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Fear Itself

Femslash Feb 07- Frenemies

“I’m gonna kill her.”

“Marinette.” Tiki sighed from her place within Marinette’s purse. “You ALWAYS say that after a fight with Chloé.”

“Well this time I mean it! She made fun of a four year old girl’s new glasses! How low can you get?!” Marinette knew full well she wasn’t in the most rational state of mind right then, but she didn’t particularly care. How DARE Chloé tear down a child’s self confidence like that! She honestly thought she could get away with stuff like that because she was the Mayor’s daughter?!

Well not if Marinette Dupain-Cheng had anything to say about it.

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My mom always calls me a fat cow and says "I don't want you to get fatter and fatter until you can't move, you fat bitch" but she always comes to me asking why I'm not eating or do I want to eat. I just, what the fuck?

Okay like seriously a mother should never do something like that regardless how much you actually weigh. Maybe you could ask her to stop with this because like honestly you can’t tell a child this. How old are you?

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So I have a huge crush on this girl at work. She's gay and I'm pan. However, I've never slept with a girl before and I have a feeling that that might be a huge turn off for her. She told me about tumblr, added herself onto mine so I could find people to follow and she goes out of her way to talk to me at work. Honestly this girl makes me feel like a 12 year old boy. I practically stutter when she talks to me. What on earth should I do? She's made me forget how to flirt. I feel like a child.

If she cares that you’ve never slept with a girl, she’s not the one for you. She shouldn’t care.
About the flirting thing: it’s okay to be nervous. Just remember that she’s just as human as you are. Be interested in her, ask questions. Keep eye contact. Smile. It’s gonna be okay :)


This is for you @volatile-symphony!!

How I feel about this character:
Is this really even necessary at this point? I. LOVE. SANJI. I’ve loved him from the start! My obsession with collecting as many figurines of him (and Zoro for that matter) aside, I can honestly tell you I had a crush on him from when I was…oh shit. How old was I? Damn I was a scrawny little kid back then.

Now, this may just be me being a sucker for kindness, but I personally didn’t have a very good time growing up. My parents (especially my mother) were (and she still is kind of) abusive. Long sob-story short, I was a very love-starved child. Sanji, weird as he was (I saw was, because I’m talking about the first time we see him at the Baratie) I found to be interesting. He was all nice and cool and then just SNAPS and kicks ass. He didn’t take shit from anyone and yet he was and is still, really, really nice to Nami. (You already know how I feel about Nami, but if you don’t, you can click this sentence to read this same break-down I did for her.)

My first thought was “wow. He really likes women.” until Arlong Park happened. Truth be told, I both admired and was very jealous of Sanji, especially when I saw his flashback with Zeff and their starvation on that godforsaken spit of land. My second thought was “he’s so lucky to have someone to love him like that, even if they’re not his real parents.” 

I admired him because of what kind of character he displayed at both the Baratie and Arlong Park. He was the first to be able to read Nami so easily, despite the fact she was being deceptively mean (and very effectively, might I add.) I found that impressive, but also did chalk it up to him being very obsessed with women. Still, even if it was just because of that, he used that insight to help her and believe in her when Zoro and Usopp wouldn’t. Of course, this admiration grew when he displayed countless times of putting himself in danger for the sake of his crew in situations where he knew Zoro couldn’t or wasn’t there to help them.

Overtime I thought he was sort of the ‘mommy’ if Zoro was the ‘daddy’. They compliment each other that way and as a kid who didn’t know what yaoi was or what ‘shipping’ was, I thought it was cute and funny because men are usually all mean and tough and brave like Zoro. But Sanji was and is still sensitive and perceptive, empathic and sweet. 

Now, I just…there are no words. His history is too relatable to me. I shared a lot of those feelings growing up, especially the ‘take me away from here’‘if I just disappeared I think it would be alright’, ‘why can’t I do anything right?’ and ‘why am I so useless?’, ‘why am I the only one like this?’  and of course “there are to be a place out there where people will accept me’ and I can tell you I was very fiercely protective of whatever friends I had because well…they were all I had. I came back to an empty home, did my homework, ate and went to sleep. In the morning, my parents would be gone and on the weekends when we were together…well, let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant. I wasn’t brave enough to run away or do anything crazy and neither did Sanji at the time. Reiju had to help him out. He had her, but I didn’t have anyone to help me get out of the abusive house I lived in. Well, I had One Piece. And I survived.

All the people I ship with this character:
Zoro. Mom and dad dynamic. Idiots dynamic. In-sync dynamic. All the dynamics, really. They belong together. Both are so Tsun-tsun for each other just C’MON GUYS KISS ALREADY. THE SEXUAL TENSION IS DRIVING EVERYONE ELSE INSANE!

Law. Funnilly enough they did get along pretty well. Sanji didn’t snap at him canon or non-canon (And I’m talking about that Zou filler with Law and Zoro totally being morons and Zoro not wanting to admit he DOES get lost when Law realizes this idiot swordsman who fucking SLICED PICA IN HALF AND ENDED HIS MISERABLE EXISTENCE has the worse sense of direction in the entire planet). But also I find it suspicious that Sanji prepared ONIGIRI which is Zoro’s fave for Law when he didn’t know what else to make for someone who wouldn’t touch bread. (So really, SanLaw/LawSan still loses to ZoSan. Sorry Law.)

Luffy? (I’m a little ‘eh’ on this because Luffy is very Ace to me. As someone with a lot of ‘lust’ and therefore a lot of libido, I feel a muscle-head like Zoro who definitely has TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE for his own good would do better for someone like Sanji.)

LOL all the ships just became ZoSan by the end.

My Non-Romantic OTP for this character:
Usopp. Sanji’s always letting Usopp depend on him and it’s ADORABLE! He looks out for Usopp like he does for a little brother and I can’t get enough of this BrOTP. They also react in the same way with Zoro or Nami join in in sentiments from time to time.

My Unpopular Opinion About This Character:
Sanji. Is. Fine. The. Way. He. Is. Pervert. And. All. Stop. Fucking. Whining. Like. Little. Bitches. About. His. Perversion. 

I know how he acts. I know how he behaves. But I also know that’s not what he’s really like. It’s part of his ‘default’ face he puts on because he was taught to treat women better than men by his father, Zeff. That’s the aftermath of BOTH Zeff’s parenting, and his deprivation of women for 2 years. IF I WAS DEPRIVED OF ANIME FOR 2 YEARS I WOULD CRY AND SCREAM WHEN I FINALLY GOT TO HUG MY FIGURES AND MY PLUSH TOYS AND WATCH MY MONSTER TRIP AGAIN OKAY?! Oh wait. I did that. After 1 year of deprivation. In Japan. Made a fool of myself at Tokyo One Piece Tower. BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE SANJI KISSED MY HAND AND I LOVE THEM ALL UUURGH I CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT IT’S LIKE FOR SANJI.

Anyone who doesn’t accept Sanji the way he is, flaws and all, just needs to not live with any other human being on the planet because apparently they need someone FLAWLESS to like them as they are or, needs to experience deprivation of something they can’t live without for themselves.

Even Oda has shown time and time again the heart-eyes are not part of his true emotions if his shitty brothers can do it too. And they have no fucking hearts.

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:

@curlysword @lady-of-time Sanji? Sanji? Please?

Anthony ‘sure we’ll take this case immediately no we don’t need time to prepare’ Lockwood

You guys...

The filler episode (480) honestly broke my heart. Watching kid Naruto (how old is he? 5?) walk around all alone. Going home and holding back tears–and fucking STARVING without money to buy ANYTHING. What the fuck kinda system does that village have? Is there even one?
I get it, children grow up to be ninja and learn to fend for themselves from an early age, but he’s just a CHILD with the brightest smile and the biggest, bluest eyes, the kindest heart (he offered his fish to a STRANGER) and the entire village treated him like a disease. It’s so fucking sad. Its so devastating. I cried at seeing him just wandering aimlessly, keeping busy, inventing his own training techniques and games and just living in complete loneliness. He’s just a child…What a heartless and senseless world this man created.

It’s also so damn baffling that Naruto managed to keep smiling through it all. Was always incredibly resilient and stubborn. Still laughed with a stranger, still did his best despite having nobody (until Iruka) to encourage him. Naruto knew no love or support as a child, a very critical period in development. Which is why I have so much trouble accepting 700. He just seemed so detached from everything even after everything he had “accomplished”… It just wasn’t a look I expected to see on Naruto ever.

P.S. Do you guys remember those fanfics that HC Naruto’s love for ramen as the result of him being poor..? It really does seem like that’s the case. He HAD to buy instant ramen bcs it’s cheap.
Spirit Worker Tip:

“Old energy” is a good place to start when learning to sense spirits.

You know an item of your best friend’s that just FEELS like them? Or when you’re in a thrift store, you can get impressions of the person who used to own the object you’re holding? 

This residual energy is a good place to begin when you’re learning how to sense conscious entities. Try getting a feel for things at second hand stores to see if you can sense any energy or feeling still attached. That way you’ll be more able to recognize a living being still hanging on to something beloved

shit my skype contacts say starters part III

“Well I mean it depends on what you mean by ‘kill’.”


“Implying she takes things lightly.”

“Besides, it was a horrid tea.”

“How about you sit down before you hurt yourself, honey.”

“I swear to god I'mma pummel you.”

“Why are you hurting me with this.”

“Now you see why everyone makes jokes and doesn’t take him seriously.”

“… it’s so bright.”

“I’d sit on him, honestly.”

“I have no idea what aglio olio is so I’ll say thick sauce.”

“I can respect their opinion, but I cannot respect them as a person.”




“… He’s a lost cause already.”



“I may act like a baby but I fucking love being scared.”

“How can you continue to push your boundaries with a stranger like that?”

“They are now blanketed.”


“… no. Not only no, but when hell freezes no.”

“I know but I’m not sending him a dildo.”

“I may be taken but I am not a sausage.”

“’lowkey jealous’. I don’t know if anything is “lowkey” with her.”

“Why are you doing that jesus fucking christ get down.”

“You have a gf now. You can’t oogle ladies.”

“I’m dating a literal memer.”

if you could spread the word or anything i'd appreciate it

My mother recently screwed up with our Consumers Energy Payment Plan, and as a result they want us to pay a remainder of $1200 in 5 days or they’re going to shut every thing off. I’m still unemployed and my next check won’t be in until the week after this one – I’ve sold most of my possessions I’ve had to my name and my sister’s have come up with the best they could but we still need a lot of help. I’m honestly financially exhausted and in the red and just disgusted that I need to keep reaching out for assistance with things like this.

Honestly,  I’m used to less than average living conditions, but they have their children in the house and this is honestly something that no child should have to experience no matter how old they are. If you can help with anything, or just spread the world I’d really appreciate it. My paypal is beiialedge@aol.com, I’ll be going up to their branch to get a copy of the statement tomorrow if this seems suspect to anyone. Again, if you could help out I’d be really thankful or even just spread the word. Thanks.

honestly if u told five year old me that, when i was 16, i was going to be walking around “catching pokemon” with my best friends, i would have probably been the happiest child you would have ever seen

hell if u told that to two year old me i would have been so happy

pokemon literally shaped my childhood and idk man i like how it’s become a mainstream thing again and not just a “only the freaks play this” type of thing/mindset

Goblet of Fire, page 158

are…are you guys seriously harassing an eleven year old child, who has been in Slytherin for all of thirty seconds?

fuck house rivalry, honestly, ‘cause this right here tells me all I need to know about how Slytherin kids grew up being told that they were in the evil house, and why wouldn’t that fuck a person up? yeah, maybe a lot of the older Slytherin kids were assholes, but maybe it was because they had to be. i’m not excusing the really shitty people, i’m not saying that Death Eaters got into the Dark Arts because some kids were mean to them, no, they made stupid decisions all on their own, but this, to me, explains why the entire house was seen as so universally cruel. the second they take the Sorting Hat off they’re being fucking judged, it’s fucked up.

everything from Harry’s perspective always looks at Slytherin students and says 'oh they look mean’ or 'oh they’re all thuggish and cruel’. I dunno Harry, maybe they’re just a little peeved because they’re spending their adolescence being told they’re destined to be evil because they dared to have a little ambition

« I wasn’t a dog person until my family got our dog Bailey. We had another dog named Bella and she’s a sweetheart, and that’s kind of when I realized I fell in love with dogs because she’s so affectionate. Batman is a Yorkie-Poo. He’s my little superhero. He’s my emotional support. He’s here right now. He’s the cutest, sweetest thing. I went through some stuff this last year that was extremely painful — one being the loss of Buddy. I didn’t realize how close you can become to an animal until I raised Buddy and I’m raising Batman. When you raise something from weeks old and you’re there with them every second of the day they become your babies. I really honestly feel like I have a child. It was a beautiful thing to be able to have that connection with Buddy and it’s even more beautiful now that I get the memories of him, plus the experience with Batman that I wouldn’t have had if things hadn’t happened the way that they did. » 

 [On how her dogs have helped her be a happier person - Latina Magazine] 

I used to get bullied a shit ton. About my looks, and that my teeth weren’t straight enough. or the fact that I was Gay and Transgender. That I wasn’t a very feminine girl. That I had an accent. I wasn’t the skinny one. I was bullied for literally everything. It’s like they thought I couldn’t see all these things that were wrong with me.

People would call me pretty, and how could I possibly believe them after being called ugly a million times. I attempted suicide for the first time at 12 years old. Of course I was ugly. I don’t know a single prepubescent child who is hot! We were all ugly. the difference between us now is the fact that I can accept my flaws and realise it doesn’t matter how I look on the outside. (which btw I’m FUCKING adorable.) its inner beauty. It doesn’t matter that you called me ugly because it didn’t make you any prettier. Honestly you were more ugly than I because of your words. Think before you speak. What good does it do to bully someone?

i know what i said abt bi headcanons and all but. why the fuck are people using pbs relationship w/ finn as proof she’s bi he is literally thirteen years old and theres an entire arc about how he has to accept she’s not attracted to him b/c shes an adult and hes a child. the fuck is wrong with you honestly

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I'm a 14 year old girl and honestly I'm experiencing so much that I'm not ready for, like I just want to be a child but everyone around me already expects me to be excited about growing up to have children and get married to a man. It's very unfair that I'm already expected to fit in this specific mold and I don't understand it or know how to deal with it and it never fails to shock me because I'm only 14 but I'm expected to be everyone's perfect little doll.

People will always try to put you into a mold, it’s because that mold is what they are comfortable with. They are scared when you don’t want to fit into it because that means you’re different and in our world different is bad. But don’t let them put you into a box, don’t let them make you feel you have to live life to their standards. The only person that you always have to remain true to right now is yourself. Listen to the person inside and let that person be happy and you yourself will also be happy. Don’t let that pressure get to you because you will end up unhappy and closed minded just like all of them. Be who you want to be and if they can’t accept it find people who will, because there will always be people out there who love and accept you, sometimes you just have to find them. Good luck, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist 

Baby Steps


“Yes..” she mumbled lowly honestly not knowing how he was going to take this frightened her. They had been married for a year - about - and it wasn’t like they were trying to have a child. At the same time it wasn’t like they weren’t.

Her hands covered her turquoise hues in distress, a old habit she had; sinking into the couch further. “Do you not want a child?” she asks as her legs crossed.”I Just barely found out it’s only been a couple days I-” she was over whelmed with all the possible things he could say she’d thought the worst.

“I mean- If you want I could-” she looks past her fingers as they spread apart and into his eyes with her turquoise ones. Small pools begining to form out of fear. It had taken her a long time to get him to marry her. Would she now have to convince him to let her carry?

– -  Navy hues are all but eager to hear her response, a familiar sense of p a n i c waking from its slumber all those years ago, yet a new sense of excitement gnawing at his head. Perhaps  he shouldn’t be too presumptuous or too bold on the steps he had taken to get here. Never in a million years would he tell her that after the fight they had gotten into years ago, that he had began to consider what it would be like if they did have a child. There’d be times when he’d gaze within the windows of a baby store or play around with the idea of baby names. Those were briefly in his mind but when they did get married, the thought began to occur more frequent, especially when there were other married couple walking along the park with a stroller. He’d notice Kira’s longing hues, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t staring as well. And so, he had initiated the plan of taking her out a lot more so more intimacy was involved at the end (albeit it was rather embarrassing when questioned for his heightened sense of desire). He had even gone to the extent of asking Sakura to tone down Kira’s pills by, well, a lot. So when he hears her news, that yes, she was in fact pregnant, he can’t help help hues from lighting up with happiness, a relieved laugh escaping from tiers. 

     "No, no. Of course I want–“ momentary pause before brow furrows in confusion and eyes display a hint of hurt. ” If I had said no, you’d–“ he leaves the words hanging, optics drifting towards her flat stomach. ”You shouldn’t even have consider that, regardless of what my answer was.

Mild cursed child spoilers ahead

Ok, so I had time to let this insane plot sink in.

I honestly don’t know if I like it or not, BUT I’ve been crying for 30 minutes thinking about how much I love JKR for giving Slytherin some good and old redemption.

Albus Severus going to Slytherin and being friends with Scorpius; Scorpius being a charming, awkward, funny child; Draco loving him just the way he is. Those are things I never dreamed would be canon.

God bless you, JKR. I know we had some problems in the past, but you fixed everything. YOU FIXED MY FEELINGS. Thank you for that.

I’m so excited to know what happens next. This story, as crazy as it is, is the best thing to happen to me since Deathly Hallows.