honest question i'm curious what people think

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This is an honest question. How is it any different for someone to compliment you on your eyes or face or whatever over complimenting your boobs? I mean they're all just body parts and men are evolutionally made to be attracted to boobs (I think?). I'm really curious and don't mean this in an offending way whatsoever. I'm a girl myself but I just started thinking about it... and what is so bad?

thanks for asking

they are all body parts. i agree with that. boobs are just sacks of fat

BUT that’s not how men, or most people, see them. boobs are a sexualized body part, and from a young age, we’re taught they’re one of our “private parts.” it would be the same as a guy complimenting my ass or my pussy. 

a man complimenting my boobs is purposely invading my comfort level. he knows it is one of my “private parts” and an aspect of me that i chose to show to those i’m intimate with, and he’s choosing to ignore all that. i feel that when a man chooses to compliment me on a sexualize body part, he is sexualizing me, and telling me that he sees me as nothing more. 

also, eyes and smiles are emotive. my eyes will tell you a whole lot more about what’s on my mind than my nipples will, and when a man compliments me on those, he’s telling me he cares about what’s in my head and how i feel. he’s going beyond a physical connection. 

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Honest question (As I think you're one of the few people on this website that isn't an utter moron): Do you think Sexual preference is a choice, or do you think people are born with that information hard coded into them? And before the flame war starts (Not with you, Tena, with the other jack-knobs that occupy this site), yes I understand I'm a White, Cishet Male. No I don't care if that makes me magically privileged. I'm honestly curious of other people's opinions and views on the matter.

Oh, gosh.  Well, sexual preference is actually much more specific.  What I think we’re actually talking about here is sexual orientation.  For example, a bisexual person may slightly prefer women over men, but their orientation remains the same, because they still feel attraction to men.

Either way, it’s a tricky question, because a person is the product of many different factors.  However, given that there are plenty of LGBTA teens that continue to be sent by their parents to “conversion” camps every year (it is 2015, WHY THE FUCK DO THESE PLACES STILL EXIST?  Legit institutions of persecution that continue to cause teen suicides, and they still exist.  What the fuck, humanity??), upbringing isn’t necessarily the strongest factor to take into consideration.

Personally, I do think it is inherent in the brain, and part of who we are.  An individual may go through a period where they’re still trying to figure it all out, but the brain decides for them eventually.  Our brains are the true self, after all.  The brain doesn’t care what the rest of the body looks like, because that’s just meat, and meat can be rearranged.  The brain knows what we’re supposed to be.

Brains are smart like that. :3