I really loved Robert’s instant response with the reveal of his past affair. “Aaron knows”, it’s like the first thing he wanted to lay down to his newfound family was that he’s still devoted and totally in love with Aaron despite the mistakes he’s admittedly said he’s not proud of. THIS IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AT ITS BEST

Yuri!!! On Ice vs. Free!

Okay, I never thought that I’d be making a meta on my NSFW blog; but I really feel like I need to put it out there. Yuri on Ice is completely different from Free! It is not the same. 

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Free! It was very interesting watch, and plus, I’m a fangirl so why the hell not watch hot dudes trot around in tights? But at the same time, I feel like people are really missing the point behind why YoI is important and why there is so much love and support toward this anime. 

One point I’ll make is that it was made for men to embrace their femininity. Basically it’s fighting against the idea of masculinity. In episode three, Yuuri realized that he was not the male playboy which some males feel as though they are. He was the more subdued, feminine, and seductive type so that he’d become the woman. Yeah, this show is gay. Like really gay. It’s not under implication that it is gay, or putting thing into place that it is slightly gay. 

This thing is real. It’s gay. You can’t change that. 

Yuri! On Ice is pretty much changing the dynamic right now. It’s doing something different than Free! or any other show that’s basically made for fan-service. They’re going past the idea of keeping the gayness under radar for us people to try and figure it out. No literally there’s nothing left to imagination. 

Free! made it quite obvious that their characters were going to be under high implication of more than platonic relationships. It was just left for us to assume that these characters had romantic feelings for each other. Hence why Free! received so much love because of the amount of fan-service it provided for us. But swimming isn’t something that’s considered a “feminine” sport. Ice skating? Yeah, people are going to shout gay in which it is. It’s supposed to be.

But Viktor, I believe and know genuinely has feelings for Yuuri, and Yuuri is the same. He does nothing to hide it. No this isn’t a little OVA that will have two episodes and leave us to read a manga to catch up. It’s literally what it is. 

It’s genuinely made to change the dynamic. It’s in the lyrics of the opening. Hell, the song is called History Maker. You can’t say that this isn’t meant to do something different. 

Me: ‘I’m sorry, but this young cat is too afraid of dogs and won’t be a good fix for your home, which is also four states away.’ 

Them: ‘Too bad.  I’m a great home.  Kittens adapt.  Especially Maine Coons’ 

Ugh.  Huge pet peeve, this manipulative guilting tantrum.

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