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Ok, so we’ve all made headcanons about us being in fictional worlds, like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Etc etc..
So, reblog this and either tag, or add headcanons you’ve made and name the fandom(s).

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While discussing/planning a sleepover, the UT/UF/US skelebros' crush oh-so-casually mentions having a habit of sleeping nude.


  • “oh cool me too” he jokes.
  • *wink*
  • But also he’s sweating.
  • Boi, don’t do this to him oh my god.
  • He’s trying to act all cool and teasing but his eyes went black for a sec when you mentioned it.


  • Lecturing you on the dangers of sleeping around so exposed.
  •  Also now he can’t stop thinking about getting a good handful of your soft flesh to cuddle??? Or squeeze???
  • Internal Screaming.
  • You broke him.


  • “heh get the fuck outta here”
  • He looks at you like you’re crazy.
  • Sweating
  • More sweating
  • He kinda has to take a moment to let that sink in.
  • Not as lewd as you might think. He’s way more flustered just kinda like, “oh u-uhm”
  • Probably the most flustered. He actually tried to act annoyed about it but it falls flat.


  • He has to do a double take.
  • Like ok, he was just working on a list of snacks you guys would have to bring and you bring that up and he just nods and shrugs until he actually realizes what you said.
  • He kind of gives you this look and then he can’t look at you. 
  • He’s gone really red and shakes his head, burying and tries to mumble out something about how irresponsible and silly that was but it comes out broken and rushed.


  • He kinda looks at you for a moment and then just goes “OK!”
  • He flushes a little but he’s honestly just more curious as to why.
  • So cue some awkward oblivious questions. 
  • Do all humans make a habit of doing that?
  • Does it provide you with better sleep? That’s wonderful! HE SHOULD TRY IT SOMETIME.
  • He kinda shouts that last part at you. Whoops. (so maybe he was a little hot an bothered haaa)


  • Makes the most suggestive jokes.
  • “guess you’ll be bunking with me then”
  • He’s a gross blushy mess but you’re used to his flirty banter. IF YOU ONLY KNEW.
  • He died a little on the inside when you just mentioned it all casually like that.

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in your tags on the hinny post you said you didn't like ginny and I wanted to ask why like if it was just a problem with the way her was developed or the character or whatever things like that you don't have to answer I was just curious!

Honestly, I don’t quite know how to explain why I don’t like her. I know a lot of people love and adore her, and that’s fine for me. I simply really don’t! It doesn’t have anything to do with how her character developed, how the movies portrayed her or because I ship Harry with Draco.

Ginny is too loud and too boisterous for me. Just too much. All this “anything’s possible if you got enough nerve” doesn’t get to me. I don’t feel it. Where’s the vulnerability? I feel like she goes through all the shit and it doesn’t “affect” her, how the hell should I relate to that? I don’t think that attitude is any kind of inspiring in general. She’s independent, brave and doesn’t need anybody. It seems like fierce, fierce fierce is all she’s got to offer. (That’s also a reason why I don’t ship her with anyone, honestly.)

All in all, not my kind of character.

I’m genuinely not hating on the ship at all, but how do people think Bughead is endgame? It’s only season 1.. Generally, with story telling, especially on CW shows, the first relationships never stay together. They definitely could be endgame, but, say the show has four seasons, or even more, people really think that they’ll stay together throughout the entirety of the show, or break up and then get back together? It just confuses me, especially since we know the writers are going to do the Archie, Betty, Veronica triangle down the line. I’m honestly just completely curious. Like I said, they definitely could be endgame! But don’t you think it’s super early to tell?

NCT 127 Reaction to them reading your diary with letters to your father and brother

‘’May I request a reaction for NCT? (127 (+ jaemin & chenle maybe?)) basically, you’re in love with them and vise versa. but you’ve never had a loving dad nor brother, so you can’t really trust any male person and you have really bad trust issues. you’ve never told them about that, but they find out when they find your diary - filled with really really (!!!) sad letters to your brother/dad saying how much you’re hurt and had to get therapy ect. BUT when they come near the last page, you wrote how beautiful and loved the makes you feel and that you’re really thankful for him because he makes you feel all the beautiful things you’ve never ever felt before? I hope it makes sense to you!! ~ nana’’

A/N: This is my first gif reaction! I’m planning on doing these more! So feel free to send in request. GIF reactions: BTS & NCT(All units) only! Text messages: BTS, NCT(All units) & EXO only. Also, I decided in the end to not do Jaemin and Chenle, I’m really sorry!! After the NCT127 members my inspiration left me, rip.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the gifs! They belong to their rightful owners!
I also do not own NCT.


Taeyong would probably find your diary while cleaning - since we all know he’s a cleaning freak(nothing wrong with that). He would lay down whatever he was holding, sit down and read your diary even though he knew it wasn’t right to take someone’s belongings like this.

He would look shocked reading it, you never told him anything about your past, so reading this out of the sudden really caught him off guard. He’d read every sentence carefully, rethinking of how he should treated you - was he scaring you? Was he doing it okay, or was he making your fears worse?

Then, after a minute or ten, he would reach the last couple of pages, filled with hearts. He could feel the warm feelings off the paper, it was different than the pages before. Reading the last pages made him smile more than ever, and all of his doubts would leave him in an instant. He was doing right, he was doing perfectly fine. He heard the sound of the door, and looked up, facing you as he both smiled and had tears streaming down his cheeks.

‘’Y/N… I’m always here for you, you know that, right? You can tell me everything, and I’ll protect you.’’

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Mark would accidentally find your diary while looking for a certain t-shirt of his. He had never seen it before, or heard about it. His curiosity got the best of him, though. He’d read through it quickly, leaving him shocked and perhaps rather scared to continue reading.

After a few minutes you would walk into him staring at your diary, him looking both confused and shocked.

‘’Mark?’’ You call him out.

He looked up, trying his best to calm himself down before talking back to you.

‘’I’m not doing anything wrong, am I?’’

‘’Read the last pages, Mark, and you will know.’’ You smiled.

Quickly he read the last pages, and a smile appeared on his face. He put back your diary and pulled you into a tight hug. ‘’I’ll be sure to make you happy, jagi. I promise.’’ He smiled brightly.

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Seeing the diary on your nightdesk, he would definitely get curious. Maybe you had written down things before he confessed to you? Your undying love for him, was it perhaps written in there? Smiling excitedly, he’d sit down on the bed and start reading it word by word.

After 15 minutes or so, he felt something wet on his cheeks. Was the ceiling leaking, again? Looking up at the ceiling, he slowly started to realize there wasn’t anything wrong with the building, but him not being able to handle his own emotions. He had gotten pretty emotional of thinking what you had been gone through, how you have been feeling all those years. Lonely, perhaps? A surprised yet gentle smile appeared on his face as soon as he read the last pages - apparently he changed your life. Your fears became less, your life status was much happier than it was before… Yeah, he definitely succeeded and he wanted to let you know he would keep on doing so.

He stood up quickly, made his way to you who was just chilling in the living room, and clung onto you. ‘’I will make sure you will stay happy with me, Y/N! Remember that!’’

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Would most likely see your diary somewhere and not care, until he passes it for about five times and get incredibly curious about what the hell could be written in that small, girly looking notebook. Honestly, he was just curious if you wrote down any gossips about maybe him, yourself or other people. He would definitely share them with some of the NCT Members.

He grabbed the notebook, opened it and started reading it. Slightly being a bit uninterested at first, it went down real quick. He had no idea you have been feeling like this, in the end he was rather happy to feel that he changed everything for you. However, he probably also felt slightly offended for you not telling him about your past. It was a rather important thing, after all.

He made his way to you, taking a seat next to you and glanced over.

‘’You know, if you told me, I could’ve helped you better, you know? So I haven’t been able to actually show you ‘the most beautiful things’.’’

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Would most likely see your diary at a random place as well. Of course he would get curious, and not feel guilty for opening it up at all. He’d take his time reading it, being incredibly confused about what you had written first. Was it some story you were working on? Or was this real?

Those questions kept him going, but he realized it was all real once he reached the last few pages. He flipped through these slowly, noticing how his chest would start to hurt. He had no idea whether to be extremely happy about you trusting him, and him giving you hope, or to cry because of how you felt before you two met.

When you’d walk in, you would notice him cry and he would tightly hug you.

‘’I’m sorry you felt like that.’’

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Would probably be the one who went looking for it, curious about what you’ve written about him or maybe other people. After he found it, he would most likely sit down somewhere hidden so that if you got home you wouldn’t be able to find him easily and he could read it in peace.

What he read wasn’t what he expected, at all. Heck, it was the complete opposite! He had no idea you’ve been feeling that way for so many years, but while he flipped through he noticed how the pages had become more colorful. His eyes were focused on the pretty written text and smiled.

When you got home around dinner, things were starting. He’d feel awkward around you, not knowing what to say, so he’d probably just pat your shoulder and say,

‘’It’s all okay now.’

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Okay, so Haechan would definitely be the one to doubt whether he should read your diary or not after he found it. Was it acceptable if he read your daily thoughts? Your secrets? On the other side, the maknae would be so incredibly curious.

He would start reading it in the kitchen while probably eating something. But his appetite would go away very quickly after he read what you had gone through. You never told him about you needing therapy and getting it, nor the reason why you would need that in the first place. He’d be incredibly shocked. Of course, now he thought about it, you did give of some signs of not easily trusting him. But he never thought it would be because of such a thing.

He would immediately call you, no matter where you were at or what you were doing. He just wanted to hear your voice and make something clear,

‘’I’m so happy I make you feel like that, Y/N. I’ll be doing my best. I love you.’’

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Jaehyun would be so caring, holy shit. After he was looking through a box of your old things he found an item that didn’t seem that old. He’d wonder why you put it in the box so he took it out, and started reading.

He already had a feeling that something must’ve happened to you, due to your reactions when you two first met. Fortunately, you improved so well and you seemed to completely trust him. But after he read it, things were finally becoming clear to him.

He wouldn’t be freaking out unlike some of the others, he would be pretty chill about it and simply comfort you with a smile,

‘’You’ve come so far, Y/N. And I’m happy to stay by your side.’’

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Don’t get me started about Johnny, though. Of course he would really, really care about you and your past, but he knew that if he would start spoiling you and be overprotective or whatsoever, it would probably make the situation worse in the future. He’d be chill about this, really.

You’d probably give him the diary yourself since you had no idea how to tell him, and he’d just read it. Instead of hugging you tightly and telling you that you would be okay, he’d put it away after reading it and just smile a bit. He wouldn’t make a commotion at all. Again, it may make the situation for you worse in the future if he would start treating you differently. So Johnny being Johnny, he would still treat you the same - same pranks, same jokes, same cries, same laughters, everything.

‘’So, we can do something else now? Make dinner or something? Thanks for telling me, though.’’

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A/N: This became longer than expected LOL

who am i?

24601! (haha i’m so funny, but i’m not actually a prisoner that escaped parole)

hello studyblr community! i suppose it’s time i introduce myself. i was kind of enjoying being cool and mysterious… (ok i’m not that cool but) ANYWAY.

let’s pretend my name is maria. it isn’t really but i like the concept of anonymity and also not a huge fan of my name. just for funsies, i’ll automatically follow the first 5 people to guess each of the 5 reasons i chose the name “maria”. honestly just curious to see what you’ll come up with. :D

i’m a second semester freshman in college (obv in the us because what other country names everything differently than the rest of the world) and hope to major in biomedical engineering and chemistry. [more things below the cut! because scrolling through long posts when trying to reblog is a struggle]

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the only thing i ever look forwards to on valentines day are those stupid fandom valentines day cards that get made that have dirty stuff on them relating to the character on them because theyre always hilarious

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Do you know what a kid would call their parent if said parent was nonbinary? The question randomly popped into my head and honestly I'm just curious if there were any gender neutral terms or not besides "parent"

guard (like guardian but shorter and it also sounds badass)
-mod henri

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When and how was Loki first associated with Kaen and fire? I know that it's​ kind of a murky topic, so honestly, I'm more just curious as to what everyone's​ opinion is. I have no clue myself but I like hearing the thoughts of other devotees.

In terms of the rune Cen, it’s worth pointing out that only the Anglo-Saxon rune poem associates it with fire. The others associate it with disease. So associating Cen with fire in a Norse context is already kinda iffy to begin with.

But there really isn’t any solid evidence for a connection between Loki and fire before Jacob Grimm. Based on a theory that has since been disproven, he conflated Loki with Logi, the god of fire, who is explicitly a separate figure in the lore. Logi even beats Loki in an eating contest in one myth. (Here’s an excellent thread that goes into this distinction further.) 

But Wagner used Grimm’s scholarship when writing his immensely popular Ring Cycle, which, up until recently, remained many people’s first introduction to Norse myth. He too combined Loki with Logi, and took other artistic liberties with the Nibelungenlied as well. People ran with Wagner’s version of things, kind of like how many people today run with Marvel’s version of things. And since then, there have been a ton of fiery depictions of Loki floating around that pop culture continues to perpetuate.

There’s arguably a little pre-19th-century evidence for the fire symbolism, such as the Snaptun stone and medieval folklore about the Ash Lad, but both of those are kind of iffy. We don’t know for sure that the Snaptun Stone depicts Loki and not just some random smiling dude with stylized teeth and a killer mustache, and we don’t know how closely medieval folklore reflects beliefs from back in the Viking Age. While it’s not a perfect comparison due to differing technology, etc., how well can you really say you know the folklore from your region 500 years ago? And how much of what you do know was actually passed down from your family as opposed to something you had to actively seek out and study?

But some modern writers like Dagulf Loptson have still taken the fire thing and run with it, trying to argue that Loki was historically seen as a god of sacrificial flame, derived from the same place as Agni in Vedic religion. But…this just isn’t sound methodology. Academics are really reluctant to assume you can trust stuff from medieval Scandinavia to reflect pre-Christian Scandinavia. We definitely can’t go by something 2000 years older on an entirely different continent. Furthermore, Egil’s Saga calls Odin, not Loki, the guardian of sacrificial fire. So if anything the lore comes closer to contradicting that theory.

But all that said, Loki does indeed represent a lot of the same things that we use fire to represent nowadays. He has, well, a fiery personality, lively and passionate and hot-tempered. He’s driven to create change, both creative and destructive. He makes room for the new by getting rid of the old. It’s quite possible that he leverages this modern symbolism for his own ends.

So there’s nothing wrong with associating Loki with fire or using it as a symbol in your practice. It’s just inaccurate to treat those associations as attested pre-Christian beliefs.

- Mod E

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If someone wrote a fanfic based on the redux, and wanted your opinion of it before posting it online, would you "proofread"/"beta" it for them? Or would you prefer to read fanfics only after they've been posted, and not influence them beyond the information on this blog? (Just curious!)

Honestly, it could swing either way. I don’t want to impose anything on anyone beyond the most basic info, but if I was personally asked to look something over to make sure everything’s right, then yeah, I guess I could!

…Still blown away that people want to write in this universe. It’s crazy.