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Our good friend Quade Monagle took this video of us last night. The audio is from our own recording, but the video looks awesome. Thanks so much to him!

analecta - Janus Bifrons

  • we set out into the night
  • trying to map the horizon
  • there is life here
  • just don’t look down
  • as the light bends and shifts
  • the earth shook and the sky turned black
  • moving to the beat of the unseen
  • it could have been the greatest escape
  • the secret lies within

releasing within the next month on Honest Empire Records.
artwork by neverwhere? design
engineering and mixing by Metanoia Studios 


Last song from our set on Sunday. We’re naming the song “Falling in the Right Direction”. We changed it up a bit, hope you all enjoy it.

still looking...

for people/blogs/online zines… print zines to review our album.
do you know somebody who works for a place that does reviews and might review our album? we don’t actually know who or where to send it for that sort of thing. help us out!

also.. the link is to our album on iTunes… just in case you were interested. 

cornerstone festival:

thank you so much to everyone who came to see us either friday night or saturday during the scorching heat. we will have pictures and maybe even video as soon as possible and we’ll post that when we have it.

in particular, i’d like to say the most heartfelt thank you to one person.
i don’t know their name. i don’t even know if they have a tumblr or a facebook or if they’ll ever see this.
an hour before we departed the festival, i had a conversation with a guy who was probably about 18 or 19 about something that happened during our set on friday night.
all i want to say is … thank you. if i walked away from the fest with nothing else, i will always remember what you said. thank you so much for that. even if i never see you again.

i had some excellent conversations with several people, and it means the world to us that people are affected by our music. we honestly could not ask for anything more meaningful than that.

so to everyone we saw, and all the friends who helped us out with setting up friday night and everyone who came to see us or bought a cd or came to talk to us…

thank you from the bottoms of our hearts 
- calvin

for those of you who are in the michigan/lansing area…
WE ARE PLAYING WITH AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR from Belfast, Ireland on thursday at Mac’s Bar. this is big. and you should come hang out.




so… tour has been over for a few days, and we already miss playing every night.
and we miss our friends in The La De Les and Keyoung.
it was a most excellent tour, and it was even better because we got to spend it with friends.

we also made some new friends and played with some awesome bands and in some awesome places along the way.

bands you should check out:
Ghost Key
Life Exposed
Strangers Now

thank you to everyone who came out to any of the shows and got loud with us or bought stuff or were in any way supportive.
without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to exist, so thank you for everything. 

news and updates and other things as well...

hey everybody.
we thought it was about time to post some semblance of an update, so here it is.

1. we are playing at Nic’s Music Hall in New Carlisle this weekend. (friday night.) with five other bands. we don’t actually know who the other bands are, but… you should come hang out anyways.

2. saturday night we are playing at Really Awesome Place for a South Bend Roller Girls fundraiser show. roller derby is expensive and we definitely support them, so you should come out to that. also playing are: Lune, Red Hot Voodoo, Cause for Concern, Lune, Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts, and Scumbags. and it’s only $5. (it is, however, 21+)

3. BIG NEWS! …. TOUR! we have our dates pretty much set now and a general direction. several of the days are already booked or are nearly booked. unfortunately, due to scheduling, the La De Les will only be on half of the tour, but… we’d rather have them for five days than no days. also, Keyoung will be with us for the whole time.

  • Oct 5th - Chesteron, IN at Simpledays
  • Oct 6th - Bloomington, IL (pending)
  • Oct 7th - Southern IN/IL or St Louis - NEED HELP
  • Oct 8th - Lexington or Louisville, KY - NEED HELP
  • Oct 9th - WV - NEED HELP
  • Oct 10th - Cincinnati or Cbus - NEED HELP

——— with The La De Les

  • Oct 11th - Toledo or Mansfield, OH - NEED HELP?
  • Oct 12th - Big Rapids, MI (pending)
  • Oct 13th - Holland, MI at Lemonjellos
  • Oct 14th - South Bend, IN (booked, not sure of venue info yet)
  • Oct 15th - North Manchester, IN (pending)
analecta, Chin Up! & Kid Valiant

this may a bit ridiculous, but since there is an overlap between the three bands, we decided to post EVERYBODY’S schedule here.

you want to know where to see any of the three bands in the next few months?
check this.


June 15 - graduation party. (private event.)
June 24 - wedding reception (private event.)
July 2 - July 7 - Cornerstone Festival. (currently working on booking stage slots for this.)
July 12 - Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI with And So I Watch You From Afar and Zechs Marquis
July 14 - Really Awesome Place in South Bend, IN with Lune and others for a South Bend Roller Derby fundraiser.
July 17 - Automajik (former members of Foxy Shazam and The Javelin Dance) at Goshen Theatre
july 27 -  New Carlisle, IN at Nick’s
July 31 - theendoftheocean in South Bend or Goshen

mid-October… TOUR with The La De Les and Keyoung.

Chin Up!:

June 12 - SimpleDays in Chesterton, IN with Hollow Earth
June 22 - Lemonjellos in Holland, MI with Vices, Fine Fine Titans and more.
July 2 - July 7 - Cornerstone (currently booking)
July 16 - The Scurvies in South Bend
August 9 - 11 - mini-tour with William Bonney

Kid Valiant:

June 10 - Peoria Pizza Works in Peoria, IL with Real Friends, False Light and Not All There
June 15 - graduation party. (private event.)
July 18 - August 1 - TOUR

in other news, Kid Valiant has a brand new EP called Hopeless coming soon on Honest Empire Records and we are currently waiting for the final mixes to arrive in the mail for the Cats. 7" which we will be sending off to the press as soon as possible. It will be released on vinyl through Chorus Of One Records and on tape by Honest Empire Records.
all three bands have new merch coming soon.

want to know anything from analecta? ASK US! 

upcoming things!

hey everybody.
we’ve got a bunch of stuff coming in the very near future.
we should probably start at the beginning.

we just spent this last weekend tracking our new 7" split with Chin Up!, called Cats. we will be announcing release information later this week. we have one (yet unreleased) song on one side and Chin Up! has four songs on the other side.

January 28th - we will be playing at The Strutt this Saturday with Hidden Hospitals, Sosaveme, Star Destroyer and Chanical Fields. we have pre-sale tickets if any of you are interested and will be in the area. we haven’t played in kalamazoo in a while and will be playing some material that some of you may not have heard before.

External image

February 11th - OUR CD Janus Bifrons OFFICIAL RELEASE SHOW! we will have the official digipack release of our full length album, out on Honest Empire Records. we are stoked to have these, as we spent a lot of time on them. this will take place at The Goshen Theatre in goshen, in. also playing are our friends in The La De Les, The Rendition and In Euphoric Company. we will be playing the entire record at this show. this is the only show that we will be doing this at. it may be the only chance you have to hear some of the songs live. we will also have guest musicians playing with us for some songs.

External image

March 3rd - we will be returning to howell, MI to play at The Great Escape at a big post-rock show with some of our midwest post-rock family Good Weather For Airstrikes, Sunlight Ascending, The End Of The Ocean and a couple more. 

External image

March 8th - we never shy away from being the odd one out on a show, and this is no exception. we will be playing The Goshen Theatre again opening for our friends in The Color Morale. also playing are Home of the Brave, Steady Hands and Trash The Dress (it’s their tour kick-off)

External image

in the meantime? we’re always booking more shows. want to see us? get ahold of us.

we are also in the process of writing more.
our next project is a 4 EP concept album and writing for that is just around the corner. we will also be doing the occasional one-off song for splits and compilations and such, so keep an eye out for new music. 



January 28 - The Strutt in Kalamazoo, MI
with Hidden Hospitals, Sosaveme, Star Destroyer and Chanical Fields

February 11 - Goshen Theatre in Goshen, IN - JANUS BIFRONS CD RELEASE SHOW!
  with The La De Les, The Rendition and In Euphoric Company

March 3 - The Great Escape in Howell, MI
with Good Weather For Airstrikes, Sunlight Ascending, theendoftheocean and more

March 8 - The Goshen Theatre in Goshen, IN
with The Color Morale, Home of the Brave and more