honestly don't feel like tagging these urls

C L O S E D  P O S T

it’s that wonderful time again !!! i love doing things for my followers so this is round 3 of graphics giveaways (:

important note this time: it’s not just url graphics !!

  • i repeat (bc some of u don’t read all this don’t lie): not just url graphics !!!!!!!!!

i wanna see your fave songs, colors, celebs, characters, books, tv shows, movies etc in the tags

you guys can request what you want from me :) ok here we go !!!


  • be following me!
  • reblog this post
  • in the tags add all that nice stuff i said above of what you want !!! yay
  • if you still want a url graphic for whatever reason put that in the tags ???
  • do something nice for yourself <3

last note: some of the URLs on the old posts i didn’t understand & i’m not a mind reader !!! if you put in the tags what you want from me it is 900% easier for me & you are more likely to get something !!!!