some people miss the point that rashomon isn’t actually aku’s coat, he can use rashomon regardless of the garment he wears (i believe he tends to overdress in order to boost his ability) like. this kid wears a black coat to look intimidating. or because blood doesn’t tend to show up on black fabric. but please imagine: a white rashomon coming out of his shirt dress.
but anyway my favorite thing regardless of the misconception about rashomon is this:



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hey spibs i have an important question, my boyfriend lives in the philippines, im not sure exactly where, but hes in Luzon, and Ive heard there were a lot of attacks there recently. He hasnt responded in a long time and maybe Im being paranoid but Jm worried. Do you know of any recent news in the Philippines?

the attacks r only in mindanao hes fine prolly

NCT Dream: Reaction : Their S/O always kissing their lips

Request:  Anonymous said: an nct dream reaction to their s/o always kissing their lips :) ?

A/N: AHH its been so long since ive written a reaction akfjfhjrfh hope u like it!!!


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Honestly the type to secretly like it but instead of telling you he absolutey l o v e s your kisses, he’ll blush and whine.Don’t worry though, he’ll only do that when he’s with his older members, when you’re alone he’ll make sure to give you lot of kisses back <3



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Hmm he’d actually be even more shy than Mark but sometimes Renjun would just kiss you back, he wants you to know that he absolutely loves your kisses, especially if it’s in front of the dreamies because he gets amused by their reactions.



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Jeno would just be so smiley and giggly, he literally adores your kisses and the fact that you’re so comfortable enough around him to just always kiss him like that makes him really happy.



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Ah, this boy teases you so much about it ;; “Didn’t know you love my lips that much~ ~” he’d say and then pinch your cheeks, but then suddenly you’d feel him place his lips on ours and realise he’s kissing you hehe.



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Nana would have the biggest smile on his face everytime you kiss him, it just really cheers him up.Sometimes, he would tease you just like Hae would, but he makes sure not to do it too much because he doesn’t want you to end up not kissing him anymore.



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The type to s c r e a m and laugh like a dolphin everytime you randomly kiss him, but honestl I can see him also giving random kisses throughout the whole day, so it’s basically just a mess.



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The only one in the team to get really shy when you suddenly kiss him, especially in front of the older members.He thinks it’s really cute, but when the members tease him, he just ends up hiding his face in your neck.

Okay (Tom x FemReader) Fluff

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(( Gif not mine - dang he cute tho ))

(A/n): So so so so I changed the request a bit so that the reader and Tom aren’t actually dating yet but it’s okay because I think it turned out fine

Request: Greetings my dear, I’m wondering if you have time that is if I could send in a request? Tom Holland x reader, where reader and Tom are dating but reader is younger like 18 or 19. And Tom sometimes feeling that he’s too old for her and just some reassuring fluff please :)

Warnings: Swearing ??? Fluff dude


“So but like, are you gunna’ do anything about it, kid?” Robert pondered.

I don’t know!” Tom cried, throwing his arms up. He was now second guessing harbouring his secret in the Robert Downey, for all the wrong reasons.

The young brunette sighed in frustration and collapsed his gaze to the floor. “I kinda’ don’t want to do anything about it..” he mumbled.

Robert laughed and formed an ‘O’ with his mouth. He strut over to Tom so he could pat his back. “Well son, you came to the right place.” he grinned “Uncle Rob has got you covered.”

The brit’s face twisted in misunderstanding, lifting his head to show it to Robert.

“I don’t know, boy, I don’t know.” Rob sighed and stood straight “So, um, why aren’t you just telling her straight forward again?” he asked and began to pace around Tom.

Tom couldn’t help but let a sound of anguish slip his lips. Even he didn’t know what he was thinking, but he was stubborn.

“I’m like twenty and she’s what? Just turned eighteen?”

Rob choked on a laugh “So?” he turned towards Tommy and snickered quaintly “That’s like, what? Two years?”

“Exactly! It’s weirdddd. Why do I have to like her?”

Robert’s eyes looked intently at Tom’s form sitting on a prop box.

The cast was on break, most of the cast, because you were filming a scene with Anthony right now. Tommy found this to be a perfect time to ask Robert about his little (big) crush on you and how he should act on it.

“Well that’s simple,” Rob said and smiled; beginning to pace circles around the young brit “because she’s very smart. Her brains are unmatchable. She has really, almost glowing eyes. A beautifully perfect fit for her face, if I say so. (Y/n) is also really fucking funny and honestl–”

“Alright, I got it!” Tom sneered, glaring at Robert. Jealousy. “So what?”

“Once she gets done, in twenty two seconds, tell her.” Robert smirked, stopping in place. He was quite sure of himself.

Hell no–” 

“Hey Tom! Rob~” you waved.

“Holy shit…” Tom muttered.

“More like,” Robert snickered “Ah shit!” he exclaimed as he stumbled a bit toward Tom, knocked him off his box and into a standing position “Sorrryyy Tommy! Didn’t actually see you there, ha ha. I’ll have to go now, I hear, like, god calling; I need to pray. Adios!!”

And then Rob left the room.

“Idiot.” you laughed and walked a bit toward Tom. “What’s up with him?”

“O-Oh like he said. Needs to pray.” Tommy laughed quietly “Pray that I don’t kill him and everything he loves.”

“Hm?” you hummed and tilted your head up to look into his chocolate eyes.

“Oh nothing~” the brunette said.

“You kinda’ look like you have something to say…” you laughed.

Tom took one deep breath and you prepared yourself to listen; smiling to yourself kindly.

“That you are really really fucking pretty and nice and kind and I like your acting style and the way you do your hair and that you are almost sassy but also considerate and that you can help people without even saying anything and really just that–”

You couldn’t help you eyes widening in internal shock as the brit ranted on; smile faltering. Apparently Tom saw that as a sigh you thought he was insanely stupid for feeling the way he was.

“Oh my– I’m really sorry. I know I’m like twenty and you just turned eighteen but… but like, I have this like…. I’m sorry..” his look fell to the floor, eyes misty.

A hearty laugh bellowed from your throat before you noticed he was going to cry.

“Oh my god, Tom!” your hands flew to his cheeks, panicky. You drew his head to look at your face. “No, no don’t cry! You’re okay, this is fine, you aren’t weird for this.” you explained softly.

Tom sniffed a bit. “Really…?”

“Yes, it isn’t weird that you are twenty and I’m eighteen. Two years could mean jack shit to me.” you went to pepper his face with small kisses, landing one softly on his lips.

“This is okay.”


(A/N): This seems short to me lmao I think this is okay

Bill Denbrough headcanons!

because my hands are still super sore but i want to do smthn for you guys, and Bill’s getting hate as a character atm

  • he is a bisexual baby
  • In love with Stanley Uris
  • really good at writing (obv) but also art
  • loves to draw !!!!
  • he’s a sucker for a good book
  • he will sit in his room for days just to finish a series
  • a slut for the cure!! yes!!!
  • loves to have fingers stroked through his hair (ie stans)
  • v v tall like 200 cm tall
  • is there anything this boy can’t do
  • except maths
  • also rlly into the smashing pumpkins
  • Will never admit his love for karaoke
  • his fave colour is yellow
  • loves flowers sm
  • very into psychology since georgie’s death - ulterior motives etc
  • has a motto of trying everything at least once
  • this means he cant say no to people
  • unless stan does it for him
  • has always wanted babies!!! hes one of those guys how precious
  • date night is his fave night
  • loves his friends more than anything
  • into his interior decorating
  • good at hiding emotions
  • very oblivious
  • never fully overcomes his stutter but it becomes a lot better !!!
  • probably has anger issues let’s be honest
  • lives 4 his teeny boyf stEaling his clothes but will never admit it
  • the cutest boy who deserves all the love