Love me honest

I want love that’s hard to swallow.
I want your bad days,
And your good ones.
I want wasted time.
Love me reckless.
Love me with mistakes.
Love me with your walls and your secrets and your hidden stories,
And then love me with your heart on your sleeve.

Love me uncaring,
Love me caring to much.
Love me on days where the world is too heavy and I’ll help you carry it.
Love me when it’s difficult.

I don’t need a love that writes books.
I don’t need a love that is easy,
I just need a love that is real.
I just need a love that is alive.
Love me trying your best.

I’ll love you through wars I can’t see.
I’ll love your skin and your soul.
I’ll love the parts of you you can’t love.

Love me like constellations.
Love me like impossible things.
Love me as a choice.
I don’t need a love that feels inevitable,
I don’t need a love written by fate.
Love me because you want to.
Love me only when you’re good and ready.

And as long as it’s honest,
It will be enough.

-K.M. “Love Me Honest”

She learned to look down
And laugh and deny herself compliments
Because everything this world gave her
It could also take away.

She learned to say sorry
For being too happy
Too sad
Too human for life
And that storms follow sunshine
As much as rainbows follow rain.

But she learned to fall apart
With a smile on her face
And so she learned to
Keep on living
When she felt like 
Just the opposite.

—  M.S. 

Y’know, something people really need to realize is that even if gender roles were abolished, transgender people would still exist.
It’s not a matter of gender roles.
It’s what’s encrypted into our brains, our wiring.

If we lived in a utopian society, no gender roles, no discrimination, we’d still be transgender.
This has been a PSA, brought to you by yet another “truscum piece of shit”.
Thank you.