honestly i can't complain


concept: taylor has been whisked away to some foreign land where she is currently living in a beautiful old castle overlooking the sea loving herself and enjoying life while writing songs without any restraints from the media with no intention of returning soon

@StanfordFball: A player for the ages, unlike any other we have known. Thank you, @CMcCaffrey5.

#WildCaff #GoStanford

I’m so done with people complaining about the FE14 localization tbh lol

“…But you better never pull it.”
- Blacklight burns - Stop a bullet

The book/show/movie fandoms of tumblr
  • <p> <b>Supernatural:</b> we have a GIF for that<p/><b>Doctor Who:</b> *constant arguments about which Doctor was the best* *distant screams of ROSE heard occasionally*<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *endless crying*<p/><b>Merlin:</b> hi we exist and merthur omg<p/><b>Avengers:</b> *constant pictures of steve* STUCKY<p/><b>Harry Potter:</b> WE'RE ALIVE<p/><b>Series of Unfortunate Events:</b> *constant talks about something awesome that Lemony Snikett (note: this is grossly misspelled and I honestly can't bring myself to care) did in the books* *complaining about the movie*<p/><b>Percy Jackson:</b> wtf rick<p/></p>

I can’t believe all the people getting mad about fob going on a break. Did you learn nothing from before and the whole reason they went on hiatus??? They didn’t take breaks and pushed themselves too hard and all got in a bad spot. They are taking a break from the 3 years of constant touring and interviews and writing and recording. They need a break and to spend time with their families and relax. You know it’s not gonna be a 4 year hiatus and you all need to calm down and support you’re so called favorite band. I see so many people on my dash complaining and saying that they “better not go on a break/hiatus” are you serious???? If they don’t take a break and relax they’re gonna p much crash and burn again and then they will end up doing another long hiatus so pls stop and let them take a breather.