honestly i just really like hickeys okay

Got7 reaction to -

You leaving a hickey on them


Got7/BTS/Shinee reaction to you guys making out and you accidentally leave a hickey and you feel bad


He would show it off. Way more than Jackson would tbh. He would want you to give him more.

“Jagi can you give me another one.”


He’d think you were cute for feeling bad. He wouldn’t really care since he could just cover it with make up.

“Jagi, I swear it’s fine.”


He’d think it was hot and he’d most likely show it off. He wouldn’t try to cover it at all.

“This just shows I’m yours babe.”


In all honesty he wouldn’t care. However he would take the chance to make sure you got a hickey too.

“There, now we can struggle to cover these together.”


Like JB he’d think you were cute for worrying. Honestly he wouldn’t mind and he’d reassure you everything was fine.

“I always give you hickeys anyways baby.”


He would be kinda shy about it, and would shyly laugh.

“It’s okay jagi, it’s not really that noticeable.”


Similar to Youngjae he may be kind of shy too. But he would be less shy.

“I’m sure I can cover it up, don’t worry about.”

-Admins A & JC