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You’re the One (Daveed x Reader)

Summary: Based on an ask I saw about reader/Daveed being roommates. The reader teases him about his appearance on Sesame Street. Fluff.

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

A/N: This was a good idea. Good job anon.

“D!” You yelled as soon as you heard the apartment door open.

“What?” Daveed went into the kitchen, rifling around in the fridge for something to eat.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to be on Sesame Street!”

“I guess I forgot? I don’t know, I’ve been busy.” He plopped down next to you and handed you a beer, sighing. He looked tired.

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Nct as Youtubers

Request: Do you think that maybe you could do short headcannons of the members as youtubers please?? Like, you said in the makeup voiceovers that they were also on YouTube but didn’t really describe in depth what they’re like so maybe that could be a thing(??) sorry if it doesn’t make sense

A/N: i hope this is what you were looking for!! i’m sorry if it’s short or repetitive, this was so fun to write, i hope you enjoy reading!



  • started out his channel for fun
  • mostly makes song covers & also tag videos
  • didn’t thought his videos would blow up
  • when he realised he was shookt??
  • because he’s such an awkward bun, his videos usually consists of his friends
  • and they help him out a lot because when he’s on his own filming most of the time he doesn’t know what to do or say
  • tries his best to reply to comments
  • when people recognizes him irl he gets all blushy and shy
  • “i’m not that popular!! you’re all so sweet”
  • we all know you are taeil


  • that one youtuber who posts random videos at the weirdest timings
  • his videos range from dance covers, to vlogs, to gaming then to even unboxing videos
  • despite all that he still gains much attention?
  • hardly ever talks in his videos but when he does all his subscribers get heart palpitations because wow
  • dance covers gets the most views and likes because they’re always on point?
  • promotes his channel on his instagram
  • random posts with captions
  • “new video”
  • “✌✌ video?”
  • see what i did there hansol he needs to stop with his peace signs
  • another one who’s awkward when fans recognize him in real life
  • but if they ask for pictures he wouldn’t mind so!!


  • mostly reaction videos
  • and probably many vlogs too
  • gaming occasionally, but only when he’s with his friends
  • has the funniest and most dramatic reactions to videos ever
  • tries to make his subscribers by making puns and jokes
  • “i guess you could say… that video was pun-believable”
  • daily updates on social medias
  • “how are all of you doing today? the weather’s great so i hope you all are well!”
  • doesn’t reply to every comment but he likes them
  • treats his fans like family and tries to chat with them he can
  • which is why when one meets him in real life he’s super friendly and tries to start conversations
  • an angel tbh


  • cooking tutorial videos
  • alongside with song covers too
  • sometimes he writes his own songs and lyrics too
  • often goes live so that he’s able to chat with his fans
  • one of the most genuine and sweetest youtubers!!
  • would reply to every one of the comments, and he never forgets to thank them for their support
  • “I’m stressed & tired” captions on his social media websites always scare fans but turns out it’s only because of the other boys
  • gets all shy when people recognize him
  • even when he’s rushing for time he wouldn’t hesitate to take photos or chat with his fans
  • the youtuber you just want to protect with everything tbh


  • gamer
  • also makes prank videos occasionally
  • and probably also videos on current issues/problems
  • and he shows so many different sides his fans love it,
  • especially when he talks about current issues he gets all smart & serious and is so good with his words he leaves everyone shookt
  • but on prank videos he’s all giggly and immature laughing at his successful pranks
  • while his gamer side can sometimes can aggressive and competitive
  • but despite all that he’s super sweet to his fans
  • holds meetups often and treats each of them like angels
  • smile and laughter can brighten up anyone’s day


  • mainly vlogs
  • travelling & visiting ones to be exact, together with his friends
  • takes really good videography and editing is on point too
  • another one who’s smile could make anyone’s heart burst
  • always recommending new places for people to go to, be it cafes or countries to visit
  • kun’s recommendations are trustable™
  • loves hyping his friends up in videos
  • doesn’t hesitate in promoting their channels too
  • deserves so much more subscribers & views


  • versatile videos too
  • song covers, reaction videos, vlogs, challenges & tag videos
  • is really well known for his talking skills and his intelligence
  • and also his sweet voice who puts people to sleep
  • cherishes friendships and often shows it in videos where he vlogs about outings with them
  • updates daily for fans too and tells them how much he’s grateful for them
  • also asks them for suggestion for new videos
  • probably nags at and gets upset with his fans when they do something that isn’t too his liking
  • “you all waited in the rain for an hour because of me??? what if you all fell sick omg please don’t do that again”
  • but it’s because he cares and loves them so


  • king of dance covers
  • makes dance tutorials too
  • when people want to learn a dance, ten’s videos would always help because they’re so on point?
  • random videos of him in stores and supermarkets
  • with him being amazed by new things he sees or learns about
  • attempts to make cooking videos too but fails
  • almost burnt himself and was caught on tape, uploaded on youtube & viewed by morw than hundreds of people
  • his fans’ words give him energy and he’s always thanking them
  • a little shy when gets recognized but he doesn’t show it, only that cheeky smile on his face


  • hypebeast who makes videos of new clothes he got and hauls too
  • random late night videos where he answers fans’ questions and it’s just him chilling
  • food reviews too!!
  • his favourite videos because you can tell he gets all excited when he sees food
  • makes sure to update every week so his subscribers will be well fed
  • loves having live videos too because he’s able to interact with fans
  • holds giveaways for subscribers every time he reaches a milestone
  • acts all calm when people recognize him
  • but inside he’s super happy and excited because he feels extremely loved?
  • likes photos that fans uploaded together with him,
  • making them go even crazier


  • that one youtuber who’s always being complimented and praised by other youtubers
  • because he’s super sweet and soft?
  • pretty boy who shows off his face routines and tag videos
  • because he’s so shy he finds it hard filming videos alone too
  • which is why he calls his friends to join his videos
  • aka kun
  • they often go shopping together and you can tell he looks super happy and excited
  • vlogs about his daily life and has the cutest edits ever
  • even more shy in real life, he’d get super embarrassed and shy, cheeks flushed red if he notices people recognizing him
  • but he’d feel bad for rejecting them so he takes photos with them anyways
  • super cute


  • endless talents and seems to be able to do everything?
  • playing the guitar, song/rap covers, reaction videos, dance covers, gaming
  • he’s able to film quality videos
  • and at the same time he’s super humble and sweet it makes others love him more
  • has many collabs with other youtubers
  • his fans are blessed because they’ll always be a video related to him
  • a super shy ball in actual fact
  • when he does live videos he already gets all blushy and red when people compliment him
  • irl you can actually see him wanting to hide and run away because he’s super shy when it comes to compliments
  • but also tries to be friendly and talk to his fans when he can


  • mostly posts videos at night
  • so his subscribers can fall asleep soundly after watching his videos
  • mostly reviews
  • on clothes, food and other things
  • smile is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see
  • is also the softest when it comes to his fans
  • sometimes would also post short korean classes too
  • and his drawing videos
  • just really calm and satisfying videos honestly
  • super happy when he receives positive comments
  • still your no.1 moomin fan who has a big moomin plushie in his background of videos all the time


  • videos that are guaranteed to make you smile
  • like him playing with puppies and small fuffly animals
  • or even interacting with children at playgrounds in his vlogs
  • they’re guaranteed to make you s o f t
  • an angel who smiles and laughs at everything
  • super positive!!!
  • tries his best to reply to every comment and prove to fans that they’re noticed
  • mainly just vlogs of his daily life
  • but he’s always super cute in videos so!!
  • still the same angel irl because he’d be the one suggesting to take photos
  • and probably give you autographs too
  • sweetest little thing ever


  • games often
  • and always wins in games for some reason
  • also many prank videos too
  • and they’re always super creative and new
  • and you can see the look of satisfaction on his face whenever he succeeds in pranking his friends
  • really strong bond with his fans
  • they’d probably have inside jokes too
  • “thank you for always supporting your handsome donghyuck”
  • never runs out of ideas for videos
  • and loves it most when people leave positive comments
  • it makes him all happy and excited like a small child
  • and he’s ten times cuter irl like that because he’d have the biggest smile ever with his pink cheeks??


  • does weird challenges
  • and probably being a meme in every video
  • with thousands of different expressions ready for his fans to screenshot and use
  • also does tutorial videos
  • and tag videos
  • he loves talking and discussing about popular topics and sharing his opinions
  • loves spreading positive vibes too
  • super flirty & sweet with his subscribers
  • calls them his babies??
  • would occasionally film vlogs so as to show his fans his life
  • which is usually just him being that same meme and having fun
  • i miss him dkdndn


  • super energetic and fun
  • when you watch his videos, they’d immediately cheer you up because he’s always so happy?
  • makes reaction videos a lot
  • which ends up in his fans mentioning how their ear drums ache everytime they watch them because his dolphin laughs and screams
  • loves taking videos of sceneries and views during vlogs
  • but other times vlogs would just consist of his face
  • “my handsome is enough for you all”
  • knows he’s popular but still gets shy when he’s noticed
  • he’d always give that same cheerful laughter and thank his fans for their support


  • dance covers
  • ten is his role model
  • would film freestyle dances and also dances he’d choreographed and ask fans for their opinions
  • occasionally, he’d also film tag and challenge videos so his fans are able to know him better
  • super shy at first but as time goes by he opens up and he’d joke around a lot
  • still a child who gets fascinated and amazed by new things
  • still learning and is trying his best for his channel
  • which is why he’s super happy when he sees the amount of support and love he gets
  • making him blush like mad all the time
Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my dear followers! You guys are amazing and I love you all. <3 

Quick shout out to my girl @noenoemi for helping me find the cards. They do not belong to me and were found through Google.

Jonathan wasn’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day; though it had more to do with the fact that he rarely had anyone to celebrate with, than the idea of it being a made up holiday for stores to sell overpriced candy and cards to the unsuspecting public.

He dreaded the day, because it just reminded him how horribly lonely he was, and how his romantic life was virtually nil. It also emphasized how deeply in love he was with his best friend, with no hope for the future due to the fact that said best friend was straight, and completely unavailable.

Which is why, when he opened his locker on the tenth of February, he was extremely surprised to find a small red envelope sitting among his books.

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The Adventures of HotDog Girl & Sir Christian

Originally posted by hoechlineleven

A/N: Felt like writing about this cutie because he deserves some loving in the world. Enjoy!

WARNING: I can’t remember if there are curses so just keep that in mind!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Finally we’re here!” Your best friend said finally finding parking in the lot “Yay.. Comic Con..” you said sarcastically. You didn’t mind   the Comic scene but you did mind the traveling and ton of cosplayers who were going to be walking around. “Hey, in the birthday boy so you better start slapping on that smile.” He said leaving the car with you following right behind him “Yeah, I know. Guess I’m still kind of jet lagged.” You said smiling, you loved your bestfriend he was like an older brother to you but you didn’t love flying or cosplayers.

 As you both entered the convention the noise,smell,and music hit you all at once “Lets go get people to sign things! Teen wolf is here again! I’m so happy you bought front row tickets to their panel, I love you (Y/N).” He said hugging you tightly. Six years ago your friendship was founded by your shared love for Teen Wolf, so of course you both the best possible tickets before they sold out, about 4 years of saving your checks, tips and any change just to get him those tickets but he didn’t know that and you didn’t mind because he was grateful regardless of that knowledge.

 "Holy shit Jason Aaron is here! I need to get his autograph and picture!“ You heard your best friend say but you weren’t paying him close attention because a particular smell hit your nose "Mmm.. Hot Dogs.. hey do you want one?” You asked turning around to see him no longer standing beside you “Okay, guess not.” You said shrugging trying to follow the smell of the hotdogs but to no avail because you somehow ended up getting tangled between cosplayers “I just want a damn hotdog.” You mumbled to yourself trying to escape the cosplay crowd “Need help?” You heard a muffled voice say next to you and as you turn it’s a cosplayer dressed as “It” from the Stephen King classic.

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Hello, Love bugs.

Dan X Reader

Warnings- swears

Could I send in a cheeky request if you’re not too busy for a fluffy fic of being hungover with Dan?? Also, You’re absolutely beautiful. X -Anon

How is it birds can be too loud? Because they seemed to manage it pretty easily this morning outside Dan’s big window. You gave a loud moan of disapproval as Dan Pulled the blankets around him tighter. He was always terrible at sharing the blankets on a good day. Let alone a day where the two of you had drunk your faces off the night before. Dan had hit another million subscribers on YouTube and you insisted that he needed to celebrate. He said it was weird to celebrate hitting another million and that he would rather stay home and watch a movie. After a lot of persuading and promise of a celebration blowjob after going out Dan agreed to go and have a drink with you. Well once at the bar one drink turned into a few shots and a few shots turned into the two of you going to a club. The club wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if it wasn’t for the lads who were making people open up as they poured shots straight from the bottle into your mouth. In all honestly, you were just glad the two of you made it home because you weren’t sure how the two of you got here.

You decided you should assess the damage that was done over the course of the evening. Reaching over you found your sticky phone on the charger beside the bed. You had to make a mental note to thank drunk you for that later. Unlocking it you decided Instagram would be a good jumping off point the damage. You were stupid but you weren’t that stupid so you decided to type in Dan’s insta first. Nothing. It was still aesthetic as fuck as always. No photographic evidence that you were both shit faced last night. Your turn. You were already regretting looking and you hadn’t even seen it yet. You were sure you were having a flashback of you uploading something on Instagram last night. You closed your eyes quickly before clicking on your profile. There sat only three photos from the evening. Number one was a selfie the two of you took last night as you were going to the bar. The two of you looked good and it even had a cute caption about how proud you were of your man. That one was safe. Next was a photo of the two of you making out. Not classy. Not even all that cute as Dan totally had his tongue in your mouth as obviously, a random person took the photo for you. That was a club photo so you were just lucky you actually got your phone back from the person who took that. The only caption you put was an emoji with heart eyes so you were clearly in the I am fucking in love with you stage of drunkenness. You didn’t know why but you decided to scroll down to read some of the comments. There was a lot that said #Goals but the comment that said ‘nice hands Howell’ made you look back up to the photo to see Dan’s hands cupping your ass as yours were wrapped around his neck. You couldn’t help the audible eww that left your lips making Dan mumble something in his sleep to you.

“Yes, you are in trouble.” Dan didn’t seem to hear that as he was letting out little breaths that were tickling your hand. The two of you were never much for pda so seeing this photo of you making out in public was bad enough let alone you decided to post it on Instagram. Even if you deleted it the internet would have the photo forever already. It was time to see the last one. God only knows what could have been posted last night in your drunken state. Scrolling up you find something surprising. It was an old photo. One Phil took of the two of you cuddling on the couch with Dan resting on the top of your chest as you played with his hair. It was always one of your favourite photos of the two of you. You had never shared it before because it was always just your photo for you. Until now. You couldn’t care less about what people were saying in the comments but you really did want to know what you captioned it as. Under the photo, you had to hit the read more button to see what you had put.

‘This is the guy of my dreams. I never figured I deserved anyone as amazing as him but here he is. He’s mine and I have never been happier. I know I’m being sappy but I can’t imagine my life without him. Love you, Daniel. Hope you’re not going to be too angry that I made you go out and get wasted with me. But I had loads of fun so that all that really matters. Thanks for letting me share him with you guys. He really does make me feel complete.’

You really were always a big sap at the end of an evening of drinking. You tossed your phone back on the table before scooting closer to Dan so his face would be closer to yours. Dan gave you a little smile as you brushed the big curl out of his face. You kissed his little smile before reaching your arm around his back under the blankets so you can rub little circles under his shirt.

“Morning, how are you feeling this morning? Because I feel like a piece of crap that was run over by a truck.” You giggled placing long kisses to his jaw before kissing his lips once more.

“I feel about the same. I can’t decide if I want to shower or brush my teeth first. Maybe I will do them at the same time.” Dan cracked one eye open at you before opening the other one so he could roll both of his eyes at you.

“A little birdy told me that shampoo doesn’t taste all that good.” Dan reached up from under the blankets to give a little stretch before yawning in your face.

“I think anything would help our breath right now.” You said pushing against his cheek to make him turn his head. “Speaking of that little birdy. Can we petition to have the ambience birds turned down this morning? They are so loud.” Dan wasn’t listening much as he had re-snuggled his way into the crook of your neck.

“I think we should petition for you to stop talking and to try and convince Phil to get us some tea and maybe even something to eat.” Dan’s face was still smushed into your skin as he mumbled to you but you knew what he wanted.

“I don’t think it’s fair to make Phil be our saviours. How about we both go have a nice long bath, then I will go and get us something to eat.” Dan agreed to let you crawl out of bed first. As you left the warmth you looked down at your outfit to see not only your pyjama pants but also one of Dan’s old shirts on the top. “Like my look? I’m calling it found on the floor boho” Dan looked at you with a smirk as he attempted to get out of bed.

“I think this will be a three-day hangover. I don’t remember much other than shots and pinching your butt all night.” You thought for a second before remembering how horny he really was last night.

“Did you every get your celebration blowy?” You said shedding your clothing down to your underwear.

“To be honest you very well could have and I don’t remember. So, let’s say no so you can still be in debt with me.” You tossed your borrowed shirt at Dan before walking into the bathroom that was connected to his room. After starting the water, you found one of Dan’s black like his soul bath bombs to toss into the water. Dan had joined you in the room reaching around you to give you a big hug before stripping his boxer briefs and slipping into the hot water. Once in he held his hand out to you so you could get in and sit in his lap. You took his hand letting the hot water run over your somewhat stiff body as the bath finished filling. Once full the two of you let the silence fall over the two of you letting the water help with not only the stickiness from having liquor spilt all over you but also help relieve your headaches and muscles calm.

6 months

2 years. 2 years in a relationship with Nash, just to break up over text message because of the pictures of him and another girl. He was on tour and cheating on you.

You’ll admit, the first week, you laid in bed crying. You were heartbroken. He was your first true love, after pizza of course. But you were so hurt. He said he loved you, but his actions showed otherwise.

In the messages, he said it was an accident. A one time thing. She was just a fan and things just happened. He didn’t mean it. He loved you.

Lie after lie after lie.

The second week you were still upset, but you moved from your bed now. You found yourself mostly playing sad songs and drowning your pain in the bottom of a tub of ice cream. Not the healthiest way to cope, but you were doing okay.

The third week you were finally realizing that he didn’t deserve your tears. You saw his tweets, Instagram pictures, snapchat stories, he was out having the time of his life it seemed. He was out on dates with other girls already. Out partying with the guys. He was happy, so why weren’t you?

The forth week rolled around and you decided you were done. You finally got rid of that box of stuff you had of his under your bed. Your burned the love letters, threw away all the gifts he bought you, like the teddy bear from Valentine’s Day. The minion he won from a carnival game the night he took you on your 4th date. All of it. You were finally ready to move on.

Now, here you are, 6 months post break up, hanging out with your new boyfriend, Beau at his place.

You guys met at the gym (since drowning your sorrows in ice cream did nothing for your figure) a month after your breakup and really clicked. Granted he gave you all his lines that day, it was his sense of humor that made you agree to going out to lunch with him the next day, and well, the rest is history. That was 5 months ago though.

Now here you are, head over heels for the biggest goof you knew. He constantly made you laugh, and his brothers, Luke and Jai, same age as you, were suddenly your best friends. You spent at least 4 days out of the week with Beau, the other 3 you were just busy with work.

You were currently at Beau and the rest of the boys place in LA, cuddled up on his bed watching a movie. You couldn’t deny that you were tired. You were up early this morning for a photoshoot, and you didn’t get home until late last night.

You did some modeling, and you had to admit you did love it. You noticed how 3 months after your break up though, any picture you would post you saw Nash would like it. No big deal, since you did get like 200,000 some likes on a picture, but still.

And he would indirect you on twitter a lot. Or at least he has lately. He’s tweeted ‘don’t ever let go of someone who was once all about you’ and ‘my only regret was hurting you so much it made you leave.’ Of course there were several others, and people always tagged you in the tweets, but you paid no attention.

You were happy with Beau. He made you feel beautiful. Loved. Everything. You loved being around him. You honestly couldn’t even picture being with anyone else now. You wanted nothing more than to just be with Beau. Like, he was your happiness.

That night you didn’t have to work, and you didn’t have anything for the following morning, so as usual you stayed with the boys, a habit that seemed to be starting. You cooked them dinner, which they were grateful for, and then watched them play fifa. Jai and Luke versus Beau and Skip.

Around 11:30 you decided to head to bed, knowing those four would be up for hours. Beau did pause the game though to ‘tuck’ you into bed, which only led to you guys making out for like 15 minutes before Jai screamed from downstairs for Beau to ‘hurry up and finish’ since ‘everyone knows you can’t last that long anyway’

You stayed up though, watching a movie from bed, cuddling with Hamlet. You were watching the lion king, and you couldn’t help but snap a pic of you and Hamlet. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs, cuddles, and the Lion King? You posted the photo on twitter and Instagram and then locked your phone and then focused on the movie.

Nash was on twitter, and was guilty of having your tweet notifications on, along with you Instagram ones as well. He was over at the boys house, and they had just finished a game of hoops, everyone taking a break and checking their phones.

He had a notification of yours from twitter and Instagram. Checking twitter he saw it. The picture you had taken while over at Beaus. He immediately exited out and checked your Instagram post, only to see the same picture. He admits, it was a great pic of you. You looked great, even for it being 11:30 at night.

“another night with the actual love of my life Hamlet” and it had Beau fuckin Brooks tagged in the caption, and the picture itself.

“that’s the third fucking night in a row.” He mumbled, locking his phone. “the third fucking night in a row she’s spent at his house.”

“bro chill, they are dating, it’s not like she’s cheati- never mind.” Johnson spoke, catching himself from saying something terrible.

“like I don’t fucking know that. I know they’re fucking dating. Everyone fucking does. Who doesn’t know about the hottest model dating the Australian prankster. I mean, if you didn’t just go on any fucking site. Twitter, where her fans and his fans and half the other people in the world talk about how perfect they are. How much they ship them. Or even look at their profiles. They do nothing but fucking tweet about one another, tweet one another and fucking post pictures of them together all the damn time.” Nash went off. He was pissed. He didn’t like that you were this happy with someone that wasn’t him.

Because just a few months ago that was you guys. People were shipping you guys. You were tweeting about one another, tweeting pictures of each other, posting all kinds of pictures together, tweeting one another.

“bro, can’t you just be happy for her? I mean, don’t you want her to be happy?” Johnson, the man of wisdom spoke again. Everyone else just kinda put in their own little inputs, but Johnson was the only one to make you realize anything.

“Yeah I want her to be happy. But I want her to be happy with me. I want her to be posting pics of us, not her and someone else.”

“yeah, well you kinda ruined that didn’t you?” Johnson fired back. Everyone was shocked he said it because well, yeah everyone knew Nash cheated, but since it happened no one talked about it. Not that they were scared, but simply that it was just kinda understood. Everyone knew what went down, no need to discuss it

“Johnson.” Nash practically growled. Everyone could tell he was ready to punch Johnson for bringing it up.

“no Nash listen. You fucked up. Big time. You had a fucking dime, and to be honest with you, if it wasn’t for bro code, the second you two broke up I would’ve gone after her. I’m not gonna lie, I still talk to her, hang out with her. She’s great, and she loved you so much. But you fucking took her for granted and lost the best damn thing that ever came your way.” Johnson spit.

“you don’t think I know that? I know I messed up okay.”

“I know, but I still don’t think you get it. Yeah you messed up. You treated her like shit while you were on tour. Empty conversations, hardly ever talking to her. I think there was seriously like 2 weeks when you didn’t even bother to respond to her? But she fucking stuck by you. She way faithful as shit. And then you go and cheat on her? With a fan? You know they can’t keep their damn mouths shut. And after that breakup sure you were feeling great. Free. Nothing could stop you. Nothing was holding you back. Now here we are, 6 months later, she’s moved on, and now’s when you start caring. She’s your ex and all and you should want nothing but the best for her since you couldn’t give it to her.”

“I don’t need this.” Nash said, walking off inside, where he found Nate and Sammy drinking and smoking. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and started drinking, giving up on basketball and now all of the guys essentially just having a small party.

A bottle of vodka, and like half a blunt later Nash was just a mess. He excluded himself from everyone else inside laughing, having the time of their lives. He went outside, sitting on the edge of a cement wall. He scrolled through your guys’ old photos he still had on his phone. His thoughts eating him alive. He couldn’t stand this.

He missed you.

He missed making you laugh, the way your eyes would squint and your nose would scrunch up as you tipped your head back. He could no longer do that to you, he could no longer make you laugh. Now it was Beau who made you laugh. And that hurt him, so much. Your laugh was his favorite sound.

He missed the way you would cuddle up next to him. How you would throw your leg over his body and your arm across his chest and snuggle up real close to him. How you would nuzzle your head in his side. How perfect you and he fit together.

Or the way you would skip through the house, just humming or singing. His shirt draped over your body, and your little knee high socks, and nothing else. It was his favorite sight. He loved nothing more than trudging out of bed in the morning to find you in the kitchen singing. He loved walking up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck, telling you how great last night was. He cringed at the thought of Beau and you being the same way.

Then the thought of you and Beau being intimate in anyway. Doing anything sexual. He started to think about all the things you used to love in the bedroom. How you loved when he would pin you up against the wall. How rough he could get, but how he could slow it down, putting all his love into every deep thrust. How you would squirm when he kissed that spot, right below your ear. Or how you loved to suck him off before anything. The foreplay. How much you loved to be on top, or how you loved when he hit it from the back.

Thinking of you and Beau doing any of that together was enough to set him off. He had a new message open to you, he just didn’t have any idea what to say. His thoughts were all jumbled, and the alcohol gave him all the confidence he needed. No matter how sloppy his thoughts were one thing was clear. He missed you, and he wanted to let you know that.

To (y/n): I miss you.

And after he sent it, he waited. Messages still open. Hope of any contact from you started to fade as 15 minutes had passed and you still hadn’t even opened it. His thoughts started to come back, and he thought about how much he missed falling asleep next to you every night, and waking up with you every morning.

He was about to type another message but then he saw the little bubble pop up and eagerly awaited your response.

Beau had just came upstairs into his room to get ready for bed when you got a new message. Rarely ever getting a message at midnight, you were quite curious as to who it would be. The only person you ever talked to this late was either your best friend, or Beau. And since your best friend was out of state, in a different time zone for the week, you knew it wasn’t her, plus you guys only talked late when it was an emergency. And considering you were with Beau, it couldn’t be him.

“who’s that?” Beau asked, emerging from the bathroom in his boxers, a sight you quite enjoyed.

“no idea.” You replied, reaching over to the night table and checking your phone.

You unlocked your phone, only to see something you did not expect at all. A new message from the last person on earth you expected.

“it’s uh, it’s from Nash.” You said, shocked.

Beau climbed into bed, pulling you into him so you guys were spooning.

“like your ex Nash? What did he say?”

“yeah him. And he just said he missed me. I’m not even going to reply. I’m just going to go change my number in the morning.” I said, clicking out of my messages.

“no don’t. I know it’s not ideal, but I mean, you should text him back. You know, give him some closure or something.” Beau smiled.

“you’re not mad?”

“why would I be? I mean, I’ve got you now. Even though he fucked up, he still deserves some closure. Thing about it babe, this is the first you guys have talked in like 6 months.”

“okay. You’re the best. I love you.” You smiled, turning and kissing his lips lazily.

To Nash: It’s been 6 months Nash. I think you’re fine.

From Nash: I’m not fine. These past 6 months hae been hell. I miss you so muvh babt.

“he’s drunk.” You told Beau.

“drunk or not, he still has feeling babe. Just, let him say what he has to say. I know this is what you’ve wanted for months now.”

“what have I wanted?” you asked, confused. You didn’t want anything from Nash. You loved Beau now, so you were confused.

“you want answers, and now’s your chance to get some.”

To Nash: well, that’s not really my problem.

From Nash: I knoww. I mesaed up

To Nash: can I ask you something.

From Nash: of course.

To Nash: okay, firstly. Why’d you do it? Were you not happy with me? Cause if not, you should have broke up with me before.

From Nash: no. fuck no. I was happy with you. It’s just on tour I felt held back. Like everyone else was out having great times and I just felt like I couldn’t cause of yoi.

To Nash: you could have just talked to me, instead of ignoring me and then cheating on me.

From Nash: I know. Can I ask  you something.

To Nash: sure.

From Nash: are you happy? With bo ? nd evrithing else in oyur life?

To Nash: Beau* but yeah. I am happy with him. And my modeling is really taking off.

From Nash: I’m glad your work iz good. Bo is lucki

To Nash: Beau*

From Nash: right. I’m sorry.

To Nash: it’s fine. Lots of people spell it wrong.

From Nash: no. not for the name. For everything else. For the lies, and cheating. I regret it all. I still care about you, but if you’re happi then I’m happi for you.

To Nash: why?

From Nash: I already told you. I felt held back.

To Nash: no, not that. Like why now? Why are you apologizing now? 6 months later? I wanted an apology like a week after, maybe a month, but 6 months later? I thought maybe we could be statistics, remain friends after the breakup, but 6 months later?

From Nash: it’s just. I wanted to be friends. I just needed to figure things out.

To Nash: by sleeping with other girls?

From Nash: that makes it sound bad.

To Nash: cause it was bad Nash. It hurt so much knowing while I was laying around hurting, you were out, happy as can be.

From Nash: funny.

To Nash: what’s funny about that?

From Nash: no, not that, it’s just funny how things change.

To Nash: what do you mean?

From Nash: it’s funny how now, I’m the one hurting, and you’re happy as can be.

To Nash: what?

From Nash: It hurts knowing you’re falling asleep in someone else’s arms, and waking up next to them every morning now…

anonymous asked:

Feyrhys and the AU “I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward”

A/N: ok i really love this AU.  And I kinda (by kinda i mean definitely) want to write more in this universe, so let me know what you all think! @rhysndtrash I did the thing! [Part 2!]

~ Rattled ~

Shooting a furtive glance toward her slumbering companion, Feyre bit her lip and tugged her cellphone from the pocket of her messenger bag.

I think I found my muse

There’s a delay in reply, which Feyre fills by scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram, grinning faintly at a few kind comments and tags on her latest piece, which is a misleading characterization unless one considers ‘latest’ to mean over six months.  Still, its good for her ego. 

She’s halfway through reading a ranting conspiracy theory, which managed to connect heelys and Roswell, when an alert drops down at the top of her screen from Mor.

Oo.  intriguing.  is he hot? 

Smirking despite herself, Feyre opens the message to respond.

I never said it was a he

I could be talking about a non-human for all you know

Three dots appear almost immediately and she settles back against the worn but pleasantly clean faux velvety seat, sipping at her fountain drink only to be met with a mouthful of watered down Sprite.  Gross.

pretty sure thats illegal

also that doesnt sound like a denial to me…

Rolling her eyes, Feyre answers back,

ew thanks for making that gross

and fine.  it’s a guy.  but this isn’t about hotness.  artists have muses that they remain platonic with

mhmmm.  so is this going to be a fling or are we talking long term life partners?

whats your stance on marriage as an institution?

Feyre lets out a snort at that, then quickly checks to be sure she hasn’t woken sleeping beauty.  Because he is…beautiful that is.  Purely from an artistic perspective.  This isn’t romantic attraction.  She definitely didn’t think about mouthing her way across his sharp jaw bone while his hands gripped-

i hate you

As if Mor had expected that answer, she fires back almost immediately

no u dont.  and send pics

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its-queen-of-riarkleempire  asked:

Corey finally takes a normal selfie for ig in the mirror And THERE IS A BRA IN THE BACKGROUND AND LITERALLY EVERYONE FLIPS CUZ BAILEY DOESN'T WEAR BRAS AND WHY WOULD COREY'S MOM'S BRA BE THERE SO IT HAS TO BE LIKE A GO'S BUT OML IS THAT ROWAN'S "abuse of power comes as no surprise" SHIRT ON THE GROUND??? Basically he dun screwed up and goes down the whole "brOTP sleepover, we're real comfy with each other etc." And nobody is buying it lol

 This is dedicated to the actual Cowan Team™ on insta. I love you guys sm!!!!

Words: 1,138

Rating: some swearing but that’s it

Title: ur a Bad liar Farlek

groupchat: Cowan Team™

time: 2am

members: 15

riarklemedia to Cowan Team™ : GUYS HAVE YOU SEEN IT

rowslittlefairy to Cowan Team™: YES IM FREAKING OUT

rowenblacherd to Cowan Team™:  What? What’s happened?

rowslittlefairy to Cowan Team™: COREYS NEW POST

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Author-nim’s 1k Celebration || BTS Imagine

Originally posted by kookieinfirestae

The light’s in the room were turned off while her face was lit up by the faint glow of the laptop. Her eyes travelled across the screen quickly and her fingers flew over the keys, all the ideas leaving her brain and transforming into words on the screen.

She barely thought about anything as she continued to type. There was no plan, she had no idea how she had gotten here. The only thing she knew was she had to get these things done as quickly as possible. So many people were waiting for the next update and the pressure was getting to her.

The sound of the door opening didn’t even process through her brain. It wasn’t until he spoke that she realized somebody else had been in the room with her.

“What are you still doing up?” She jumped as his voice washed over her in small waves. Immediately she turned in her chair and came face to face with the person behind her.

“Yoongi, I didn’t expect you to still be awake.” She answered, avoiding the question completely. She didn’t want to explain to him about what was happening. How she could barely think as she tried to get things complete. How she only wanted to make sure that everyone was happy with her writing.

“Of course I’m still awake, who do you think I am?” He asked jokingly. She didn’t bother to respond as she turned back in her chair and continued working. She had to get this finished, that was all that mattered at this point. There was nothing else on her mind. “You’ve been in here for hours, don’t you think it’s time you come out?”

“After this.”

“Is she still going on about that?” Namjoon’s voice flooded through the room and she turned her head, gazing at the man who’s back was lit in the doorway.

“I haven’t been able to get her off the laptop for hours. She’s dead set on getting these done.” Yoongi explained. Namjoon sighed loudly before flicking on the bedroom lights. A hissing noise was heard from beside the both of them and they watched as the girl swatted at the air, covering her eyes.

They both laughed at her reaction but didn’t say anything else. Yoongi rolled his eyes before walking over to where she was sat and closing her laptop. She protested loudly, whining as the two of them turned her chair to look at them. Namjoon was kneeling in front of her and Yoongi stood behind with his arms crossed over his chest.

“You need to take a break Author-nim. You can’t keep working on these, you’re going to tire yourself out and run out of inspiration.” Namjoon started. The girl looked down sadly, knowing that he was right. She didn’t want to admit it but the stress of everything had been getting to her recently. There was school, and home issues, and work, and then she had to deal with all of the requests.

She wanted to get all of them done. The only thing she wanted to do was finish them so everyone would be happy. She knew people were still waiting and she knew that they were getting impatient. But there was so much else going on and it always stole her focus away.

“Besides, today’s a day to celebrate. Something very special happened.” Yoongi said from behind Namjoon. Author-nim’s eyes travelled from the floor to look at him in confusion. She didn’t know what had happened or why they would be celebrating.

Namjoon gave her a smile before standing up straight and reaching his hand out to her. She took it carefully and made sure she had a proper grip before standing up.

“This is going to seem odd, but we’re going to put a blind fold on you. You trust us, right Author-nim?” Namjoon asked, looking into her eyes so she would know she was okay.

“As long as you aren’t going to go fifty shades of grey on me everything’s good.” She replied. Both of the boys let out a chuckle before Namjoon grabbed the piece of fabric from his back pocket. He moved behind her and carefully placed the object over her eyes.

Yoongi’s fingers were cold against her red cheeks as he fixed the blindfold, ensuring that she wouldn’t be able to see anything. They didn’t want to spoil anything. Today was her special day.

Namjoon took one of her hands into his while Yoongi took the other and they both led her out of the room and into the living room of the dorm. It was much quieter than usual and Author-nim felt the nerves run through her. She wanted to stop them, in fear that they were actually going to go fifty shades of grey on her.

She was stopped suddenly and before she knew it the blindfold was being taken off and she was greeted by the sight of the seven boys standing in front of her. Jungkook stood in the centre of all of them, holding a cake and on top of the item it wrote “Congratulations on 1k Followers Author-nim”.

“We know it’s not a huge thing to most people but you finally hit a thousand followers and we thought we should do something nice for you.” Jungkook explained.

Laughter bubbled up inside of her and she couldn’t help but let it loose. All of them smiled at her reaction and laughed with her. Jimin looked at her before lining them all up and taking a photo, captioning it and posting it to their social media. She couldn’t believe they had done something like this and it made her so incredibly happy.

“So what do you have to say?” Jimin asked, training the camera onto her. She looked at what he was doing and she had realized he was live-streaming.

You sit in front of your screen, watching and waiting for the words to leave her mouth. The notification from V-Live went straight to your phone and now you were watching. Your eyes trained on her, taking in the big smile on her face and you couldn’t help but smile as well.

Thank you, to everyone who has taken the time out of the lives to click the follow button. It honestly doesn’t seem like a lot to most people but it means the entire world to me. To know that you appreciate my imagines enough to actually read them and like them and reblog them.

I feel so happy when people end up liking myself and I get reactions from people. I love knowing what I can do better and I love that you guys are so welcoming and happy about everything.

I never thought at all in my life that I would ever be celebrating a thousand followers and to finally have something like this it means the entire world to me.

BTS has become a big part of my life, and their music is always on. I get so much inspiration from them, and I’m glad I can share it with people who also care a lot about them. So thank you again, to everyone, to YOU, for following my account and liking my things. This account means everything to me, and I promise there will hopefully be more updates coming in the future.

You smile at your screen as the live stream continues on. You watch as finally she looks happy. She’s celebrating something so big in her life, and it’s all because of you. 

AN: This is my proper thank you note, in the form of an imagine. I just thought this would be a cute little thing. Thank you guys for supporting the account for this long and hopefully you’ll continue. I LOVE ALL OF YOU! <3

reesiesteve  asked:

52 & 111 if you please?

“Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying”/ “Delete it. Now.”

“Playing Monopoly with Molly Hooper.  She is a slumlord and a plutocrat,” Sherlock enunciated as he typed.

“Don’t you tweet that,” Molly warned from the other side of the coffee table.

Sherlock looked at her and very deliberately tapped the screen with his thumb.  "Oops.“

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She Tastes Better || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 671

Summary - The one where Jack outs you two in such a Jack way.


You and Jack hadn’t been together for very long, but you didn’t like how private your relationship had to be. You never posted pictures of the two of you online and you couldn’t be too affectionate in vlogs he might put up on his channel. You supported everything Jack did, so this was just one thing you’d have to put up with.

The two of you were out and about in London spending the day shopping and enjoying the clear blue skies. Your tummy rumbled causing both you and Jack to laugh. “I don’t think I’ve eaten all day,” you said honestly.

“It’s like 3:00 in the afternoon!” he laughed.

“Sometimes I forget,” you said with a small chuckle.

You and Jack found a lovely little cafe to eat at that was in a less populated area of London. You ordered a sandwich and some chips and immediately began eating it. You and Jack laughed and chatted throughout the whole meal, enjoying spending time with each other as you always did. For dessert, you ordered a salted caramel cheesecake for the two of you to share. Jack was being adorably goofy, sometimes pretending to spoon feed you cheesecake only to put it on your nose. Other times he would pretend like you had something on your lips so he had to kiss it off.

The two of you left the restaurant with bright smiles on your faces. You wanted to reach out and hold his hand but you knew better. You knew that there could always be people watching. You both decided to head back to his flat and hang out for the rest of the day. You kicked off your shoes and immediately went to go flop on the couch. Jack laughed and came to sit beside you. You smiled and crawled on to his lap, pressing your lips against his. He hummed contently and kissed you back, gripping your waist in his hands and holding you tightly on his lap. Your hands knit themselves in his hair, tugging the strands between your fingers. That combined with the fact that you were grinding your hips into his ever so slightly was causing Jack to groan against your kiss.

You weren’t really in the mood to go any farther, so you slowed the kisses down until you fully pulled apart. Jack let out a breathy laugh. “You kill me babe,” he said with a smile. You smiled back and placed a quick kiss on his lips before sitting beside him on the couch and cuddling into his side. “You wanna watch a film?” he asked.

“Sure,” you said.

“Anything you’ve been wanting to watch?” he asked as he picked up the remote and opened up Netflix on the TV.

“Not really,” you said. “Whatever you want.”

Jack clicked The Big Short which you hadn’t seen and were fine with watching with him. You noticed that your phone kept lighting up on the coffee table, so you picked it up to see what was happening. The first thing you saw was a notification that Jack tagged you in a picture. All of the other notifications were comments you were mentioned in. “Jack,” you said slowly before unlocking the phone. “What have you done?”

Jack was smirking and kissed your temple, but didn’t say anything. You sighed and unlocked your phone to see the picture he tagged you in. It was a picture of you laughing with a dot of cheesecake on your nose at the restaurant. The caption read She tastes better. The comments were going crazy. Some of your friends were commenting while others were just fans claiming that they always knew or that they shipped you so hard. You turned to Jack with your jaw dropped and he was just laughing. “Jack!” you said. “The caption!”

“It’s funny, right?” he said in between his laughs.

“You’re disgusting,” you said, biting back a smile. “That’s really how you wanted to out us?”

He smiled, “I couldn’t think of a better way.”

We Deserve Each Other {S.M}

requested//an imagine where you and Shawn are just perfect for one another and everyone knows it

For a two years, you and Shawn have been the “it couple”. When you started dating when you were both fifteen, you were basically the perfect couple all the other kids wanted to be like. When he went on tour with Magcon, all of the other boys wanted to have your relationship and all the fans envied how your relationship was basically seamless. And now, you were the it couple of Hollywood, which was pretty nerve wracking. Now that Shawn was a world famous pop star, you were constantly being watched by the public. You weren’t a fan of how they would talk about you on TV shows like ET or The View. You hated how you would flip through magazines and you would see you and Shawn in it. It was hard enough when you couldn’t log onto any social media site without seeing hundreds of hate comments flood in. Those were considered the simpler days. Even if you weren’t a fan of being constantly watched, your relationship with Shawn was not getting any worse. You were still a perfect couple, and no matter how many times the media would try to make it seem as if you two were fighting, or broken up, it never worked out because there were zero signs you were “on the rocks”. It was even funny that people would come up with all of these insane stories about what they heard or saw, and you and Shawn had so much fun with proving these stories wrong.
Tonight’s E! News was no exception for the stories. You and Shawn were sitting on the couch in your shared apartment back in Canada, when you turned on the television to E! News, and almost on cue, a story about you and Shawn came up, with a comically large paper split between the two of you. As you sat tangled together, your legs and arms entwined you somehow managed to look at one another and laugh.
“Jeez, I wish we would stop breaking up.” He chuckled, kissing you on the cheek sloppily. You grin and turn your attention back to the television, looking at the photo of the two of you and hating how you look, wishing they had chosen a different photo. The night that photo was taken you weren’t wearing the most flattering dress you had thought.
“According to a source, Shawn and y/n were seen and heard screaming at one another back stage, followed by a very dramatic exclamation of:” The screen changed from the reporter to a video of the two of you walking down the red carpet of the MTV music video awards with a quote off to the side, that was supposedly said by Shawn. “I am sick of having to always worry about you. I want to live my life, but not with you.” The screen changes back to the reporter. “Y/n was seen shortly after leaving the arena, we even have photos! Wow, kind of harsh Shawn.” The screen shows photos of you walking out of the arena. You remembered that night, you were feeling really sick so Shawn, being the amazing boyfriend he was, insisted that you go back to the hotel and sleep. It’s funny how people can take simple situations like that into such untrue tales. You both start laughing.
“We are so broken up.” You laugh, entwining your hands with his and planting a kiss on his lips. You both look into one another’s eyes, and momentarily get lost in one another. His eyes traveled from your eyes to your lips as he slowly connected them, kissing you deeply and passionately. His hand moves from your back to your thigh, but only lightly trying not to sexualize the sweet moment. He pulls away for a moment and looks into your eyes again.
“I don’t ever not want you in my life.” He whispers and then gives you a light kiss on the lips.
“I don’t ever want to not be in your life.” You whisper back, putting your hand on his hand which was on your thigh.
“I really love you.” He says, louder than his previous statement. A small smile creeps onto your face. Every single time he said those words, you melted into a puddle. All your life you had trouble honestly feeling loved by someone. It was hard to believe it when people would say it. Every single one of your last boyfriends would say it, and ultimately they wouldn’t mean it. But every time Shawn would say it, you knew he meant it.
“I love you too.” You say and kiss his nose quickly. “Now, you wanna have some fun with this rumor?” You laugh. A goofy grin spreads across his face.
“Of course I do, my love.” He chuckles a little.
“Pull out your phone.” You command, and he moves his hand delicately from your thigh and it goes to his back pocket and he pulls out his phone. You take his phone and nuzzle up close to him, placing your head in the crook of his neck, lightly kissing it. You put your arm in the selfie position, and snap a photo. He chuckles a little, entwining his fingers with your again.
“And what are you planning on doing with that photo my love.” He says, pulling your legs onto his lap. You ignore his question and press your lips on his cheek.
“Do you care if I post something on your Instagram?” You ask with a smirk. You could tell by his light chuckle that he knew what you were up to.
“Not at all my love, go right ahead.” You gave him a smile and your fingers grazed to the Instagram button on his phone. You clicked on the blue camera in the middle, pulling up the photo you and Shawn just took.
“This’ll work with your aesthetic.” You add as you start to type out the caption of the photo.
“Not sure if you are using that word correctly.” He shoots back at you playfully.
“Probably not, but that’s okay, you don’t love me because I’m articulate.” You giggle and finish typing the caption. It reads: “Totally broken up.”
You thought it was the perfect statement to the media, and you did like making statements. You pressed the big send button at the bottom and sat back proud.
“Can I see it?” Shawn asks sing song. You nod, handing him his bare phone.
“You should put a case on that, you’ll break it again.” You joke. He just sticks his tongue out at you, and turns his attention back to his phone to read the caption. He looks at it and laughs a little.
“Aren’t you witty.” He whispers kissing your cheek and working his way down to your neck.
“You sure are lucky to have me.”
“That I am.”


Stay (An Álvaro Morata One-Shot)

       She should be paying attention to class instead of being on her phone.

       She should be paying attention to class instead of being on her phone.

       She should be paying attention to class instead of being on her phone.

(But guess what she was doing anyway?)

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copying other people’s gfx / gfx styles: my two cents worth

About one year ago, I wrote a post about my opinion on copying graphics. In light of the fact that recently I have observed a lot of my graphics being copied and that I have even received an IM asking me how I deal with gfx copiers, this is sort of a revision of the said post. 

I’m going to do things a little differently this time and directly address some of the hateful anon messages (shame on you) I have seen fellow mutuals receiving with regards to them speaking out about this matter.

1. “You take graphic making so fucking seriously. It’s just graphics. Chill.”
Take an analogy. Imagine you had to work on a project all by yourself while your friend slacked off and claimed all the credit for the project. Certainly, it’s technically not a crime. But you see how screwed up this is if we were to just stop there and accept it? This isn’t how “serious” the matter is, this is about being a decent human being and not invalidating someone’s hard work. I’ve seen so many mutuals / awesome graphic makers wanting to leave Tumblr solely because they’re tired of seeing their graphics being copied. Precisely it’s because people don’t take making graphics seriously enough anymore that it’s waste of time to put their heart and soul into it.

And honestly, it’s not anyone’s right to decide whether graphic making is unimportant. You wouldn’t know what graphic making means to someone. Maybe it’s their way of expressing love for a fandom, maybe it’s their way of coping with real life problems (this applies particularly for me). Honestly, you’re an asshole if you think it’s “unimportant” when a person takes away the meaning of doing something from someone.

2. “You should be proud of and not offended by the fact that people want to copy your style. It’s a compliment to you because it means you have great style.”
Let me address this on a more personal level. I’m a college student who doesn’t have a lot of time to study, hang out with my friends and watch anime….let alone make graphics. When I do sit down to make graphics, it’s not like I whip out something within seconds - making graphics for me takes a copious amount of planning first, actual execution and constant refining. So yeah, I at least don’t consider it a “compliment” and in fact, I find it absolutely insulting. I find it an insult when someone else doesn’t consider how much effort + time I’ve put in on a graphic (when frankly I could be doing something else), only considering how many notes and followers they are going to gain from my idea. I find it insulting when people use me as a “stepping stone” without considering how I would feel. What I consider a compliment is when people like my style so much that it inspires them to improve on their own style and graphics, not when people decide to use it as a quick and easy way to gain attention while other people are working their asses off. If YOU as a graphic maker consider it a compliment, then be my guest, let everyone in the world copy your graphics. But, especially if you have never made a graphic in your life, don’t force this on other graphic makers who are truly upset when people copy their hard work.

3. “It’s not like your graphics are 100% original anyway.”
Sure, there are millions of graphics on this site and it’s true that nobody’s graphic is 100% unique anymore. Still, I don’t know why this should give people the excuse to copy someone’s graphic 100% wholesale. It’s like saying, “Oh, we’re all eventually going to die someday anyway, so why not we just YOLO and fuck shit up around the world?”. On this site, it’s like saying “Oh nobody’s graphic is 100% original so okay I guess it’s fine for me to just copy someone else’s graphic.” Honestly, I don’t know why people never think “Oh nobody’s graphic is 100% original but that won’t stop me from trying my best to develop my own style” instead of making stupid excuses for themselves. Again, it’s about being a decent human being and understanding by yourself what is right and what is wrong. 

4. “I don’t see what’s wrong as long as you credit the original creator for inspiration in the caption of the graphic.”
Honestly this topic is pretty much a grey area. But in my opinion, it is only polite that you at least ask the original graphic maker first for permission if you want to use their graphic for inspiration and not go behind their backs. Even if you creditted them for insp but did not ask them for permission, it’s like you’re telling them that you don’t respect them enough to at least ask what their preferences are. Also, I wished that people would at least put in some semblance of an effort of adapting the user’s graphic to THEIR OWN style instead of copying it wholesale. Again, stop making excuses for yourself.

With all this said and done, I understand how hard it is to be a new graphic maker and how when you start out, you get are bound to get inspiration from the bigger graphic makers out there. But the key idea is that you have to put in effort, you have to be respectful of others and you should never claim someone else’s hard work for yourself. It’s extremely hurtful and absolutely rude. 

Please save the dying graphic community on Tumblr. Please be more decent human beings. This has been a PSA.

thelightreflects  asked:

bellarke + “I work at the photo center and you have the best christmas cards ever. it was an honour to print out 50 cards of you dressed as a gladiator, slaying a christmas tree” AU

Clarke was honestly sort of surprised she could still get a job at a print shop, which she guesses is a function of being both rich and artistic in her own right. She’s had a printer capable of doing whatever she wants to do for basically as long as she can remember, plus photoshop and a decent amount of skill, so she thinks of graphic design as something basically anyone can do, if they want, but within a week of working for Lincoln, she finds this is just not true at all. Which is nice, honestly. Her job involves helping little old ladies put together cards to send their grandchildren, advising high-school and college students on how to put together presentation posters, and judging people who do this stuff without getting her advice. It’s perfect. She likes it.

The first time Bellamy comes in, it’s late September, and he needs help with signs.

“Uh, hi, do you do consultations, or do I just have to use the shitty files I have?”

The question would make her smile even if he wasn’t really, really hot and vaguely flustered. Based on the messy hair and crooked glasses she sort of figures he’s overslept and is panicking, but later encounters will teach her that’s just who he is as a person.

“I can do a consultation,” she says. “What are you trying to do?”

“I’m a high-school teacher,” he says. “I’ve got an event this weekend and I’ve been so busy I’m just getting to the signage. Right now it’s just, like–72-point Times New Roman, and my students are definitely going to make fun of me for not being more creative.”

“So, what I’m getting is that you’re not creative, but you want your students to think you are, so you want me to help you lie to them.”

“It’s not lying,” he says, but he sounds amused. “Just deception.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s cool then. Do you have a flash drive? I love deceiving teenagers.”

That gets a laugh out of him, quick and surprised. He’s stupidly cute. “I do have a flash drive, yeah. But, seriously, I’m pretty sure we don’t actually have to work from it. My designs are bringing absolutely nothing to the table.”

“Well, they have the text,” she teases. “That’s an important first step.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m an artist.”

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hogwartzlou  asked:

Plz write a oneshot about Harry's nail polish and how proud and supportive Louis is of his boy for being himself in public even tho he can't just yet.

There’s so much steam in the bathroom that Louis can barely see his hand in front of his face. 

It’s how Harry likes it, though, water so hot it burns him until his hair is dry, leaving his skin pinked and prickly from the heat. “It opens the pores,” he claims, but he suddenly always seems to go deaf when Louis reads articles to him about hot water being bad for the skin. 

Gemma huffs as she stands, wiping the condensation off the mirror for the fourth time. The vents are working overtime but can’t compete with the steam pouring out from the shower – Louis pities her, watching her trying to tame her hair as it grows more puffy and wild from the humidity in the room, fighting with her makeup as it tries to run as well, but these vanity seats have the best lighting in the house (according to Lottie, who’s shot a couple of her videos here) and this is where she wanted to get ready. 

“H!” Gemma calls, a little desperately, “Come on, you primadonna, I know you don’t need that much shampoo anymore.” 

“It’s a delicate process,” Harry sings back, opening his shampoo bottle with an exaggerated click. “Leave me to my routine.” 

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• jungkook admits that he thought you were super cool during the matches that you took part in but then he was like “but damn ,,, my wrestling match tho ,,, did you sEe how i took that guy down ??? good lord i gotta control my own strength”

• overconfident hoe half the time you interact but the second you reach over to touch him or kiss his cheek, he will stop mid sentence all like, “wh-wh-wh- wHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING”

• ‘jungkook, please calm down there’s something in your hair and im trying to get it out’

• ‘you gOTTA WARN ME tHo’

• you and him coincidentally have the same taste in fashion w plain shirts, jeans, and timberlands but jeon is convinced that you want to go for matching looks

• 'jungkook, no, i just really like plain shirts, jeans, and timbs okay’

• jungkook:

• you always gotta stop him from making a fool out of himself but no matter how hard you, the members, or anyone else tries, all your efforts are for naught bc jungkook himself is a walking meme

• during the first month of your relationship he was so hesitant to jUST HOLD YOUR HAND NVM KISS YOU DAMN BOY

• you were walking along the streets of seoul at like six in the evening when you met him after practice and your hand was just wiDE out in the open and jeon is like 'it’s just screaming for me to hold it’ so he slowly reaches over and when your fingers touch, there was some static thing going on so it sHOCKS the both of you

• it wasn’t even that big a deal but this kid frickin yELPS AND you’re like wait did u just try to hold my hand

• doesn’t like being called cute, prefers getting called manly, or mature or grown up things like god damn son

• he was acting like hot shit one time so you decided to just break it to him like babe ok i know that you’re 20 here in korea and i hate to burst your bubble, but ,,,,, you’re 18 everywhere else so pls ,,, act like it

• but he refuses to acknowledge this fact bc no matter what you or the others say, jeon jungkook knows in his heart that he is 20

• after his failed attempt at trying to hold your hand, you just pranced along the street like 'awh ur so cUTE AWHAWH’ and this made him so mad bc he !!! is not !!! cute !!!!!! he is a man !!!!!!!!

• so he aggressively grabs your hand, laces your fingers together, and holds it up in front of you like 'iS THIS STILL CUTE TO YOU’ with a completely serious face on and you’re just trying not to snort

• he just really wants to be seen as a man

• but the first time you kissed, it was you who had to do it 

• jungkook wanted to make the first move and you knew this so you’ve been subtly putting yourselves in the right atmosphere with the intent to let this boy take the initiative to kiss you 

•  but every time you find yourselves in the perfect atmosphere, he’s like ‘ohOhoHO LOOK AT THE TIME GOTTA HEAD BACK TO THE DORMS FOR DINNER’

• it just got to the point where you ONCE AGAIN were in the perfect atmosphere and you’re fiddling w your hands and you’re like ‘well ,,,’ and jungkook is like ‘ahaha wELL, her E WE AR E’ and you just kinda cup him in the face and kiss him like yolo too bad ik you wanted to make the first move but :))))) 

• this slightly injured his pride and he remains low-key salty abt it up until this day but after you kissed him he just brought a hand up to his mouth and was all like, ‘you wanted to kiss me that bad huh ???’ like jeON JUNGKOOK ISTG I WILL STAB YOU

• but he was embarrassed and flustered af and everyone was wondering why he was giggling all throughout dinner

• taehyung and jungkook share a room in the dorms so at some ungodly hour in the night, tae is half asleep and wakes up to the cell phone light, those clicking sounds the iPhone makes when you type, and quiet giggles of none other than jungkook 

• the more you guys hang out, the more initiative jungkook takes regarding skinship so when you’re both out again and lets say, eating somewhere you’re gonna be looking at the menu all like ‘wOw look at this !1!!11′ jungkook is gonna :)))) just subtly :)))))))) put his hand on your thigh :))))))))))))

• you look at him like ohymgod whats this and you expected that he’d just be looking at you or his hand like is this okay pls tell me this is okay but hES NOT DOING EITHER, HES JUST LOOKING AT HIS MENU ALL INNOCENT AND MUMBLING STUFF LIKE ‘MHM’ AND ALL THAT I-

• probably encourages riding down a flight of stairs using a sled

• once you compliment him, he will actually never forget what you said and will start paying much more attention to that thing you pointed out that you liked about him

• you told him that you liked his teeth bc they’re so straight ???? so he constantly asks his hyungs like ‘my teeth are nice right ?? are you sure ???? are you just messing w me ????? stop mumbling so i know you’re listening’

• he’s pretty strong so if he’s feeling affectionate or generous, he’s probably gonna give you a piggy back ride

• when you ask, he acts all hesitant saying stuff like ‘but i haven’t been to the gym in a while idk if i can carry you’ but on the inside he’s like ‘yeayeA get on my back rn nvm if my arms feel weak i will carry you to another country if i have to’

• when he kisses you, he doesn’t kiss you straight on the mouth, he does it on the corner and you dont know whether he is teasing you or is just shy to dive in str8

• kisses the back of your head a lot

• mostly likes it bc 1) your hair smells nice and 2) you won’t see a blush creep onto his cheeks when he does so

• insists that the timberlands the both of you have are a matching couple item even though you keep telling him that you bought the same style coiNCIDENTALLY

• but to jungkook, there are N O such things as coincidences, you mustve planned this, 100%

• he went shopping w you one day and you passed by this store w some crazy sale and they were selling pokemon onesies so both of you bought a pikachu onesie and thats probably the only item you ever bought with the intention to match w jungkook

• but that onesie is his most prized possession i shit you not

• his snapchat stories are not just stories okay they are a fucking harry potter 7 book series 

• there was one day while he was on tour and in europe and seeing as this is the first time the boy has ever stepped a FOOT in places other than asia and north america, obviously he was going to put every :)) single :))) thing :)))) on snapchat :)))))))

• his story reached over 500 seconds so you’re like no bye and he texts you all like ‘did u delete me off snapchat’ 

• bc of this, jungkook jokingly posted a picture on ig w the two of you and you were blurred out and the caption was ‘sometimes you just gotta leave the fake people behind #newyearnewme’ like jungkook pls

• you, jungkook, jin, and namjoon have like this little inside joke wherein jin is the mom and namjoon is the dad so you call jin, ‘mommy’ as a joke and he scolds you for it

• but probably the worst mistake you made in this entire joke in itself was accidentally calling namjoon ‘daddy’

• you visited the dorms while jungkook was sick so you could take care of him bc jimin, tae, or hobi wasn’t there and it was just you, jungkook, and the hyungs

• so while you were preparing the maknae some like chicken soup or whatever, you asked jin all like, ‘mommy can you go watch over jungkook and give him an extra blanket or smth lmao ty’ and you turn to namjoon all like, ‘hey daddy, can you- wait ohmygod no im s osoryr i didn tmean to i swae  ri-’

• jungkook overheard this but never brought it up but he has held an everlasting grudge over this moment and namjoon always feels a chill resonating through his spine whenever him and the maknae are alone in one room

• insists that he is not the jealous type 

• you didn’t text or call him for a whole day because you were busy babysitting a three year old child and jungkook knew this but all your attention was on this child ,,,, and not him ,,,, jEON JUNGKOOK AKA GOLDEN MAKNAE JEALOUS ???? OVER A THREE YEAR OLD CHILD ???? DONT BE RIDICULOUS

• also insists that he is dark and mysterious but you can read him like a book and usually he’s like aww man but his transparency can come quite in handy sometimes

• he doesn’t share his problems w you and its not bc he doesn’t trust you

• if anything, thats the last reason on earth why he wouldn’t tell you his problems

• but you’re the type of person who gets sad when he gets sad so he tries to remain upbeat and happy bc your smile just lights up his day and he feels slightly better just seeing you all bright

• but one day you’re all like ‘jungkook i know something is up pls tell me I’m here to listen’ and he’s v thankful bc even though he tries to keep everything to himself, he low-key wishes someone would notice that he’s having a hard time so he could vent

• so he just tells you everything about how his schedule is so busy, he never has time for himself and when he does he gets mobbed, he has to travel from like korea to japan to singapore in like five days and he is just so tired but this is the life of an idol so he feels like he has no room to complain bc he chose this path

• and you’re there w him, nodding and offering your input in some situations and tbh you feel like its not much but to jungkook it helps a lot so he just kinda lies on your lap w his back to you with an arm over your thigh so you won’t see him smiling

• probably one of the greatest milestones in your relationship was during your birthday when jungkook took you to an amusement park that had a fireworks show at the end of the night

• you expected that he just takes you to a few rides and a hella crowded place to see the fireworks but nope, this boy takes you to a ferris wheel and right when the both of you are at the top, the fireworks are lit and he takes the initiative to kiss you all like, ‘this is the do-over of our first kiss okay’ and honestly just accept it