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Canon or not the 2.ct is still kinda Bad in part bcs as a plot twist it was too predictable to the point ppl have been calling it for over five years? And also it still leaves some Big Questions unanswered and yeah im happy for its believers or whatever but at the same time all i feel is like this is such a cliché twist and i feel like it detracts from the sentimentality and importance of Other Tragic Developments in this arc and idk im sad my guy sorry for sharing i just relate to the salt lmao

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lmao, I legit saw someone (i don’t remember who, damn) saying this doesn’t change Ciel’s motivation?

Like, hello, then what is the point? 

Honestly, I’m mad because this changes Ciel’s motivations in a way I dislike, not because it changes them at all. If a twist/change in the plot DOESN’T change the mc’s motivations then what is the fucking point? I’ll be more pissed if it doesn’t change a thing. 

But let’s be honest, I’ll be pissed anyway. 

Eh, I’ve been preparing this for years now. I still hate it but I can’t say I’m surprised. Mostly? I’m fucking happy that the forever dragging and stupid hints will be over, thank god Toboso finally pulled the twist. 

Oh, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing we saw it coming? Like, that’s the point. It would be worse writing if we didn’t saw it coming, like, if you don’t have any clues and suddenly there is a twin, that makes it worse. I’m not unhappy for knowing it, I’m unhappy because it’s ehhhh, such a cheesy plot device. Like, I have latino telenovelas for this shit, for god’s sake.

But anyway, let’s wait how all this thing will go and what purpose will have the dumb twin into the plot. Idk, maybe I’ll like this asshole better than Ciel, who knows? That if he is a true person and not, idk, a bizarre doll or something, lol

The last year or so I have tried to figure out why things have happened the way they have…

Why did all of this happen to me? My family? My friends?

And in the last couple of weeks I have felt like I am slowly coming out of my fog…that everything happens for a reason.

What is that reason?

No fucking clue…to be honest.

A lot of people say “well god knows you can handle it! That’s why it happened to you…”

You know what I have to say about that…

What in the ever living fuck do you mean?!?!?

Sooooooo I have found myself trying not to focus on what others have to say. To not focus on what others have to think.

I have lost..strained and even gained relationships.

If I lost or strained what was between us. I apologize for that. If it was more in my control then this wouldn’t have been the outcome..it just wasn’t in my control.

I know people want to fix and help me…I get that, and most definitely appreciate it.

I like to fix and not be fixed!

I don’t want the focus on me, I don’t want to talk about me. I am not a complex soul. I say it how I need to say it, and leave it be.

So here I am…dusting myself off and moving forward.

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what is come from away about? im really intrigued because i only found out about this show recently but i honest to god have no clue what it could possibly be about. the set is so simple and the cast is kinda odd and theyre all sitting on chairs and at the tonys they mentioned something about 9/11?? i just dont understand

I am presuming by your lack of willingness to avail yourself of google that you wish me to explain this to you in a more entertaining manner than that employed by, say, wikipedia.

UNFORTUNATELY I am about to go to work, so my ability to be entertaining has been curtailed. but I can WHOLE-HEARTEDLY recommend reading a synopsis, looking at this quick clip montage, and then listening to the soundtrack on repeat while trying not to sob into your tea about HUMANS and CONNECTION and HOPE IN THE MIDST OF TRAGEDY.

“You Two-?” (Young Remus)

Can you write an imagine where the boys keep trying to set Remus up with people but he’s secretly dating you and they find out about your relationship by spying on him?

* * *

‘What about her?’ James asked, pointing to a Hufflepuff girl who was sitting across the room. Remus shook his head, giving you a sideways glance. ‘Nope.’ He said. You bit your lip had to turn away to make sure no one could see you smile. James sighed and looked to Sirius, ‘He’s making this so difficult.’ He whined. Remus breathed out, ‘Why are you so determined to set me up with someone?’ He asked. James sighed, 
‘Because, Remus,’ He said, ‘You haven’t ever dated anyone. I’m just being a good friend.’ 
‘A good friend,’ Remus said, ‘Would let me do my potions essay without pointing to every girl that walks in, suggesting I should date her.’ He said, making you laugh softly.
‘Come on mate,’ Sirius said, putting down his quill, ‘Just go on a date. For us?’ 
‘For you? For you?’ Remus said.
‘You could get any of these girls.’ Sirius said. 
‘I don’t want any of those girls.’ Remus replied, a little too quickly. James and Sirius looked at each other, raising their eyebrows, ‘Have you got your eye on someone?’ 
‘Even if I did,’ Remus sighed, closing his book, ‘You two would be the last people I would tell.’ He smirked. James looked to you, 
‘Be honest, y/n, does he like someone?’ You grinned smugly at James and Sirius, ‘Yeah, he does. And she’s really pretty.’ You smirked at Remus who looked down, grinning. James and Sirius basically jumped with excitement at this, ‘Who? Oh my God, y/n, who is it?’ 
‘You have to tell us!’ 
‘Come on, we tell you everything!’ 
‘Remus who is it?’ 
‘Just give us a clue!’ 
‘Yeah like what house is she in?’ You and Remus laughed at the boys’ desperateness to find out who this mystery girl was. Because the truth was that the “mystery girl” was you. ‘No can do boys.’ Remus said, standing up. You stood up too, collecting your book, ‘Have fun trying to figure out who she is.’ You grinned before walking off with Remus, the both of you feeling very smug with yourselves. 

You walked down the corridor together and then slipped into an empty classroom. ‘We are so sneaky.’ You laughed, as Remus shut the door. 
‘I feel like I’m living some secret agent double life.’ He said. You grinned as he walked towards you, his eyes glancing at your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a sweet kiss. ‘Imagine their faces when they find out about us.’ You whispered as the kiss broke. 
‘One of us needs to have a camera when we tell them.’ Remus said, making you laugh. You kissed him again and as the kiss broke you opened your mouth to say something when the door burst open. You flew backwards away from Remus in fright and he did the same. ‘What the-oh.’ He cried. The blood drained from your face as you saw James and Sirius standing in the doorway, their jaws hitting the floor. ‘What the-?’ 
‘You two-?’ They stammered. Your heart was beating extremely fast but you breathed out, relieved that it was only them and not a teacher. ‘We should have brought that camera…’ You said awkwardly. 


“You have to take it back.” He pulled me into an empty classroom, frantic. He started pacing, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. I rubbed the place on my arm where he pulled me into this classroom. This empty classroom. This classroom with just us in it.

“Take what back?” It took more concentration than it should have to make sure that I wouldn’t stutter around him. To be honest, I have no clue how I concentrated on anything else than those perfect eyes staring into mine.

“Tell me that you don’t like me. Tell me that you don’t want to be more than friends. You have to tell me. You have to take it back.”

“Then… Then I take it back.” Just for his sake. Do it for him. Malia makes him happy and Stiles deserves that.

“What?” His voice was quiet. Confused.

“I don’t want to be more than friends.” Yes I do. Oh my god do I. “It was a stupid, silly crush. I’m over it.” No I’m not. I’m not over the years and years of being head over heels for him. “And I’m sorry Stiles. I’m really sorry for starting something that didn’t need to be started.” He exhaled, relieved and laughing under his breath. I could feel my heartbeat in my fingertips, in my head, everywhere. I hated lying. I hated lying to him.

“So can I borrow your Econ homework?” He wrapped an arm loosely around my shoulders and guided me into the hallway. My heart pounded in my ears. Why did I tell him that? Why why why.

“Yah… Yah, Sure.” At least he was happy. Even if it didn’t involve me.

Pt 1 (???) ( http://imaginesofmostthings.tumblr.com/post/125430859408/oh-my-god-you-stood-there-shocked-they-were )

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Oh..yeah I…. definitely didn’t like that video either.He kinda paused, face skewing up. Hana…I honest to god have no idea who those youtubers are, all I know is some swedish guy got blasted for being racist or whatever. And I only know about that because Genji was talking about it once. Other than that I have no idea who these Pewdiepie or Jacksepticeye guys are.

Head Down Low (Fifteen)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd. EXTRA WARNINGS: there is a bit in here where Dan says that he would kill himself if something happens, and though it’s kind of meant to be light-hearted I feel like I should warn you in advance. 

A/N: this chapter is dedicated to chloe bc she is a potato and i love her <33 (all will become clear). also this is obviously an extra chapter this week bc i felt productive and it just kinda happened. 

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

If he bites his lip any harder, he’s probably going to draw blood. He’s stood outside Phil’s house, swaying back and forth on his feet as he waits for someone to answer the door, and even though it’s been seconds since he knocked, it feels like hours.

He knows now probably isn’t the best time to try and explain his reasoning to Phil about why they need to stop being friends, considering the fact that Phil is sick and is probably already pissed off enough with Dan as he got him in trouble, but he knows that if he doesn’t do it now he’ll never have the courage to. He knows that Phil can make him stay friends with him, and he knows that if he does he won’t have a choice but to stay, but he has to at least try.

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WE HAVE PROOF. Louise Brealey telling us to read Chekhov is an absolute, honest to god clue. How could it not be? If you don’t believe in the episode after what’s come out RE the loaded rifle and the three Garridebs + Chekhov’s explanation that when a gun is shown it MUST GO OFF, then I don’t know what to tell you. 

Real world events are factoring in. This isn’t just a conspiracy any more, it’s damned well happening and I am so excited I can barely contain myself


This is purely fiction. I have no idea the relationship between Selena and her parents. It just came to mind and i wanted to write it down. Let me know what you think! 


‘Hey baby’ Justin said walking through his girlfriends house to find her outside on the porch. She sat on the steps with the phone in her hands, gazing into the distance without even realizing her boyfriends presence ‘Selena?’ She snapped her head towards Justin to meet his concerned eyes.

‘Hey babe’ she mumbled, standing up to hug him before pressing their lips together softly.

‘Is everything okay?’ He whispered, Mandy had let the teenager in, informing him Selena had been on the phone to her father who had called just ten minutes before Justin arrived.

The young women sighed before shaking her head. Justin laced her fingers through his own before pulling her over to the hammock and sitting down, pulling her close to him ‘what’s on your mind pretty girl?’

‘My dad called, he’s getting married.’ She said quietly as Justin kissed her temple. He knew Selena wasn’t a fan of his fathers girlfriend and secretly hoped they’d break up.

‘I’m sorry’ he whispered as she shook her head.

‘I’m just annoyed whenever she’s around I come second to her son.’ His girlfriend had a son from a previous marriage  who Ricardo favourited over his own daughter. ‘I know my dad always wanted a boy and I guess now he finally has one, what does he need me for.’

‘Baby you know he loves you right?’ She nodded but didn’t look at him ‘I don’t know why he does this, maybe he feels threatened because you have Brian so don’t need him in his eyes. It’s stupid but it’s not your fault.’ He tried to reason. He didn’t really know how to make this better.

‘Do you know what’s worse? The date of their wedding is a night I have a show. A show which is sold out might I add. She has done this on purpose so I can’t go and god forbid take any limelight away from her.’ She said bitterly as Justin’s eye brows raised.

‘They what?!’

‘Exactly.’ She sighed.

‘Can I be honest? Feel free to shut me up at any point and say I don’t have a clue about anything.’ He said as she chuckled and nodded.

‘Your dad is your biological father and he made you and that’s great, I’m very thankful for that’ he said as Selena let out a little laugh ‘but Brian has raised you with Mandy. Your dad is kind of like an Uncle he comes around every now and then but he doesn’t really know you. You have your family with your mom and Brian do you see where I’m coming from?’

She nodded slightly ‘so you don’t think I should be upset?’ Her tone wasn’t accusing or harsh, she was merely getting his opinion.

‘No baby, I think you have every right to be upset, he’ll I’d be pissed to, but you’re talking to me like you’re losing your dad but you already have a dad who is never going anywhere. The people who make us aren’t always our parents.’ She smiled and nodded before kissing  him softly.

‘How is it you always know what to say?’ She teased as he grinned before giving her the most serious face he could muster ‘it’s all in the swag.’

‘You’re the biggest dork in the world’ she grinned and he pulled her down so she was lying on the hammock and Justin crawled on top of her.

‘Don’t make me tickle you…’ he warned as she took the deepest breath ever.

‘Can’t breath Justin god what did you eat today.’ She teased him as he mocked hurt and pinned her hands above her head.

‘Are you calling me fat Gomez?’ he said as she giggled and nodded her head as she pretended to pass out from her laying on top of him.

He leaned down to kiss her softly as their lips molded together and she moaned in his mouth ‘how do you always taste to sweet? I could kiss and cuddle you all day.’ He said honestly and she grinned before kissing her again.

‘Back at you Bieber, I love you.’

‘Even though I’m fat?’ He joked as she giggled.

‘Even though you’re fat. I’ll love you forever and ever.’

‘Aww I love you too baby, now how about we go ask your mom and dad if they want to go to dinner with us later?’ She grinned and nodded before lacing their hands together and walking inside. 


Coming Out Day

I checked and…I’m still gay!

I came out for the first time twenty one years ago, and it was terrifying. You gear yourself up for this one time coming out bonanza, but that’s not what it is. You’re going to be expected to come out all the time, for the rest of your life, because you meet new people and do new things, you move and start over and visit new places, so you have to go through this progress over and over again. People you meet always make assumptions, and you’re always going to have to clue them in, because god knows they aren’t going to question themselves.

It gets pretty boring, to be honest. I’m an old lady now, and I’m over it.

So I don’t really come out anymore. I act as if everyone already knows that I’m gay, just like straight people act like everyone already knows they’re straight. With time I’ve realized that it’s not my job to nurse people through the experience of having an dumb assumption they made without any evidence corrected by exposure to actual facts. That’s their work to do, not mine.

In the end it’s actually less embarrassing for everyone. They can act like they totally already knew, and I don’t have to sit through another earnest attempt at reassurance where they talk about how open and accepting they are, and now they are totally friends with a gay guy sort of. Yawners, man. 

But I’d like to take this time to explain that while I’m definitely gay, I’m currently in a committed and loving polyamorous relationship with the internet, tea, writing fiction, homemade english muffins, the smell of honey + chamomile, and sleeping in. And my OTP, but that goes without saying. And several pairs of footwear. It’s a complicated relationship, but we make it work.

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Hi Kate! What do you make of all this contract signing thing? I was honestly having so much fun with the pics, and now my dash is full of people preocuppied because of the way Harry might go solo... saying they were expecting Harry to go about it like this... what do you think?

i don’t have a goddamn clue and i don’t see the point in trying to figure it out at this point. obvs to each their own but i personally don’t care enough to put the energy into it and i’d rather just wait it out and see what happens. BUT i will say what i absolutely HATE lmao is the way ~solo harry~ is talked about in this fandom. if harry wants to do a solo album, i’m all for it! it would be beyond incredible and if we’re being 100% honest, i’d love a solo harry record like please @ god. i’d also love a solo louis and liam and niall record too if that’s what they wanted to do! i’d kill for all of it. gimme gimme. but whenever it’s talked about in this fandom ppl go batshit and talk about it like it’s the end of the world and the end of one direction. as if harry wants nothing to do with one direction. as if everything the media has said about harry vs. the band is true. which i firmly do not believe! and i don’t think most of us do either. but people suddenly act like this is absolutely unheard of for ppl in bands to do (hint: it’s not!!!!). like there’s such a weird fucking stigma surrounding it and i don’t even think it’s intentional?? i think it’s just sort of been engrained in us at this point but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. bc it makes it so difficult to enjoy, y’know?? if harry has signed a contract with jeff, great! i’d be so super fucking proud of him!!! and it doesn’t suddenly mean we’ve been wrong about azoff’s involvement w/ the band or that everything with azoff was only ever about harry. there are so so many layers to what’s going on and so many puzzle pieces missing that we can’t possibly know what’s going on fully. all in all, whatever it is, i don’t think it’s anything to be worried or anxious about. this break is a totally new thing to us and to them so a lot of different and maybe unexpected things are going to happen but i think it’ll be a good and exciting time for us and for the boys. 


Chuck/God in 11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

“You Either Die A Hero Or You Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villian”

I received a couple of anon messages as well as an ask by @babymisha15 on the topic of villains in  11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”. In order to not clog up anybody’s dashes or repeat similar things over and over again, I thought I’d reply to them in this post with a hell of a lot of crazy ideas.

The title of this meta post is a quote taken from “Batman: The Dark Knight” and I felt it fitting for the thoughts the asks I received sparked regarding the return of God and the way the show painted him over 42 minutes. After I found the time to rewatche the episode, I am even more struck than on first watch how very  cleverly this episode played with perception and deception, played with truth and lie, played with metaphors of light and dark and how it also seemingly contrasted God and the Darkness. What struck me most about the episode though is, that even though one the surface it may look different, if you dig a little deeper, the show did not choose sides here. It didn’t pass judgment, just showed and told.

In one ask someone wanted to know if I thought they’d make God the villain. To be honest, that wouldn’t even be something new, because with what he did to his sister, no matter for what reasons, he proved to have villainous potential. Much more than that though this question made me realize what would be an epic set up for S12: Turning God into the Big Bad. In the end it would be the ultimate battle of humanity fighting for free will, because in a lot of ways one could say with Chuck’s return and him intervening and finishing his autobiography that will affect the world at large, he dictates and influences its fate by making it “his story” and by that in one swift motion making it the world’s story too.

Now, if we work with what this episode showed us, then there is enough wiggle room left to - if you want to - to think of God playing still right until the very end, and actually not coming clean. He said he loved acting. That acting is fun. And if we look closely at these scenes and the moments when the music dropped away and it got uncomfortable, because it went where it hurt, the moments where he didn’t act, he was downright scary and someone you don’t want to have as your enemy.  Chuck as the scenes showed is not his true self, it’s what he hides behind, do question is did he act in the last scene of the episode too or was he sincere?

Very interesting in this regard I find the exchange between Metatron and him when he says that “he didn’t see the evil turn coming” (and arguably not many wouldn’t be surprised by that plot twist) and following it up with “why do you want to be me” connecting the “going evil” with himself. It’s far fetched, but it leaves room for the possibility of God not even realizing that in the end he may become the villain, even more than his choices may have rendered him to be that already.

Lucifer, he said, wasn’t a villain. And to some extent I agree, it was how God reacted to his behaviour and deat with it, by locking him away like he did with his sister, out of sight out of mind. But it’s undeniable that what he had entrusted to Lucifer was in part what built the groundwork to turn him into an antagonist. That doesn’t absolve Lucifer or Metatron or any of the other people of their wrongdoings or sins though. It’s their choices that put the nail in the coffin. And choice, free will, are key words, have always been on SPN.

And the question remains also if it was also the influence of the Darkness, who was just contained “barely” as Chuck himself said, that helped along shaping Lucifer. And I find that line to be beautifully fitting to how the fog wormed its way into the police station. You can’t keep out what’s meant to be there, what used to be there. What was there with you from the beginning. Imo this episode and especially the emphais on mirror and the line about

“Every great hero needs a great villain.”

makes it a compelling thought that God locked his own Darkness away, externalized it and it’s time for him to take it back - two halves of one whole, ying and yang. And the effect the Darkness fog had on the people was to bring out their darkness. Meaning the Darkness lives in every single person, has always been in some proximity part of creation.

Metatron told God to look into a mirror and tell the world who he is and be honest. God, isn’t just light and beauty and warmth, that’s clear as day, I think, after this episode and his mirror image, his negative mirror image is his sister. And she too said what the fog sparked was showing a mirror and showing the truth: that God’s creation is a built on a lie or rather is built on Darkness, not light.

I have no clue if the show would ever go there, turn God into the Big Bad, but man, I gotta admit it could really be something. Especially considering what Metatron said so convingly:

“Humanity is better than you are.”

Arguably humanity and it’s creations renders it to be Gods themselves. Yeah, they are flawed. But as we have seen so is the Almighty. So therefore I personally kind of like the idea humanity is the true divinity.