honestly he was like my fave lol


Kaji Yuki (About his favorite character) It’s Mikasa, because I was threatened by Ishikawa -Mikasa’s VA- (we all know he’s being tsundere af, anyways lol) and I think Mikasa is purely an enchanting character. ‘My heart always throbs whenever I see her glossy lips’. 

not to keep being scorpio season seph ™ but honestly my fave thing abt david tennant’s richard ii is that he was extremely femme but he managed to do it in a way that like, wasn’t misogynistic and didn’t suggest that he had anything but the utmost respect for the character which is not as easy for a straight male actor to do as you would think. I think it’s great when actors do really campy/femme roles and still take their characters absolutely seriously. I know that sounds like a low bar but it doesnt happen very often lol

ok so you know how marc(?) said something about oliver returning to the island by the end of the season and possibly not by himself… what if in the present they take prometheus/adrian to the island prison at the end of the season to mirror oliver being back on the island in the flashbacks? I would totally be down for a s2 style ending plus I also just want adrian to not be killed so that he can come back at some point (like slade did for that episode in s3) because we’ve barely seen any of him in full evil mode and yet he’s honestly my new fave villain so if we had to put up with malcolm for 4 seasons they can find a way to bring him back lol


this makes me think of photographer!ashton whose fave thing to take pictures of would be you in expensive ligerie, sprawled out on a kingsize bed with your makeup done and he’d be trying to get a good picture, constantly moving around with his camera in hand and sometimes fixing a couple of stray hairs on you and he’d be purring instructions like “open your lips a little bit for me kitten” and “tease the camera baby just like that”, and honestly can u imagine how hot it would be bc he’d ask you to strip off piece by piece until you were laying completely exposed in front of him and he’d snap a few pics before once again going to fix your hair but he wouldn’t be able to keep his lips off of you so he’d start kissing your neck and then your collar bones and your hands would be running through his hair as mouth started teasing your tit and before you knew it you’d be cowering beneath him with your legs around his waist and his lips on your neck growling “fuck you look so beautiful”

This is the last time I talk about my bitterness

Honestly I know how some people are like “you always hate on Robert when he makes a mistake but Aaron gets a free pass everytime” and yeah some people do that kinda shit but like ? I don’t ?

I’ve always preferred Robert over Aaron because I identify too much with Aaron so it’s kinda normal that I would fall for the same guy as him lol, so I’ve always been very critical of Aaron’s behavior and I’ve always blamed him for things I judge to be cruel or mean.

But what Robert did on thursday was on another fucking level. And listen, there’s so many opinions about it which I totally get, but mine is plain and simple : I will NEVER accept what happened. I will NEVER accept what they did to Robert Sugden and I will NEVER accept that as a part of Robert’s storyline.

People have claimed he said that to hurt Aaron, and it was in character because he was on self destructive mode… Maybe, but it was so badly done omg, I’m still cringing about when he started to trash the Mill, that was ridiculous.

But anyway, I went off topic what a surprise lmao, I’m not blaming Robert because I always blame him. I’ve forgiven him EVERYTHING from Katie’s death to letting Lawrence have a heart attack while picking his teeth. And I’ve also forgiven Aaron for the shit way he treated Robert for months after they got back together and for getting drunk and hitting Kasim.

This is not about preferences, because my favorite will always be Robert. It’s about the execution of the mistake. I feel like everything, while sometimes a little clumsy, has always been brilliantly written. The only two storylines that were awful were the first Robecca kiss and this mess they’re doing now.
This is not in character for Robert, I refuse to accept it. If it was in character, I should’ve understood from my first (and only, never watching that again) watch that Robert wasn’t thinking what he said. But I didn’t.

So please, when you see me hating on the current Robert, the new, shitty an poorly written version of him, don’t think for one second that it’s because I’ve always preferred Aaron anyway and it’s just an excuse to hate on him. Because although nothing Aaron has ever done in his life as inflicted me pain the way Robert’s actions did, he’s still my favorite.

But for fuck’s sake, if you can’t recognize that your fave has fucked up then you’re hugely mistaken.

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Omg I love your icon, he looked so bright there!

Its one of my faves lol! Honestly I can’t exactly remember who made it though like its not coming to me atm 😥 but I really wanna say @joshua-ryans made this??? If not I’d love to know so I can give them credit 😊 (I originally found this in a Google search and found the source that way but I can’t remember anymore)

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How do you think Jack's time in ancient Greece affected him?

Good question! Actually, I’m not really sure since I think the only thing we did see with him in Greece was him flipping that guy from episode I but honestly I wish there was more about him in Greece? Especially with the running theme of mythology in the show. Hell, I think Zeus fought Aku in the Birth of Evil. (May’ve been thor but idk)

Really the mythology there is what I would’ve loved to see. Perhaps impacting him in more of an understanding of his situation in life and that his sword was made by literal gods and not just monks on a mountain. Maybe he could gain a lil confidence in that regard JACK SEEING BIRTH OF EVIL FLASHBACKS, COUGH COUGH. lol sorry that’s my fave ep

Honestly though I wish the show had lived long enough to give us more backstory episodes like the Africa one. It would have been pretty cool to see more snippets of him growing up and becoming who he is =/


look at Yamaguchi’s face lol he’s so worried and slightly disturbed

also honestly tbh I also feel very competitive when I see this guy but mostly because he’s from the National Youth Camp and I’m very loyal to the Freshie Camp. I feel like they’re my Rivals.

seriously Hinata is my beautiful boy who always makes me happy and Yamaguchi is also my fave who makes me very happy. His face is so precious all the time. good reaction, bby

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Man that's so annoying honestly, that Scarecrow's fear toxin is overwhelmed by ~ willpower ~ all the time. It's like 'here I've sprayed you with this super potent chemical I have spent my entire miserable life slaving over that will have you on your knees with primal terror' met with 'that just makes me angry lol'

Exactly. It’s supposed to make you see your worst fears and those are not easy to overcome kids. I don’t know. I love Jonathan, I really do, he is my absolute fave, but with the stories of him out right now, he is about as effective as a toothpick in anything. I can understand Batman or Robin or some other hero doing the willpower thing (granted over time) because they’re the MCs but literally every villain is able to do it at this point as well.

As far as future works go, I say either make his toxin actually effective again, make him sort of like a villain like Riddler who kind of manipulates everything from a distance and just watches the results, make him manipulative enough to actually scare people by himself (fear mongering is an effective strategy kids), or just at least make the fear toxin work long enough so he can at least escape.

But at this point, Jonathan has really become nothing but canon fodder. Whenever they need a villain or hero to mercilessly beat up on a villain, Scarecrow is usually the one getting hit because he’s small enough for people to feel justified in him getting beat up easily and not popular enough to invoke any outrage.

It’s a sad waste really that I hope they get the character out of.

So right now I look at Luke and I’m like OMG look at u, the literal all time lad, filling out to perfection, getting girls oooooo la la and being washed of insecurities, and honestly I’m so so happy for him and happy to see that he has come out of his shell because it’s so admirable and realistically who wouldn’t be joyful for him? However there’s times like now for instance when I just miss his cute little dorky baby face, his nervous smile, the lip ring, the lip BITE, and just his shyness in general like when he used to be insecure about his body and taking his shirt off. Not that I don’t like Luke now I mean good for him, getting over insecurities and so on, but I just miss 2013/2014 Luke at times yano