honestly can't get better than this

  • Draco Malfoy: Scorpius Malfoy, I named you after a star sign because of an awesome tumblr meme I saw once but honestly it doesn't even matter because I could've named you Catshits McGee and it still would've been a better name than what Potter tagged his kid with. Go have fun at school, write your mother, and get it a study group with the Weasley girl, trust me.

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Yurio’s face in the first panel is great. He wants to know what to do to fix this but he’s never handled friendships well initially himself. And he’s notably younger than Yuuri and Victor, so he probably feels a little out of his depth here.

whoo I caught a reply! :’D

NOP Yurio’s never handled friendships well minus Beka, but tbh they’re ALL out of their depth. People where scared of Yurio, Victor didn’t particularly care to befriend others (who mostly approached him for superficial reasons anyway), and Yuuri was ignored or bullied as a kid (outside of Yuuko).

Should also note that the three of them have VERY different attitudes approaching parenthood too. For Yuuri, the idea of a family (if not necessarily specifically kids) and being surrounded by loved ones is comforting, and not something he’d ever thought he could have until recently. In the haze of uncertainty that is life and a career after his retirement, he sees it as one of the only clear and tangible goals that he can accomplish, and share with his mates too.

Yurio is forever bitter about the absence of his parents from his own childhood, and has always specifically dreamed of having kids so that he could give them what he didn’t have. He’d never trade his grandfather for parents, but it’s also an experience he’s always craved, even if he’s on the parenting side. In addition, while the others are in no rush, Yurio wants kids earlier rather than later because he desperately wants his grandfather to be a part of that family vision, and he knows realistically that he doesn’t have that much time left. If he were alone, heck if it were just him and his mate Yurio’d think it irresponsible and wait until he has the confidence and experience to support them all, but given the much more extensive support system of their poly relationship and Victor and Yuuri’s seniority, he feels it could really work even with him being so young.

Victor probably hasn’t thought nearly as deeply about parenthood as he should have, but he likes surprising even himself and is used to making spontaneous decisions. While having kids is definitely something even he wouldn’t do on just a whim, when the other two bring it up, he decides more or less on the spot that it’s a wonderful idea and something he really wants too. Any additional form of love he can have with Yuuri, he’ll embrace with his whole life.

what we all want
  • Cat Grant, looking directly at Mon-Ew: Kara, I thought I told you to take out the trash.
  • Kara: Um, Miss Grant, that's my boyfriend...
  • Cat Grant: Get rid of it. And fetch me another latte.
  • Mon-Hell: wha-
  • Kara, throwing him out the window: You heard the woman.
  • Cat Grant: Latte, Kara, chop, chop. And ask Lena Luthor out to dinner while you're at it. If you can't establish a healthy relationship on your own, I'll have to do it for you. Honestly, even our intrepid photographer was a better option than this...
Mme Bustier's Class as Things My Classmates have Said p2
  • Marinette: "Hey why aren't any hot chicks picking me up yet? Like i can cook, I'm wifeable!"
  • Alya: "If I wear plaid to the athletics carnival will people know I'm gay?"
  • Adrien: "I'm the mum friend, obviously, that's why I'm sitting on a chair and you nerds are on the floor."
  • Nino: "Who trusted me with a soundboard?"
  • Nathanael: "Can I art? I do not know. It is possible."
  • Alix: "Just a sweet motherfucker on wheels."
  • Kim: "I bet I can kiss you better than you can kiss me."
  • Max: "Don't take my fucking glasses, I'll punch you."
  • Rose: "I honestly wish I could just be a flower."
  • Juleka: "I know black isn't a colour, doesn't mean I can't say it's my favourite colour."
  • Mylene: "Yes, I'm short, okay, I get it."
  • Ivan: "Just a smol who's actually tall and loves scream bands."
  • Chloe: "I don't deserve you. Like for real bitch, I deserve so much better."
  • Sabrina: "Oranges are so obnoxious like they named a colour after themselves."
  • Mme Bustier: "Why would you be sad to die, that's unrealistic."

Sasshi-P produced an idol group with a better song, nicer costumes, and expensive af MV all at a higher quality than what she’s getting in her own group so I guess I’m an =LOVE stan now 

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You are far too kind and nice to us Red. You must be sent directly from the Maker himself. I know I've personally bennifitted from this blog a great deal (I get notifications every time there's a post and they always brighten my day)and I'm sure everyone else feels the same way. I get paid tonight and can't wait to donate because you're worth it and honestly, you treat us far better than we deserve ^^" I hope you have a wonderful day, and please don't work too hard. Especially for our sakes!

Maker, guys, please, you’re gonna make me cry haha you’re far too kind to me, honestly. I’m just as happy to put my time and effort into this blog as some of you are to spend time on it. Your messages make me just as happy, and knowing this blog helps some of you or makes you laugh is what makes me happiest. 

I never thought people would actually care and enjoy what I do enough to be willing to freely help me by donating, I’ll admit it. The fact that you are all so sweet is a shock, but in the best way possible. I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you, and for as long as I have the means and the energy, I’ll keep on doing this. Which I hope is a long time! <3

I cannot thank you enough, and I couldn’t ask for a better community. 

xoxo -Red

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Do you have any tips on loosening matts in a cats fur? One of my cats gets terrible matts when she sheds her winter coat and we have to cut them out, but they're stuck tight to her chest and sides right now and I don't know how to loosen them. She feels much better without the matts and I don't want her to have to deal with them for longer while they release naturally. I can't afford a groomer or I'd just take her to one of them

Honestly, I am not willing to give you any other advice than: you need to find a way to afford a groomer, or do a payment plan with one. 

Matts are painful and super close to the skin and if you try to get them out yourself you can and will rip your cat’s skin and hurt them a huge amount. It is pretty inhumane, honestly, to try to do it yourself - it requires specialized tools and having been trained. 

Find the money, then start a regular brushing regimen so they don’t come back. 

Things I’m currently unfairly fucked up over SECOND EDITION

1)Benny trying to figure out electric clippers to trim his beard and royally fucking it all up
2)Benny getting Really Frustrated with the oven when he’s trying to bake a pie for Dean cause WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUTTONS WHY CAN I NOT JUST TURN IT ON
3)Benny n o t understanding credit/debit cards
4)Benny hating computers. Sam thinks it’s hilarious. 
5)Dean teaching Benny how to drive in baby
7)Smart Phones Are Evil ™
8)Trying to order Dean something online and typing with one finger 
9)Getting really embarrassed and defensive when Sam catches him
10)Cas and Benny bonding over their mutual confusion at ALL the references

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It's become quite clear for awhile now, at least IMO that they haven't cared about Hook as a stand alone character. He's a boyfriend, a cheerleader, he gets insulted by shit characters, made fun of by shit characters, ignored, tossed to the background, etc, etc. They use him for his fans, but don't give a shit about writing a decent storyline for him. I love Hook & Colin. They deserve better, I honestly can't wait for Colin to move onto something deserving of his talents, A&E don't deserve him.

Basically this. He got a brief shining moment as Dark Hook that lasted a few episodes and he fucking slayed, but that will be the largest focus he’ll ever get on this show. I treasure it and miss it so much.

It’s heartbreaking because Colin is incredibly talented, he’s more than just eye candy, and Hook is a wonderful character, my favorite character of all time, but they have made their priorities clear.

My consolation is that Colin at least seems to have fun, the lack of substance doesn’t seem to bother him, he has a steady income and adoring fans and standing off to the side looking concerned is a pretty easy way to make a living tbh.

I do hope that when he’s done at the end of this season that someone worthy snatches him up and makes him a leading man. I want the chance to see him on my screen, preferably weekly, really showcasing his talent and showing A&E how much they wasted him.

My brain absolutely cannot process that they don’t see how magic he is and what a great character they apparently completely accidentally created, and instead try to make train wreck characters more important than they really are.

That he’s basically been set dressing this season is a travesty and it’s unforgivable. I sincerely hope that A&E never have a successful project ever again, may everything they produce or create be cancelled immediately, because they are shitty shitty writers and they have no idea how to utilize magic when it practically falls into their laps.

They were handed on a silver platter an amazing opportunity to use Colin to make this show incredible, and they squandered it on a hack egotistical actress in shiny over the top costumes.

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I love Lauren. A lot. But I can't honestly wrap my head around Tyren. The major turn off for me, was his age. Secondly he's the total opposite (minus the weed) of Lauren. How can she possibly be dating someone like him? Yes. I get the fact that she's bisexual. And Camren as Lauren so fondly states "was never real. Ever". (I still ship Camren btw). But doesn't she think she deserves better than him? If the relationship is real. And if it's PR, couldn't mngmnt get some appealing to 5H fans?

Age is out of the equation, it’s who he is as a man. His mentality is sickening. 

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about shizuo killing izaya - i also couldn't see shizuo being okay if he did. like shizuo hasn't killed anyone yet despite putting someone into a coma before, and he honestly just wants to be left alone. i feel like more than anything shizuo would miss izaya. that his life wouldn't ever be the same. like shizuo is such a gentle soul - even when he can't control himself he wants to get better to where he can control himself.

yES YES DEFINITELY. Shizuo would no doubt hate himself (more than he already is cuz we all know he is scared of his strength and the idea of loosing control of it and hurting people close to him is like torture for him) but would he wish for Izaya back??

Yeah, I’d think he would. Despite Izaya giving Shizuo a hard time, a reason to kill him, a reason to hate him, Shizuo isn’t necessarily the type of person to actually KILL. We see him being angry, we see him loose control, but he hasn’t actually killed anyone out of hate. He hasn’t killed anyone period.

And Shizuo hating Izaya can be a quite far fetched idea now when we know that Shizuo is more than afraid to loose control of his strength. Shizuo longs for peace more than he hates Izaya. If Shizuo could just leave Izaya alone he would no doubt get his peace and quiet that he yearns for.

But he doesn’t back away from Izaya. No, Shizuo seeks him out. Shizuo hunts Izaya down, goes to Shinjuku to beat him up when he could’ve ignored him instead. He should’ve ignored Izaya instead.

When you hate someone wouldn’t you want to stay as far away from that person? You would, right? You wouldn’t seek up someone you hate just to tell them that you hate them, right?

Yea, idk, it can be argued that Shizuo actually hate Izaya, but personally I think Shizuo hates his strength a lot more than he does Izaya.

And if Shizuo managed to kill Izaya at the end of ketsu…I’m pretty sure Shizuo would break. Just knowing that he killed someone would make him unable to get that peace he so yearn for. He’d have lost the one person who truly wasn’t afraid of him and with him the ability to remain ‘human.’

Idk, I can talk about this for hours man, I’m so emotional rn someone hold me

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My friends keep on saying that they hate the antifa and blm movements, but im a full supporter of both?? I dont know what to do because they're good people and I dont want to start an argument that could fuck up our views of each other. Should I just stay silent about my support?

Do you honestly think they’re “good people” after they’ve made it clear that they don’t give a fuck about the lives of other people? Like? Do you honestly think that this makes them a good person? Let alone a person you want to continue to associate with.

I don’t know the specifics of your situation, for all I know, this friendship could be something beyond your control. But like. If you have to ask us what to do or what we think, then I honestly think you know the answer to your own question better than we could ever explain it.

- Mod A

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Thank you for the reminder post! I'm one of those that get the anxiety. I don't get panic attacks or something but I can't enjoy fandom bc of it. I am planning to read the recaps first and then watch the finale so that at least I'll know exactly what to expect. Thank you for being there for us! You're a literal angel :)

Your welcome! 

Your health and well being will always, no matter what comes before a show. 

I’m glad to be of service to anyone! And thank you so much! I’ll always be there for the Jonsa fam. 

Please take care of yourself. You deserve it Anon! 

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I looked Robin Hood really wanted to fight Emiya.

So I let him.

(Also I want to point out sot that people don’t get the wrong idea here, Robin Hood can do much more damage than this with the proper support, I just wanted to post this because 5 cards, Noble Phantasm, and Robin Hood does not get along well with him so… IDK. Please don’t hate me???)

INFP's indecisiveness is going too far.
  • INFP's scout leader in October: So this year there'll be the COOLEST NATIONAL CAMP EVER!
  • INFP's troop: YEEEEEAH!
  • INFP: *has loathed scouting for like six months*
  • INFP: Well let's do it. It might be good. And I've never attended a national camp.
  • Always INFP: Attend it unless you want everyone to say you're the lazy one and should not attend scouts.
  • INFP's father: *pays what's needed*
  • INFP in February: Well honestly scouting's sucking the energy out of me.
  • INFP: *feels constantly tired*
  • INFP: My father paid so we better accept we have to go. Also, if I plan to leave scouts next year, this is gonna be my last camp.
  • They: *can*
  • INFP: *gets torn apart by frustration for two weeks and just can't do anything but lie in bed all day and nevertheless feels tired*
  • Camp: *begins in three days*
  • Camp: *will last two weeks*
  • INFP: *has no escape*
  • Pretty a mess I guess.

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sorry to just barge in but I've had a bad day and then I saw some very detailed Snape hate posts and.. here's what I've always wondered: we all read many books, watch many movies and shows and love some of them a lot. there are always characters we don't like. but I've never felt compelled to write 2000 words on tumblr why exactly I hate a character a lot?? why do people do this?? there's so little time and energy, why can't they focus this on things they like??

ugh i can’t wrap my head around why people do that. i honestly don’t get why people are like so angry and up for a debate on here, it tires me out just seeing it so idek how they have the energy to spend so much time on something they hate. that would just bring me down, but some of them almost thrive on it?? 

tumblr has this toxic view on things where it’s like ‘i’m so much more informed on this subject so this makes me so much better than you’ or ‘this subject is problematic and no one is allowed to like problematic things and i’m gonna tear apart this subject until i show you every problematic thing about this subject’ type of attitude and a lot of them just can’t shut up about it. it’s exhausting and after all these years i still don’t get it, seems like an absolute waste of time to me. blahh 🙈 just leave them to stew in their bitterness and don’t let then spoil what you love. excuse the late reply and i hope you’re having a better day now, lovely 💕

I can’t put my finger on it but something just. rubs me the wrong way about the adults in camp camp. 

Let’s put David and Gwen aside.

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