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Mentions, tags, and dodads! (Fanart too!)

Hello! Mod Tem!Frisk here for a bit of an info post!

Talking with Dusty, we’ve come up with some decisions that I hope everybody can be happy with, but also I’ve got some info I need to share with people because I’m not sure how many people know this stuff! :3

TAGS!: Any new blogs may not be aware that your posts actually won’t show up in tags until an uncertain amount of time has passed. This is to prevent spammers and trolls spamming popular tags with terrible things. But because of this we might miss your content if you’re a new blog!!

MENTIONS!: When you say the name of a blog it will also show up in the tag search! (And it follows the same rules as above!) However, if your mention is done like @underlineau then it should show up in our activity log. And I stalk that at least three times a day so I won’t miss a single mention! If you want us to see a fanart you’ve done, this is one of the best ways to get my attention ;3

CHAT!: If we’ve still somehow missed your content completely, you can drop me a message on my main blog @ifellforundertale! I don’t bite honest! I just might get uncomfortably close and pet your face. :3

A DECISION ON FANART!: Dusty and I have decided that it would be better for the blog if we reblogged all fanart of Tem!Frisk and Dusty to my @askbadtemfrisk blog, so please submit fanart directly to that blog, or submit it to your own blog and tag @underlineau so that I can find it! (I don’t check the activity log for @askbadtemfrisk. Oddly lazy I know)

We never expected to get fanart let alone so much! But most people are here for the story. So we need to get Tem!Frisk back onto Bad Tem blog!! xD Tem!Frisk will still answer asks here but I’ll try and move more Tem!Frisk stuff over to the other blog.

All UnderlineAU Fanart will still be accepted at this blog! But please if you want to submit fanart of Dusty and/or Tem!Frisk, send it to @askbadtemfrisk!

Also we take a long time to submit fanart, we’re very sorry!!