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One of the things that I love about Elementary is the way they demystify Sherlock’s deduction process. It’s like, most other Sherlock adaptations treat his detective skills as a purely inborn quality: a natural, inexplicable talent that’s completely unobtainable by anyone else. 

But Elementary goes “you know what? I bet Sherlock put a lot of work into developing and honing those skills, and that he could teach those skills to other people”. Sure, there’s definitely a measure of natural talent to it, but it’s also made clear that it’s just as much about training and learning and depending on others when your own knowledge and skills aren’t enough.

In the process, it’s also tacitly acknowledged that Sherlock couldn’t be what he is or do the things he does if he hadn’t been born so privileged. The only reason why he’s had the time and opportunity to train himself up, to gather such a deep and varied well of knowledge and to form such a vast network of experts he can contact for help, is because he’s rich (and white, naturally, since it ties into his generational wealth and the lenience Sherlock is afforded for his criminality).

Without his father’s money, he would have less time to devote to bettering himself as a detective: he would have to worry about earning a paycheck, about keeping himself fed and housed and keeping his living space clean and orderly without the help of a housekeeper. 

He would have to worry about the cost of his experiments and equipment and consulting fees and all sorts of other mundane things that would clutter up his mind. He would have to charge for his services, and accept boring cases just to pay the bills.

Without his father’s money, he wouldn’t have his extensive education. He wouldn’t have the Brownstone. He wouldn’t have met Watson.

And I think part of the reason why Sherlock doesn’t accept payment for his work (mostly, with a few notable exceptions made for entities he despises) is because he’s aware of the advantages he’s been afforded in life.

ree-fireparrot  asked:

Is there such thing as a martial arts disciplines or techniques that "suit" someone? Like if someone is physically on the small, weak side but has good reflexes and spatial judgment would they emphasize techniques that rely on accuracy (or hitting people where you can cause lots of pain without lots of strength)? Or is it less what you learn and more how you use it? Am I making sense? (If the answer to the first question is yes, what's a good discipline for the character in my example?)

You train your body to your style. In terms of physicality, there’s no barrier for entry. You adapt the techniques to your body as you train. It’s a common misconception that you need a certain body type to be able to fight, or to be good at it. Training takes care of the issue. The kind of physical training you engage in will mold your body. Practice, dedication, attention to detail, correction of errors, and time are all it takes.

There are martial disciplines that will “suit” someone, but those are psychological and philosophical in nature. Learning is faster when you desire to learn, and when the fighting style doesn’t counter your own goals. If you are mentally rejecting your training, then training will be almost impossible and produce poor results. A fast, brutal fighting style that focuses heavily on joint breaks will not suit a character with a gentle nature, who wishes to do as little damage as possible. Someone who wants a more inward focused and philosophical martial art will do better with Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan than they will with the sport focused Taekwondo.

The problem with your example is that it’s incredibly general and focuses on the character’s body rather than the character themselves. There is no good answer to it because the answer is, “all of them”.

Using physical strength as a metric for what kind of fighting your character can participate in or what martial arts they can learn is for stat based games like Dungeons & Dragons. You can take the abilities listed and apply it to any martial art you want. As I’ve said before many times, it’s better to work the other way around by finding your martial art then figuring out what you’re characters physical skills are going to look like as a result of their training. Trying to apply the combat style the other way around ultimately results in window dressing. Especially since, “all of them”.

All martial arts will hone and develop your character’s reflexes. So, the question is ultimately not that your character has good reflexes but rather, how were they developed?

You learn to judge distance through training exercises with your partner. All martial artists need spatial awareness.

You will learn accuracy by practicing your strikes on targets and then against live human partners.

Martial arts don’t rely on physical strength alone for damage, it’s cumulative and a balance of multiple factors that are all developed by training. Speed, accuracy, flexibility, momentum, endurance, learning where to hit and how to hit to achieve your desired results, your ability to move your body together, timing, these are what most people mistakenly refer to as, “physical strength”. Often, genuine effort and hard work are mistaken for natural gifts.

”Who is my character?”

“What do they do?”

“What do they want to be doing when fighting? Their philosophical outlook on the nature of combat? Their morals? What do they believe in?”

“What kind of fighting will they be involved in?”

“What kind of fight scenes do I feel comfortable writing?”

“What is my genre?”

What interests you and your character, who they are as a person, what you’re going to ask them to fight in your narrative, and, of course, how closely you want to hew to reality are what you should use to narrow down your search. After that, it’s gravy.


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Parenthood - Damian Wayne x Mom!Reader

A/N: Thank you guys for all of your love and support! You guys seemed to really love Motherhood and I’m honored that you guys wanted more! Without any further delay, here’s the sequel to Motherhood

After being exiled from the League of Assassin’s you are reunited with your son Damian through his father. Together you and Bruce grow into a comfortable family dynamic (requested by @suavehayes and anons).


After being reunited with your son, it took a little while to get back to where you had left off with him between the time you spent apart and Talia’s influence. You son grew hard under Talia’s care but deep down you could still see the loving son that you raised.

It took a good bit of explaining to Bruce to help him understand you and Damian’s unconventional relationship but he understood well enough. He could see that Damian was just as much your son (if not more) as he was Talia’s. You’re the one who nurtured him. You’re the one he called mother in his native tongue. You’re the one he’s willing to protect more than anything. Bruce recognized all of this and wanted you to be in Damian’s life as a positive influence.

Even though Bruce had only known of Damian’s existence for a short amount of time, you could tell that he already cared immensely for his well being. Bruce cared and wanted only the best for Damian which meant steering him away from Talia’s toxic influence. Bruce did this by giving Damian the mantle of Robin and putting his League training to good use helping people.

Bruce let you spend as much time with your son as you wished and often you would come over to Wayne Manor to join Bruce and Damian for dinner. Every once and awhile you would visit the cave to assist with Damian’s training. You helped him hone his skills and develop control. Under your motherly guidance, you were able to get through to him in ways that no amount of training with the Batman could accomplish.

Control, Ibni.” You commanded as you observed Damian and Bruce train. Damian was getting frustrated and was starting to lash out with his anger. “Your rashness gives your opponent the upper hand.” You further explain.

“This is ineffectual!” He yelled in frustration. “I do not understand why we cannot give lowlife’s what they deserve!” He growled throwing a fist towards Batman. Batman caught his fist and pulled Damian so that he was face to face with his intense features. Bruce radiated righteous fury.

“What they deserve is justice, not for you to be their judge, jury and executioner.” Bruce roared. Damian stared defiantly up at his father, neither of them willing to bend to the other.

“Your father holds much wisdom, Damian. It would be foolish for you not to heed his words.” You said with calm composure. These two were both far too strong willed for their own good so someone had to be the voice of reason when they butt heads. Bruce and Damian stared each other down for a few more moments until Damian yanked his hand away and reset his stance.

“Again.” He demanded and their sparring recommenced.

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inferxpony  asked:

Mod, what inspired your art style? I love it sooooooooooo much!!

Hey, thanks! <3

My artist friends I made in college really inspired me. Having so many art friends makes you determined to keep developing and honing your skills, to create a sense of artistic individuality. My style used to be more cartoony, but because of them I branched out. I enjoy the stylized features, but also enjoy anatomy and detailing a great deal.

Also, my professors were Senior Disney Animators, so I guess over those 4 years my drawing style kind of adapted to look Disney-esque? Or something that vaguely resembles 2D Disney.

anonymous asked:

Hii! I was wondering what course you take at uni and what your thoughts are about going to art universities in general. I'm thinking of switching over from sciences to pursue an art degree, but since I draw in a semi anime style, I'm worried I won't be able to take classes and learn new things without being criticized..Art universities also seem very expensive so I'm very insecure if I'll make the right choice, (what is 'right';;;) Thankyou for reading anyway and sorry for this weird question;

I took an Animation course at the Arts University Bournemouth ^-^ I graduated this year, and honestly speaking, I’m pretty sure Art Universities vary from place to place and their level of rigour/workload will also vary not just from institution to institution, but from course to course.

My Animation course was really heavy duty. We worked 5 days a week, from around 9am til 5pm every day, and by 3rd year, when we were working on our own film in teams, we made our own schedules and had to be very self disciplined. So days became more of a 9am til 7-9pm, and I’d often be going in on Saturdays to keep up with work/do more to alleviate some of the workload that was gonna be coming our way by the end of the year. I know many classmates who were taking work home with them to keep on top of their Animation too. There were many sleepless nights..

So it really really depends on what kind of art course you want to pursue (I can only speak for Animation!), and what kind of institute you’re thinking of looking into! Animation was fantastic in how it incorporated life drawing into its curriculum (which I’ve seen many art courses do, like Illustration, Fashion, Model making etc), and the tutors were great at explaining the basics and getting us to understand the tricks and rules to human anatomy! But once we learned those rules, they encouraged us to break them so that we could develop and hone our own styles, so I think in terms of your concern about your own style…if you’re willing to learn the basics and practice the ‘rules’ of anatomy, and face constructive criticism on how to improve, you’ll be fine! 

Criticism kinda goes hand in hand with art - you can’t escape it and you shouldn’t, honestly. You won’t improve as fast, or in as many areas, without feedback and helpful pointers. I’ve had a fair few cruel teachers, and there’s a massive difference between helpful, constructive, fair criticism, and being taken down ten pegs and having strips torn off your esteem. Everybody draws differently and for different reasons, don’t feel ashamed of the way you draw!

As for choices…nobody can make the choice but you Anon ;; I can only give you my 2c and hope the advice/my experience gives you a small morale boost. Art is a really tough career and course-choice to pursue, and if you’re being worked hard, that usually means you’re at the right University (I’ve heard some courses can be very lax and that personally doesn’t seem worth the money you’re putting in if the teachers aren’t as dedicated as you are ><). It really depends on what you want to do at the end of it all! There are MANY fantastic artists online who’ve taught themselves and learned from peers and tutorials, without attending any kind of art institutes, and that is also a very valid and plausible path you can pick! The decision is ultimately yours, and I hope some of my gurglings have helped even a tiny bit ;;

mitsuki0tennyo  asked:

I've been wanting to ask you on Ao3 but does Anakin actually teach Leia in the Double Agent Universe, other then the basics and shielding techniques. Anakin uses the Force in combination with his Lightsaber, in fact he's quite fond of using Force in offensive manner and I'm not talking about the force choke. Does teach Leia any of that?

Most of what he teaches Leia is what I call the mental disciplines: shielding (which is the most imperative in her situation, and therefore the first thing they focus on), sensing things and people through the Force, feeling and interpreting other people’s emotions, telepathy (which they initially discovered by accident but which they then spend a good bit of time honing), developing greater awareness of self and surroundings through the Force, and several different meditation techniques.

He also teaches her telekinesis, which can be used offensively in a fight. (And which Anakin himself frequently does use.) And he does teach her the Force choke, because it’s a form of self-defense that she can always have available, but that won’t give her away.

Basically I imagine Anakin’s teaching style to be very open-ended. He shows her what she can do, and let’s her decide what to do with it.

Leia doesn’t have a lightsaber, because it would be far too dangerous for her to get caught with one during her time as a Senator. And after she joins the Alliance full time, she no longer sees Anakin very often, so he can’t teach her. So lightsaber dueling is actually something she’ll learn from Luke. (Meaning neither of them is very good, since he had all of one lesson with Obi-Wan. Possibly Anakin will get to teach them after Bespin, when everything comes out.)

US warns of 'significant international response' if North Korea conducts another nuclear test

(North Korean leader Kim Jong Un receives applause as he guides the multiple-rocket launching drill of women’s sub-units under KPA Unit 851, in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) April 24, 2014.Reuters)

A State Department official on Monday said there would be a “significant international response” if North Korea were to mount another nuclear test.

In a conference call with reporters, State Department Acting Assistant Secretary Susan Thornton said the US would not “stand idly by” while North Korea “develops and hones” nuclear weapons.

North Korea, led by authoritarian ruler Kim Jong Un, has conducted five nuclear tests so far.

In response to a question about what the US would do in response to a sixth nuclear test, Thornton said that “some kind of major provocation like that would draw pretty significant international response.”

“We’re definitely not seeking conflict or regime change, but we are committed to defending our people and our allies should it be necessary,” Thornton added.

In the past, the US has responded to North Korea’s nuclear tests by increasing sanctions, which Thornton said the US is also considering.

The Trump administration wants to “maximize economic pressure on the North Korean regime to try to get it to make tangible steps to roll back their illegal programs,” Thornton said.

The Kim regime levels a steady stream of threats against the US, and officials say President Donald Trump is watching the country closely. A senior administration official told reporters in February that Trump views North Korea’s nuclear program as the “greatest immediate threat” to the US.

On Sunday, North Korea attempted to fire a missile, but it blew up within seconds.

“There is a feeling that this is a very urgent — not just regional but global — threat at this point,” Thornton said. “So I think that when you hear discussion of wanting to evaluate this issue on the priorities list … that reflects the urgency” of the threat.

Despite the warnings issued by the State Department pertaining to another potential North Korean nuclear test, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday that “drawing red lines hasn’t really worked in the past.” Spicer said Trump won’t “telegraph” his plan for a response to other provocations from North Korea.

The US is also hoping that China can increase pressure on North Korea to roll back its weapons program.

“President Trump is very hopeful that the Chinese will use the considerable leverage they have over the economic lifeblood of North Korean economy in the service of this effort,” Thornton said. “China has indicated appreciation of the urgency of the threat, of the need to have an international coalition mounted and the need for China to do more in stepping up pressure on the North Korean regime.”

Thornton’s comments came as Vice President Mike Pence was in Asia visiting the demilitarized zone between the Koreas. Pence said “all options are on the table to achieve the objectives and ensure the stability of the people of this country,” warning that “the era of strategic patience” with North Korea “is over.”

And Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last month that the US was considering a preemptive military strike on North Korea if they “elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action.”

Alex Lockie contributed to this report.

NOW WATCH: Former State Department official: Evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia would create a ‘constitutional crisis’

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She Changes Everything She Touches ~

“What is the power of a woman who has opened to the sacredness and Divine truth of herself? What happens when she has the courage to bring the inner light outwards? What transpires when she softens her hard edges, plants her bare feet on the soul of the earth, opens her sacred channels to the Ancient Ones and declares, "Yes, I am ready to be seen?”

She changes everything she touches.

The pulse of Life that was given as she incarnated as feminine form, housing extraordinary creative and healing powers, begins to throb faster, deeper, with a rhythm in tune with the universal, eternal heartbeat.

With each throb, each memory-stirring resonance, each vibration subtly speaking ancient words of remembering, She begins to come alive to Her Shakti Essence. This is a conscious, intelligent, prescient, truthful and profoundly transformative energy.

She begins to change. She feels changes on the inside, calling her to a Old Dance that can be heard up in the hills, up in the mountains, out near the sea. The Dancing is in time to a sensuous and seductive rhythm, and there are voices, chanting, music, laughter. It is the sound of women who are in love with themselves; in love with the Earth; in love with the oceans; in love with the sky. It is the sound of women changing, and supporting one another as they do so. It is the sound of women loving, with pure sacred force, and bringing their love to all places that are wounded, terrified, shaking, and lost.

The circles of women who are dancing realise that they change everything they touch. They realise that their powers are immense, omnipotent, unfathomable, essential. They have been reminded by the Great Goddess that if they do not rise up now, if they do not open themselves to this energy, this support, this love, this power - that the promulgation of the Divine Feminine light will suffer.

It is time to remember that when She is in connection with Her deepest knowing, Her deepest wisdom, Her deepest intuitive responses, her deepest healing medicine, her deepest loving heart - She Changes Everything She Touches.

Her Light will affect every room she enters. It will alter the balance of energies within every person she encounters. It will spark off transformation and healing within each and every situation that she is brought into contact with.

She has a power that has been gained through lifetimes of learning and practicing with the Great Ones, lifetimes of pulling herself through ritual after ritual, rite after rite, initiation after initiation. She has worked from dawn until dusk, through the night, hour upon hour, breath upon breath, to hone and develop the Sacred Essence of Woman. She has worked hard, and long, to prove to the Goddess that she is capable of this mission. She is trustworthy, pure, wild and infinitely connected to Light.

She can bring down the energies, she can pull up the healing, she can work her magic with lightning-speed - all without you ever knowing she is doing anything. You are probably just chatting with her. You might be receiving a hug from her. You may be walking with her. You might be asking her to use her abilities just for you. You might even be making love with her. Be prepared, for a level of transformation to occur that is relative to the level at which you have engaged her energy field.

You must be aware of who you are dealing with. These women are everywhere now, but they are usually unrecognised by the masses. Those who ‘know’ will see them instantly, by the way their bodies shimmer and glow with truth; their eyes appear like Mysteries, rich with knowledge that pierces the Soul; their hearts seem to embrace, comfort and cherish without a single word spoken.

They are magnetic, unforgettable and ravishing, because the Goddess is alive within them. Wave upon wave of nourishing light emanates from their bodies and flows to where it is needed - healing, restoring, transmuting. Powers such as these have long been forgotten on our planet, so it may come as a surprise when you are touched by this energy that you cannot understand nor forget. When you meet her, only remember this.

She Changes Everything She Touches, so prepare to be changed.

She Changes Everything She Touches, so realise that you called her into your life for a reason.

She Changes Everything She Touches, so be aware that she will bring up in you what needs to transform.

She Changes Everything She Touches, but don’t ask her how she does it.

Those kind of secrets rest in the sacred vaults of Heaven, the most hidden natural places on Earth, the most arcane tombs and temples of the Mystery.

Someday, in the very distant future, you may get to witness her Divine methods and be permitted to enter her private, sacred domains of healing and magic. This day is a long way off. Until then, all you need to know is this:

She changes everything she touches.


-Sophie Bashford

Art by Jose SolEda Palacios

Do NOT allow a SD be the one to “teach” you about relationships and men!

I received the following message:

Being that I’m not very experienced with men, should I try to gain more experience before venturing into this lifestyle or do you think I should wait to learn from an SD?

I think this raises an important issue for girls who are younger and “new to the bowl”, so here is my reply:

If you are not experienced with men and the dynamics of relationships with men, whether casual dating or more complex relationships involve sexual intimacy, please do yourself a favor:  stay away from sugaring until you are.

I’m not here to simply “tell you what you want to hear”, and, I think you know that.  I’m also not trying to be mean or disparaging.  I am trying to give you good advice that will make you a better SB, if and when that time comes.  

Finding and maintaining a SD is, in many respects, more challenging than a vanilla relationship. And, believe me, if you are in your late teens or even early 20s, the issues that you face with vanilla boys is like the minor leagues compared to facing off with a 40+ or 50+ year old “major leaguer”.  Until you “master the game” of dealing with vanilla boys close to your age, you have no chance against older, more experienced, manipulative, controlling, clingy, and complicated men more than twice their age!  They bring a boatload of “baggage” to the table and, if you’re not ready for that, you are going to be overwhelmed, confused and hurt.

No SD is going to “teach” you what you need to learn about men.  They will not “lead by example”.  They will not “cuddle you”, “protect you” and “help you” when it comes to the dynamics of a relationship.  They will use your inexperience to keep you down, to exert control over you, to make you dependent on them for your feelings of “self-worth”. Never put that type of power in a man’s hands, honey!  Never!

Even if you are lucky enough to find a great SD, relying on him to teach you about relationships is too much to put on his shoulders!  After all, he has a self-interest here!  He wants your companionship and your body and, probably, he wants both on his terms.  In this respect, you can’t expect him to look out for you the way that you should do for yourself!

SBs talk about sugaring in terms of their “hustle”, their “game”, and there is a legitimate reason for using those words.  Hustle is all about being in control, controlling the man, not being controlled by him.  Hustle is defensive as well; it is about protecting yourself, your feelings and emotions and your own mental well-being!  If you are not experienced with relationships and men, you cannot have a hustle!  Or, if you do, it’s gonna be all wrong! Without valuable “life experience” when it comes to men, you have no idea how to control them or how to protect yourself; those are “learned skills”, not something that you are innately born with.  

Girls without hustle, without experience, fall in love with their SDs when they shouldn’t, get manipulated into doing things that they don’t really want to because they don’t know better, get out-maneuvered at every turn.  A girl without a hustle is prey to every “trick in the book” used by men to get them in bed with nothing in return.

Instead, use this time to get yourself experience!  Go on vanilla dates.  Learn what it feels like to be treated well by a guy; learn what if feels like to be used and treated like shit!  Use that experience to hone and develop your hustle, and then, get involved with more vanilla guys and “practice on them”.  Learn about your own sexuality, what you like, what you don’t!  Learn how to say NO when a guy tries to get into your pants, and learn how to say YES when you want it to happen!  Learn the difference between the two!  Learn to use your pussy to control a man instead of allowing his dick to control you!  Allow yourself to experience the feeling of heartbreak and rejection; understand those feelings, analyze them and use your mistakes as valuable experience.  Along this path, far along this path, your HUSTLE will start to manifest itself.  You will feel self-confident and sure of yourself!  And then, and only then, will you be ready for the bowl!

A SD cannot and should not teach you any of this! In this respect, a SD is the worst possible teacher!  If you follow my advice, honey, you’ll be his teacher, not the other way around.  And, trust me, that’s the way you want it!

Talent vs. Hard work

I have a pet peeve. It’s called “talent”. It seems like such an innocent word, and usually it is used with good intentions, as a means to complement someone. But the fact is, it’s not. It’s not an innocent word and it’s not a complement. That word has on it’s conscience the never seen greatness of anyone who has ever given up something they could have been very good at, if given the time and practice. It is the killer of hope, of potential. And so I despise it.

How many times have you felt discouraged after witnessing someone do something you love a gazillion times better than you? How often have you toyed with the fantasy of how much easier your life would be if you had even half their *talent*?

Here’s the kicker: talent is an illusion, a deception, a lie. It is a concept and a construct which tells us that some people are just magically amazing at doing something, magically better than you. The deception of talent is two-fold; on one hand it tells us “less talented” that those in possession of said talent is some kind of special snowflake who’s skill and capacity we can never match, whilst on the other hand it completely mitigates and disregards all the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices made by the person supposedly in possession of said talent.

Yes, there are people who have been blessed by nature with a great potential for something. But having potential is utterly useless if you do not use and practice it, if you do not hone and develop it, if you do not train it. THAT is what makes the difference! And yes, even those of us who do not possess this natural potential can still usually become highly skilled at that same thing, and sometimes even more so than those with said natural potential.

So next time you start reconsidering your own abilities because you compare them to someone you consider way more talented than yourself, ask yourself how long they have been in this game, how much time they have spent on improving themselves, how many sacrifices they have made in their life to make it happen. You may find that you are not devoid of talent, but rather simply lacking in experience, time, training and dedication.

And while that too can sound discouraging, at least that is something you can DO something about! :)


“Angel Thunder”

U.S. Airmen and Marines, along with German and Swedish Air Force Rangers, train together on various shooting tactics during Exercise ANGEL THUNDER at Three Points Firing Range in Tucson, Ariz., May 12, 2014. ANGEL THUNDER is the only exercise in the Department of Defense covering personnel recovery training across the full spectrum of irregular and conventional warfare and has become the world’s largest and most complex personnel recovery exercise. Through the use of joint training, members are able to hone their development of the four core functions of personnel recovery which include preparing, planning, execution, and adaptation. ANGEL THUNDER is designed to provide state of the art rescue training for the total Air Force rescue community, as well as Joint U.S. Military, federal government agencies, local communities, non-governmental agencies and allied nations. (U.S. Air Force photos by Tech. Sgt. Heather R. Redman/Released)

Between the Lines

A telephone, a code, and everything they wish they could say to each other. Third prompt for Royai Week ‘15, “Telephone”. Pretty adorable if I say so myself.

A/N: I know the “code on the telephone” gimmick has been done a million times, but I love it and wanted to try my hand at code. I hope y'all like it!

Can also be read here.

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"A Lizard Named Waffle," or, "The Zombie Movie That Never Was"

In the freshman year of our college experience (Fall 2009), we were beginning to feel the pulls of a creative mind without release, of ideas and past stories consumed and conglomerated with no way to put them out in the world. Evan, Vin, and I had all bonded (and in many ways, became friends) over B-horror and zombie fiction. This was just before the recent, awesome resurgence in zombie (and apocalyptic in general) media and we were psyched to “make a zombie movie” – so we got to work. 

I can remember the exact night, later autumn, in which we had a bunch of friends over my parents’ house, and when everyone was falling asleep to the movie on TV, Evan and I were sitting almost under a desk (to avoid waking the others) and spit-balling and scripting our “zombie movie” – it would since then evolve, for better or worse, from outside influences. That original script written by the two of us is entombed somewhere in the confines of a long-dead hard drive; regardless, it is probably rubbish with our inexperience contemporary to the era and we are merely reminding it with whimsy, but it is forever lost. 

A lot of the process was very, very trying and a few (comical in hindsight) brushes of personality or creative differences arose between the director, the writing, and the cast, but overall, it was one of the best memories of my youth. I feel like Evan feels the same way. It was certainly not an end-product to be super proud of, by all means, but it does represent a pet project that a group of people put together between Winter and Spring break. True story: we started in the cold of winter and ended in the mid-Spring. The main group involved with the project all still are producing material, whether together or individually, and that alone makes me happy that we are finally releasing this, however condensed it is (through the style of “Let’s Play!”) – although a few of us involved overall are only still in touch on a daily basis, I love and wish everyone else all the best. 

One of the more interesting and endearing aspects of trudging through a watching of Nathaniel is noticing and picking up on the character quirks and similarities that we have fostered, honed, and developed either through this project or just our own personalities, that are still prevalent in our current work. For instance, the quick, low glances my brother throws at the ground when reciting lines or trying to emphasize panic; Evan’s quick smile and head tilt when seguing into a new line of dialogue. I noticed, of myself, this sarcastic nod and mouth movement when I get caught proven wrong or facing snark. 

This is silly. This was fun. Evan and I recorded this at eight in the morning after staying up all night and had not previously anticipated actually showing the video in the corner, so some of the conversation may sound off. Also, there is a slight stutter in the cadence of the video-within-the-video after we pause during a chaotic scene and some of the audio is delayed. No worries and I apologize – there was certainly no way we were going to wait another five hours for this to render, heh. 

And now, without further ado… 

A Lizard Named Waffle / Nathaniel / Our Zombie Movie That Never Existed

evehallows  asked:

Do you know if Charlie does all the fighting/flipping/parkour/stunts?

he has a stunt double named Chris Brewster, but i’ll just quote one of his interviews:

How intensive was the fight training, and how much were you allowed to do, because there are some very brutal, impressive maneuvers on display.

“It was great — I love all that stuff. I said to them over and over again to let me do as much as much as I’m allowed to do, and they were very generous and they let me do a lot. I did as much training as I could and got as comfortable as I could with the sequences. Obviously, the difficulty [was], I didn’t have much time to learn the sequences because I’m often filming other things, so I would have to learn them in the morning of the day we were shooting or on the day of, so I could never really learn an entire fight sequence. What I could do was learn the whole thing in six to ten moves, if you know what I mean — I’d learn six, ten moves ahead of time. We’d film that section and then we’d move on to another section. Having said all of that, I had an amazing stunt double. He went above and beyond — other than being an incredible gymnast and martial artist, he really watched my body and attempted to move like me and stand like me and hold himself like me. That was like such a gift. His name is Chris Brewster and he is capable is doing some stuff — which you’ll see as we get later on into the series, because the other thing about the show is [Matt’s] still learning at the beginning; he’s getting better; he’s still developing and honing his skills. But as you get later in the season, [Chris] starts pulling off some moves that will blow your mind.”




               Giovanna Vici, founder of the school, knew that it was in her best interest to view the student as a whole being, not just the product of his or her work in school. This holistic approach, known as the Vici Method, allows students the opportunity to express themselves through their art and not their marks. While there is still a large focus on academics, the real focus is on creation—to develop and hone skills as great artists and architects of the future.


               St. Cecilia’s Academy for the Artistically Gifted was founded in Paris, France in 1642, when the Renaissance was underway. The school, made for musicians, artists, writers, and those involved in the theatrics, is highly selective, admitting twenty students into their program every year. The program, if accepted, is free of charge and open to students of all nationalities and walks of life. It is very rigorous and put in place for students to excel and advance.


                  All the students attending the exclusive school are all reincarnation of the most influential artists in history, even if they don’t know it. Each character will represent a different artist be it Coco Chanel or Kurt Cobain. There will be a total of six slots open. The characters can either be the reincarnation of writers (includes poets, play writes or famous journalists), visual artist (includes people from the fashion industry), performers (dancers, actors, ect) and musicians.       


               Illusion is a character building based RP. You will create your own character molded in the image of someone from history of your choosing that fits into one of the categories above. They will be based off of facts and stories that involve the historical figure and other than that there are no restrictions. You can select your own ethnicity, gender, age, ect. The admins do not want to limit you in any way, shape or form as long as the character is a well rounded tribute to the original individual. While each character’s past mimics their original, their future is up to you.



Dorothy Dandridge in the 1942 soundie, Zoot Suit. Between 1941 and 1943, Dottie starred in a number of soundies. She was paid $25 for one day’s work. Many legendary state began their work in Hollywood through these soundies. As Dottie’s career flourished, she rarely spoke about her early work. However, these short musical films allowed Dottie to hone her talents and develop the discipline, style, and technique that would become so valuable to her career.

A little lovenote for the end of the year

Dear friends and followers, both talkative and silent, thank you for keeping me company this year.

I’m not going to lie, it was a weird one. If I’ve seemed distant, please know it was nothing anyone here said or did. Between the sudden move across-continent and some intense health lows, I feel as though I’ve spent a lot of this year convalescing, to the detriment of my personal relationships both on- and offline. I’m looking forward to the fresh start of 2016.

Thank you to everyone who mentioned me in their year-end posts and follow forevers. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to send a kind word throughout the year; they meant so much to me I haven’t got adequate words. Thank you to anyone who has ever sent an ask with a random prompt or question about my characters (and forgive me if your question is still in my inbox!). Thank you to those who waited (and continue to wait) so patiently for me to update my languishing (but not forgotten, never forgotten, and certainly not abandoned) WIPs. Thank you to everyone who loved Rose Trevelyan and gave her a chance, even when they wanted Grace Shepard. 

Thank you to everyone who supports me on Patreon, to everyone who has said they will one day buy my original work, to anyone who has gifted me with art or words or feedback. Thank you for your belief and hope and love.

A personal thank you to my best beloved friend @w0rdinista. I am so excited about the world we’ve spent this year creating and honing and developing; I can’t wait to see where it all takes us. I know it’s going to be great. (Also, thank you for letting me just come visit for weeks at a time ;D) <3

And thank you, too, to everyone I follow, for allowing me a glimpse into your lives, for providing me with so much entertainment and so many beautiful things to look at. You are all precious to me.

I wish you all the very, very best in 2016.

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