honestly i can't complain

superficial things i wanted from missy in S10 before it aired: a regeneration scene of simm to gomez, seeing missy’s tardis, missy saying “you WILL obey me,” flirting with bill, being generally a diabolical badass bitch.

things i actually got: great character development, a lot of heartbreak, and shipping twissy suddenly and without warning (cue more heartbreak)

things that happened that i wish i could have seen: missy doing tardis maintenance like why was this not filmed ?!?

Petition to Freeform to actually get reviewers for s3 who are able to write spoiler-free reviews and who shut their damn fucking mouth instead of spilling half of what happens in the episode while also posting “dialogue teasers” that give away the rest.

“…But you better never pull it.”
- Blacklight burns - Stop a bullet

I’m getting SO SICK AND TIRED of seeing the “no one owes you shit” argument being pulled out over and over, for anything and everything, and frankly it needs to stop.

If you are of the opinion that in most reasonable situations you don’t owe someone basic courtesies, even on the internet where you can’t see their face or hear their voice, YOU are part of the RPC’s ever-growing problem when it comes to drama, toxicity and passive-aggressiveness.

I never again want to see or hear any of you who pull this self-entitled bullshit complaining when a personal reblogs headcanons or threads from you, when other writers steal / copy your ideas or graphics, when a mutual randomly unfollows or blocks you out of nowhere without explanation  —  because that makes you a fucking hypocrite. Whenever someone says “I don’t owe you anything”, what they really mean is “I’m too lazy and self-centered to be a DECENT PERSON to strangers on the internet, because I don’t know them, I can’t see or hear them, and no one can make me.”

But just because someone can’t MAKE you do something doesn’t mean it isn’t owed. No one can ‘make’ you apologize for doing something wrong; but you damn well owe them an apology anyway. And I know that most of ya’ll who try to sweep everything under the rug with the “it isn’t owed” excuse  ( which should really be changed to “You can’t make me” )  will turn around and complain whenever you aren’t shown the common decency and respect that a majority of the community has agreed IS owed. You just don’t like to extend it when it inconveniences you, but you expect it from others.

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Honestly, how do you feel about a lot of people complaining about Crucible? I honestly feel like some people are complaining simply because they can't get a feel for the game.

There was a lot of discourse on Reddit saying stuff along the llnes of “they sacrificed PvE for the sake of PvP”. That was the front page of reddit for the past two days. 

Now, I agree that IN THE BETA  abilities charged too slow (mostly supers). At best, you can maybe get two supers off per match if you are doing really well. To me, that’s too slow. And if you are a mediocre PvP player like me, you’ll have your ONE super when the match is almost over most of the time.

I do think that due to the size of the maps, 4v4 still feels about the same as a 6v6. The pace feels very nice in my opinion. I also didn’t encounter any laggy person (so far; which is fantastic)

You also have to keep in mind though that we are coming fresh off a game where those charge times are shorter because of armor abilities. In the Beta, there are no armor abilities that shorten these cooldowns.

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Few people here in this site said that Kishi was a horrible writer who thinks women should conform to beauty standards set by society simply because of Chouchou saying she wants to lose weight or when during the bell test, Sakura implied she is on a diet. What do you make of that?

I think people are overthinking things. Yeah, there may be a slight cultural difference in regards to societal roles, but I definitely don’t think that Kishi was being sexist or confining them so that they meet certain beauty standards. I think he  thought about what the character{s} may say or do, and went with it.

Girls around ChoCho and Part 1 Sakura’s age begin thinking about being cute and tending to their appearance (maybe to catch the eye of a boy they like) even in real life. So it’s not like he’s depicting them as doing things that young girls wouldn’t talk about or consider. Sakura was really obsessed with looking good for Sasuke around that time as well, so it’s not really surprising that she would diet for him. ChoCho’s also a bit of a drama queen, so I wouldn’t take her occasional complaints about her weight too seriously, because even she doesn’t take them too seriously. Heck, ChoCho doesn’t even really care about her weight. She’s stated multiple times that she’s okay with her body weight and appearance (even in chapter 700), which means she’s way more comfortable with her weight than even her father was. 

Additionally, being skinny/slim is probably the norm for Kunoichis considering their rigorous training, and the need to be physically fit. So, them dieting and considering their weight has more practical uses than just appearance. They need to be more agile in order to complete their missions. 

So no, I don’t think Kishi is horrible. I think he just made a joke and everyone’s overreacting over nothing because apparently that’s what tumblr does nowadays. 

The book/show/movie fandoms of tumblr
  • <p> <b>Supernatural:</b> we have a GIF for that<p/><b>Doctor Who:</b> *constant arguments about which Doctor was the best* *distant screams of ROSE heard occasionally*<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *endless crying*<p/><b>Merlin:</b> hi we exist and merthur omg<p/><b>Avengers:</b> *constant pictures of steve* STUCKY<p/><b>Harry Potter:</b> WE'RE ALIVE<p/><b>Series of Unfortunate Events:</b> *constant talks about something awesome that Lemony Snikett (note: this is grossly misspelled and I honestly can't bring myself to care) did in the books* *complaining about the movie*<p/><b>Percy Jackson:</b> wtf rick<p/></p>

I can’t believe all the people getting mad about fob going on a break. Did you learn nothing from before and the whole reason they went on hiatus??? They didn’t take breaks and pushed themselves too hard and all got in a bad spot. They are taking a break from the 3 years of constant touring and interviews and writing and recording. They need a break and to spend time with their families and relax. You know it’s not gonna be a 4 year hiatus and you all need to calm down and support you’re so called favorite band. I see so many people on my dash complaining and saying that they “better not go on a break/hiatus” are you serious???? If they don’t take a break and relax they’re gonna p much crash and burn again and then they will end up doing another long hiatus so pls stop and let them take a breather.