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story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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movies that should exist: a pride & prejudice modern adaptation
starring mindy kaling as elizabeth bennet & jessica chastain as darcy fitzwilliam

“ugh. you LOVE me?”
“don’t make that face. it’s not like i want to. you’re loud and you talk too much about television for an adult and every single member of your family has friended me on facebook despite the fact that i’ve never spoken to most of them, and most of them have very poor punctuation. in fact, this whole situation is very embarrassing. like herpes. but like herpes, i don’t think it’s curable without taking action. so here i am. telling you. i love you.”
“can you even hear yourself right now?”
“so … what are your thoughts?”
“what are my thoughts? about your i-love-you-like-herpes speech?? which, p.s., herpes is incurable. that shit’s always gonna flare up again.”
“exactly. the metaphor is appropriate.”


Here she is with a bonus Tracer


So my art stuffs got reposted on a few social medias and I know my friends have been going through this horrible patch as well and it’s honestly upsetting. so i decided to visually stress how upsetting it is. ya’ll know the song right?

then you’ll know how upset artists are when you repost/reuse their art >B/



What I say: I love Mr Darcy

What people hear: I wish I could find a Perfect Gentleman™ who loves me more than anything and is willing to change for me

What I actually mean: I love Mr Darcy so much he’s an awkward bean and cannot socialise for the life of him,, he’s an incapable dweeb with the social skills of a teaspoon and I love him,,, what an absolute dork honestly

so how would those two meet in the first place?

There’s a SPEEDPAINT for this! feel free to check it out haha


It’s an OTP AU Prompt list!
  • My friends bet I wouldn’t buy these three weird and questionable items and you’re my cashier.
  • Once a week I go visit the pet store just to stare at the cute kittens and puppies and you’re the nice employee who always lets me hold them and wait I think I’m going to cry hold on.
  • You’re the DJ of the University’s radio station and every time you give an opinion on a current event I have to call and argue with you because could you seriously be anymore wrong?
  • We both wait tables at the same restaurant and you’re always mad at me by the end of the night because I make more in tips.
  • We have the same class and once a week you wear this graphic shirt I don’t understand and I really want to ask you about it.
  • We both work at the same craft store that literally has no customers so we have nothing to do and I’m always reading at the register but you always have to criticize my book choice what the hell?
  • You’re the hot UPS employee who is always working when I come in to return the textbooks I rented online and I keep ordering the wrong textbooks.
  • I’m working the concession stand for this week’s home game and this is the fifth time you’ve come back for snacks wait are you flirting with me?

The greatest showman Trailer

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(I recommend that you watch it with the original trailer)

So I was watching Thomas’ new video for the millionth time, and I only JUST realised that when Thomas started having the anxiety attack, Logan was circling the word “high” on the chart because he knew exactly what was going on, but he couldn’t get the words out as he was panicking, too, and he wanted somebody (most likely Virgil) to notice it. He was trying to tell them in the very limited way he could that Thomas was beginning to have a panic attack, and I just find all the little extra details that Thomas adds in really clever (whether they’re intentional or not). @thatsthat24 honestly amazes me.

Also, Logan is a dork and I love him, and I love how much he loves that chart.

Reblog with which one of your characters you’d rather be...

…because I’m curious: If you had to be one of your characters, which one would you choose?

  • Your Shepard (Mass Effect)
  • Your Warden (Dragon Age: Origins)
  • Your Hawke (Dragon Age II)
  • Your Inquisitor (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
  • Your Sole Survivor (Fallout 4)
  • Your Dragonborn (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Ooh, and say why! If you’d like to, of course. Have fun!