s this book called “My Lady Jane” which for some reason I feel like you would like just because of the sense of humor (I haven’t read it but still haha)
  •  A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab because it is high on my to read list and has cool magic and alternate universes
  • The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson (first book Disney After Dark). So I read the first book in this series but I never got any further because I couldn’t find them, but from what I remember it’s about a futuristic disney land and the animatronics of the disney characters or maybe they were holograms? anyway they start getting their own minds and being evil

11. You are granted immortality but you have to stay a physical age your choice forever. What age would you want to be?

I would want to be somewhere around 27 years old, still physically in my prime and not having problems with my body but old enough that more people would take me seriously

My Questions

  1. What are some shows/books/movies/bands that you think are overhyped?
  2. What is one topic you never enjoy/like talking about
  3. What was the last thing you ate?
  4. If you could be crazy good at any sport which would you choose?
  5. What are some names you would definitely NOT call your future offspring/pet and why?
  6. In your opinion what are the five ingredients of a good party?
  7. What is one aspect of your current life that three years ago you never would have expected?
  8. What is your favorite flavour of ice-cream?
  9. What is one thing you keep record/statistics/lists for that other people probably don’t
  10. Other than tumblr, what sites do you most regularly waste your time on?
  11. What is one book/movie/tv character that you relate to deeply?

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honestly 313 of the 100 is such a gift?

like I know we’re talking always about bellarke hug scene/together/bellamy finally standing up to octavia but..
this ark flashback is the best thing ever?

and it doesn’t even have my fav characters there (bellamy, raven)? well bell is there for 1 sec but no raven obviously.

“The key to survival on earth what is it?”

“"is to keep fighting at all costs against all odds“

Octavia is such a child here, so innocent and this quote is one of the best ones they have done in the 100? And Pike in flashback is such a blessing, they made me like his character in just one episode, i mean.. how?

and then John Murphy aka ‘bad boy’ on the Ark

and then when he met Pike “told ya, I’ll survive”.

and then we have this trio:

you have to learn which plants you can eat and which ones..

and then Jasper looks at Miller and gosh this friendship is all I wanted and I didn’t even know? And Jasper had to be separate with Monty because of how they make fun of everything. I mean how awesome all of it is?

and then when I thought it can’t be better they play radioactive

and I think I haven’t told you all how much I love Jasper&Jonty and how greatful I’m for this short scene

so like seriously now I think it couldn’t get any better and then I see Kabby and she says

English isn’t my native language and she said it so quiet that when I was watching it for the first time I actually heared

“You cut your extra hair” and omg look at his hair

(im joking of course)

confirmed: when you use hair gel you’re bad boyyy

I mean Bradbury?

and almost bellarke meeting on the ark - in other words - my dreams - almost came true?

and wells?!

like yeah, this is the show I fell in love with, give me more flashbacks please @the100writers