honestly i don't know what i'm doing... haha

conversations that I wish would stop happening
  • "Real" adult: so... what's your major? Your grad school plans? Your next ten years?
  • Me, technically an adult: I'm majoring in art history and I honestly love it! I don't have any set plans, but I'm really young and I'm just happy with what I'm doing now.
  • Adult: *starts snickering*
  • Me: *trying to be polite* haha yeah it's just something I really love, i know it's stupid...
  • Adult: HOW YOU GONNA GET A JOB WITH THAT hahahaha wow whew hilarious.... good luck with that you stupid millennial.... go eat some avocado toast... haha cracking myself up here

rex101111  asked:

✿Send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the game going, make someone smile!✿

Thanks, Rex!! I honestly should not be doing this, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to tease haha,, In return, here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be working on in the mere future!! I’m quite sure you know where this is from B)

darkdorkmorks  asked:

I'm feelin v sad recently and I keep losing friends and I don't know what I'm doing wrong, they're just ignoring me... can I please have a hug?

“Honestly, even if you did something wrong, true friend will talk with you about it. Not just simply ignore and leave you. Those are not friends. You don’t have to waste time and your feelings for those kind of people. If you need anything just talk to me okay?”

mun: like honestly just talk to me ;; i got ignored and ppl leaving me everytime. i think its bc im boring and weird haha….

accurate description of my band
  • Flutes: We never shut up and we don't know what a tuner is or what a key signature is. Honestly what am I doing here
  • Piccolo: Haha fuck you
  • Oboe: Lmao where am I
  • Bassoon: I'm flat as hell but my dick's not
  • Clarinets: WE'RE SO GOOD *fucks up a run* WE'RE SO FUCKING GOOD LIKE YOU CAN'T EVEN HANDLE US *squeaks*
  • Bass Clarinets: We're the best honestly and we can play higher than the clarinets and that's saying something
  • Saxophones: I don't even know why i'm here
  • Tenor saxophones: WHAT THIS INSTRUMENT IS IN Bb???? SINCE WHEN??? DUDE...
  • Baritone Saxophones: We're also the best. No reason. We just are.
  • Trumpets: Everyone hates us and we're the reason people hate band haha also headaches are our specialty. You're welcome.
  • Trombones: We're actually pretty good not gonna lie
  • Euphoniums: ...
  • Tubas: Look at this piece it's just the same quarter note all the way through hell yeah this is tough
  • French horns: Hahhahhhahahahaaahhahah what? Huh?
  • Percussion: What are we trying to accomplish

anonymous asked:

I really don't wanna be an ass by pointing it out but I was wondering what face wash you use for your acne and if it's helping??? I just started struggling with acne like yours and I don't know what works. Is yours painful? I don't want mine to get painful :( sorry I feel rude asking I'm just worried

No offense taken! I just ran out of the facewash and I honestly cant remember what it’s called haha. I do take medication called minocycline and it seems to be helping. I really need to go to a dermatologist though. 

sydneyhoover24  asked:

a boy broke up with me after 4 months mainly bc he just lost feelings and bc when he said I love you to me I never said it back but I just wasn't ready. now idk what to do bc I'm so upset and I freaking hate it I know I don't want to go back to a boy that hurt me this much and he dosnt want me anymore anyways. and I literally am obsessed with you you are what I aspire to be and I honestly am in love with you and idk what to do and I just want to hear what you say and I'm sorry this is odd haha

Boys don’t mature until like 25. It’s honestly not worth it and he’s being immature, ignoring his feelings for you because he feels too vulnerable. Boys try to not show their feelings and appear strong. Relationships are super hard when you’re young. I say, find yourself, love yourself before you can find and love someone else :)