honestly just curious

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Im honestly just curious so if this at all offends you I apologize deeply and you can delete it without response. Is it strange for you to look at pictures before your transition? Completely different person. Like I even think it's a little weird looking at pictures of me with super short hair (I know it's no where on the same level, just the only sort of comparison I have), I think I look like I totally different person so I can't even imagine when the change is so much more drastic.

I’m not offended.  It’s a little weird I guess.  When I look at the pictures now I don’t really see ME anymore, if that makes any sense.  I recently found some really old pictures from my first time in college and back then I thought I looked pretty and feminine in spite of the fact that I was presenting male, but looking at them now I’m legitimately surprised at how masculine I looked.  

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Are you currently single? Not in a pervy/weird way, honestly just curious xD *Face turns into a tomato and crab walks away*

I am dead inside

[Fic: Ereri] Catloaf Conundrums (5/?)

Rating: PG-13
: Alternate Universe - Neighbors, Slow Build, Friends to Lovers, Fluff and Humor, Idiots in denial, And a matchmaking catloaf, Pining!Levi, He doesn’t even realize it

A series of encounters with Eren’s fat cat Colossal and other mishaps bring together neighbors Eren and Levi.

“Coco was outside his door!” Isabel chimes in helpfully, “I was comin’ up the stairs and I saw Coco pawing at his door, so I thought it was your apartment, so I rang the doorbell but it wasn’t you, it was this Big Bro, and then he told me that you live one more floor up and so he came with me.”

Levi darts his eyes back front, but this time to arch an eyebrow at Isabel. “Big Bro?”

Isabel tilts her head at Levi. “Yeah, Eren here is Bro, so you must be Big Bro.”

Chapter 5 on Ao3

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I'm honestly just curious but why do you type the way you do? It's sporadic and random upper cases and stuff

at all times i am holding 34 bonggs in my only 2 hands s sorri  thinsg tend to get a lttle HEctiC

Cause Im honestly curious… how is a persons sexual position preference (ie. bottom vs top) trigger worthy?

Like isnt sex this great thing where you can explore with a partner and as long as everyone’s having fun and is consenting, why is someone who previously topped suddenly giving bottom a try worth freaking out over?

I say this only cause I keep seeing this crop up with bottom!Dean fics… personally I don’t have a preference for Cas or Dean, I’m an equal opportunity kinna girl. All depends on my mood and the fic, I can see it going either way and enjoy both.

So why do people get so violently upset when someone does a bottom!Dean fic?

Why all the middle aged people , mostly parents want to comment all over anything about Caitlyn Jenner  saying “THAT’S A MAN HIS NAME IS BRUCE” or some other type of transphobic shit. 

Like for a split second do they actually think that one comment on a Tmz link on Facebook will “change the world” and suddenly everybody is going to become transphobic trash like them.

Or , Did they just want everybody else to know they were a piece of shit. I’m honestly just curious.

here’s a stupid question! i’ve seen a lot of people referred to as “very european” lately, and by all means keep doing it. i just keep wondering, what does that mean?

different countries have entirely different languages and cultures and everything, so what’s the common defining trait here? white/western but not north american?

Can someone explain why the blood Elena died with in her system is so important? I mean, okay, it was Damon’s..Big deal? o_o A lot of other people did the same, Elena’s not particularly special. 

Is it because people hope for a sire bond? And if that’s the case, don’t only hybrids get sire bonds?

This fandom is confusing me.