honestly he was like my fave lol


Bim and Dr. Iplier Bonding

“Doc might be a little bit quirky sometimes in how blunt he is, but honestly? He made me laugh. Jerk made me laugh but it was what I needed. He’s quite a doc.”

“Bim’s bombastic, excited and wears his heart on his sleeve. However you’d get that tender side of his and I’m glad he’s my friend. People say we balance out.”

(In honor of these two awesome characters! I wanted to draw them together because honestly I love them lol. I hope you guys like it!)


Kaji Yuki (About his favorite character) It’s Mikasa, because I was threatened by Ishikawa -Mikasa’s VA- (we all know he’s being tsundere af, anyways lol) and I think Mikasa is purely an enchanting character. ‘My heart always throbs whenever I see her glossy lips’. 

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My favorite out of context panels are precisely the ones that are misunderstood out of context by the characters! Like the one where Wakamatsu talks about getting a knife, Sakura saying that it'll be bad if a person gets eaten by a fish, things like that. Do you guys think that too?

gotta agree there especially re: Waka/his knife, I love how cheerfully and casually he says it LOL

srsly though imagine reading these panels alone knowing nothing about the series

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Super Junior on SNL had me in tears! Honestly no group can make me laugh as much as they do (OK maybe Shinee) but the 3 minute boyfriend skits were freaking iconic (especially Heechul's HAHAHAHAHA)

lol ikr and I almost cried when they said they picked their own roles ahsjkdkflldms ofc heechul would be the pervert……….((my fave was yesung tho shhhhh I love my multitalented man))

like i ain’t debating the fact that ramsay bolton is literally the spawn of satan and that he deserves to burn in hell for all of eternity for the things that he’s done, but for some sick and twisted reason he still happens to be my favorite character and your shaming isn’t gonna make me praise him less

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LMAO i read through di notes on that Iconic Post u linked dsjfdshs antis rly can't shut di hell up... ok but my personal faves were: "it was actually taehyung who called him baby!" (lol tae's mouth ain't even moving), "he called THEM real BABIES" (nice touch that plural there, jk didnt use it tho), "its actually a famous line from a drama called lovers in paris, often used as a joke!" (NICE u telling me jk quoted a drama abt lovers traveling together while he's w jimin abroad COOL) girl bye!

honestly though i laugh at the stretch that happened. like, so many people were so pressed that jungkook had called jimin baby. like, he said it! accept it and move on! like, so many people were like “he meant real kids!” and acted like they were fluent in korean but the most they’ve done is one “talk to me in korean” lesson and know how to read 3 letters in the hangul alphabet fluently. like, next please. i laugh everytime someone tries to deny it because 1. taehyung was silent the whole time he said one “let’s go” then shut up as jk talked. 2. jk was clearly looking directly at jimin, his head facing him, and talking to him. 3. jimin followed jk right as he finished saying it. 4. multiple sources from real life korean speakers (and not koreaboos who only know the word “oppa”) have said that the way it was spoken was weird and romantic because it was in the romantic form of the word, not the “you’re my child” way. it was between two boys, which is almost never done. and the younger said it to the older which makes it really weird but most definitely not a friend thing. 

like, they stretch so far to deny valid jikook moments and i get such laughs out of it. 

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True love is JB letting JS get away with being a little shit in the cooking part of WUtM. JS partnered with JB and insisted on putting cheese despite JB saying he doesn't want cheese in the ramen, made a fuss on whether or not the ladle JB brought was clean, told JB not to eat anything if he's just gonna complain, JB shi, 2 cheese vs 4 cheese, and the best part JB Pogley. The look on his face when JS said that. He entered the 5 stages of grief lol. He sounded in pain when he agreed on the name.

TBH LIKE THAT’S MY FAVE PART ABOUT THEIR WHOLE DYNAMIC????? Jaebum honestly lets Jackson get away with so many things that he wouldn’t allow anyone else to do to him. Skinship is a great example. No one can get all up into Jaebum’s space the same way Jackson can (at least not without being threatened or yelled at lmao). It’s Jaebum’s face of resignation that really gets to me too. Jaebum is helllllllaaa whipped for Jackson :’)

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I STILL think about how Daehyun's mom kept sending orange juice to their dorms cause she wanted all of them to drink it every morning. It's so funny and cute and thoughtful that she was thinking about all of them and their health. Their family's support must mean the world to them. That time after their first win with YW&F and they did the live thanking their family and the babyz :') they deserve so many amazing things they earned all of it.

lol when Dae had to like tell his mom to stop sending the juice tho LOL and the more recent DaeJAe interview on Johnny and Jaehyuns radio show where Dae admitted to his mom giving Bbang food recently and Jae getting offended that he didn’t get any and had Dae tell his mom over the radio to send Jae some ;;;; so fucking cute. Their lives after their YN&F wins were adorable, they were so happy and loud and excited and they are really some of my fave lives cause god, seeing them so extra like that warms my heart so much. 

B.A.P honestly deserves the entire fucking world ;;;;;;;;

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When did you start rooting for Josh? He was a mess week one lol

he was the only one that i really liked preseason and i think when i made a preseason faves list, he was first. during the first week, he did have me a little scared but i honestly think him taking that golden apple was the smartest decision he made and i thought that during the first week too! anyway, i’ve always been ride or die for josh cause when i have a good feeling about a houseguest i’m usually right (not to hype myself up, but not a lot of my preseason favs end up disappointing me).

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Rmember that time when Jimin said if he had a day off he'll go on a date with Jungkook, hold hands and walk together. Then after Jungkook said what he wanna do in his day off Jimin said "live happily with me." And also he always said how much he likes Jungkook. I really wanna know if he really liked him in that way like if he really wanted to go a date with Jungkook if possible hold hands be boyfriends and all

honestly, i think jimin was like lowkey messing around. like, one of my fave “heacanons” is that jimin was kinda oblivious, and he was like “yo lol, jungkooks cool, let’s act like ur in love to please fans bc they like the gay shit” and jungkook was like “what the fuck hyung, i really love u tho” and jimin was like “miss me with that gay shit hahah” and just kept playing around. but then he was like “haha, i wanna kiss jungkook.” one day, in his head, alone in his room. then he was like “wait, what.” and that’s when he realized. 

idk what that mess was, or if it answered ur question at all., but yeah. 

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As much as I love to read a good angsty-happy story of the Stan twins, I find that from time to time I need to go back and find something else full of fluff (and smut 😏) to real-back from all the feels. Do you have any preference for stories that involve the Stan twins or is it more of just anything that involves them? (Honestly never imagined myself years ago getting this involved with cartoon characters lol)

my biggest criteria for any story is Stan is in it and is in character. The more he’s in it, the better :D 

I’m always impressed when fic writers can capture characters’ voices and motivations and put them in a totally novel situation and do something completely new, so I love AUs a lot (or missing scene fics). And big, complex fics with lots of action, feels, and surprises are my personal fave, but I like short fics, too, since they usually are great at capturing a single feeling.


the many faces of man by Jacksepticeye.

(Okay there are only 3 represented here, but give me a break lol)

Jack, can’t wait for you to get a fanny pack so that can live on in the history of the internet forevermore.

Honestly he will probably give the thing a cute name if he does get one, and who could be mad at that?

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headcanon dick sizes for the boys?? love your blog!

Omfg this is my fave to talk about tbh

Reaper: 8 inches, about 6 inches girth wise. Uncircumcised.
Reinhardt: Damn near 11 inches and like hella girthy, around 7 inches, maybe 7.5. Uncircumcised.
Junkrat: Around 6 inches in length and pretty thin, like 4.5 inches in girth. Leans to the right significantly.
Lùcio: Average all around, honestly. 6 inches in length, around 4 to 5 in girth
McCree: 9 inches long and like 6 inches in girth. Very veiny
Soldier 76: Circumcised. Average and leans just slightly to the left. 5.5 inches long, 4.5 girth wise. 
Roadhog: Let me tell you this man has a monster as a dick. 12 inches long, bout 8.5 in girth. Could legit break someone.
Genji: 4.5 inches long, around the same in girth. All around cute, when he doesn’t want to have his pussy filled.
Hanzo: The same as his brother, but an inch thicker than Genji.

tbh it’s not like i don’t understand all the criticisms towards suzuya in tg:re recently, but it also makes me sad lol kinda makes me wonder if i’m being blind to all his flaws lmao idk y’all it’s confusing and ya i get he has flaws but i don’t understand some people’s hate towards him

i honestly felt like i was the only person who was actually happy to see suzuya squad safe and all ???

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Top three antagonists!

oooh antagonists

- Arvis, from Genealogy. Honestly he was probably one of my fave parts of that one (though I read a script and couldn’t keep like 70% of the characters straight so idk how much that’s worth lol)

- Aversa, from Awakening. Man they did her dirty in terms of writing her (especially with her supports with f!Robin which I will forever be bitter about), but I love her so, so much. She’s probably my top fave on this list actually.

- Berkut, from Echoes. jfc I am still in shock that this guy was the same age as Alm and Celi like wtf his voice was so deep but anyway he was an intriguing character and I was actually really upset about his fate so yeah.

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Ares, Pegasus, and trident

Ares: What’s a big pet peeve of yours?
Bad grammar and spelling always drives me insane - also slow drivers

Pegasus: Last movie you watched?
Julie and Julia - one of my all time faves, always make me feel better

Trident: Who are your favorite people?
Oh man this one’s tough?
I feel like I have to say @highlady-casandra, because I told her she had to say me, lol
I also gotta include @christina-dh on the list because I can’t have one of my wives without the other
My brother is probably the person I love more than anybody else in the world, but he’s definitely not my favorite lol - the kid’s a little shit
Honestly my favorite person in general would probably have to be @greek-praetor - he’s lovely, and patient, and funny, and intelligent, and I talk to him every day, and it never fails to make me smile. I could talk to him all day and never get tired of it. I HAVE talked to him all day, it’s never enough. So yeah, he’s probably my favorite person

There are a few more of these in my inbox but I just realized it’s super fucking late lol so imma queue this one and answer the rest tomorrow 💕

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Nah I don’t mind him. I just noticed that there have been hella Sakumo requests lol I’m all for liking obscure characters. Tbh I sometimes feel like requesting some Might Dai HCs but felt like a weirdo and he’s also obscure.

Oh man Dai’s one of my faves…. Please send requests in for him!! I’d love to write some for him~

Honestly Dai needs some recognition he’s hot.

-Mod Jack