honestly i dont care if its fake

tbh people need to understand that i literally cannot empathise with them so?? sometimes giving advice or whatever is fucking exhausting because i can’t summon the effort to pretend to give a shit 

but at the same time i love being the person people come to with problems because it makes me feel like people look up to me?? so i have to force myself to fake caring and churn out all these boring phrases that i’ve stolen from movies and books and stuff so when the time comes they help me out if i need it 

honestly its so bizarre to know that other people dont work like this?? is empathy a myth?? im starting to think it might be a myth.


I got an ask that name drops aswell as I don’t want to put the person who sent it on the spot because i know they have good intentions.

However I gotta address this:

Don’t send me asks talking about someone copying my art or whatever it is yall saw

I only care if: 

It’s a literal repost.

It’s legit my art used without my permission

It’s an edit.

It’s clearly traced

other than that i don’t care to know, i wont answer those asks because it causes unnecessary drama over the people name dropped and in some cases makes folks feel like its open door for communication when no. I don’t have any interest in interaction.

Another thing I’d like to adress, not fully related to this ask so to the sender, dw this part isnt aimed at u

But honestly truly, dont sent asks saying “_____ stole your/Sebbi/Mel’s art!!” bc

1. it looks nothing like my art

2. we know its a fake call of attention and IKNOW who is doing it, so if youre reading this and the shoe fits, hi asshole i know about everything.

3. youre making a fool out of yourself

thats all i wanted to say

//finger guns// stay saucy

honestly like it’s so crazy that there are people out there in loving relationships who get to come home to someone every night and get to care and be cared about like … no offense but that sounds like fake news and my wife probably doesn’t exist !

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To the anon that posted that whole "The Miami's the only in that don't like the kush fam.." please go choke on some bleach. The kush fam ain't shit and will never be shit. Like you honestly need to go on anon and say some stupid shit????? Like you like stupid as fuck. You seem obsessed with the Miami fam since you coming out of nowhere to type some shit that isn't true. Like sit the fuck down and be humble. No one likes that rat ass fam with those rat ass, fake ass, ratchet ass bitches.

Okay so this is going way to far. No one needs to go choke on bleach ITS NOT THAT fucking serious good fucking lord. I honestly dont care if the kush family aint shit or not. They could be the shit, they couldnt I dont give any fucks atm. I have my family and thats all that matters. They mean the world to me and more, and I’ll defend them till the day I die. I could give two fucks about this feud because its honestly all gotten to a ridiculous point and it has to stop. So please shut the fuck up, because im honestly tired of hearing about it. TBH. NEXT SUBJECT PLEASE. 

its actually REALLY funny when people who still like/reblog patrick kane are like “dont worry guys, i tag him as a tw :)” like fuck you honestly because you really /actually/ dont give a shit about survivors if you reblog him in the first place? just because you’re tagging ‘#patrick kane for ts’ doesnt suddenly mean you’re trying to make your blog a safe place for people who would be triggered by him. you’re fake as fuck and you dont actually care, you just want to look like you care. if you cared AT ALL you wouldn’t be supporting him, you wouldn’t be reblogging him. plain and simple. what bullshit. 

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Do you ship phan?

my animation voiceover demo

so the petition to let me audition to voice the pearl/steven fusion has reached 100 signatures and a tthis point the meme is Truly blossoming and it’s a wonderful time ot be alive...

so i thought i would post my animation demo again here for your consideration becuase im honesly so proud of it and it took so long to get produced and it was so expensive to make and i want the whole wide world to listen to it at least once and rebecca please let me audition , for even like the random backhground character hoenstly i dont care at all I just wana Live PLEase

here’s the link to it on soundcloud in case Tumblr audio breaks

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msharoldxo on twitter. Do you know this person or have you seen her twitter? She has been reaching out to celine's friends and apparently they confirmed that celine has a bf named tomas and is not dating niall. Not sure how legit this is since she also claims that she knows deo personally and stuff. She had proofs tho (screenshot) but... Yeah idk :/ just scroll down her twitter it's all there. What do you think? I dont think this has been shared widely through 1d/niall fandom but damn (1)

cont: but damn if more people found out and believed this.. If you dont feel comfortable answering and sharing her twitter username it’s alright i totally get it, just letting you know. Have a great day

Well, well, wellington :)  The Daily Mail said they weren’t dating, so I don’t feel uncomfortable sharing. I mean they might be faking the proof, but honestly I don’t think anyone cares either way.  Celine seems like a nice enough girl so either way it’s all good.

But if she’s just a friend, it’s interesting that Niall would be stunting, even in such a relatively low-key way.  That said, Mellie had a bf too, Niall is allegedly Mr. Steal Yo Girl :)

  • me when someone mentions pretty little liars: honestly i hate this show... like its so dragged out and everyone is so fake and like i dont even care who A is anymore i just watch it because after all this time i feel obligated to ://
  • me when 5x25 comes out: *pisses myself*