Hey so in the letter that Beau stole they mentioned something about bloodthistle, which is a poison. 

But episode #1 of campaign #1, they buy bloodthistle wine from that one dwarf to present to asshole Greyspine so they can get into the mines. So…

Clearly the plant has multiple parts to it. Which is why it was 500 gp for the barrel.

I know too much about Critical Role

Everyone, I’m an aunt since yesterday🙈 I cannot explain just how emotional I got when I met my niece for the first time, even I myself didn’t imagine it to be like that! I got so..soft and shaky everyone, I swear, I felt like I’d drop down to the floor. I didn’t expect that especially, because recently babies seem to be born left and right in my family lmao, so I’m used to the sight of cute newborns and being happy for relatives. But still, it was so different with my brother’s child. Honestly just writing this down now, I’m filled with so much joy and love again😭 When I looked at her, she opened her eyes, and the way she looked back.. Guys, it really got to me!!! I don’t think I’ll ever love another child more than I do love her😭

anonymous asked:

Do you ever get a pain in your back and the first thought that runs through your head is "ah fuck it's happening. im dying of old age already."

this reminds me how last night while i was trying to sleep i suddenly remembered a post i read about a recorded small percentage of people who died from spontaneously combusting and i had a hard time sleeping last night 

to answer your question though, yes

Reasonable: I don’t like ‘queer’, and I have trauma associated with it. I’d prefer if you didn’t use it to personally describe me. I use xkit blacklist and tag blockers to make sure this word doesn’t show up on my timeline, because I understand it’s a popular and useful umbrella term and very important to non-binary and spectrum sexuality folks.

Unreasonable:  I don’t like ‘queer’, and I have trauma associated with it. NO ONE is allowed to use this word with out tagging it. It is a slur everywhere, everyone has the same experience with this word. I’m not going to use tag blockers, instead, I’m going to go on big rants about my trauma on posts where people talk about how important ‘queer’ is, and personally insult the OPs. The only history I know about ‘queer’ as a word I read on Tumblr and otherwise I’ve made no other inquiries about it. People who don’t respect my request to tag their OWN IDENTITY as ‘slur’ are abusive abusers and bad adults. If you use it as an umbrella term you are homophobic. Everyone in the world must change their entire lexicon to suit me. 

@ the anons telling me to “stop making this about gun control”

there have been NINETEEN (19) school shootings this year. it is mid-february. and there have already been 19 school shootings. it hasn’t even been two whole months.

tell me, how is this not about gun control? if there were stricter gun control laws these things wouldn’t be happening this fucking often or AT ALL. don’t tell me to stop making this about gun control when this shit happens because there isn’t any fucking gun control.

y’all are letting children die because you’re too stubborn to stop hanging on to outdated and dangerous laws.