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1. If you could only ever see one color (+ the shades of that color) for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?

Probably red? Idk its niceeee and it has some dope shades (im ttalking about pink)

2. Do you have a favorite scent?

Not really? Tho when buying scented candles i go for vanilla

3. What’s your favorite meme? >:3c

I hope “I came out here to have a good time but im honestly feeling so attacked rn” counts. If not then me, an intelectual

4. Do you clean your ears with cotton swabs?

I do! There was like an 8 year period when nobody bought any bc this family loves putting stuff off but i do now :D

5. Do you take any daily vitamins/supplements?

Lmao in this last week I started taking magnesium bc ive been having some serious twitches and painful cramps. But other than that, not really 

6. Who’s your most favorite character in the whole world, out of any media?

wHY you gotta do this? (okay i kid you not i just spent like 10 minutes going around looking for what i could say) its muk from the original pokemon series. I’ve had my favs but for the rest of them my feelings occasionally waver but not for that boi

7. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

yell Go to the bathroom 

8. Do you eat a lot of sweets?

Maaan I kinda do? Tho its not my go to snack, i go for salty stuff

9. Do you like music with a lot of bass?

Yea B)

10. Are you easily distracted, or do you stay on task?

Depends. Like i get easily distracted from reading or watching stuff but stay focused on drawing. I guess i focus easily when its me performing the task

11. If you could kiss anybody in the entire universe, who would you smooch?

you you all whoop whoop sad time. I know this probably isnt what the question was aiming for but i’d really love to smooch all the cats we’ve had that passed away. All of them did so prematurely and idk its been making me feel a lotta stuff lately

OKAY my questions!!:

  1. Do you have a dream place to live?
  2. Do you keep diary??
  3. When was the last time you went to cinema?
  4. Do you keep plants in your room? If so, what kind of?
  5. Tea or coffee?
  6. What was the last book you’ve read?
  7. Do you like milk?
  8. When did you join tumblr? 
  9. Is there a song stuck in your head right now?
  10. What is the last thing you’ve purchased?
  11. Do you stll have some toys or stuff from your childhood in your room?

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I don’t do stuff like this but I was thinking a lot about what it’d be like to fall in love with certain members because I’m soft and pls dont ask me to do others i was only thinking of a few off the top of my head rn 

 seokjin is someone you don’t expect to fall in love with. you sincerely see him in a platonic light and it’s like you could never see yourself with him. he’s safe, you’re safe. he makes really bad jokes and is honestly kind of corny but he’s dependable, sturdy like a good home owners insurance—it doesn’t sound too attractive but life weathers you and suddenly the bad boys lose their appeal and you’re in your late twenties and you don’t have time for games, and the guys you want don’t seem to be the guys you need. and jin is just… he’s jin and he’s stable, like a good wifi connection. but he’s not as boring as you think and underneath all that maternal bullshit you never cared to delve beneath is a man, one that you’ve actively ignored and avoided and never looked twice at it and it just happens and he’s not just a face but a man with wants and desires and wow. 

 yoongi is the lost in translation guy. the guy friend your girl friends insist is into you, “hes just bad at expressing his feelings” and you buy into it because you want to, want to believe that his glances hold more than what is really there because he’s yoongi and hes attractive yes but the appeal of having someone whos brusque and curt with everyone else being soft on you is so real. spoiler: theres nothing boiling beneath the surface, it’s not a trashy rom com where you confess and hes too scared of feelings for you and a director is waiting to cue up a soft indie rock melody in the background. he lets you down easy because you’re his friends but things arent the same after that. you eventually lose contact because he’s yoongi and he doesn’t do stick situation, messy emotions, feelings

hoseok is easy, so easy, too easy to fall in love with and you know it. the guy friend thats genuinely sweet, kind of oblivious to everything, literally wrote the book on every friends to lovers trope and im like 90% positive he drew up the manuscript on how to be the perfect almost boyfriend. he’s the best friend you’re always toeing the line of a relationship with. you enter the friendship with him hoping for more, its kind of shitty but you dont really know how else to approach him how to ask for more. 

jungkook is completely accidental. he’s the younger brother friend. he always tags along, always has a look of adoration in his eyes when you speak to him and when he asks you out youre hesitant, but hes shy and soft and it would take much greater a woman than you to reject him.. not yet. he dotes on you, is excited to be around you, get to touch you, follows you around like a puppy. hasnt had much experience in dating and you want to remind him that agreeing to one date doesnt make you his girlfriend but he’s already announced it to your friends and has that look in his eyes and you realize a week in his arms are a lot sturdier around your waist then you remember, and when its his turn for date nights he always takes you to fun places for lazer tag or arcades and its just like when you were friends. you dont realize youre in love with him until he kisses you for the first time and you like it and its not out of obligation

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Now that I think of it: Even if Ryuji is an adorable cinnamon roll, I think he could become one hell of a ladykiller (or mankiller, or whatever's in between) if he really really tries to be. That and also trying to learn from Akira and Kidd.

…Yeah, I could see that.

  • me when I first started supernatural: I honestly love this tv show so much, I don't see how anything could go wrong ((((:

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#AU 1 with 정Hannie please? ♥️

Arranged Marriage AU (Request from this list!)


Ok love (I still need a general name for you guys or something), this is different than my other arranged marriage AUs, because they way “arranged marriage” was taken is…different…I hope you still like it! ALSO OMG SORRY FOR DELAY WITH ALL THESE SCENARIOS BUT I FINALLY GOT HOME FROM MY TRIP AND MY PC MAKES EDITING EASIER THANK GOD

  • You and Jeonghan
  • Friends in middle school
  • You weren’t necessarily best friends at the time, but this incident brought you guys closer
  • First of all Jeonghan wants to be your close friend
  • He thinks you’re nice, but it’s kind of awkward for you to be together all the time
  • One day you were having a small chat during passing period
  • People in the hallway were teasing Jeonghan for liking you
  • He’s tired as usual he just wants to take a nap tho he just ignores them
  • Classic sleepy Hannie
  • Except you see it as an opportunity
  • So a lot of these guys like you and have obvious (annoying) crushes on you
  • So you just say
  • “Yeah he’s nice to me, we’re getting married at 22 if we don’t get married to anyone else. He wouldn’t want to be on my bad side”
  • Yeah just nonchalantly bring up marriage
  • People are stunned
  • But you just drag a smirking Jeonghan to class
  • “So you’re my future wife now?”
  • “I mean sure, lol it was a joke but why not?”
  • Chillest way to announce a marriage
  • Now obviously since you guys are in middle school, most people don’t take it seriously but got what you meant, so the guys who liked you stopped being so nagging
  • Except your friend who was ready to get you both on a date but that’s not important
  • No but you guys promised she would help during the future ceremony so she is on this relationship too
  • But Jeonghan is kind of in the middle of his feelings
  • He’s happy he gets to spend time with you without being judged, but does he actually have a crush on you or does he just want to stay friends?
  • Like he wants to be friend zoned so he can find a better guy for you and like make you look good for only the best suitors
  • Low-key the non-gay gay friend
  • At some point people thought he actually was gay bc he was close with this other guy but he looks like he likes you
  • But anyways you guys keep this promise until senior year of highschool when you gained a boyfriend
  • No, it wasn’t Jeonghan, but Jeonghan’s friend who he introduced bc he thinks you go well together
  • Everyone is fine I am NOT FINE but the people from your middle school were asking “I thought you were set with Jeonghan?”
  • So after high school into college
  • Jeonghan is in a different college than you but you guys are still best friends, so you visit each other and 2 other friends+your boyfriend (one is that girl that ships you lol)
  • Now important detail your boyfriend is also in the same college as Jeonghan
  • Now one day, he has a late class/test and Jeonghan is sent to give you food and just tell you that he’s busy
  • But as you talk with Jeonghan, he keeps looking to your face and how pretty you look
  • Brushes it off for the most part
  • Fails miserably really
  • Except he feels an emptiness in his heart
  • It sounds cheesy but he feels like he missed a chance to be with you
  • But he wants you as his friend bc that’s what he likes about you
  • You’re caring towards your friends, and though you can Burn the Haters™ you always care for your 4 closest friends
  • That’s what he loves about you
  • Wait what did he say love or…
  • nEVeRmiNd
  • But at one point in your college life, rumors spread Jeonghan had a girlfriend out of college and was visiting her after school
  • Jeonghan definitely wasn’t with you, so maybe he finally found someone
  • Now you feel that same kind of empty
  • You love your boyfriend, but Jeonghan always had your heart, y'know?
  • You were going to approach him about it on the last day of college, to see if the rumors were true
  • But on the last day…
  • Your boyfriend came to your dorm to tell you something urgent had happened
  • Now you were scared something had happened to Jeonghan bc he and Jeonghan were close
  • Wait a minute why do you care about Jeonghan more than your boyfriend…anYWAYS
  • But nope™
  • Your boyfriend had lost romantic feelings for you
  • He was asking to breakup
  • He still wanted to be friends but he was moving, and didn’t know how he could handle a long distance relationship
  • You wanted to try and handle the relationship, but this guy couldn’t take it
  • He was heartbroken himself tbh
  • You’re a depressed mess and ask him to leave
  • Only person who is available to comfort you right now?
  • Jeonghan.
  • This boi is ready to fight his friend, but you assure him through tears that it wasn’t really his fault (it is tho man you could’ve tried)
  • Jeonghan at this point
  • So close that he doesn’t care you look horrible and can’t do things
  • So for the rest of the year you just crash at his place
  • He’s trying hard to take care of the person that he got engaged to in his teens
  • Even after you come in good terms with you ex-boyfriend, Jeonghan still has to visit you to check up on you
  • One day he comes home and panics bc you’re coughing hysterically and turns out you had an overdose on pills for suicide
  • He had to call your friend who ships you to help get you to the hospital immediately
  • When your friend is outside discussing your condition and working out getting your family out to see you, Jeonghan sits silently next to you, holding your hand, asking why (Tell me whyyyyyy wae mami mami jakku heundeullini…)
  • “There’s no point in living anyway…I’m too depressed to care for myself, I don’t want to be a burden to you” (idk if you actually have depression in this story don’t kill me if I write this without ever mentioning it again)
  • If you weren’t in a hospital bed he would be squeezing you to death
  • “Why this?! Why would you do this?!? What would I do without- What would our friend feel if she never got to go to the wedding of her best friends because her friend died?”
  • That’s what really hits you.
  • This guy agreed to marry you but you almost left him- no, you are slowly leaving him bc these pills are still in your system and your organs are slowly failing
  • When your parents visit later in the week, you’re still in bad condition
  • But one night, when everyone’s asleep including you, Jeonghan plants a warm kiss on your forehead and prays you get better
  • Miraculously, you start to pull through from your weak condition and your body starts up normally again!
  • You’re still stuck in the hospital but your family has to leave to go back home
  • They trust Jeonghan with your life (and kinda pressure him to make sure you’ll be taken care of)
  • Damn he loves you
  • And he finally tells you this
  • “Oh I know”
  • “What.”
  • “Kind of obvious. Also kisses”
  • “YoU wERe awAkE”
  • When you’re finally cleared from the hospital, Jeonghan makes you stay home and get lots of rest
  • Yea no he just sleeps so much but keeps you stuck in his arms you can’t escape bed
  • “Jeonghan. We’re going to miss lunch.”
  • He gets up lets you go bc you need to eat
  • What could go wrong when you’re with him?
  • Jeonghan makes sure you don’t feel uncomfortable or start crying again; he hates to see you cry
  • I mean on your 22nd birthday you break down in tears again
  • When Jeonghan gets on one knee and proposes to you
  • Let me just say that your shipper friend is like the reason behind this relationship
  • And he proposed to you when you were all together
  • So when he’s putting the ring on your finger
  • You’re crying with your hand over your mouth in shock
  • The people at wherever place you are at (bc this guy is definitely making this public) are crying bc it’s so cute and sweet
  • Your friend is at the side crying bc her friends are *cough* finally getting married
  • And since it was a promise by 3 middle school kiddos
  • “Arranged”
  • You gotta love this guy who loves you lots

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*me nervous if this will do good* I had to rewrite this twice and now I’m finally happy with how it turned out

Daddy A-Z: Doyoung

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
I think Doyoung is a fun relationship kind of guy, lots of teasing and jokes. Telling him would probably be something fun but very blatant, like cupcakes with baby things decorating them. Don’t ask why, but I just thought of cupcakes and I think that’d be fun. As for telling the world, I don’t think Doyoung has a care for it, if he even announces it before the actual birth, he’ll just throw it out there, ‘we’re expecting. thx’

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
I don’t see Doyoung reading too many baby books, I think he’s more of a dad that will have google on standby when he’s confused about something. “why would i buy books to spend hours looking for an answer when my phone takes 1.3 seconds? cmon now babe”

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
Doyoung’s going to be a very clingy dad, let me tell you that. He’s going to always have his bub in his arms, so 9/10, if someone’s cuddling the babe, it’s Doyoung. Or more or less he’s the one that likes rocking the baby in the chair and he falls asleep with the baby on his chest. Take a picture, I bet it’s the cutest thing in the world.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

I can imagine his butt in the doctor’s office, at the ultrasound and the nurse says, “and this must be daddy ^_^” and he’s instantly gone. It’d be the first time someone other than his s/o and the members has called him that, and it finally hits him like a truck. It’s not a joke. He’s actually going to be a dad. Fck. Doyoung’s going to be so blushy and shy while he’s practically dancing and screaming in joy inside. He’s such a bub ugh 

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
Doyoung is dressed and ready in a flash when his s/o calls out that they’re out of formula, or diapers, or wipes. He’s basically a butler masked as a dad for his s/o, he’s at their beck and call, and ready to run and get anything needed. It’s typically Doyoung that makes the store visits. 

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Honestly, you can’t leave Doyoung alone with food, I feel like he’s that dad that uses the ‘see! it’s good! mmm daddy likes it! you try!’ bs, but ends up actually eating the baby food and liking it. Either he needs watched or his s/o is going to be the one that usually does the feeding. The bunny can’t be trusted. 

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 
While I think Doyoung would be pretty good at dealing with a grumpy baby, I think he’d get frustrated pretty quick? Dealing with baby cries a lot, is usually a partnership, feeding off each other’s energy or goofiness to make the baby all smiles and laughter again. 

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
Tries to not make a bunny having kids joke rn I don’t see Doyoung having a boat load of kids, two is probably going to be his maximum, but I can see him striving for two, rather than just sticking to one. 

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 
“If prisoners could take their own mugshots, they’d be called cellfies”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Doyoung’s totally a bby cheek kisses kind of dad. Honestly, who can resist chubby baby cheeks? You always wanna pinch and poke the lil cheeks and he has full reign over this tiny human? Bet your butt he’s gonna kiss his baby’s cheeks non stop.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

Doyoung’s another one that’s just going to be so overcome with joy and happiness at the arrival of his child and it’s finally here, in his arms, that he’s just going to be a sobbing mess in the delivery room. He’s a mess of tears and sputtering about how he’s never been happier, and thanking his s/o for giving him this moment, and how he’s going to protect and love the both of them with his entire being. 

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

I feel like Doyoung is a classic parent title kind of dad, mommy and daddy are his thing, and you bet your foot that him and his s/o will be that annoying parent couple that only refers to each other as their parent title lmao. It’s cute tho. Someone should do that with me, I have my kitten, we can have a son together. Pls. 

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

Lmao Doyoung mysteriously vanishes the second bad nappies are in question. He’s just gone. Poof. I feel like he’ll be that asshat dad that’ll argue who’s fault it is, so they have to clean it. “You’re the one that gave it that nasty food, I told you it’d end bad! It’s on you!”

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
I swear Doyoung is that dad that gets all those weird clothes from walmart. You know those baby clothes, if you’ve been to Walmart. He’s getting all those weird pun baby clothes, and ugly frilly clothes because reasons. I don’t think the outfits are that crazy but they…ain’t cute. 

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

Doyoung’s a soft bun, and I can imagine he has the softest names for his child. Stuff like ‘daddy’s sunshine’ or ‘the light of my life’ and cute stuff like that, I think he has a freaking list of different nicknames he calls his bub. 

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

#IGotGoogle lmao I don’t think Doyoung would be a very question-y person, especially when he’s a blubbering mess in the delivery room. He’s too distracted by the moment to care about questions he can figure out later on. He’s in his dad moment, and doesn’t have time to care about anything else.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

With Doyoung, I think it’ll be affection. Especially it being their first child, there’s very little time for yourself, let alone time alone with the s/o, and sometimes you forget how you even got here. So a big thing Doyoung and his s/o rely on each other for keeping intimacy, Doyoung makes it a point in the day that him and his s/o have to have a mental break, and just sit on the couch or smth, take a mental break, and cuddle.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 
Doyoung is kind of dead most nights, it’s kind of hard to wake Dad!Doyoung up unless you like…punch him in the face. So either his s/o gets up or lays there pinching Doyoung until he wakes up. It’s worth it though, train him. Pinch him. Do it. 

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
I think it’ll hit him as soon as something goes wrong, how little prepared the cocky idiot was. He didn’t read anything, or ask anything, figuring he’ll just figure it out along the way. Well that was a dumb move. The first time the baby has a rash or won’t eat and he’s completely lost in how to fix the situation, he loses his mind. He’s crying more than the baby while trying to call someone or google what to do, and he just feels like he’s failed as a parent. His fear is just, fucking up really? Thinking he would be fine when he wasn’t. But he’s got resources and his s/o, he’ll be fine. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
Like the delivery, the ultra sound is one of the milestones in having kids that really hits hard that, yes, you are in fact going to be a parent. Look at your little alien wiggling on screen. That’s your kid. Congrats. Between sputtering and crying his eyes out, Doyoung is just immensely proud. Proud he’s going to be a dad, and that the baby he helped make is healthy and on the right track, and in just a few short months he’s going to have that blurry image in his arms for real. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.
I think Doyoung would do pretty standard values, like making sure his kid is happy and content with themself, and things that build self esteem and things of that nature. The last thing he wants is to see his child not be confident in themself and being unhappy. 

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Bath time is specifically daddy/babe bonding time, Doyoung loves messing around in the bathroom, making shapes in the bubbles and putting on a show with the bath toys he’d gotten for the babe. Although something that should have taken a whole 10 minutes or less ends up taking an hour, but he’s having fun with his kid, so let him live.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

Holidays are kind of hectic, with Doyoung, I think holidays will be spent at other peoples’ homes(family, friends, etc) rather than at Doyoung’s home. Running around with a baby to see Santa, visit his parents, his s/o’s parents, to see the members, it’s a mess and he’s dead by the end of the day, but hey, it’s the holidays. They’re always hell.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

Generally Doyoung is just a grumbler. When him and his s/o get in a disagreement, he’s like an old man pouting in his chair and mumbling how he’s right and you’re wrong. The most that will happen is the disagreements end up with non-inside voice arguments, but full blown fights/yelling are very rare. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
Is it a house or a zoo, scientists can’t tell. Honestly most of the mess can be blamed on Doyoung not cleaning up the things he’s dragged out for no reason rather than like, regular post-kid messes. There’s stuff strung everywhere, and he’s the only one that knows where anything is. More reason to blame Doyoung for the mess, since he knows where he left everything. “Looking for the pacifier? Oh I think it’s in the couch. Remote? Yeah, it’s in the tub. Don’t ask.” God help his s/o.

Jordie Benn - "Friend”

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Request: “  Jordie Benn, DNA by Little Mix, if you can do it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! xxxx “

Alright alright I think I can do this one. I kind of tried to incorporate it at the beginning and a bit at the end, the middle part I just tried to make the plot actually comprehensible lol. 

Song: DNA by Little Mix, as requested.

Warnings: Angst and a little bit of heartbreak

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thank you guys for all the support on this ! it really does mean a lot to me :< it’s very comforting to be validated by other people hhffkb

unfortunately people have been harassing me about my gender off and on ever since i started to get popular last year smh
i’ve heard it all and HONESTLY IM JUST.. used to this. i don’t care much anymore and i’m now a lot more confident in myself. I AM A CUTE BOY and idc if my gender doesn’t fit some rando’s “standard”. my father never accepted me as trans either and he was a complete asshole about it, always belittled me, threatened me, blamed it on my mother, now i don’t see him anymore and i could care less about him. 😊 if you think my gender and identity is up to debate and being nasty to me about it is alright UR A RAT and that’s that

i’m still early in transitioning but seeing trans specialist therapists and doctors is about all i can do rn. everything will be easier when i’m 18 and i can do things by myself CAUSE RN i can’t even get my legal named changed unless i battle my dad in court :c honestly when i was younger i didn’t think i was going to be able to wait this long and i thought i would never live to see the day things would change for me, i would cry myself to sleep literally every night. but i’m almost 17 now, and things are getting better and easier for me to deal with. i’m a lot more comfortable with myself and being myself nowadays too ! AFTER ALL IVE BEEN THRU I AM PROUD, and letting a snarky …anon.. bother me would be dumb at this point.
i’m just disappointed people act like this, it’s wrong and they should honestly just be ashamed they’re so low and petty lol


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I read your post about that j2 hug and how upset jen looked after jared went and hugged g and how jen made a joke about them being ""married"" but I didn't see you mention Tahmoh in the background and his hilarious reactions to it all. You can just see him like "Is anyone else seeing this shit rn" and like "This is getting heated af can I leave now" LMAO I can't stop laughing, the poor guy xD

oh yeah that’s true! well i didn’t talk about tahmoh because first i wanted to focus only on j2 and i just simply don’t really know what to make of tahmoh’s reactions! honestly i don’t know this guy at all, i’ve never seen interviews of him, nor con moments so uuuh… sorry haha that’s why i didn’t talk about him, because im not sure of what he could have been thinking

but there has been people who commented in the reblogs of my post saying kinda the same things as you so im gonna trust you guys ok? lol

im gonna try to quickly look into his reactions because it’s true they really look comical (link to vid):

so first he looks at jared, just like jensen does, when the public reacts to J/G pda

he looks like “what the fuck is that gay guy doing??? hugging this woman in front of his husband??”

and then when jensen says “she’s a little nervous you’ll have to excuse her” he makes that “oooooooooh someone fucked up” face while looking at jared and then smirking at travis (a known ITK) lol:

and then jensen says “she’s also “married” so back off… that’s what i’ve been hearing” and well to me tahmoh’s face is like “wow, is this really happening? whaaaaaaaat????” and it’s all in the eyes quickly looking away and the embarassed smile, so exactly like you said he’s like “uuuh can i leave??”  kinda like when a couple is having a fight in public and people don’t know what to do and are just like “……………………………..awkward lol” 

and also to me the way everyone jumps on the joke when jensen says “that really applies to rob” looks like they’re all trying to take the attention away from jensen and on to rob like “ahahahahaha yeah that rob he’s so silly! hahaha” and rob immediately plays the part without hesitating…

and please as always just enjoy jensen’s completely “done with this shit” face, he was so fucking pissed, i’m still shook everytime i look at it lol


So next up is the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, one half of Yoonmin, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (all of the links down below are tumblr links btw, ik it’s a bit link heavy but I kept finding so much shit that could be used for this and I couldn’t pass that up)

  • First up are the visuals bc this fucks me up so much
  • Okay I have no idea why but I’m just really feeling blonde!Yoongi for this
  • I can just really see a blonde pirate!Yoongi with tousled up hair and maybe a lil stubble bc have you ever seen yoongi with some stubble that is some nice shit
  • Don’t get me wrong, you could totally do any hair color for him and have it work like you can do the black hair that would be really nice, green would be cool, orange, red, pink, literally any color he’s had bc it’ll work and it’ll look good on him
  • But there was this one photoshoot he did for Marie Claire (here and here are good examples of it idk if there’s more or if those were all of the pictures) and that was the first thing I thought of when I was trying to think of his look for this
  • Look and that and combine it with the outfits I have linked below this and tell me that shit doesn’t scream niCE
  • This and this are giving me some pirate vibes just wanna throw that out there bc now I’m fucked up
  • Tell me you guys can see it bc I’m honestly so ?!?!?!?! rn and I need people to be ?!?!?!?! with me over this bc I think this shit is pretty spot on
  • I could definitely see Yoongi being the advisor of the ship
  • Like he’s the one that helps plan out all of the moves, the finances, the recruits, he’s the one that says this place has this this and this and that place has that that and that, we should dock at the second one to get supplies
  • Probably has an ongoing argument with the parrot
  • Secretly adores the parrot and is visibly concerned when it flies away one day and is s o fucking relieved when it comes back
  • So this was just submitted yesterday so if you need the details on on who I’m talking about, you can read up on the person there bc it’s a pretty damn legendary story, maybe you’ve already heard of her but she’s a famous pirate named Ching Shih who basically fucking killed the pirating game
  • To sum it up, she was never actually caught, she only retired from piracy when she wanted to and she faced shit head on, she didn’t take shit from anyone, she fought her way to having like 80,000 people on her boats and she basically owned that shit
  • I feel like her story fits Yoongi’s personality?? Like even before I knew her name, I wanted to pair them up bc Yoongi is so smart that I feel like he could figure out how to do it
  • The dude is a self-proclaimed genius but seriously he’s so so smart and witty and I feel like if anyone could be Ching Shih in the world of pirates, it’s Yoongi bc he’s got the intimidation factor like his voice is s o deep and he just has this confident air to him, he’s got the intelligence, he’s got the charm to keep people on his side and keep them from starting a mutiny
  • Idk why but I just really see him as this total badass pirate who actually has a soft spot bc wait for it
  • I thought of this a while ago, when I originally started Jin’s post (like a week or two ago) and it’s been hitting me ever since and I have to share it
  • He has a daughter
  • So following the whole story of Ching Shih, she had a husband that was a pirate so we’re gonna stick with that and leave out the part about the husband passing away bc this is fluff and my heart is weak
  • But you two are married and are lowkey pirates together it’s nothing too intense until bby girl comes along
  • You two meet when you’re pretty young, when he’s docked at the same port you’re looking for a ship at and he invites you onto his with the boys and a couple other people
  • He’s always really really sweet and he makes sure you’re adjusting to the ship okay, that you and the boys are getting along, he makes sure everything is going well
  • And eventually, you two start to feel things that aren’t very platonic at all and that turns into you getting married on that same boat a couple years later 
  • By the time your daughter comes into the picture, you two aren’t very serious about anything yet
  • Bc he has his daughter, there’s a shit ton more fuel to the fire
  • Before she was born, it was just you two the boys and a couple friends, it was all pretty casual, retirement wasn’t even a word in your vocabulary
  • But of course, once you’ve both got another mouth to feed, it’s a very different story, now she’s depending on the two of you to take care of her bc bby
  • He has to take it super seriously now and he works his ass off to make sure he’s one of the best pirates around to make sure he isn’t caught and taken away from his daughter or have anything happen where his and your crimes effect her in some way
  • He spends a good few years just turning into this amazing pirate whose ship count just gets higher and higher by the month
  • I mean he’s got no choice but either get really fucking good or turn himself in
  • The minute he finds out about her, he’s gonna want to just retire on the spot and find someplace safe for her and raise her and learn all the wonders of fatherhood
  • But he can’t do that without getting the punishment of being a pirate so he has to use his wit to his advantage
  • He learns pretty quickly what the right moves to make are, he learns who to go for, who to fight head on, who to go for more of a sneak attack with, he figures his shit out
  • She doesn’t know what you two really do, if you were to ask her, she’d just say you were sailors and he doesn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise, not when she’s so young
  • It’s really interesting to see him get so loving and sweet around her and pepper her face in kisses and just give her lots of love and then turn around and turn into this really serious pirate who owns all of these different ships and is pretty quickly becoming pretty wealthy
  • And he has to sometimes turn that pirate off very abruptly
  • There’s this one time he’s having a meeting with a rival captain who wants to form some sort peace with him and she walks in bc she had a bad dream and he immediately goes from -_- to :D
  • He goes outside to comfort her and get her back to sleep and the other captain doesn’t even have time to think of a threat bc his reputation does a shit ton of talking but he also knows that and uses it
  • “Try to threaten my daughter, let’s see how long you have ships after that”
  • The two of you only retire when you want to, once you’re offered amnesty and can walk away freely
  • That was the perfect opportunity bc Yoongi’s been wanting to just settle down and focus on his family for a while so when it’s offered up, you can’t say no
  • When the two of you retire, you find a lil farm house to raise her in, in a really calm homey feeling town with all of the boys and you have your bby boy and you’re just really happy and you’ll always have the memories of sailing across the world with Yoongi

i just… i see some wank going around and it honestly just slides off because i am so happy and smiley and literally nobody can touch me rn…. both carol and daryl healed so much from being around each other for even just a small amount of time, she laughed…smiled beatifically as he ate and you could seeee his attitude change to a less erratic one on his second conversation with morgan. 

this otp has been so frustrating but it is on episodes like tonight’s where i just realize how completely futile resistance is. carol loves daryl, daryl loves carol, and i am forever going to be a sucker for that no matter how terribly this show abuses me. 

Antis: wendy was manipulated into making ultron!!!!! tony FORCED bruce to work with him!! how can you defend him?!?! I don’t have any proof of this but bc I said it you must believe me and if you don’t ur just a h8r :)))😂😂😘😘*incorrectly tags so the pros see it*

Me: *gives facts, examples, and photo evidence to why they are wrong without being rude* also could you please not tag this as (so and so)

Antis: OMG!!!,,,,WHy ArE yOU COmMEnTINg On mY pOst!!! SEe tHIs iS SUCH a tyPiCAl Tony Stan™ thing what did I expect??🙄🙄🙄🙄 Also I suddenly can’t read!! *tag incorrectly once again*

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unpopular opinion: I see many armys talking about 'dem tiddies' but honestly? bts has non or tops two members and that not very big ones

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree 

this question is so funny to me for some reason aasjds but hey i’m just gonna drop these here

these aren’t the best but it’s what i could find rn… i also think seokjin’s chest is pretty buff but tbh they’re rarely dressed into tight simple shirts y’know?

if you put them in black/white slim fit t-shirts it’d be a whole different story

send me unpopular opinions

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Bruce !

1. sexuality
this man is a BI(tch) and compliments superman’s ass all the time

2. otp
superbat, batcat, and dceu wonderbat

3. brotp
bruharvey, aquabat, batlantern ???? there’s a lot tbh

4. notp
batj*kes, any ship between bruce and his kids

5. headcanon
ok so you know how bruce just can’t show his emotions sometimes he just grunts and “hh” and “hm” and all that weird hums of his, but he physically shows them well like his Bat-Glare™ and that’s why he connects with cass so well?. so whenever bruce talks sometimes he flails his arms around a lot, making gestures. he holds himself back but honestly at galas dick could see his hands trembling behind his back trying hard not to flail around while gushing about rebuilding gotham city. also there’s only one blurry photo of batman around and after zoomed in and brightened 1000x you can vaguely see he’s raising his middle finger

6. favourite line
the only thing that I could remember rn is when he first met selina ‘quiet or papa spank’

7. how I relate
he’s just. i dunno man. ppl think of him as someone you look up to not relate to tbh, but I just relate to him so much in so many ways.

8. second hand embarassment
nothing I love my dad… honest

9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
a cinnamon roll that’s depicted by lots of ppl as a problematic fave

i’m honestly in so much shock rn after work i just keep shaking and feeling faint

this morning at 8:42 my boss calls “can you come in at 11?” well, bird doesn’t get out of class until 11 can I– “yeah! come in as soon as you can!”

alright, great, extra dollars right. i’m not at work more than 15 minutes and i hear “i need to see you in my office as soon as you finish with that file”

i immediately start wracking my brain, what could i have possibly screwed up. i’m in full panic mode, i mean, this guy monopolizes the tri-county funeral home area. the big boss, the head funeral director to end all funeral directors in the area. i assume i have Done Something Very Bad Somehow. he’s a busy dude, he doesn’t call in people for idle chats, no matter how nice he is. i honestly can’t think of a single thing i’ve done wrong which is Worse because now i don’t know what to say when i learn whatever it is i’ve done wrong. i figure fuck it, let’s get on with it. i shove the tray of cards back into place and head into his office. 

“i need you to take this test.”

it’s not what i expected. “is it for—” “it’s not for the project, it’s about the funeral business.” “i haven’t studied anything” “i know.”

cue me about pissing my fucking pants. here’s a test i ain’t studied for, and i’ve got to take it right the fuck now.

“don’t worry, if you fail the test you can retake it in 18 months. no pressure.”

i learn as soon as i start the test that it’s a qualifier to be considered for a future funeral director position. in short, i am being tested to see if it’s worth considering me for a FD position in the company one day. 

i’ve got a nice print out of my test results. 100%. i got all the jargon right and passed the personality assessment.

this means absolutely nothing to me. i’m a historian right now, and transitional into the records side of the business when this project is over. i have no licenses, i’m not legally allowed in the “prep” areas currently. i assume it’s all a formality and go back to my records vault.

“can i see you in my office” i am literally drowning in 100+ year old documents but sure. 

“i’d like to offer you a contract with the company”

he starts talking to me about non-competes and tuition costs and “living expenses reimbursements” and buy/sell agreements and family-owned funeral homes and relocation and new orleans and princeton and “would you like to call your wife and talk to her about this?”

i’ve already signed the “b” of my name on the line when i say, “yeah, yeah maybe i should”

the first holy shit text back and i scribble the rest of my name and the next 10 years of my life away in exchange for mortuary school and the eventuality of my own funeral home

if i say “i’m fucking shaking, i’m in tears, i can’t believe this is really happening to me” it wouldn’t be enough to describe the overwhelming emotions i am going through right now

this is essentially everything i could have ever wanted

“it’s not going to be easy, bee” well fuck, is anything easy? he tells me about how hard it is for dfabs in the business and i mean, fuck, that’s not surprising at all. tell me something i don’t know. 

he’s a good ol’ texas boy with forty years in the business, we talk the details of this devil’s bargain over sweet tea and he tells me that if i “want to stay in the area a little while longer, you know, while your wife is in college, i could personally handle your apprenticeship”

it means staying here in this hell state a few more years but i’ve got six months before the clock starts for getting into mortuary school

wonhaozi  asked:

heyo, 7 and 21 please ❤️ thank youuu

7. If you could save one eliminated trainee (not problematic one’s ty) who would you choose?

answered in the last ask :)

21. Who’s the most underrated trainee rn?

personally i think park woojin, sungwoon and taehyun. there a lot of underrated trainees when it comes to rap, dance and vocals individually and these three are already acknowledged really well in their respective positions (woojin in rapping and dancing, taehyun ranking first in the dance position eval, sungwoon and his vocals in downpour) but the thing about these three is that they’re really stable as all rounders as well and i honestly want to see them debut in the top 11.

also i know samuel isn’t underrated since he has a lot of international fans and kfans also know that he’s talented (they just don’t vote for him for some reason which is hahaha wtf is wrong with y’all) but i really hope his ranks rise again soon cause his rank right now just doesn’t make sense (to me at least)

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Which placements do you think are the sweetest?

By sweet do you mean like, cute? Or charming?

Bc if that’s the case tbh any placement can be seen as sweet, and each sign is sweet in their own way, but the generalisation of it would be

-Venusian/Neptune/moon Dom

-cancer, taurus, libra, Pisces placements

-venus/moon/neptune in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th

-personal planets in harmonious aspect with Neptune/venus

-Leo dom

-mars in 12th house

I’m at a blank rn, but this I’ll I could think of atm when it comes to conventional sweetness, but just remember all signs are the sweetest in their own way so it’s hard to pick a few or not add every sign, so just bc you might not have some of these doesn’t mean you’re not sweet okie?

Feel free to add more bc I’m honestly interested to see what everyone else thinks

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I think Jinger is becoming less fundie and more your basic conservative Christian, ya know? Shorts, fitted pants, Jay's, married for almost a year already and no kids. That all goes against God's word too (according to what she was taught growing up) so I think she could be on birth control tbh, and honestly I support whatever she's doing, I'm so happy for her rn she's glowin'

I’m am so happy for her too! I think she’s living the best life post-Duggar home.

I am a bible believing conservative Christian and though I still abide by rules that non-believers find strange such as saving sex until marriage and only dating a person if you could see yourself marrying them, I see no problem with using birth control, listing to secular music, kissing your boyfriend, wearing shorts and dare I say, even strapless tops! Etc.
Wow-eee I’m pretty sure that’s a run-on sentce lol!
But that being said, none of those things go against the Bible. I am still in the world and not of it. There is definitely a fine line, but I find the Duggars to be too legalistic. As a Christian, you want to be an example that people can follow, When you live your life that way, people view you as entirely too bizarre and strict to live their life in that same way. They just brush you off and think that you view yourself as holier than thou and no one likes those kind of people. Even though I know that’s not their intention, it’s just a little extra…. I mean no sitting next to each other until you’re engaged? They need to loosen the reigns a little bit.

Friends Part 2

Sorry it took so long but for those you who haven’t read this this is Part 1

6 rounds later and I was plastered, everything was a blur and all I remember is walking outside of the club with Nate and insanely laughing

The next morning 

I woke up in a familiar bed but it wasn’t mine. 

“Nate!!?” I called out with a major headache. There was no reply. I turn to my side and see some aspirins and a glass of water with a note on the side.

Hey Y/N,
I had a great time with you last night, sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up, I had to run to the studio to finish up a song. I know you hate cereal [I honestly do, don’t attack me] so I bought an Egg McMuffin with Cheese for you. It should be on the counter. Also the key is there if you wanted to leave, you could keep it, it’s a spare. And your clothes are in the wash rn so I left you something to wear. My hands getting a little tired from writing now so bye<br>
- Love Nate

Realizing I was in nothing but a t shirt and panties, I took the aspirin and headed downstairs. After I finished my breakfast I headed back upstairs to shower and change into the clothes Nate for me.

I turned the shower on and began to hum to a melody I’ve been working on.

 I couldn’t get the chorus quite right but I knew what I wanted to sound like. Deep into my thoughts I hear the bathroom door open.
“Oops sorry I didn’t know you were in here Y/N” Nate said covering his eyes “I just need to ge-”
I cut him off “Don’t be surprised to see me naked Mr. Maloley, weren’t you the one who changed me out of my clothes last night?” I said crossing my arms, I couldn’t really see him through the foggy window.
“Your clothes were really filthy actually, wearing all white to a club Ms. Y/L/N, you were asking for drinks to get spilled on you.” He said laughing
“But that didn’t mean you had to take off my bra!!” I said a little mad but not too mad as I turn the shower off
“I know that you hate sleeping with a bra on and plus damn y/n you’ve got a nice pair" he said “I’m sorry” he said a little more serious. 

“It’s fine I’m not mad.” I said grabbing for the towel to dry off. 

“So I heard you humming something beautiful, is that a project you’re working on?” He said looking under the counter. “Yeah, but I’m just in short circuit I’m a little stuck.” I said drying off “Well if you would like to you can come to the studio with me and just chill you know.” He said while grabbing the container he was looking for. “Yeah yeah.” I said nodding my head vigorously. “Ok hurry up we leave in five” he said walking out of the bedroom. I thought to myself ‘Nate just said I have a nice rack’ I look at my boobs in the mirror and nod 'Yeah yes I do’ I thought. 

Nate had left out one of his t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants for me to wear for the day.

I headed downstairs. 

“You ready babe?” Nate asked grabbing his car keys

“Yeah” I said trying to catch my breath from the flight of stairs i came from.

“Someone doesn’t work out” Nate said laughing. I was’t going to disagree aside from dancing i didn’t do any physical activities. 

“You right !” I said laughing

At the studio

I silently observed Nate and his crew working in the studio, he was finishing up his single but something just wasn’t sounding right. I sat back holding my tongue trying to not intervene. 

“Okay Nate, let’s record that again” his friend Swazz said “I don’t know what it is but let’s try again” Nate was about to walk back into the recording booth but

Oh shit I couldn’t hold it in

I butted in “I’m sorry but it’s not Nate it’s the track its self.” I walked up to the mixing console. “Can I?” I said looking at Swazz he simply nodded his head ‘yes’. I adjusted the mixer a little “Now lets play the track” I said smiling and looking at both Nate and Swazz. 

The track sounded SO MUCH better. I couldn’t help but dance

“Yeah Boy!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!” I turn to see Nate and Swazz also dancing.

“What did you even do Y/N?” Swazi asked excited and confused. 

“It was the bass and the tempo. I couldn’t do it, I just felt it.” 

“Damn Girl ” Nate said “I would have never guessed that. This shit is hype!” 

I couldn’t help but smile.

“We got a prodigy mixer in the house!” Nate said pulling me into a hug. “Thanks ma.” 

“No problem pa.” I said “Now that I’ve said that out loud it sounds stupid” I said laughing.

I got a notification on my phone

It was from Delany oh shit I thought.

“Thanks guys it was fun hanging out and catching up with you. I just got a text and I forgot that I had something today I’ll see you guys soon.” I said getting my stuff together

“Do you need a ride?” Nate asked me

“Nah, I can walk it’s not that far. Y’all go finish whatever you need to do bye!” I said rushing out of the room.

I came rushing out the door unaware of my surroundings 

SHIT I said as I crashed into someone “I’m so sorry!” 

“Nah it’s fine” he said “I don’t mind running into beautiful girls” he said smiling and running his fingers through his hair

“by the way I’m Derek.” he said reaching his hand out for a shake

I knew exactly who he was

“Y/N” I said shaking it back. 

“Nice running into you” he said eyeing me up and down

Oh God Delany was right

“I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve gotta be somewhere like now!” 

“Alright but can I have your number for liability issues you know” he said smiling. It was cheesy but I couldn’t help but laugh

Too tired to fight I just gave in “Okay fine.” he handed me his phone and i quickly typed it in. “Now I’ve really got to go” I said handing him his phone.