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Description: Shower sex literally doesn’t work but this is fiction so hey, no one dies here. 

Warning: Porn with a plot??

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As Yuta opened his eyes, the room was still dark, his eyes having to adjust to the lack of light. Knowing full well it was way to early to actually be getting up, he blindly swept his hand over the cold sheets, in search of his phone that was usually tucked beneath his pillow, but more often than not, got moved around in his sleep. Finally finding it, nearly at the edge of the bed and at risk of falling off, Yuta switched it on, immediately wincing at the bright light assaulting his eyes. Blinking to return his vision, Yuta was more than pleased to see it was only 4AM, not even close to morning. Grinning to himself, he tossed his phone to the side and buried back in the covers, before the suddenly realization hit him and his eyes flashed open again. Where’s Y/N?
It didn’t occur to him that you’d slept over, and were now no longer in his bed, until now. Mind awake, Yuta flung the bedding off of him, and sprung out of bed, flicking the bedroom light on. Your phone and shoes were still in his room, you couldn’t be far. And with that, Yuta went on his ‘quest’ to find his missing lover. 
More times than he could count, he’d found you in the living room, quietly watching a show you were previously watching before bed. And you’d leave to watch in the other room, so you wouldn’t wake Yuta. Or he’s catch you sneaking secret hot chocolate at 2AM in his kitchen, trying your hardest to not make noise despite getting distracted, and always missing the countdown on the microwave. 
Though, when he checked both places, Yuta found you in neither. Now, he panicked. Knowing full well you had to still be in the apartment, he couldn’t help but scramble from room to room. even checking closets just in case, to find you. Yuta was on the verge of just calling the cops, for whatever reason, before he passed his old roommate’s door and heard the water running.
Of course, I’m an idiot. Yuta mentally smacked himself. Y/N’s showering, I’m actually an idiot, wow.
It completely slipped his mind, that after his roommate had moved out, leaving the apartment completely to Yuta, that he’d taken to using the other shower. When he moved in, his roommate already had the apartment, so of course he took the better room and bath. So without his old friend here, Yuta planned to move in to the bigger room. But then, he was too lazy to move everything, and decided to just use the better shower since he wasn’t planning on filling the spare room.
Pushing the door open, sure enough, he found your clothes laid out on the desk left in the spare room, and the bathroom door barely closed. 
“Y/N?” Yuta called, pausing as the door, not wanting to spook you by just slamming the door open and end up in the ER before morning. 
“Yeah?” You hummed back, continuing to enjoy the steam and heat built up in the warm shower, as opposed to the now cooler rooms thanks to autumn arriving. 
“You okay?” Yuta asked, pushing the door open and getting hit with the muggy air built up in the tiled room. “It’s 4am? What are you doing up so early?”
“I couldn’t sleep,” You shrugged, watching his silhouette through the class panel walking over to sit on the toilet as you showered. “It’s too cold, and you haven’t gotten the heat fixed, have you?”
He was quiet and you snickered at whatever excuse he was going to make for being lazy this time. 
“I was going to! I promise!” Yuta swore, his voice immediately got higher as he tried to lie and be innocent. 
“But?” You asked mockingly. Hearing the usually so put together, and confident man trip over himself at your accusation was too good. It’s one of the perks of being his, only you get to see him this way. 
“But-!” Yuta sighed, and gave up, slouching against the porcelain, “It was cold yesterday…I didn’t want to go out…”
“And now it’s cold inside.” You replied, rinsing your hair. “So, how are you going to fix this?”
“Why do I have to do it?” Yuta whined, sinking lower against his seat. “You basically live here too! And you work right down the street from the heating thing! Can’t I just give you money or something and you do it?”
“Yeah, you could.” You nodded to yourself, agreeing. “Why didn’t you think of that yesterday?”
“You know I was distracted.” Yuta scowled. 
“Mhmm, I’m sure you were. Distracted by what?”
“That fucking skirt you wore to dinner,” Yuta growled, “You know that one’s my favorite!”

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pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut + punk!jikook

word count: 17,468 

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him had completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts, due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


Your senses are filled with the scent of food before you even open your eyes. You immediately perk up from your makeshift cocoon in Hoseok’s bed, quickly making your way to the kitchen downstairs.  When you round the corner you expect to find Hoseok standing over the stove, but instead you’re met with nothing.

“Hoseok?” You called out as you started making your way through the kitchen. There’s no response, and you’re about to try again when you catch a glimpse of something laying in the middle of the counter. You reach forward for the piece of paper and quickly unfold it.

I have class, but I made you breakfast, it’s in the microwave .x - H

You smile at the note, gently placing it back on the counter before retrieving the food. You made your way to the kitchen table, stomach growling as it begged to be sated. You quickly started shoveling the food in your mouth, practically moaning at the taste of Hoseok’s cooking that you’d missed so much for the past year.

One year.

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Park Jihoon Roomate Au

So this is kinda hella short because it’s gunna be a hella busy two weeks from now but here we go.

• You and Jihoon had met in secondary school, yanno where two friendship groups meld together?
• You’d been a little shy at the beginning but so had Jihoon, so as the groups quietest members you’d ended up together quite a lot and just kinda bonded with your silence,
• In fact, you two got so close that you could just chat about anything and became closer to Jihoon than to your original friendship group! Ngl tho you where like a match made in heaven tbh,
• Like, you floated around together, you didn’t need much else as words were enough to keep your friendship afloat, and when the awkward situations rolled in,
• And oh boy did they, like when you’re both too shy to tell someone they have your order wrong, so you pretend it’s what you wanted,
• You experienced them together,
• And you were also on the same page with a lot of things, and academically you were on the same level as well, so you always spent your Sundays together doing homework,
• Because friendship apparently grows stronger when you’re suffering™
• So when you both finish school you have your existential crisis together which is kinda sweet,
• But then you enjoy the summer and do so much together like omg can you not breath without each other??
• Literally spent a whole week straight within a 10 ft distance to each other and that’s when you realise you could probs be roommates?
• If you can spend so much time together and still get along like a house on fire, surely you can live together,
• (I mean you pretty much have been for the last few years Anyway but),
• So when Jihoon gets his university place close to where you have your apprenticeship, everything falls into place for you and you find a flat,
• Which brings the crushing realisation that you are now an aDuLt,
• Omg another round of panicking,
• You’re set in your little cosy flat, content with your current life,
•You both have different schedules but still seem to be able to eat with each other most nights and you always have Monday Game Nights©,
• Where games of mario cart speed into the night and you become slightly scared of Jihoon, his pure passion for the game has you shook,
• Lmao one of your neighbour’s had to come and check you weren’t getting murdered one night,
• You had to assure them the only murder that was happening was Jihoon on the console,
• And Jihoon makes more friends at uni, of course, he may be quiet but he still attracts people with his kind, funny ways and handsome face,
• and they sometimes comes to game night,
• And you’re happy because although he has a lot of work that sometimes stresses him out,
• (you bring him cookies and hot drinks to help him through because?? You’re just the best I guess),
• Jihoon seems genuinely happy and you’re glad because he deserves it, he’s always supplied you with happiness so you’re glad to see he’s got some back,
• But then you start to wonder,
• Were you holding him back when you were around?
• Is he happier because he’s not with you? Because he’s free?
• You know it’s probably not the case but you can’t help the thoughts in the back of your mind,
• Because just when you start feeling like that, Jihoon notices right away,
• Because he knows you too well ngl,
• So then he’ll invite you to go to lunch, or you’ll go out for the weekend together, or he’ll microwave dinner for the night,
• And he honestly is just the best friend, and you can honestly say you’re glad he has lots of friends, because he always makes sure you know you’re the favourite,
• And he can always make you laugh, and smile, because he’s Jihoon,
• The first person you got black out drunk with, the first person you lived with, the first person you really truly felt a connection with,
• The person that held so many of your firsts,
• That’s until he starts to act far away and vague, no longer doing his fair share of the chores, missing a lot of dinners, and sometimes skipping out on Mondays,
• And when he is around, he seems less cheerful,
• And it REALLY upsets you,
• Not only does it seem Jihoon is almost forgetting you, he doesn’t even seem happy anymore, which is the most painful bit,
• And one day Jihoon is sat on your sofa, the same as he had been for the last 4 hours,
• “Are you going to do the washing up today?”
• You nudge, as the washing was his chore, something he hadn’t done in a long time, and all of the stuff needing washing was his stuff,
• “I can’t today Y/N, could you do it for me?”
• He grunts, jumping into some jeans in a hurry,
• “Jihoon, you haven’t been able to for the last, what, week?”
• You can tell your tone is sharper, probably more harsh than you meant to, but it genuinely hurt your feelings, the way he was acting,
• Jihoon pauses, as if thinking the statement over before signing loudly,
• “It’s not that big of a chore, surely you can just do it, I have so much work to do,”
• You don’t point out the pile of work on his desk hasnt been touched for a while, or the fact that he’s been out constantly recently,
• “I’ve been doing it for a while, as well as your dusting, and your washing, and your cleaning. I have a job as well, you know,”
• You sigh, leaning against his door frame, the negative feelings slowly spilling from your mouth,
• “It’s not like I asked you, yanno. And it’s not like your work is that hard,”
• The words are harsh as he makes his way out of the flat, leaving you with quiet tears trailing down your face and a chest that felt like it was being totally compressed, unusable,
• Because through the years, the two of you have never argued, always finding ways to talk whatever small problems faced you out,
• And the way Jihoon is acting is not how you know him, and it feel like you’ve been kicked,
• And the week rolls by with the two of you acting as if you don’t know each other,
• You want to talk to him desperately, but he seems totally indifferent,
• But one night Jihoon doesn’t come back at his regular time,
• And panic sets in, Jihoon is always back by 12AM latest, but it’s 01:30 and he’s not here and you haven’t heard of anything from him and this is not how you want to feel,
• You’re pacing back and forth, the edge of tears,
• You’ve been in tears too much lately,
• Having texted all of his friends, to which you’d been given varied responses as to where he was,
• When the door slowly pushes open, and a wave of anger flows through you when Jihoon’s figure slides into the flat,
• “Where have you been? I was so worried, do you know how much I want to kill you right now?! Because I feel like a mother but I didn’t know where you were, and I felt so lost and-”
• You cut short when Jihoon’s soft eyes meet yours, you notice his pale skin, and bruised cheek, knuckles painted with little cuts, the way he holds himself reflecting a blue mood, an apprehensive look in his eyes,
• Everything drains out of you to see Jihoon such a way, you rush foreward and grab his hand, examining his knuckles, his cheeks before dragging him into a hug, one you’ve needed all week,
• His arms come around you as well, holding you tight like they always did after you’d comforted him, his warmth the familiarity you’ve been craving for a while,
• You give him a stern look before gently dragging him towards the sofa and getting the first aid kit,
• Always prepared,
• “What did you do?”
• I mean it’s pretty obvious he’d been in a small fight, but it was so against Jihoon’s nature that your curiosity was driving you mad,
• “I’m stupid, y/n, ’m sorry”
• You knew it probably wasn’t the right thing to do, but you forgave him right then and there, the look he sent you melting your heart and you knew Jihoon always had a place in your chest,
• Not that you were going to tell him this,
• “I know, and so you should be, but I need an explanation,”
• You douse a cotton bud with alcohol and start to clean his knuckles, much to his displeasure,
• “Look, there was this guy who was talking about how the girl I lived with was dragging me down and how she, you, are boring, so I hit him,”
• You sigh, putting a plaster over Jihoon’s knuckles,
•"Jihoon, you’re an idiot,“
• You let the simple phrase and the look in your eyes portray your feelings, because you know Jihoon can read you,
• You let him feel your anger, for doing something so stupid over something so simple,
• About your disappointment over his actions,
• How you’re glad you have him back,
• "I know, and I’m sorry for being a dick. I let my coursework stress me out and I took it out on you,”
• You’re not exactly pleased with the excuse he uses, but you let it slide (this time) as you stare into his sorry eyes, weighted by a sadness you feel the need to eradicate,
• Because sadness was a dark feeling of loneliness everyone could relate to,
• So you wrap him in a hug and kiss his forehead,
• It takes you a week and a half to be back into your normal routine,
• But then you’re rolling on the sofa yelling at each other about which mario cart course to play on again,
• You’re microwaving food together,
• Figuring out bills and adult life,
• Taking each other for piggy back rides and pretending (or are you o_O) to be a couple to get discounts on couple nights at restaurants,
• Talking about simple problems to make sure they don’t build up,
• And sometimes Jihoon seems to drift off again, because school is stressful okay,
• But all he needs is for you to bring him something to eat and a quick distraction to make sure he doesn’t fall down a nasty hole again,
• It’s like 3AM and he’s literally in a coursework forte and u bring him a Bop It© and he’s like what the hell but plays anyway,

• Moral of the story-
• Because of what broke you you’re way stronger than before and it’s hella cute,

(Also I wasn’t sure if the request wanted them to be platonic or romantic so I tried to leave it open to interpretation?)

Connected — Jung Hoseok (02)

Words: 2588

Warnings: Fluff, Internet best friend!Hoseok :)

Description: You and Hoseok are internet friends with secret feelings for each other. The only problem (besides the distance) is that you’re both in relationships with other people.

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]


You were sitting on your bed, studying for the math exam that you had to take. It was 6 p.m and your plan was to study for the rest of the night.

If you didn’t pass this test, you couldn’t graduate.

You read the math textbook that was placed in front of you and wrote some stuff in your notebook so you would remember it better.

While writing, your heard someone knock on your door.

“Come in.” You say, not looking up from your book. You expected it to be your sister or Olivia since they were the only ones who were home.

“Look at my baby studying.” You hear someone say.

You turned your head to see Josh.

“Joshua! What are you doing here? Who let you in?” You asked, putting everything down and standing up.

“It’s nice to see you too.” He joked. “Abby let me in.” He adds.

Abby was your sister. She never really had a problem with Josh, so you could see why she would let him in.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Josh asks, hugging you.

“Yes, but I’m studying.” You tell him.

“You’ve been studying for like the past two days. You need a break, babe.” Josh says, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Josh, I really need to study.” You say. “I have to pass this test.”

“You’re going to pass. Don’t worry.” He assures you.

You pulled away from him and sat on your bed, him sitting beside you.  

He suddenly placed a kiss on your lips

“You know that if my parents came home right now, you’d be dead?” You joked.

Josh just laughed and kissed you again.

Josh groaned as your phone vibrated.

“Whoever is calling you, don’t answer it.” He says, kissing your neck.

You grabbed your phone to see who it was. It was of course, Hoseok.

You really wanted to answer.

“It’s Hoseok.” You say.

“Don’t answer it.” Josh says into your neck.

“Josh.” You groaned. “If I don’t answer it, we won’t be able to talk again until tomorrow night.”

“Is that a problem?” He asks, stopping his actions and looking at you.

“Yes. You know the time difference is crazy.” You explained.

Josh rolled his eyes. “Fine, but if you answer it, I’m leaving.” He says, getting off of you and standing up.

He put his shirt and shoes back on and waited to see if you were going to answer or not.

Of course, you answered the phone. Josh rolled his eyes and was about to leave the room.

“Hobi, I’ll be right back.” You say into the phone before you put it down and went after Josh.

You grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Josh, don’t be like this.” You say.

“Don’t be like what?” He asks.

“Don’t leave. If you leave now then we won’t be able to spend any time alone together until who-knows-when.” You tell him.

“Why shouldn’t I leave? It’s obvious that you care more about some guy that you met online than your actual boyfriend.” Josh says.

“It’s not like that. I care about both of you.” You said.

“You seem to make all the time in the world whenever Hoseok calls or texts you, but whenever I want to hang out with you, you make up some stupid excuse.” Josh tells you.

“It’s not my fault my parents don’t want me to hang out with you.” You say. “And it’s different because Hoseok lives all the way in Korea. I see you almost everyday.”

Josh rolled his eyes and started to walk out, but you grabbed his arm again.

“Josh,” You said. “What?” He asked. You could tell he was annoyed, but you didn’t want something as stupid as this to led to a break up.

You really liked Josh.

“Please don’t be mad at me.” You tell him.

He sighed before kissing your cheek. “I’ll pick you up for school tomorrow, okay?” He says, but you knew he was still angry.

You nodded and let go of his arm so he could leave.

You sighed and walked back to your bed, laying on it.

“Hello?” You said into your phone, seeing is Hoseok was still there.

“I’m here. And I heard all of that. I’m sorry, Y/n.” Hoseok immediately apologized.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You say.

“Are you sure? Y/n, if talking to me is making you have problems with Josh, then you can stop talking to me. It’ll be better for you. If that’s what you want, then I’m okay with it.” Hoseok explains.

“I don’t want to stop talking to you, Hoseok. You’re like my best friend. I’ll work it out with Josh, don’t worry.” You tell him.

Who knew that having a boyfriend and an internet best friend would cause so many problems?

“Anyways, what’s up?” You asked him, changing the topic.

“Not a lot. Nothing really interesting is going on. Jae is supposed to come over later. And we’re supposed to go on a date tomorrow.” Hoseok explains.

“Really? That sounds great! Maybe after this, you guys will get into less arguments.” You say.

“I hope so. I really want this relationship to work out.” He says. Although you weren’t video chatting, you knew that he was smiling.

Hoseok is always happy. That’s why you like having him as a friend. He always cheers you up, even if he’s not feeling too good.

He’s that person that would do anything to make their friends happy.

Thats why you loved him.

“Mom,” You called as you walked downstairs to where your mom was in the living room.

“Yes, y/n?” She asks.

“Can I go to a friend’s house after school tomorrow? We’re gonna study together.” You asked.

“Who’s the friend?” Your mom asked, looking at you.

“Her name is–y/f/n. You’ve never met her before, but we’re really good friends.” You lied, thinking of a random name.

“What time are you going to be back home?” She asks.

“I’m not sure, but it won’t be too late.” You say.

“Alright, you can go.” She agrees.

You smiled and walked back upstairs, immediately texting Josh to tell him that it had worked out.

He responded with a smiley face and said that he was happy to get to spend some quality time with you.

You hoped that this date would fix whatever rough patches you’re going through in your relationship.

You almost jumped out of your seat as the bell rang, signalling that class was dismissed.

It was the last class of the day, thank god.

As you left the classroom, you walked out of the building to Josh’s car.

He had a free period before, so he was sitting in his car, waiting for you.

You entered the car, smiling. “How was class?” He asks as you kissed his cheek.  

“Do you care?” You giggled as he started the car up and started driving.

“Not really.” He laughed. “I was just trying to be a good boyfriend.”

“You are a good boyfriend.” You say.

The rest of the car ride was filled with you two talking about your day and making funny jokes.

When the car came to a stop, you were in front of Joshua’s house.

You’ve only been here a couple of times.

“My parents aren’t home. We can just stay here for a bit and then we can leave.” He says, opening the door.

You put our bags down and sat on the couch, watching TV.

You watched some random show that was on.

“Want some snacks?” Josh asked and you nodded.

“I’ll go make some popcorn.” He says, standing up and going into the kitchen.

Bored of the show, you went into the kitchen with him.

He stood in front of the microwave, the popcorn popping.

You wrapped your arms around him from behind and he turned around, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m so glad that we get to spend today together. I’ve waited so long for this.” Josh smiles, kissing your forehead.

You returned the smile and sat on the counter, waiting for the popcorn to finish.

Josh stood in between your legs and spoke as you played with his brown hair.

“You’re so pretty.” He smiles, putting his hand on your cheek.

“Am I?” You asked, smiling.

Josh nodded before kissing you, hard.

Caught off guard, you moaned into the kiss, which make him smile.

A couple of minutes after you started kissing, Josh pressed himself against you, making you moan once again.

Josh pulled away from the kiss as you both took off your shirts and threw them somewhere on the floor.

Your lips almost instantly reconnected.

You were in a zone. Nothing could distract you now, not even the sound of the microwave going off after the popcorn finished.

You knew where this was going.

“Ready?” Josh asks as you were about to leave.

“Yes.” You smiled as you walked outside and got into his car.

You held a basket of food that you had prepared before leaving.

A nighttime picnic in the park was your idea. It seemed romantic and you both liked it.

You and Josh haven’t been romantic in a while, and this was the perfect way to revamp the romance in your relationship.

Everything was going great until you received a text message.

It was from Hoseok.

Why would he be texting you? You told him not to contact you tonight unless there was an emergency.

Is there an emergency??

You read the two text messages.

Y/n, I know you told me not to text you, but I need help

Jae cheated on me and I don’t know what to do. Please call me of you get the chance. I didnt want to disturb your date with Josh, but I don’t want to talk to any of the guys. I just want to talk to you. If you don’t want to stop your date, I’ll be fine. Just call me whenever.

Your eyes widened at the messages. Jae cheated on him? Why would she do that?

You looked up at Josh, who was smiling, paying attention to the road.

You took a moment to yourself.

Of course, you could ask Josh to take you home so you could video chat Hoseok on your laptop and cheer him up.

But if you did that, you knew that Josh would hate you. He’d be pissed.

Did you want to stay with Josh?

Or did you want to go cheer up Hoseok?

Honestly, you wanted to do both, but you knew that you could only choose one.

Hoseok is your best friend. He was sad and you needed to help. You didn’t want to let him down.

You sighed before looking at Josh.

When he heard you sigh, he looked at you.

“You okay?” He asks before looking back at the road.

“Josh, please don’t hate me.” You said.

“Why would I hate you?” He asks, stopping at a red light.

He looked at you in confusion.

“You know that I really want to do this picnic with you, right?” You asked.

“Yes, I know that. Y/n, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.” Josh asks.

“Jae cheated on Hoseok. Now he’s sad and upset, and he really needs me.” You explained.

You saw the smile on Josh’s face disappear  once the words left your mouth.

“What do you mean he needs you? It’s not like you can just fly to Korea to see him, right?” He asks, driving once the light turned green.

“Right, but I can still go home and video chat with him. And cheer him up.” You say.

Without saying a word, Josh parked the car and looked at you.

“I’m sorry.” You tell him.

“So you’re saying that you want me, your boyfriend, to drive you home and cancel our date, just so you can go video chat with some guy that you’ve never met before?” He asks. You could tell that he was getting mad.

“Don’t hate me, please.” You begged.

Joshua shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’m sorry, Josh. I just—”

“You just what? You just care more about some stranger than you care about your boyfriend?” He asked, his voice getting loud.

You have to admit, you’re a crybaby. You hate when people yell at you, and it makes you cry.

Hearing Joshua raise his voice at you made your eyes water.

“He’s not a stranger.” You said, defending Hoseok.

“Yes he is! You’ve never met. How can you be ‘best friends’ with someone you’ve never met? And how could you care more about that person than you care about your friends in real life?” He asks.

“I never said I cared about him more that I care about you.” You tell him.

“Do you?” He asks. You didn’t answer. You didn’t know what to say. “Y/n, look me in the eyes right now and tell me that you care about me more than you care about him.”

You closed your eyes and felt the tears fall down.

“You can’t do it.” He scoffs.

You opened your eyes and wiped the tears away.

“Now you’re crying? No. You can’t do this, Y/n. You’re not going to make me feel bad about this. This isn’t my fault.” Joshua says.

It wasn’t his fault that you wanted to cancel your date, but he’s making you feel bad about it.

“A good boyfriend would’ve already taken me home. No hesitations.” You tell him.

“Oh, so what? Now I’m not a good boyfriend?” He asks.

“Just take me home. Please.” You asked.

Josh rolled his eyes and started driving the car again.

The ride was silent until you got to your house.

As he parked in front of your house, you saw your mom and dad sitting on the front porch, talking.

You’re going to be in so much trouble.

“Josh,” You start, not wanting our day together to end with you two screaming at each other.

He looked at you. He wasn’t crying, but he looked stressed.

“I’m sorry, again. I’ll call you in the morning, okay?” You asked.

“Don’t bother.” He says, looking straight ahead.

You got the hint.

“You’re breaking up with me?” You asked, tears still coming down your face.

Joshua covered his face with both of his hands and took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. “Now, go in there and make Hoseok feel better.”

Although there were millions of things that you could’ve said, you chose silence.

You stepped out of the car, closing the door behind you and Josh drove away.

“Y/n?” Your mother asks as she and your father stood up. “Was that Joshua’s car?” You dad asked.

“I’m so sorry.” You apologized to them.  

Once you mom saw that you were crying, she engulfed you in a hug.

“Baby, what happened?” She asked.

Too sad to say anything, you just stayed in her embrace, crying.

“Can I tell you tomorrow? I just want to go in my room.” You asked, pulling back.

“Of course, honey.” She says.

You walked into the house and up to your room, closing and locking the door behind you.

You changed your clothes and wiped your eyes. You went into the bathroom and put in your allergy eye drops that would make the redness disappear from your eyes.

You didn’t want to let Hoseok know that you were sad.

anonymous asked:

Kitanishi prompt: soulmate Au or red string of fate. Satoru hasn't received his mark yet and nervous he won't end up with Kitamoto. Atsushi is calm about the whole thing because who else would he end up with but Nishimura. However you want to interpret. I really just want fluff and possible cuddles at the end.

(this got a little out of hand)


“I am so gonna die alone,” Satoru says bleakly. 

Natsume looks startled at the announcement. Atsushi idly turns a page in his book and doesn’t comment. 

“That’s what this means, guys,” Satoru goes on, “that’s exactly what this means.” 

The timer on his wrist has been broken for as long as he can remember. It sits there like a sadistic reminder, a faint, half-faded 00:00:00 that Satoru quite honestly hates.

“I’ve never,” Natsume ventures, and hesitates. 

They’ve been neighbors for close to a year now, and for all that they don’t know much about the guy, he’s become a regular fixture in the cozy apartment Satoru and Atsushi share. Still, sometimes, he acts like he isn’t sure he’s allowed to contribute to lazy Sunday afternoon conversation, and all Satoru can do is wait patiently for him to gather his nerve. 

“I mean,” Natsume tries again, “I’ve never heard of something like that. Is that even possible?”

His hand is circled around his own wrist and the numbers nestled there, and it’s obvious what he’s thinking: if even he could have a soulmate out there in the world somewhere, then surely someone like Satoru must have one, too. 

If only. 

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fic: My Neighbour’s Dog, Totoro

title: my neighbour’s dog, totoro.

rating: pg-13 / genre: strangers to lovers / warnings: swearing

word count: 3900

description: dan knew he was getting a new neighbour but he wasn’t expecting their first meeting to involve the guy’s giant shiba inu running into his apartment and tackling him to the floor. fate works in mysterious ways, though, he supposes.


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anonymous asked:

HELLLOOO MY FAVORITE WRITERRRR ''Tis my bday and honestly would love nothing more than a Drabble from one of your fics but I can't even pick one of them because they're all so gooooood. Maybe TWG or TOW or 210 days or never be or perfect storm omg so many good ones I can't choose but would appreciate anything you'd share!!! 💕💕💕

Hi babe! Happy birthday! I wrote this as quickly as I could so I hope it’s still your birthday where you are! I decided to add to Tug-of-War; is that okay?! xxxx

Harry takes the long way home back from Louis’, the Jeep windows down, muggy air doing nothing to help his already frizzy curls. Every time he thinks about the way Louis leaned into his grip at the concert, his body warm and hands trembling when their fingers linked together, he feels short of breath, has to take another left turn when he should be taking a right. He’s spent ages thinking about what what it would be like to have Louis in his arms, often times tossing and turning in his bed, unable to sleep with how badly he wanted it, just a taste, just to have a little more than he was allowed. But thinking about it and wishing for it didn’t come anywhere close to the real thing, Louis sweaty and swaying to the music, his lips wet, eyes focused whenever he twisted up to look at Harry. And then, with his back pressed up against his front door, Louis stared at him like he wanted to be kissed, kissed by Harry, looking so Goddamn beautiful, and Jesus fucking Christ, Harry deserves a medal for being able to pull himself away from that, for not rushing the thing that occupies his mind more often than he’d ever care to admit. The idea of going home to an empty house when he feels this on edge is laughable, and he doesn’t end up pulling into his driveway until it’s well past three in the morning, nearly two hours after he dropped Louis off.

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demon! au | ong seongwoo

mentions of rape and murder so pls dont read if that triggers you in any way

i lit a pumpkin spice candle to get in the  ~spoopy~ mood and idk if it worked pls tell me if this was ~spoopy~ enough if not i will just thROW OUT MY DELICIOUS SMELLING CANDLE HECK

  • demons appear in your world when you do something terrible
  • they follow you around, mocking you, tormenting you, sometimes even killing you
  • until you figure out what you did wrong and apologize to god
  • but if they kill you before you find out what you did wrong you will go to hell and live eternity in ~fire~
  • lowkey scary but if you didnt do anything wrong you were set, my brother
  • well,,,,,,, you never thought you would have a demon following you around
  • but it happened
  • you worked at a huge corporation and your boss was a HUGE dick
  • like he would slap you around
  • force you to do many things you werent comfortable with
  • overall terrible guy
  • he would make the female employees feel like shit with snarky comments about how they looked
  • “hyebin, you look rough today. have a bad night?” then he would laugh along with the other male coworkers
  • the only reason all of you stayed there was the pay was extremely good
  • like 450 dollars a day good
  • one day he asked you to stay late and help him out
  • you were in his office, sorting out papers when you feel this presence behind you
  • you turn around slowly and he is looming over you like a complete creep
  • “yes?” you ask cautiously
  • he walked over to you, grabbing your arms forcefully
  • “why dont we have some fun baby?”
  • he pushed you down on his desk, lips trailing your neck and jawline
  • you tried to push him away but he was pinning you down with such force you physically couldnt
  • you panicked obviously and grabbed the nearest thing to you and smashed it over his head repeatedly until he fell off of you
  • it was one of those letter openers
  • you hit him in the head repeatedly with a letter opener
  • he was dead 
  • like no question about it
  • you were obviously shaken up about liTERALLY EVERYTHING THAT JUST HAPPENED
  • so it was extra shook when a demon popped up behind you
  • “hey, you just killed that dude”
  • you scream, swinging the letter opener over your shoulder
  • but before it hits the dude behind you, a large hand was grabbing your wrist
  • “just because you killed that old, dirty bastard doesnt mean you can try and kill me”
  • you turn around to face him and oh wow
  • he was pretty attractive
  • “listen,” he starts out, licking his lips, “i know you just got violated and that’s terrible but you just murdered a man…. i was sent from god to torture you”
  • you gasp, mouth flying open
  • “o-oh god” your hand flies to your hair as you look at your bleeding boss on the ground
  • “i know….don’t feel bad about it…. he was going to hell anyway”
  • you snap your head over to him
  • “he was???”
  • your demon scoffs loudly, “of course he was. all he did was violate and abuse woman and children. he was destined for hell at the age of 13.”
  • you smirk to yourself because hey
  • even though you killed him, he was still going to have to live out the rest of his life in the fiery pits of hell
  • your demon scoffs at your smirking expression
  • “dont get too excited, sweetheart. you’re destined for hell too”

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Nine Nine - Mieczysław Stilinski Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but I haven’t written much of Stiles recently, so I wanted to. Also, this was such a good episode mentioned in the imagine, and the show just seems like the kind of thing Sti would watch in general tbh.

WARNINGS: Cute, spoilers (Brooklyn Nine Nine - Season 4, Episode 18 “Chasing Amy”)

SUMMARY: You and Stiles decide to have a viewing session of the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Jake and Amy’s relationship gets you thinking.

NOTES: Honestly, B99 is one of my fave shows anyway, and Stiles just kind of reminds me of Jake.

Anyways, I did see all the requests for Ties pt 3 (that is in the works, trust me - it’s just that I have exams next week so I’m focusing more on those), and there was another anon Archie request. I may post next week, I may not. But, just know I do see your requests (bless you guys sm).

Enjoy! ILY <3

Originally posted by gifs-of-stiles

Originally posted by azurelakes

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“Please, don’t leave. I beg you, please...”

Fiction Challenge #150: Thank you, @agent-elaine​. <3

He and Myc were off when the e-mail arrived.

Toronto Police Service are looking for senior UK detectives interested in starting a new life in Ontario, Canada. Toronto police are the country’s highest-paid officers - wages have increased 11 per cent over the last six years…

Six years.

Six years of Mycroft, too.

They’d always been more on than off. This recent spell looked like it was going to last, though. Greg had thought it would fix itself after a month or so. One lonely night, and there’d be a text or a call - then one perfect night to follow, and in a blaze of glory they’d be back together again, addicted to each other, moving in within a week, fucking every spare second, tangled up in Greg’s bedsheets from six PM on Friday until eight AM on Monday - talking, laughing, kissing until his jaw hurt. Greg knew the pattern. They’d been through all this before.

“It’s fine,” he’d told Sherlock, when the latest off had been announced. “He just needs space for a while. You know what he’s like.”

But then a month had gone by, and then another - and the weeks had pulled themselves together like beads on a string.

It had been half a year now.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do scenarios of living together with Kenma, Kuroo, Hinata, Nishinoya, Oikawa, Iwaizumi and Sugawara? Your blog is lovely as always ❤

Hey love! I kind of took this as living as roommates, not lovers. I hope you’re ok with that!


- The kid never leaves his bedroom. Ever. If you don’t bother him, chances are he’ll dwell in the dark of his bedroom all day, only leaving for bathroom breaks or the occasional snack. He’d need excessive amounts of force to leave his bed in the morning, so be prepared to slam pots and pans in the morning if you plan on living with him.

- Despite the fact that he’s always MIA, he’s actually a pretty decent person to live with. He always cleans up after himself, keeps his necessities in the bathroom in order and helps with the cooking and cleaning. The only problem is, he’ll eat your food and have no shame admitting it. (You;d have to start keeping your cookie stash under your bed…)

- Unless he’s at Bokuto’s, Kuroo is almost always over at your place. You don’t mind much, he isn’t rude and is pretty respectful, but he’s over so much he might as well start paying for rent, too.


- He’s very respectful. He minds his own business for the most part and doesn’t bring home friends unless you’re comfortable with them. Although, he has a bad habit of invading your privacy sometimes. When he’s bored, or lonely, or both, he’ll sneak into your bed in the middle of the night and sleep next you you. This happens at least twice a week.

- He watches these atrocious nature documentaries every night. They’re tedious, and play at 8:00 PM every night on PBS. At this point, you’re 100% sure they’re only made to help insomniacs fall asleep. Sometimes, you’ll try to convince him to watch a more interesting documentary, a cute one about penguins or coral reefs on National Geographic. Sadly, he’ll always stick to the horrific ones, ones about the velocity of waterfalls and the properties of matter. He’s honestly an old man, sometimes.

- He wanted to buy a cat, but since you and the landlord were both against that, he got a hermit crab instead. It’s a troublemaker, that thing, and somehow, it always manages to escape it’s terrarium at night. In the morning, you’ve not only found it on the kitchen table across the room, but in the bathtub, behind the fridge, and in between couch cushions as well. Kuroo thinks it’s hysterical, but you get a little heart attack every time you see it’s left its cage.


- He’s such a joy. He’s always happy and if you’re having a bad day, he’s always more than willing to cheer you up. Although, he’s kind of messy. Actually, he’s very messy. He knows to wash his dishes and pick up after himself in the kitchen and living room, but his bedroom is an absolutely atrocious. You made a deal that every time you tidy up his room for him, he has to pay extra on that month’s rent. He always pays extra.

- Sometimes Kageyama comes over, and it’s like a dream come true. Somehow, he always makes Hinata shape up and do his own thing for once. On more than one occasion, you’ve considered asking him to move in with you, too.

- He almost burnt the whole place down, once. He tried making Pillsbury cinnamon rolls by putting them in the microwave. With the container still on. Of course, you were there to stop him before the microwave could do any damage, but after that day he wasn’t allowed to cook anything anymore.


- Nine times out of ten, if Nishinoya is home, Tanaka is over. It’s not like you dislike Tanaka or anything, he’s great. It’s just that when he’s with Nishinoya, they’re so loud, and for no apparent reason, either. They’ll blast Nicki Minaj from his bedroom, and do nothing but scream for hours straight. You’re surprised you haven’t gotten any neighbor complaints yet…

- He knows he can be obnoxious, but he makes up for it. Sometimes, he’ll buy a bunch of snacks, snacks that your mother would probably get mad at you for eating, and binge watch an entire tv show with you. Other times, he’ll take you out to a movie you want to go see, or a museum you’ve been planning on going to. He’s like a boyfriend, but without the commitment.

- Although he’s kind of like a boyfriend, he’s a bit of a “Big Brother”, too. God forbid you ever bring home a date, Nishinoya will be on top of him in seconds, asking for his name, birthday, occupation, and social status. Somedays he’ll be all buddy buddy with you ruffling your hair and calling you “kiddo”. The next he’s like, “what’s up loser?” and making fun of you if you mess up. It’s really just his way of showing platonic affection.


- No matter what, he’s always criticizing your outfits. Every morning you’re either met with a “Hey! You look so good today!” or a “Are you really leaving the house looking like that?” On more than one occasion, Oikawa has actually gone out of his way to put together an entire outfit for you.

- He occupies so much time in the bathroom, it’s actually annoying. You both will be in a rush trying to get to work in the morning, and he’ll take an actual hour primping his hair. On more than one occasion, you have peed while he was doing his hair because he was taking up so much precious time.

- It’s nice that he’s very clean, but it’s bad that he’s borderline OCD. Sometimes he actually drives himself crazy making everything ‘perfect’, and you have to be there to reassure that yes, everything is perfect and yes, he did a wonderful job.


- Living with this one means getting used to being woken up by a blender every morning. Iwaizumi is the kind of guy who drinks raw egg and protein powder shakes for breakfast every morning, and it’s kind of repulsive watching him do so. Although, every so often he’ll make you a smoothie before hand, just to make up for the noise he’s making.

- He leaves his dirty clothes everywhere. By everywhere, I mean everywhere. Sometimes he’ll just leave a sweatshirt in the middle of the kitchen and you have no idea how it even got there, and why he was even compelled to drop it there. After a while, you threatened him that you’d throw every stray piece of clothing out the window if he didn’t get it washed or put it away in an hour.

- As a roommate he respects your privacy and personal space, but as a best friend, he’s a bit of an asshole. He’ll take up the only bathroom in your place for hours, and you have to nearly break down the door because, “Hajime, nobody takes two hour shits. What the fuck are you doing in there?”


- He’s honestly a bit annoying to live with sometimes. He’s a great guy, really. It’s just that he has a really bad habit of babying you sometimes. He truly is like a mother, and sometimes he forgets that he actually isn’t one. He’ll sometimes come in and check if you’re sleeping or not, and make you go to bed at a certain time. Others, he’ll literally set a curfew for you, saying that you need to be home at a certain time for absolutely no reason. You constantly have to remind him, “Koushi, I’m a fully capable adult. You aren’t my mother.”

- Despite him being a bit of a doting mother, he’s actually a great guy to live with, once you get used to him. He’s fantastic at reading people, and even if you’re faking a good mood, he can see right through that facade, He’ll go out of his way to make your day a little bit better, whether it be by making your favorite food, putting on a show you like, or buying you something cute, Sugawara’s always coming in on a clutch.
- He makes you feel bad sometimes, because he’s actually kind of perfect. Not only does he do his own chores, but he goes out of his way to do yours sometimes too. You want to tell him you’re fully capable of doing them yourself, but do you really think that would stop Sugawara Koushi?

Little bunny foo foo

Hello, Love Bunnies! (See what I did there? I pulled a gaming Phil on your guys.)

Phil X Reader

Warnings- Fluffy like a  soft chick or a bunny in a patch of grass nibbling at the blades.

Hey, seeing as it’s the Easter season, could you possibly do a Phil x reader fic where it’s basically just fluff like feeding each other bits of chocolate from the easter eggs in the morning??? Thank ily 💙💙💙 - @leinajanson

“The Easter bunny has gone overboard this year. I think we fell into the chocolate factory. ” Phil squeezed you in a tight hug before pushing you towards the giant basket that was filled with every treat you could think of. “ I think the basket I made for you is about ninety-five percent smaller.”

“Don’t worry I may or may not have also added extra things I have a particular fondness for.” You turned to give him a hug and a tickle into his sides before going to explore the basket. You pulled out sweets from home that your mother had obviously sent to Phil to add to the basket. You were sure he had bought every type of chocolate in the store even if he had never heard of it. There was also mass amounts of candy mixed into the bright purple basket. You decided to take everything out of the basket to inspect it all. You moved a bag of skittles before finding a little-stuffed animal sitting in the bottom holding a note. 

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Change (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: A short fic where the reader goes for a late night walk and contemplates how becoming an Avenger and having powers changes their life. Bucky finds the reader and offers some comfort at the end.

Note: Slightly different to my usual stories, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)


You walk through the streets of Manhattan. It’s true, you think. Perhaps the city never truly sleeps. Vehicles whiz past, the lights of the cars illuminating you, casting a large shadow behind you as they blind you. The buildings look so tall, you observe as you glance around. From down here, the world looks so different. It’s almost like a different world. From the tower, everything looks so small, but from the ground, everything is ginormous. The shift in perspective is fascinating.

As you walk, you think of all of your problems, all of your insecurities. Everything seems so big and too hard to solve. You’re not sure you enjoy the fame of being a hero. You don’t even feel like one most days. I’m only human, you think. But you’re not. You know you’re not. You sigh and watch your feet as you walk. I was never human, but I always pretended to be.

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Vernon/OFC: When Seungkwan third wheels the hell out of a date

Boo Seungkwan becomes “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” 

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1336

Characters: (You do you, Boo) Boo Seungkwan, Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

“You sure it’s okay?”

Yes Hansol, for the millionth time.”

“I know he’s kind of rude, like all the time. And sometimes he likes to eat your food without asking. And comment on your bland fashion sense. And he doesn’t really shut up, ever.”

“Neither do you.” she sighed dramatically, unlinking their fingers as they crossed the promenade. “And are you calling my clothes boring?”

Immediately recovering, he seeked to grab her hands again. “You look beautiful in anything, baby girl.”

“Lame, Vernonie.” Boo Seungkwan cut in, and quite physically, dropping his arm like a knife between the couple, effectively killing their contact.

In the words of Joshua Hong, he was putting a gap between their relationship.

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a little drabble? I really like your writing! I'd like to read about Aaron having to ring Rob while they're boken up because he can't seem to get some home appliance to work (the oven or the AC, something like that) because of course Robert would chose some stupid over the top machine that it's super complicated to use??? If you feel like it ;))

I loved this idea and as you can see it kind of got away from me so it’s a lot more than a little drabble! Thank you so much for sending it and I’m flattered you like my writing and thought of me! 

BTW all these ‘issues’ except for the car have happened in my house…probably not that complicated though!

Hope you like it :)

Did you read the instruction manual?

AO3 Link

“Robert, it’s me. Do you have a minute to come over? I need your help with something, not urgent, but…” Robert frowned as the message cut off with a bang in the background. He couldn’t make out the sound and Aaron hadn’t sounded hurt or in trouble, but even so his footsteps grew quicker as he made his way through the village to Mill.

He hadn’t seen Aaron for a few days, ever since he’d left the flat and moved into the B&B. He’d wanted to but Aaron had made it clear he should stay away, so he’d done as he’d been asked, however difficult it had been.

The door is flung open before he even gets down the drive and Aaron’s jeans are soaking wet at the bottom and his hair is a mess. He drags his gaze away, there’s something about Aaron’s hair when it’s like that. Maybe that’s part of why he used to enjoy running his hands through it. Aaron would grumble but he’d let him, a smile on his face the whole time.

“Are you alright?”

“Its that stupid washing machine of yours! I said we didn’t need one that looked like something from NASA! There’s water everywhere!” He didn’t recall even having that conversation. Aaron had simply told him to pick. He’d had much more input into which furniture to buy. However it didn’t seem like the time to point that out given his mood.

“So I can see. Did you try reading the instructions?” He asks, making his way through the hallway into the flat, trying not to laugh at Aaron doing a good impression of Grumpy Cat.

“No, I just stood and looked at it! Of course I did!”

Water everywhere is a slight exaggeration, there’s a small pool of soapy water around the machine heading for the kitchen table but quite how Aaron ended up so covered in water is anyone’s guess. Robert crouches in front of the machine trying to see what might be wrong.

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Moirai -- V & Jimin

It was love at first sight.

Mornings aren’t so bad as long as you aren’t woken up before 8 AM but unfortunately, sleeping in is a luxury you can no longer afford when you have two hyperactive rabbit hybrids living with you.

Jimin and Taehyung are always up at dawn, slipping out of their shared bed in their room and racing into your bedroom to wake you up.  They both know how to work the microwave and how to make cereal but they always insist on you making them breakfast.  You have no idea why since you aren’t the best cook, but it probably has something to do with them being lazy.

They’re particularly wired this morning, Taehyung leaping onto you and nearly elbowing you in the stomach while Jimin hops on after him and sits on your legs.  You open your eyes to see Taehyung’s face hovering above yours, his smile nearly as bright as his orange hair.  He’s close enough that the tips of his fluffy brown lop ears are tickling your cheeks.  Suddenly Taehyung’s face is gone only to be replaced with Jimin’s, the former hybrid tumbling off of the bed from the force of Jimin’s shove.

“Good morning!”

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Make a Move

Can you do a one shot where the reader is kind of chubby self conscious and shy and nerdy like doctor who obsessed and Kevin and the reader like each other but are oblivious so Sam Dean Cas Garth Gabriel and Charlie all work to get the reader and Kevin together? I love your blog

requested by: anon

You rubbed your eyes letting a long breath escape your lips, your head throbbed you glanced across the table at Kevin who was busy taking notes from a tablet. You honestly had no idea how he could  do this you were new to this whole prophet thing. 

“I’m taking a break.” you announced standing up from your seat. Kevin glanced up at you. 

“I’ll join you, I could use a break.” he said smiling at you as he followed you to the kitchen. 

“Do my ears decieve me Kevin Solo is actually taking a break.” you smiled up at him. He just chuckled lightly his gaze resting on you, you could feel your cheeks heating up you cleared your throat as you walked to the fridge. 

“So what do you want to eat?” Kevin asked holding up a box of microwave popcorn. 

“Oh I just was going to get some water, I need to watch what I eat you know that whole healthy lifestyle.” you shrugged.

“I don’t think you need to worry about your weight I mean you look fine to me. 

"We’re Back!” Charlie sang as she entered the kitchen with Sam, Dean, and Cas on her heels. 

“How was the supply run?” you asked leaning against the counter. 

“Good Charlie picked up this box set of some show Dr. Who ?” Cas stated sitting at the table and grabbing the newspaper. 

“Yeah since I know you’re a fan.” Charlie said grinning at you. 

“Well sort of I watched a few episodes.” You mumbled. 

“I’ve seen your room.” Charlie said with a knowing smile on her face. 

“So what are you and Kevin up to? Making Out?” Dean asked with a smile. 

“What no- way I would-” you fumbled over your words your blush growing brighter. 

“Yeah I mean y/n and I were just taking a break.” Kevin finished. 

“Taking a break from what?” Sam asked with a mischievous smirk.

“We- we weren’t doing anything sexual.” Kevin replied all too flustered, as Charlie shot same a dirty look. 

“I never said it was sexual.” Sam stated trying to hide his obvious amusement of you and Kevin avoiding each other’s gazes. 

“Ignore the moose, so Kevin have you ever seen Dr. Who?” Charlie asked smiling at him

“Uh no not really I mean I’ve heard about it.” He continued. 

“Well y/n is an expert on it, why don’t you two take the night off and watch a couple of episodes, eat some pizza you know something other than reading tablets.” Charlie suggested, before you could argue Dean and Cas were leading you two to the living room. 

“What about the pizza?” Kevin asked trying to stand up only to be shoved back on the couch by Cas. 

“In the car.” Charlie chirped happily leaving to go retrieve it. 

“Where are you guys going?” you asked. 

“We’ll be around.” Dean stated leaving the living room, as Cas left to check on heaven. Charlie returned setting the pizza on the coffee table and exiting the room. 

“They’re special.” you said slowly. 

“Yeah.” Kevin mumbled. 

“Look I like Dr. Who…but if you don’t want to watch it you don’t have to.” you continued. 

“No it’s fine I don’t mind, I mean you like it so it can’t be bad right?” Kevin replied standing up to put one of the DVD’s in. You slowly nodded as he opened up the pizza box handing you a slice. For a moment you both sat quietly on the couch the silence only lasted a moment as Kevin began asking questions about the plot which you were all too happy to answer. 

“I’m sorry I’m totally geeking out over here.” you mumbled. 

“No it’s fine I like seeing you passionate about something you like.” Kevin replied sitting a bit closer to you. 

“Yeah but still.” you trailed off. 

“It’s fine really.” Kevin stated trying to reassure you, you only nodded Kevin glanced over you watching you as your face lit up whenever a scene you liked came, he smiled to himself he liked seeing you happy sitting here with you like this, like a date with no demons, angels. Kevin took in a deep breath before glancing at you again, he slid a little closer to you, he watched as your body relaxed at the sudden movement before placing his hand ontop of yours, you stiffened for a moment looking over at him giving him a shy smile, as you laced your fingers with his. 

“So did it work?” Gabriel asked appearing in the war room along side Sam, Dean, Charlie, Cas, and Garth whom Cas went to retrieve upon Charlie’s request. 

“Of course it worked it was my idea.” Charlie said with a smile as she peered at you two on the monitor. 

“I drove so you can really thank me.” Dean said with a sly grin on his face. 

“If anyone should get credit it should be the smartest angel here, I’m the one who introduced her to you all.” Gabriel replied. 

“Well she’s my cousin, and none of you would have met her if I hadn’t needed some help on that hunt. Garth stated. 

"She is your cousin by marriage we would’ve eventually found out that she was a prophet as well soon enough.” Cas replied in a matter of fact tone. 

“Guys look they’re talking.” Sam interupted pointing to the screen. 

“Isn’t there a way for to turn up the volume?” Charlie asked looking down at all of the buttons. 

“I don’t know I’ve never really had to use this thing.” Dean said looking over all of the buttons and switches. 

“Don’t ask me.” Sam said holding up his hands. 

“How can you guys have all this stuff and never once use it before.” Garth asked glancing over at the boys. 

“So this okay?” Kevin asked looking over at you. 

“What do you mean?” You asked turning your gaze from the television. 

“This. Us holding hands I mean I really like you and I don’t want to make things weird.” Kevin stated his eyes never leaving yours. 

“Yeah I mean I like you too so I’m glad.” you replied as a blush crept across your cheeks. 

“Maybe we can go on a real date then, sometime soon when you know people aren’t trying to kidnap us. ” Kevin chuckled lightly.

“I’m okay with dates being in the bunker.” You replied. 

“Why?” Kevin asked looking over at you. 

“It’s just I’m- well don’t look like we belong together you’re handsome, and thin and I’m well just the opposite I’m not tiny.” You continued. 

“I think you look great the way you are, you don’t have to be "tiny” to be with me I mean I know it doesn’t matter what I think but you’re great the way you are your size has nothing to do with your personality you’re smart, funny, a dork, you make me laugh and it’s amazing to have someone around where we can just sit in this comfortable silence with no pressure, I couldn’t ask for a better friend or girlfriend.“ Kevin said holding your tighter.

"Girlfriend?” you asked as your face glowed red.

“Yeah girlfriend.” Kevin smiled placing a peck on your cheek.

“Hm,  what would I do without you Kevin Solo.” You chuckled resting your head on his shoulder.  

Joe Sugg imagine | No Love part: 2. |

mrsniamhymurs45 said:
I’m begging you to make a part two for No Love! I badly need a part two, it was so skilfully and beautifully written and I would love to see more! Maybe even a happy ending for Y/N and Joe? This is just too good not to continue, it’s just a must continue story! 😍 but if your happy with how it is then you don’t have to write a part two but my feels are all over the place right now! Xx

Part I: http://imagines-joesugg.tumblr.com/post/127517719821/joe-sugg-imagine-no-love

As days went by into weeks and the weeks turned into months it became four months since you left the Jaspar flat and had spoken to Joe.
Unsurprisingly the gaming video you filmed was never posted - but one with a very similar concept was with Caspar as a guest.

It was now Christmas season, in fact Christmas Eve, you still lived in your hometown of Lacock - Wiltshire county, you had moved out of your parents house and had your own small flat.

Without much plans for Christmas as you were by yourself, your parents had moved to Spain a couple years ago… You had just planned on staying in pyjamas, eating unhealthy yet delicious foods and watching movies or Netflix.

“Mmm popcorn.” You said to yourself as the microwave popped it, you stood in pyjamas holding a bowl. You felt your phone vibrate and you reached into your pocket, bringing your phone to your face you seen Zoe had texted you;

* Zoe 💄 Sugg: Hiya (Y/N)! I’m home for Xmas with Alfie and dad mentioned you’re alone?!? That isn’t cool at all! You have to come over and spent it with us, dads cooking a massive bird as well! *

As you read over the message you felt your stomach dropping, thinking of how to get out of this without sounding rude, you replied to Zoe;

* You: Hey Zo, I appreciate the offer but I don’t want to intrude, besides I don’t have any gifts for anybody and I’m in the middle of this great movie! *

You sent off your reply as your microwave beeped and you placed the bowl down, taking the bag out you shook it around before opening it and pouring the buttery goodness into the awaiting bowl.

You didn’t made it to the bin with the empty bag and your phone started vibrating across the counter. You quickly tossed the bag and darted back before it had the chance to vibrate itself off the counter onto the awaiting floor.

“Oh Jesus.” You said inhaling you accepted the call and brought the phone to your ear. “Hello Zoe.” You said looked out your flats kitchen window. A slushy white dusting covered the ground.

“You can pause your movie. You pack a bag and you get your behind over here! You will not be spending Christmas alone!” Zoe sounded serious on the other end of the phone.

“But, Zoe… It’s fine, I appreciate it!” You added again really not wanting to come across as ungrateful. “No, you be here within the half hour; were going sledging. Honestly I’m surprised Joe hasn’t texted you yet and invited you.”

You almost dropped the phone. “Joes there? I mean - of course yeah, it’s his house.” You shook your head mentally bringing the slap back for asking such a stupid question aloud.

“Are you okay?” Zoe asked now with a more curious tone. “Fine, just trying to pack!” You changed the subject. “Good! See you soon!” Zoe said brightly hanging up.

“What the hell did I just get myself into?” You looked at your popcorn and sighed placing the bowl in the sink, you went into your room, changing into your basic go to outfit before pulling on a pair of splash pants and a somewhat thick jacket.

You put some clothes into a bag, grabbed your MacBook and chargers. Before your keys - you left your flat.

Stopping at the only shop still open on Christmas Eve too grabbed gift cards, everyone likes a gift card…

You pulled into the Sugg driveway, turned off your car and set there for a long minute staring at Joes car, you remembered the late nights driving around in that car, the drives to school - even taking it for your license!

You walked to the front door and knocked. Zoe bounced to the door and smiled, “since when do you knock?” She asked, even she could tell something wasn’t right with the situation. “It’s been a while, sorry.” You offered and she laughed, you walked inside and put your bag down.

You hadn’t been here in what felt like decades, nothing had changed - there was still a slight dent in the door frame of the living room which was caused by your head slamming into it with a bike helmet after perhaps one too many beers one parentless weekend.

You greeted Daddy Sugg and spoke to him for a bit trying to avoid the man you’d proclaimed your love for and was shut down immediately…

* Joes POV *

Sat in my room, I looked at the little bits I still had here. “Christ.” I said seeing the faded lines of a black sharpie on the wall. “Got in trouble for that one.” I said to myself.

“No you didn’t. (Y/N) did.” Zoe stood in the doorway and I looked at her.

“You were absolutely drunk out of your mind! Remember? You were over at Tara Murphys, got drunk on her parents homemade wine, called (Y/N) at two in the morning to pick you up, she snuck you back home without mom and dad waking up and busting you - you drew a big dick on your wall and when dad found it, she took the blame, her parents grounded her for the month nearly.” Zoe finished the recollection.

“Oh… Yeah. I remember now.” I hadn’t realised how many memories I shared with (Y/N), how many times she’s saved my ass from a good old fashioned ‘parental lashing’ … How many times I leaned on her for support for any crazy idea and she was always there, one hundred percent - all the time without question.

I guess you don’t realise things like that until there’s a possibility someone might not be that person anymore.

“How could you forget? That girls gone out of her way to do anything for you. It’s not like she could say likewise.” Zoe crossed her arms.

“What do you mean?” I looked up at my older sister quickly with eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“Honestly Joe, you’re hopeless sometimes.” Zoe shook her head her umbrae hair was down and fell around her shoulders. “All the times you ditched your so called best friend because a cute girl invited you out or around…”

“Zoe, she told me she loved me!” I didn’t want to hear anymore of her hard facts. “When?” Zoe asked confused.

“A few months ago, we were filming at my flat, she confessed her love for me.” My fingers ran into my hair pulling at it slightly.

“That’s unfortunate for her.” Zoe put her hands on her hips. “Pardon?” I blinked at her.
“Yeah, I feel bad for her, you don’t choose who you fall in love with Joe, let’s face it it’s not like you deserve it. I mean you’re my brother and I love you but… You can be a real dick sometimes, especially to your friends.”

“I.” I started to speak but Zoe continued, “I think you must love her a little bit more then a friend or you wouldn’t be up here pining over the situation.” Zoe shrugged.

“Hey! Are we going sledging or what?!” Alfie called up the stairs.
“Yes we are!” Zoe said brightly putting an end to the conversation … Well, more a her reeming me out a bit.

“I hate when she’s right.” I whispered as Zoe left my bedroom…

* Your POV *

Standing on top of the slushy snow covered hill, you guys had taken turns sledging down and seeing who could go the fastest.

Trying to not dwell on the past you did manage to enjoy yourself. “Let’s have another race - me and Zoe verse Joe and you.” Alfie said.

“YEAH!” Zoey said brightly throwing her hands up in the air with excitement from the front of the sled.

Glancing at the sled you shrugged a bit. “Why not.” You smiled.

“Hop on my carriage.” Joe said gesturing for you to get on.

“You need to be in front, you’ve got the shorter legs.” You pointed out and he shook his head. “It’ll be fine, come on.”

“Joe, the sled will tip.” You knew it would but climbed on the front crossing your legs over, you tensed as Joe climbed on behind you, his arms came around either side of you and grabbed the front of the sled.

You pushed off with your hands when Alfie yelled GO and halfway down the hill like you called, you felt the sled turning to the side before tipping and the pair of you went flying into the shallow snow.

You landed on your back the wind knocked out of you, you took a minute to catch your breath, feeling the cold slush on your face. “Ow.” You admitted looking up at the overcast evening sky.

“Are you okay?” Joe had crawled over to you, his face looking down at yours. “Peachy.” You closed your eyes and blinked a couple times as flakes of snow from an overhead tree started to fall off.

“Listen, (Y/N)… I have to tell you, I didn’t realise before but, you are the best friend a person could ask for, Zoe made me realise, I do love you … as a best friend… A best friend Id want to spent the rest of my life with, because - what are couples suppose to be but best friends.” He explained.

“Joe.” You started but you couldn’t say anything further as you felt his cool lips press down against yours.

Your eyes had closed when your lips touched, you lent up slightly into his kiss, your hand brushed up the back of his neck, knocking the hat he wore off into the snow, your fingers twisted gently into his hair.

Joe ran his hand up and down the side of your jacket, moving up slightly to make the kiss a bit deeper.

Carefully the kiss ended and you opened your eyes again, “I’m sorry if I hurt you before, it was never my intention. I just didn’t see what amazing thing I had in front of me. It took a kick in the arse from my sister to put it into perspective.” He admitted, brushing a melting snowflake off your cheek.

“I forgive you.” You broke down almost.

“I love you, (Y/N).” Joe kissed the tip of your cold nose softly. “I love you, too Joe.” You smiled.

He pulled you to stand with him and you both turned your head and noticed Zoe and Alfie staring from the top of the hill…

The next morning sitting around the Christmas tree, you sat with Joe, snuggled close with a content smile on your face. Joes fingers massaging small circles on your thigh.

You both glanced up as his mom and dad walked into the room and stared at the two of you.

“About time.” His dad nodded approvingly…