honest to god idk what to tag this and not be offensive

"They happen too soon, so they won't be endgame.."

I usually try not to do this - I hate doing this actually, but right now, I’m not in the mood of playing nice, and it’s my blog so I do whatever I want..Here is the thing: I had this bad idea of scrolling down the snowbarry tag, out of curiosity. And I saw someone saying that, because Westallen kiss happens too soon, they’re never gonna last and they’ll never be endgame and Snowbarry will get a slow burn.

I honestly don’t know whether I should just

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or just

I mean.. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I know I shouldn’t make a big deal of it, but.. If pulling our ship down is the only way you found to feel secure about yours, that is just..

Anyway.. I’ll be honest - as happy as I am about this Westallen kiss - like, really happy :D

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I absolutely don’t know .where all of this will go. Because you never  know what writers are planning. Like, seriously, who did see that kiss coming?? No one! So, who knows what comes next? My own experience taught me two things:

  • Never say never
  • Never say always either - until you’re 300% sure! (I was just 200% sure about Stelena being endgame, and look where they are now.. I’m not being a downer, I’m just being pragmatic)

Is it too soon for WestAllen? Maybe..

Maybe not.

All I can say is, maybe Westallen is not much of a slow burn as people - I - expected. That does not mean they won’t be endgame.

Not every “endgame couple” was a slow burn. You want some examples?

Snow & Charming, Once Upon A Time

It only took them a season to find each other, and so far they’re the only real-established couple in the show. They are married. They have children and a huge family. They are the True Love icon of OUAT.

Brooke & Julian, One Tree Hill

These two met at the beginning of season 6. They first kissed around mid-season 6. They broke up, to finally get back together by the end of.. season 6!! All of this in only one season!! So much for a slow burn.. And guess what? Three seasons later, they were married and had their own family. 

Nathan & Haley, One Tree Hill

They were first love. Haley never knew anyone before, and Nathan never loved anyone before. Their love story started season 1. They were the very first real romance of the show. Everything they’d been through, they faced it as a couple. And they lasted for 9 seasons, until the end of the show.

So, you guys still wanna talk about how soon Westallen happens, and how endgame they’re not? Because I still have a few examples left!

My point is..You need to get over yourself.

First: your own ship has not even sailed and you’re already trying to bring our ship down?? With all due respect, what is wrong with you?? Besides, you are saying Snowbarry will be a slow burn, but.. No offense, how do you even know they’re gonna happen? How you do you know they’re gonna become a thing? Truth is, you don’t. No one does. Maybe. Maybe not. But Westallen is happening right now.

Second: Westallen is far from over. It’s only the beginning. And life does not end the day you get in a relationship. People tend to think that being together is only the destination, and once you reach it, it’s over. You’re wrong - it’s not the final destination. It’s just the start of another journey - a greater journey. FYI: you may have the slowest burn ever, if your ship looks like sh*t once they finally get together, they’ll have like 0% to be endgame (okay, I’ll be nice, maybe 3%..)

Third: As I proved above, you don’t need to be a slowburn to be endgame. To be endgame, what matters is not “how long it will take before they become canon”. What matters is “how much they love each other” and how strong their relationship is gonna be.

And right now.. Guess who is the winner??

DISCLAIMER: All Gifs used are NOT MINE

EDIT: And just so you know, OTH was a show from the CW!! Just saying..

Kylo Ren-The no good very bad way.

@reyofdarkness  I didn’t want to hijack the original post for my rant , so making a separate post and tagging you..This is gonna be somewhat incoherent rant, lol… fair warning to anyone who wants to read further..at your own risk..

The more the internet and tumblr does the Kylo hate thing, the more protective I get about him. Tbh,I have issues with reylos who seem to put Rey on this pedestal and are always saying ‘whooped his bitch ass’ ‘kneel at her feet’ etc etc… like, idk maybe it’s a kind of feminine high for some, but jeez…

Oh my God, i’m glad i’m not the only one! You’ll never ever see me calling him trash or whiny or any other pejorative word, not even for fun. Plus, i really dislike the whole idea that Rey is some kind of sublime angel and everyone should kiss her feet and look up to her in awe. Seriously, bring it down a little. She’s just a girl, a really awesome girl, but still. She has flaws and doubts, and i’m almost sure that she will be tested at some point. I don’t even think that Rey would like to be worshiped like that, i mean have you seen her? She’s really down to earth. Oh and we should definitely make a Kylo Ren defense squad. (I am so pissed that we even have to consider that, but desperate times desperate measures.)

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