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anyone have anime recs?

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Honestly, I think the Vegebul ship is one of the best ever made, because their whole relationship is work, they didn't have the hollywood romance of love at first sight, one fight, break up, back together, and happily ever after. No they went through a lot of shit, and still made it out and still love each other. Same with GoChi, they have the sweet highschool sweetheart love and also been through a lot of shit. Two best ships ever made IMO.

I agree!

I love that their relationship wasn’t perfect since day one, and I’m pretty sure they had a bumpy start, but they still remained together and their bond grew stronger through the years, especially as Vegeta’s character progressed and matured into the man he is today. And, of course, Goku and Chichi have also been through a lot themselves.

I think that’s one of the reasons why writing and reading about them is so interesting (although I admit I’ve read way less Gochi than Vegebul), because it wasn’t a classic romance by any means and it’s fascinating to think about how their relationship began and evolved as time went by…

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1/2 Regarding Amavikka double speak, here's a scene I've had in my head for a while: One day Briggs has to pass through intelligence and he happens to overhead Mon Mothma arguing with an agent about an operation. Mon sees Briggs, puts an end to the argument by pulling rank, and Agent Moonspinner says something Mon understands as "You're the boss, I defer to your wisdom". Great, one problem solved. Mon cuts the communication and informs Brigg that what he just heard is of course, classified.

And Briggs nods. And goes back to his best friend Luke, and then the both of them make a beeline for Leia, and Briggs talks to her for a while, and then Goes back to see Mon, With Leia and Luke trailing behind. And Mon is like ??? And Briggs is like “I, er, just wanted to make sure you know that the agent from this morning is not going to do the thing” “what do you mean? she said…” “Well yeah exactly…”

And he proceeds to explain that he doesn’t know Moonspinner personally, but from her name and her speech pattern, she’s from the same ethnic group as and Luke and him. And what had sounded like polite deferral to her had been neither polite nor deferring and was in fact pretty much a declaration that Agent Moonspinner was going to do exactly what she wanted. And Briggs thought Mon should know because it could seriously fuck up the mission.

Why was he only sharing that now? Well, it was sensitive information, and Briggs didn’t know Mon well enough to say if she could be trusted with it. But he knew Luke and Luke vouched for Leia who had vouched for her. Mon needs a drink. And some time to wrap her head around the fact that there is a culture somewhere where “I’m deeply sorry” means “Fuck you" 

For a while she just looks at them all. And then she sighs. “Tatooine people are so much trouble,” she mutters under her breath.

Luke and Biggs glance at each other sidelong. “You know it!” Luke says with an unrepentant grin.

“It wasn’t intended to be a compliment,” Mon says, but no one is really fooled, because she can’t quite manage to hold back her smile.

In the absence of other real options, Mon grants Luke and Biggs temporary intelligence clearance and calls up Agent Moonspinner again. They have a much more productive conversation.

(Some time later, after the Emperor is dead and Darth Vader has been revealed as both the Rebel spy Ekkreth and Anakin Skywalker, Mon finds herself thinking that this honestly explains so much.

There are intelligence briefings where they go through old recordings of Vader’s reports to Palpatine. No one else in Alliance Command understands why Mon Mothma bursts out laughing every time Vader says, “I’m deeply sorry, Master.”)

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Idk if u saw the skit trans yet but I think now I know why jimin always feels like he's one step behind everyone they didn't give him vocal lessons on his training days :( 😭😭😭 seeing HOW far he came I feel so proud rn he even was the first among vocal line to do the intro 👏👏😭😭😭

:((((((( my baby boy!!! That must have honestly been so intimidating for him but god has he persevered and worked through it all so well. He has proven himself as such a beautiful vocalist and it makes me tear up, especially listening to Serendipity. My bby bean :((

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No one brings up the fact that when the kids were first crossing the bridge, they panicked. This isn't unusual in of itself, but then they say " it's a trick!" They were honestly expecting to be killed. Poor kids with such rough lives, I would have loved for Mal to angrily have brought that up while talking to Ben about bringing them over. They didn't prepare them for anything!

Thank you, Nonnie.

There’s a lot that doesn’t get brought up. Not just that Ben–however well meaning–didn’t think through this whole plan like at all. Or that the Rotten Four have had such terrible lives that they automatically assume the worst. Or even, you know, how they ended up on the Isle in the first place.

King Beast is the literal worst.

But, like, okay. They’re in the hands of the “good” guys. They’re more scared of that–of being at the mercy of the Auradonians–than they are of going on an epic quest to a cursed castle, re: Isle of the Lost. They so firmly believe that the “good” guys can and will fuck them over that it’s not even a question. Because Auradon has been fucking them over since they were born.

If you ask me, their reaction to the bridge says a lot more about Auradon than it does about the Isle.

Seriously King Beast is the literal worst.

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honestly homecoming was super weird in the fact that they made the vulture more relatable than they made peter! like, working class, and while he didn't seem to be all that concerned about human life, he only took one life in the entire movie! like. even the overt descrution spread through the entire movie isn't his fault- it's peter's!

Yeah I like do think it was a VERY STRANGE that we did not like. See the bad illegal weapons trade… doing bad things? Someone quotetweeted me over this like “you don’t need to see it to know illegal weapons hurt people” and like no duh but also I think we need to ask why we didn’t we see it? Like I know all I say is that every creative choice in this movie makes no sense, but every creative choice in this movie makes no sense. And the one life the Vulture took, we should note, was taken by mistake – he was trying to nonviolently detain him and made a mistake. (Every nonchalant joke about murder in this movie, which won’t let a vigilante commit acts of violence, is weird.)

And also like. The first scene in the movie features a blue collar man happily praising his daughter as he starts work on a new project, excited to secure a brighter future for her – only to have that opportunity snatched away by Big Corporate, and somehow that blue collar worker is the villain? And the corporation faces no consequences? Welcome to the new America, I guess.

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okay but the camp camp thing? wasn't that a little overboard and don't you think they're smart enough to know that joking around with the f slur just isn't okay? that one really can't be covered up by "oops! sorry! i didn't know that was wrong." and camp camp is kind of a big deal, right? A Lot of people worked on it and i guess not a single person stopped and said "hey, maybe this is fucked up?" it just doesn't make sense

no i absolutely agree with that, i watched that episode since my response and im honestly. like. who the fuck let that get through, how did an entire group of people look at that script and go “yeah this is fine this is a good joke” i dont have an answer for you my guy. like, a literal “bundle of sticks” joke i feel like im 16 years old and back in fuckin HS in north carolina in 2006

this is absolutely one of those “please critique them, be vocal about it, etc etc” moments :< im definitely not advocating people just sitting down and shutting up when RT does something shitty

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Honestly, the whole toeless nub feet for Sonic characters has always bothered me as well. It just seems as weird and baffling as them having realistic human like feet. I seriously thought Big wore fishing boots for years, until I realized he was really wearing sandals. It just makes me think that Yuji Uekawa didn't want to bother drawing extra two simple lines on each foot when going through the designing process, instead of it being a stylistic choice.

No kidding. And you know, the weird thing is, in at least one game it’s  established that their feet have *toe bones* in them anway, so what the hell? 

Heh, nice to know I’m not alone in having thought that about Big, at least until the realization of their freakish blob feet dawned upon me. Weird thing though, he had toes in his concept art, but then they *chose* to remove them.


Frankly even as a stylistic choice, it’s one I just do not get, and one I have no appreciation for. 


:’D I’m back though with a pic I’ve been eagerly waiting to post since finishing it last night!

One of these days I’ll do a nice portrait that’s all full body but for now LOL EYY HOW CUTE.

no one knows that the whole time i had no internet all that ran through my mind was my au and i just– //breathes its taken over my life okay.

  • Me: Why would I ever buy music when I can find it online for free?
  • Me: I am poor. The artist is rich. It doesn't matter.
  • Adele: *announces 25*
  • Me: *preorders album*
  • Me: *buys Hello music video*
  • Me: *buys everything with Adele's face on it*

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Osomatsu! Choromatsu and Ichimatsu confessed to you at the same time. What would be your reply to both of them?

Well… uh… this has become awkward hasn’t it, haha… Um…

Wait a minute, why are you two confessing at the same time?! This is too much for your poor onii-chan!!! Ah… what to do…………

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It's seems like Harry is a very special person and we are all very lucky that we have that opportunities to see him fighting against his media image and all the customary rules. From boy who cared about people's opinions he became a boy who didn't give a fuck about it and I'm glad that he has Louis beside him through that all.

Harry is a wonderful, spirited, quirky, loving, kindhearted soul and I’m so happy he is who he is and we all get to witness it ^_^ His media image does him such a disservice in so many ways and I hope more people get the chance to see him for the fantastic boy that he is. One of my favourite people who I haven’t even met, honestly.

I do want to give Louis props here too, because I think he doesn’t get enough credit for being a special person himself. He’s kind and interesting and clever and talented and he works so hard at what he does. He has a strength of character and a uniqueness that often gets overlooked. And I’m so glad he and Harry have each other. They love and support each other for who they are, through everything.

Problems I have with the Christmas Special

Quick rundown of my questions and concerns:

  1. Clara is completely fucking useless.  All she did the whole fucking episode is hold on to a key, cry, talk to a crack, and cook a turkey.
  2. The Doctor is a complete asshole to her.  He uses her, and he sends her away, and generally just sort of sidebars her…when he’s not slapping her ass and treating her like a child.
  3. That was the most anticlimactic regeneration ever.  I don’t care how explodey he got before that (which was also soooo over the top), he just…what…sneezed?  And then he’s Peter Capaldi.
  4. Since when would the Time Lords give a shit if it’s “safe” to come out?  Supposedly, that’s why they’re asking “Doctor Who”–WHICH WAS STILL THE FUCKING QUESTION, THANK YOU VERY MUCH STEVEN “I’M JUST GONNA FUCKING DO WHAT THE FUCK I WANT” MOFFAT–because they wanna make sure he’s there…to…what?  Give them safe passage?
  5. “If you love him.”  They don’t.  They never have.  They’ve persecuted him and shunned him, when they weren’t manipulating him, using him, and risking his life.  Kay.  Just need to make that clear.  Again.
  6. So, they know it’s him, and he’s been fighting for…centuries, apparently, all of their enemies, so…they open another crack and send him some extra regenerations, hooray…but now they’re still in the other universe?  It’s down to just the Daleks, and the Doctor’s splodey regeneration-that-isn’t-quite-a-regeneration took care of them, so…why didn’t they come through then?
  7. WHY THE FUCK WERE THE DALEKS THERE?  They forgot him!  Oswin took care of that.  How do they even remember him?