honestly he was like my fave lol


Bim and Dr. Iplier Bonding

“Doc might be a little bit quirky sometimes in how blunt he is, but honestly? He made me laugh. Jerk made me laugh but it was what I needed. He’s quite a doc.”

“Bim’s bombastic, excited and wears his heart on his sleeve. However you’d get that tender side of his and I’m glad he’s my friend. People say we balance out.”

(In honor of these two awesome characters! I wanted to draw them together because honestly I love them lol. I hope you guys like it!)


Kaji Yuki (About his favorite character) It’s Mikasa, because I was threatened by Ishikawa -Mikasa’s VA- (we all know he’s being tsundere af, anyways lol) and I think Mikasa is purely an enchanting character. ‘My heart always throbs whenever I see her glossy lips’. 

like i ain’t debating the fact that ramsay bolton is literally the spawn of satan and that he deserves to burn in hell for all of eternity for the things that he’s done, but for some sick and twisted reason he still happens to be my favorite character and your shaming isn’t gonna make me praise him less

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I STILL think about how Daehyun's mom kept sending orange juice to their dorms cause she wanted all of them to drink it every morning. It's so funny and cute and thoughtful that she was thinking about all of them and their health. Their family's support must mean the world to them. That time after their first win with YW&F and they did the live thanking their family and the babyz :') they deserve so many amazing things they earned all of it.

lol when Dae had to like tell his mom to stop sending the juice tho LOL and the more recent DaeJAe interview on Johnny and Jaehyuns radio show where Dae admitted to his mom giving Bbang food recently and Jae getting offended that he didn’t get any and had Dae tell his mom over the radio to send Jae some ;;;; so fucking cute. Their lives after their YN&F wins were adorable, they were so happy and loud and excited and they are really some of my fave lives cause god, seeing them so extra like that warms my heart so much. 

B.A.P honestly deserves the entire fucking world ;;;;;;;;

bakeneko/manekineko yaku from the fic bell, book, and candle by skittidyne!! (y’all it’s so amazing, like literally.)

HUFFS ok i doubt yaku is actually wearing something like this in the fic since it’s modernized, but i can dream……..

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Hi! Xander fan too, and I'm curious why you like high school Xander more than later seasons Xander? Aside from high school Xander being hotter, lol!

Actually lookswise, I like early S5 Xander the best. Those large upper arms, yum. 

I find Adult Xander a caricature of himself and honestly not a real or an interesting character. It’s like he has three characteristics repeated over and over and over: 1) he’s a construction worker. 2) he’s stupid. 3) he thinks he’s useless. 

High School Xander is simply charming. He’s witty, he’s clever, he’s brave, he’s outgoing, he’s a leader and most importantly, he’s very integral to the plot. Unlike Adult Xander who is a background character - he’s like the Oz of the high school years. 

Adult Xander grows to be nicer and maturer, sure, it’s probably why he loses a lot of his charm. You don’t see Xander standing up to Giles (Innocence) or Angelus (Killed by Death) anymore, he becomes a follower and a coward and forgets lessons he’d learned in high school. 

I only enjoy Adult Xander when reading fanfiction, but High School Xander… I can watch him day and nigh and never get bored. 

Examples of how awesome High School Xander is:

  • The Harvest: He first learns about vampires and what does he do? He rushes to the sewers to rescue Jesse.
  • Tabula Rasa: He first learns about vampires and what does he do? He faints. 
  • Innocence: Xander wants to rescue Buffy from the Judge, Giles says no, Xander is all to hell with you, Giles, I’m going!
  • OMWF: Xander wants to help Buffy rescue Dawn, Giles says no, Xander meekly obeys. 
  • BB&B: Xander screws up, tells Giles about it and takes full responsibility.
  • OMWF: Xander screws up, keeps it a secret and doesn’t take responsibility. 

listening to nct new album and even though i’m not part of the fandom i have to tell you that taeyong genuinely strikes me as the kind of a guy who LOVES rapping and is honestly intrested in improving himself and getting better at it. I can simply hear the enthusiasm and passion in his voice. That kid is mad talented and was born to perform. Great job.

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Superstore (for the ask me meme :) )

the first character i first fell in love with: i love my wife amy sosa
the character i never expected to love as much as i do now: honestly sandra! but mostly bc when she was first introduced like she didn’t have many lines but by s2 she has def become one of my faves
the character everyone else loves that i don’t: who is jonah simms (jk i just. am not as hyped as y’all are lol)
the character i love that everyone else hates: for some odd reason a lot of ppl hate mateo even tho he’s literally iconic… who y’all
the character i used to love but don’t any longer: ummmm nobody lol
the character i would totally smooch: amy hi,, when r we getting married
the character i’d want to be like: honestly idk lol they’re all a Mess 
the character i’d slap: UMMM????? JONAH, genuinely 
a pairing that i love: idk y’all………….. i mean like jsut, maybe possibly??? amy?? and jonah?? idk tho.. lol idk man (this is a joke i would sell my soul for them thx) 
a pairing that i despise: idk if i openly despise any of them besides amy and adam lol but like, who doesn’t despise them 2gether,

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mom’s making topai for breakfast 2moro and I told her ima eat it ( it’s made with milk but idgaf man, I haven’t had topai in ages! I am willing to suffer for it I swear) but my mom and sis full went ‘no!😨’ So mom’s gonna make a big pot of topai for everyone with milk and then a small pot for me + my soymilk. honestly i feel spoiled man but also blessed😌🙏🏽

also i picked some la'i moli today(lmao looked hella suspect doin it but who gives a shit😂 i ain’t doin anything illegal) and boiled it for tea after dinner and bro. BRO. it was so good. Nearly had me cryin cuz it makes me think of the old man. it was defs something I really needed today☺️

I constantly have dreams about Lu and Loki being blissfully in love but because he’s hellbent on being king he ends up betraying her somehow and she cries to Thor or Stephen (or both) about it. Then he comes back like ‘I’ve stolen the throne i rightfully deserved anyway, Lu come be my queen’

sometimes Thor and Stephen are like ‘lu no’ but Lu goes with him anyway because she loves him so much (shes an idiot but i cant blame her)

And sometimes she doesnt but because they’re soulmates they cross paths anytime he’s causing trouble on earth or on asgard.

In this dream she sacrificed her life to kill him because 'getting real tired of your shit, babe’ and was rencarnated because of her sacrifice but because its fucking Loki he was too AND IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN

20 Questions Tag!

I was tagged by @syubnrg and @namjoonsboyfriend Thank you for tagging me!!

Name: Bree

Nickname: lol I guess Bree is technically my nickname

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 5′3 or 160 cm

Orientation: ace/biromantic

Nationality: caucasian

Favorite fruit: Strawberries

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite book: Honestly I don’t have a favorite book. I literally love way too many to pick a fave

Favorite flower: Orchids and tulips

Favorite scent: Fruity or floral scents are nice, I also like vanilla

Favorite animal: oh god, ummm probably rabbits? I have one and he’s super cute

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Definitely coffee

Average sleep: usually 6 hours sometimes 12 

Cat or dog: cat

Favorite fictional character: Howl

Number of blankets u sleep with: 1

Dream trip: I REALLY want to go to France, I’m hoping to save up enough money so I can go next year for school.

I’m tagging: @im-bicurious-yeah @rainyjinki @onews-big-dick 

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Uhhh for things to ask about, who's your fav from each Part of JJBA so far and why??? Or just talk about general stuff about the series, I just wanna hear your thoughts! :D

my fave part of everything is that joseph and suzie canonically banged and i’m just so happy that my ship sailed like God bless.

part one seems like such a long time ago! but i loved how pure and wholesome jonathan was. he just… he was a good bean. and as for part two, i really loved the friendship between joseph and ceasar.

tho honestly i think my absolute fave part of everything is just all the inside jokes we have going lol!! i love watching it with people!!

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Well my faves are (besides BAL of course) "Before the end of the semester" (as someone who wants to study law), "Douchebag" series and "A lack of social graces" (because honestly that ending was so suprising that I actally had stop myself from screaming out loud.)

lol everyone is so surprised at that ending and i love the reactions sooo much

and i also love semester bc i’m such a hoe for alex like he’s my dude (an asshole but still)

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hi idk if you've already seen this or know about it but re: roman josi!!! when i started liking the preds around february he became a fav because of his amazing looks but also he's really active with best buddies of tennessee and with their campaign to stop using the r word!! he's such a kind soul honestly. i went to a game once & i made this half assed sign for him for warm ups (it was bad) and he skated by and saw it and gave me a stick tap on the boards anyway? he's so pure and good

bless u all for making me like roman josi even more with each passing second. i just looked up best buddies, and honestly what a good man. what a kind soul, like wtf will your fave ever. and you got a stick tap?? damn, one day i aspire to get a stick tap (assuming i can ever get up to the glass in my life lol, i’m not rolling in cash). every day i regret not going to a preds game when i was in nashville that one time a few years ago

send me a description of your favorite player!

honestly im still really salty about chanyeol & im completely baffled and saddened by black kpop fans who stan him

i know we all got problematic faves. but chanyeol basically bullies kai & tao about their dark skin and its like…. you arent bothered by that? thats not a turn off…? you dont take that personally? you dont find anything wrong with his overall character…?

cause like jongup is my ultimate fave everyone knows this. but if he was on some colorist shit i’d honestly feel hurt. cause my fave… thought my skin color was inferior?? i couldnt continue to put his dick on a pedestal & thirst for him cause… like that would just ruin everything???

idk maybe some people have a complete cognitive dissonance between chanyeol & his colorism. but i just dont see how you could dissociate the two when hes so aggressively colorist….. which is what makes me think ok they must not think colorism is that big of a deal

and honestly i take it personally cause i see black ppl stanning him like “hes extremely colorist and likes insulting people on their skin color. but hes hot lol i still want the dick w/e!!!!”

thats like thirsting over someone who is openly racist like….. what are you doing…..?

theres a difference between being problematic and just an overall awful person. chanyeol is just an awful person

and it kinda hurts me seeing my own sisters praise his dick as if he wouldnt talk shit about our skin colors too…?

ive been holding that in for awhile its really been bothering me for months

and im not even attacking anyone or calling anyone out with his post. theres nothing for me to call you out about. i cant stop people from liking who they like and im not going to try to pressure or shame anyone into doing what i want.

idk i just had to let this out ill prolly regret it

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I dont know if its true but dan favourited a tweet that was like rt if you top fav if you bottom like what is going on these days

“did he fave it in his sleep or something wtf idek this is funny too bad he couldn’t leave it”

lol no but really, pretty sure it’s true. Tons of people saw it right when it happened and there’s several different screenshots. I’ve even seen one from tweetdeck which proves that it’s not just a single photoshopped image being spread or anything.

Honestly though, “what is going on these days” - my thoughts exactly lol. I don’t even know. Either he’s messing with people to see the reaction, he automatically favd it and then realized the implication, or the boy is horribly plagued with big thumb syndrome. In which case he should seriously turn that into a “reasons why dan’s a fail” because what are the odds of this happening TWICE WITHIN THE SPAN OF A FEW MONTHS. And wedding locations in Japan and bottom jokes no less….terribly unfortunate coincidences.

Either he’s gradually getting a message across and this is leading up to something or he truly is more awkward of a human being than we thought. I wish I knew.

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soooo bittyparse is my fave tipsy ship because lbr they'd be RIDICULOUS honestly lol do not give them alcohol and allow them to be near each other w/out supervision


like kent and bitty would just. get Smashed together and they’re having a grand old time and jack is slightly tipsy and like. watching. and unsure. what he should do. should hego???? and leave them????? to…. do….. what ever they’re doing?????

and jack kind of. steps out of the room. and goes to his room. and sits down on his bed like. i’ll just. read my book here. with the door ajar. in case they. need me or something. he’ll check on them later maybe.

but not 5 minutes later kent and bitty come tumbling into jack’s room like “JACK JAaAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK HI” and jack’s like “yes hello what’s up” and they’re like “YOU LEFT AND WE WERE LIKE!!! WheRE DI HE GO” and jack’s like “oh well i am right here you know obviously since you just foud nme here”

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everyone please send a lovely happy birthday message to jack may because he deserves it!!!!!!

because he is my best friend honestly like I love him so much?? and we’ve done so much fucked up shit (lol at us) and idek how we started talking so fast but you’re one of my fave people. thank for always sticking to our dumb 24-hour convos and being there for me when I need it ily I hope you have a wonderful ass birthday

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i'm sorry if this sounds dumb or like i'm a downer but i think jimin has moved on not in a real way but like in a way that he doesn't even react to jungkook anymore it's sometimes embarrassing to watch because jungkook is doing the most and jimin is just standing there with a straight face on i just hope they find their footing because i really love them a lot they're my faves in bangtan this sounds really dumb i'm sorry i guess i'm having a sad day lol anyway you can just delete this!

Not at all Nonie! Let’s see if I can cheer you up a bit ^.^

Honestly I just think Jimin’s settled down. Like I said earlier, he knows he doesn’t need to be all up in Kookie’s space to get his attention anymore. Kookie now comes to him on his own, and quite frequently I believe. 

If you’ve noticed, Kookie now calls Jimin “Jiminie hyung” a lot more now, but he can still get away without using hyung, so I think their relationship is still quite close, if not closer than before ^.^

Also, just food for thought: Say you were really clingy to someone, but they didn’t know how to deal with it and froze up or acted distant all the time. You’d probably be very sad yeah? And even if you had a tough skin, you’d probably start to back off eventually. But then suddenly that person becomes very open to you, very close. Would you know how to handle it? Would you be scared of scaring them off again? I think I would, and my reaction would be very similar to Jimin’s, ie: “okay, so maybe if I just act cool I won’t scare them off again.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that, even though it feels like we see BTS all the time, we’re only actually seeing a very small percentage of their lives. Who knows how they are when the cameras are away.