honestly its just like nostalgia

Remember how Star Trek Beyond is an actual Star Trek movie about the Enterprise crew and how all of them matter and all of them are important and it’s no longer the Kirk show but an actual movie about a CREW? Like, this movie is actually about the voyages of the starship Enterprise, not One White Action Hero, and the biggest most significant show of that point is the very last scene during which THE ENTIRE CREW speaks the words we’re all so familiar with.

Space. The final frontier.

Watching Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone just makes me sob now. I never had a problem with my emotions until after Deathly Hallows and everything ended. But by the end of the movie, I couldn’t breathe because I was sobbing so hard. I think because it brought so much joy that it pained me like that really really painful bittersweet feeling and I just couldn’t handle my emotions so I just had to let them all go and now my face is red and puffy and I just really love Harry Potter okay