Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees…

Blood on the leaves

- Billie Holiday/Nina Simone/Kanye West

Juneteenth: The 148th Anniversary of Ambiguity

So, Juneteenth has come and gone. Some of us knew, others didn’t. The same can definitely be said of the Emancipation Proclamation

A history lesson… And a decision to make… Celebrate? Today marks the day in America’s bloodline, heritage, kinship, & anthropology that we ALL became a “free” and [literally] unchained people. Amen to the notion, but Rest In Peace to those who faced endless layers of persecution.

Maybe you know about Juneteenth, maybe you don’t. 

A brief review: 9/22/1862 Honest Abe signed the Emancipation Proclamation with the intention of the effective date of 1/1/1863. Too bad nobody informed the slaves of the Confederate South. The “Last Slaves” in Texas weren’t notified until 6/19/1865.

Picture this: You’re in prison. Your sentence is completed. No one tells you for a couple years. Oops. Either way, it’s a holiday and we eventually got to get to celebrate Juneteenth (June Nineteenth) or “Freedom Day." 

With respect to the commemoration of this day, we ask, "what are we celebrating?” Granted, the Civil War was distracting so someone probably just dropped the ball and forgot to let everyone know. The “Last Slaves” can’t be blamed for what they didn’t know but WE can. 

What in your life is stopping you from being free, inhibiting your greatness, and keeping you shackled? Don’t let it be a lack of knowledge or information.

Seek Truth!