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Apple Juice (F)

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REQUESTED: a ceo!jinyoung scenario where he’s usually cold and distant towards people but towards you he starts to lighten up because you bring color into his world.

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1490

Warnings: none :)

note: here you go, anon! idk if it’s good or not but i worked with what you gave me and i hope it’s okay haha! honestly i think the main idea of this is character development from cold to fluffy jinyoung. yeah… anyways… happy reading and take care -admin

It was just a normal day at the park, with the sun peaking through the leaves of the tree. You sat at a park bench with an ice cream in hand. It was a nice day and you decided to take a walk in the park to relieve your mind from all the stress you had. As you got up from the park bench, you walked down a nice sidewalk, shaded by the trees, as you enjoyed the scenery around you. But what really caught your eye was a man, dressed in a suit, bent down as he tried to pet the dog in front of him. You wondered what kind of man he was, wearing a suit in a hot weather like this. As curiously brought you towards him, you noticed that he was trying to get the dog to notice him. But obviously it wasn’t working out.

You walked up to him, just a few meters behind him, as you observed the way he tried to get the dog’s attention. You could already tell from his demanding voice and actions that he was a cold man. Or that’s what you assumed. But looking down at the your cone from your ice cream, you decided to help him with the dog.

“He’s not going to notice you if you act like that towards him.” You stated as you knelt down beside the man in the suit and broke off a piece of your cone. The dog immediately looked at you, giving you full attention, as you fed the dog the small piece of your cone. Smiling brightly, you turned your head to look at the man and widen your eyes.

He was handsome. Very handsome. With his black hair was perfectly swept to the side to his plump rosie lips, you couldn’t help but feel your heart skip a beat. His suit fully complemented his complexion making him look like a prince charming. His eyes made eye contact with yours and you felt your cheeks immediately rise in color, but you kept your cool.

“It’s hot outside,” You finally spoke up, initiating the conversation, “And you’re wearing a layered suit in this weather? How are you not sweating?”

“It’s for work.”, was all he said as an answer to your question. With that tone of voice, it sounded like he didn’t want to talk with anyone. It was like he was pushing you away. But you were determined to talk to him, or to find out who he is.

“Hmm.” You hummed in response as you two stayed knelt by the dog. You thought of different ways to talk to him and suddenly remembered the small juice box in your bag that you bought at the ice cream stand. You planned to drink it later on in the day to cool off but at this moment, you wanted to give it to him.

“Here,” You said as you opened your bag and handed him the juice box, “It’ll help you cool off.”

“No, thanks.” He replied back, turning his head away from you.

“It’s apple juice, come on.” You said as you stood up from the ground. “Look at you, half of your body is exposed to the sun and you didn’t even bother moving in the shade. If you sweat, you’ll need water to hydrate yourself. So take this.”

The man just looked up at you, scanning your features. You could tell that he was thinking thoroughly about your offer and stood up himself. FIxing his suit, he stepped back in the shade and turned his body so that he faced you. You could see the frustration in his face and could tell that he was annoyed with you but you didn’t care. So what you did was that you threw the juice box at him and surprisingly, he caught it.

Just about when he was about to open his mouth, two men in sunglasses and full on suit walked over to him and tapped his shoulders.

“Let’s go Mr. Park. You’re going to be late for your meeting.” As soon as you heard Mr. Park, you couldn’t help but feel like that name was familiar to you somehow. He did look like a celebrity. Perhaps, was he someone famous that you couldn’t recognize. But before you could say anything, Mr. Park turned his back on you and walked away, with your juice box in hand.

But little did you know that you were going to meet him again, two weeks later, at his office.

“I heard the CEO of this company is a complete ass.” The person next to you stated as around four girls sat in a row, waiting for the interview with the CEO. You applied as an assistant, hoping to get a job to help with your finance issues. You were surprised that you were the final five people that the boss himself chose. And here you were, sitting beside strangers who looked for the same job as you.

“Yeah, but I also heard he is really handsome and makes good money.” The other girl whispered quietly so only us four could hear.

“But that doesn’t matter, he’s an ass so why bother working for him when he doesn’t even treat his employees right.” And for awhile, you sat there in silence, listening to the girls gossip about the person whom you were about to meet. Was he really that cold? Just the thought of him being strict made you nervous.

“(Y/N).” You heard your name being called. Standing up, you fixed your skirt and hair as you followed a man into the conference room. You could feel your hands starting to feel clammy because of how nervous you were. Taking a deep breath, you entered the room, walked over to a chair that was laid out and sat down.

Your boss’ back was facing you so you could hardly look at his face. But it was something about his features that made you feel like you knew him. As soon as he turned around, you were shocked on who the person was which turned out to be the guy you met two weeks ago at the park.

“(Y/N).” He sighed as he walked over to his desk and sat down. “So that’s your name.”

“Did you enjoy your apple juice?” You asked, crossing your legs as you felt your heart race. Today, he looked even better than when you last saw him. He didn’t wear a suit. It was just a white button shirt with his sleeves rolled up. And you had to admit, he did look good.

“It was quite refreshing actually.” He chuckled, as you flashed you a sweet smile. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” You smiled back, feeling at ease. It was the first time you saw him smile and it made your heart skip a beat. The way his eyes squint to form those eyes wrinkles were cute. And you couldn’t help yourself from falling for him. He was charming.

“You’re here for the interview, I presume?” He asked as he scanned your face. You nodded your head in response as you watch him smile again.

“Well I can’t hire you.” He sighed, throwing his hands in the air and raising his eyebrows at you.

“Why is that, Mr. Park?” You questioned him, suddenly feeling nervous again. He hasn’t started the interview yet and already decided that he wasn’t going to hire you. It confused you and made you slightly annoyed of him. Maybe the girls were right, he was a complete ass.

“Call me Jinyoung, please.” He said as he leaned forward on his desk. “I can’t hire you because I don’t take my assistants out for lunch.”

“What?” You raised your eyebrows at him in disbelief.

“How about we go to the park? The one where we met. I’d like to have some of that apple juice that you gave me two weeks ago.” Jinyoung smiled at you. You couldn’t believe your ears. Was this man asking you to ditch your interview with him and go to the park? How unprofessional.


“Come with me and I’ll give you the job.” Jinyoung interrupted you as he stood up from his desk.

“But I-”

“Let’s go, shall we?” Jinyoung smiled as he grabbed his car keys from one of his drawers and walked over to the door. For a moment you sat there in shock, wondering what to do. It was so unexpected of him to say that. At first he wouldn’t give you the job because he wanted to take you out, now Jinyoung was offering the job to you if you went with him. It was complete bribery. But you didn’t complain. You just followed along behind him hoping to get the job. But after that afternoon you spent with him, you released it wasn’t the job you were looking for anymore. It was love.

alright listen you lil shits!!

Aries: 8/10 y'all are chill af but got a demonic side to y'all and it’s like ummmm …. pls calm down thank u

Taurus: 8/10 y'all be chillin too but sometimes y'all just pop off out of know where and you’re like ???? damn do you need to step outside or??

Cancer: 4/10 …. honestly like idk wtf y'all be on but pls go take a nap and don’t bother anyone but your own sign and your sign only thank u

Gemini: 6/10 most of the time YALL are great and I try to give y'all the benefit of the doubt but then y'all feel like y'all got too much freedom and just burn down buildings for fun I can’t keep up pls stop

Leo: 5/10 … y'all get an extra 3 points because y'all are a fire sign but honestly … calm down???? why are you so dramatic??? omfg like homie listen it’s not that big of a deal

Virgo: 9/10 honestly YALL are really nice but y'all really be so high on a horse like …. come down …. stop …. you’re not god ….

Libra: 7.5/10 y'all got this cute charm thing going on for y'all but y'all are indecisive, ugreatful, manipulative, impossible, cry baby assholes like fuck stfu

Scorpio: 7/10 y'all make great friends but y'all get pissy over the stupidest shit, can’t control ya emotions, act like the world owes you something, y'all have this fucking god-complex that everyone says aquarians have like holy fuck listen buddy, life is not black & white, everyone likes typical shit like the color pink but also likes to watch gory movies you are not “different”

Sagittarius: 9/10 we’re fucking awesome but shit we be too much sometimes and we never fucking deal w our emotions and we run away from shit when it gets too hard but judge tf outta others when they do it

Capricorn: 9.5/10 almost perfect but not there because you’re constantly over worrying shit, judge people, act like y'all are better than everyone, pretend your life isn’t a constant mess because you’ve painted a perfect picture for everyone and your closet is a fucking mess

Aquarius: 7/10 y'all chill too but you never answer your fucking phone, you barely go around your family or friends, you pop up out of the blue, your sc is always lit but tu never invite anyone, you never sleep, always forget to eat and only exist when you feel like it

Pisces: 6/10 do you even exist???? where tf you be at???? why y'all so salty and bratty??? why do y'all act like we gotta be nice to you cause your feelings are so sensitive like damn bitch ain’t no one care drink some damn orange juice

Day 2: Pets

Hogwarts AU! feat. Akaashi’s first owl and the poor Bokuto family owl.

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.

Do you think Credence would ever get like. Idk what the right word would be. I guess playful? about being an obscurial?? After he learns how to control it? Like, you know in the Avengers when Bruce is trying to lift Thor’s hammer and he pretends he’s about to turn into the hulk?? Sort of like that. 

You’re arm wrestling with him and he lets go just enough that his eyes turn white and you can feel the weight of something in the air. He’s still smiling at you and his body language is still friendly but he startled you just enough that you lost. 

You’re laying in bed with Credence at the end of a long day and he uses his obscurus to make shadow puppets on the wall across from you. He spent a lot of time practicing when he was bored

Yknow. stuff like that. 

You used to have a crush on me
when we were freshman and still part of the same group and
you can deny it all you want but I swear to god there must have been one second where you really did like me
like that.

and now we don’t talk because
i think you think I’m fucking crazy and maybe you’re right but
that doesn’t have anything to do with you that’s more
to do with how scared I get that
everyone’s going to leave me because
if we’re being honest
a lot of people have left me
it’s not like it’s much of a stretch to think you would too.

i guess im just sorry about all the poems and
all the things I say when I get drunk.
im sorry you cared so little and
i cared way too fucking much.

—  how long do you need because I can’t be the one to break this silence– lily rain

honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

Under Cover Avenger

Title: Under Cover Avenger

Request: same the trailer still fucks me up. can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader is an avenger but she gets sent to their school undercover to kind of look out for peter idk hahaha thanks in advance!

Warnings: Talking about hating school honestly there’s not much tbh

A/N: I want to make a part 2 in the future, hopefully, I get around to it eventually. Enjoy!

Gif: I tried to find a gif where Peter/Tom looked semi-annoyed 

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Honestly, school sucks. It doesn’t matter if you love learning and you’re a nerd, or if you hate learning and you’re a jock. You hate school. Which is why you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) did not want to go to school.
You may have looked like you were 16, but you weren’t. You just aged very slowly.

Ever since the airport fight, Peter Parker, I mean Spider-Man had become important to Tony the Avengers. So you being ‘the youngest’ were made ‘over see-er’ of Spider-Man while he was at school. 

The only catch was…

Peter had no idea who you were, let alone you were an Avenger.

“Peter guess what! I heard we’re getting a new student.” Peter raises his eyebrows, “What?” “New. Student.” “I heard you Ned, but why did you tell me?” “Because… the new student is supposed to be shown around the school by none other than… You.” Peter freaked out, “What?! Me? Show some happy, preppy, kid around this prison? That’s like putting a butterfly near a Venus fly trap. It kills it.” Ned frowned, “Come on! Just wow them with your knowledge on the Avengers and you’ll be fine. Who doesn’t like the Avengers?” “Loki?” “Besides him.” Peter struggles to come up with an answer. “I’m right. Now go help out this new kid.” 

Peter stood outside the principal’s office waiting for the new kid. When the door opened someone walked out. 

“(Y/N), this is Peter Parker. He’s going to show you around the school.”

The Baguette Fanfiction Saga

                                                         in full

agatha isn’t leaving him alone.

agatha isn’t leaving him alone and honestly baz is just fed up with it. he has enough on his plate without the constant ‘looks’ from agatha and decidedly less sultry ‘looks’ from snow.

the thing about agatha is that she has the uncanny ability to predict where you’re going to be- baz found that out the hard way while prowling the ramparts at night (although, according to snow, she is out there quite a bit). he nearly jumped off the side when she appeared in from of his, all white ribbons and flowing nightgown and longing expression.

and now she’s practically running behind him to catch up. god, he just wants a snack. is that too much to ask for?

he slips inside the mess hall, whips around, and agatha nearly runs full tilt into him. she would have, too, if he hadn’t grabbed her forearms and steadied her. she looks through her eyelashes at him.

“oh! hi, baz.”


he lets go of her and straightens his green jumper, turning to go.

“so, what brings you here?” she says hastily, before he can leave.


her eyes widen a little bit, and baz groans internally. Snow. he’s hungry for food, goddamn it.

he gestures behind himself. “well, if that’s all…”

“actually, i was feeling hungry too,” she says brightly. baz huffs out a sigh.

“wellbelove- agatha. i’m flattered, but please could you leave me alone?”

her mouth turns down in a perfect pout. “i’m just hungry, basilton.”

they both know she’s not. baz rolls his eyes.

“i am!”

“you’ve been following me for weeks,” says baz abruptly. ah well, better now than never. “don’t think i haven’t noticed.”

“i haven’t!”

“you have! of course you have- half your lessons are on the opposite side of the school, and yet you’re consistently outside my classes. i saw you in the catacombs, agatha.”

agatha glares. “that doesn’t prove anything.” she has her wand out, and baz eyes it warily. she isn’t very powerful, but she knows some nasty spells. better tread carefully.

“i don’t like you, agatha. i have never see you in a romantic light.” he winces internally- so much for delicately handling the situation.

her eyes flood with tears and her cheeks redden. she points her wand at him. “penny for your thoughts!”

“i’m in love with simon snow,” baz blurts, then claps his hand over his mouth. agatha looks just as shocked. she glares and aims her wand at him again.

a world of pain!”

baz braces himself for agony, squeezing his eyes shut, but all he feels is a slight pop somewhere in the region on his stomach and an odd shrinking sensation. he warily cracks open one eye-

he’s a lot shorter than he used to be, and he appears to be resting on a table. he tries to wriggle his fingers, but can’t- in fact, it doesn’t feel like he even has fingers. he feels an odd weight on his back.

rolling his eyes as far as they can go, he spots agatha- at least, he thinks it’s agatha. she appears to be-

oh no.


pain is french for bread.

he’s overcome with an unexpected fit of giggles- bagatha.

he’s a baguette.

that’s when snow walks in.

of course he makes straight for the table.

baz does his best to wiggle his yeasty body away from simons hand. normally the close proximity would leave him blushing, but today is different. for one, he’s a piece of bread. also simon is about to eat him, which puts a damper on most relationships.


simon glares at the oddly animated piece of bread rolling away from him and makes a desperate snatch at it. it heaves itself off the side of the table.

“huh,” thinks simon. “that’s probably not supposed to happen.”

but it is now floor food, and therefore inedible.

simon turns his attention to the remaining baguette, which is emitting a very faint shriek. he shrugs, picked it up, and takes a large bite out of it.

farewell, bagatha. you won’t be missed.

the sequel

baz is on the floor.

which would be fine. it would be okay. but tonight he was a baguette.

he rolls towards the door. it’s more difficult than he would have previously imagined (although he doesn’t know why he would ever imagine this scenario). there are little divots in the floor and it takes all of his strength to get through those.

he’s nearly at the door when he remembers his wand.

and it’s all the way across the room.

he curses, fluently. it’s almost morning- any second now, people will be straggling into the mess hall for breakfast. there’s no way he’ll escape unscathed.

and then-

a shiny black shoe. knee high socks. a skirt- it’s bunce.

he begins to scream as loudly as his bread-y vocal chords can manage (how they can manage anything, he doesn’t know, but he isn’t about to complain).


She glances around, and he rolls about frantically. her eyebrows scrunch together. he keeps yelling.

“what the fuck is going on,” she asks nobody in particular, and stoops to pick him up. the puzzled expression drops away as she notices his face on the baguette.


baz yelps as penny fumbles him. she holds him up close to her face.

“is that- baz? what the hell are you doing?”

“it’s wellbelove’s fault!”

“where is agatha?”

baz cringes. “never mind that now, bunce- change me back!”

she casts back to start and baz drops to the floor with a thump, shuddering. bunce is staring at him.

“why were you bread?”

“that’s not important.” it is important, actually, but baz really doesn’t want to discuss it. he fetches his wand and strides out of the room.

he’s never eating a baguette again.

the thrilling end to the saga:

it had been months since the bread incident.

baz should be fine. he should be okay. but he can’t eat without checking each bite for tiny faces. he can’t sleep without remembering snow’s hand scrabbling towards him like a giant fleshy crab.

plus, snow’s blaming him for the mysterious dissapearance of agatha.

surprisingly, little fuss was raised over it- it’s mostly just simon banging about the school, following him into the catacombs and glaring constantly. baz considers telling him what happened, just to get it out of the way- unfortunately, he know that snow will probably have a massive meltdown over it.


baz doesn’t know how to feel about his surreal experience- bunce keeps giving him odd looks in the hallways. he can’t lame her, though- it’s not everyday you see your best friend’s enemy turned into a loaf of gently steaming bread.

baz can’t get the smell out of him. it’s in his hair, his clothes, his very pores. their dormitory smells like freshly baked bread every morning. even his (very expensive) soap makes hardly a dent in the yeasty odor.

maybe that’s what happened to the goatherd- she got turned into something odd and now surrounded herself with disgusting animals to hide from the scent.

probably not.

but she was on to something.


baz slips into the forest, midnight shadows playing sinisterly across his face.

he was on a mission.

a very important mission.

his feet pad silently through the crunchy leaves, predator’s glide kicking in automatically. it’s dark- the moon peeks through the canopy of trees overhead.

baz hears a sound; possibly chanting, but quiet, and slightly- dry?

he tracks it, twisting and turning until he’s hopelessly lost-

and then he sees them.

a roaring bonfire, surrounded by dancing silhouettes. they’re small, round, skinny; a feeling begins to build in his stomach, foreboding.

and then the fire roars high, and baz sees them.

baguettes. tens, hundreds- they’re everywhere. they’ve spotted him, are beginning to turn, flooding towards him-

baz wakes up, panting fast and heavily.

a dream.

just a dream.

he tries to control his breathing, and it gradually slows. he tries to raise his arms, to knuckle his eyes. they don’t respond.

something’s wrong.

his eyes fly open-

he’s in a golden room with brick walls and silver shelves. all around him rises the sound of chattering, but he can’t see any people-

oh no.

his eyes drop to the shelves themselves, and they’re packed with breads of all sorts.

oh god, no.

something nudges him back, and he turns with difficultly to see-

“baz!” bagatha smiles like nothing could be wrong. “you’re awake!”

no. no.

it was all a dream. simon, bunce, watford- all of it.

this is his life.

and he’s just a piece of bread.

Am I the only one who liked the Miles/Tristan/Lola storyline?? I honestly understood where Miles was coming from. He thought Tristan was going to die because he’d been in a coma for three months, and Lola was literally the only one who took the time to understand what he was going through and was there for him. So in a moment of weakness and desperation he slept with her because she was his “hope”. Miles didn’t think he’d ever see Tristan again because at that point even the doctors had lost hope. Idk it was all just very bittersweet.

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Saeran, where would you want to be married?

Saeran: Me?

Saeyoung: Oh, yes! I’ve been wondering this too!

Saeran: Uh, I don’t know. Somewhere nice. Quiet. Maybe with a lot of trees. Saeyoung and I barely got to leave the house as kids, so it would be nice if it could be somewhere outside.

Saeyoung: Hmm~

Saeran: I don’t even know if I’ll ever get married, though, so don’t take this seriously.

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sometimes i think about how much of a nerd Alex is and about how Maggie loves that about her, but between the two Maggie is probably the gamer, so sanvers + gaming? idk

“I honestly can’t believe how into this you get,” Alex says, dropping down onto the couch beside her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend who doesn’t even look away from the TV, doesn’t take her hands off of the controller, continues to tap one of the buttons furiously while the bald guy on the TV chokes someone into unconsciousness.

“And It’s actually kind of scary how good at this you are.”

Maggie smirks, nudges Alex’s shoulder with her own. “Why scary?”

“You’re literally just killing people. Really well.”

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My students are super attached to me it’s so weird like I left the class and left another teacher in charge and they all thought I went home for the rest of the day and they kept asking her “where is mr. J? Did he leave why didn’t he say bye” and when I had to leave early for a training they all wanted to give me hugs and one of my students kept on saying “please don’t go, it’s not fun without you” and honestly it’s going to be heartbreaking when the school year is over I’m legit going to cry. Idk I think I’m doing a really great job all these kids look up to me and I get parents telling me that they talk about me so much and they see me as a big role model. I love my job so much these kids are the greatest little humans I have ever met ugh.

i honestly have this fantasy where i just have this pretty lil studio apartment with flowers and fairy lights and i just like. bake and cook and watch netflix and eat ice cream and like listen to music by myself in my apartment all day, and i go for walks and bike rides and i do things like visit other cities for day trips and take fitness classes sometimes and i just like meet somebody out & about and they ask me on a date and we fall in love and that’s how that story begins. idk i just don’t want it to happen any way that it’s happening now.

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Okay so I was thinking recently about season 1 episode one after they save shiro from the government. So they all go back to Keith's hut, and his dad isn't there, the whole time that they're there. But then in Keith's blade of marmora dream things his dad IS there and Keith is kinda shocked. So like, idk if I missed something in the series regarding if Keith lived alone, but where do you think his dad went?

i honestly have no idea where his dad went. i get the feeling maybe he left to protect Keith? maybe his dad was in danger from the Government or maybe the Galra and in order to keep Keith safe, he left so nobody would hurt Keith? i dunno, i get the feeling that something like that mightve happened

other than that, i really don’t know where he went. probably in hiding i guess, i dunno…

i find it really funny when people make posts like “where’s the septimus heap fandom at??” or “septimus heap is such a tiny fandom, there’s like 3 people” because


that used to be true. i’ve been on here for years, and i remember when it used to be like that. but now?? the fandom, while admittedly not huge, is incredibly active and honestly, pretty easy to find too. so when people make jokes like that, it always feels like they’re on the outside, like they haven’t realized exactly what’s here, and what they could potentially be getting themselves into.