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You can never go wrong with açaí in the morning🔮👅 Usual base 〰frozen nanas, bluebs, mango, acai powder〰 topped with banana coins, granola, coconut flakes, chia, drizzle of bee-free honee and a big dollop of my homemade vanilla maple cinnamon almond butter ✨ This stuff is so addicting it tastes just like a birthday cake 😱🎂 Broke my cheap food processor making it but so worth it 😅

anonymous asked:

You made a really well written and worded argument against eating honey. There's so many easy alternatives too (maple syrup). And carnists will find any reason to disagree. I don't see people who argue about honey talking about bat conservation. Bats are endangered and a major pollinator as well as pest control. Thanks for being so patient and kind though. It's hard to talk to people who don't want to understand.

(Thank you a thousand times over for the kind words! It means a lot to me, like, I’m actually blushing. If I can get comments regarding my good writing over anonymous messages, maybe I can pass my midterm essay?)

Another really easy alternative is agave nectar. It actually tastes extremely similar to honey! Another artificial honey substitute comes from a brand called Bee Free Honee, another simple liquid sweetener made from plants!

Maple syrup is my personal favorite alternative (and I love the flavor more than the flavor of honey anyways). Maple syrup (pure and artificial), as well as agave nectar, can be found in almost all commercial grocery stores, and at reasonable prices as well! There’s no reason to choose honey over another sweetener. 

The point you make about bats is incredibly valid! These are, unfortunately, very undervalued pollinators. People think of bats as nuisances, despite the fact that in many regions they are endangered, and are a necessary aspect of pest control and pollination. They are almost always native pollinators as well! Bats are important pollinators and species in general, although they don’t have the same massive impact that honeybees do in most ecosystems. 

Thank you for taking the time to write in- you made some really good points! And even if people don’t want to understand, the least one can do is be kind and patient. That’s the only way you can ever hope to have someone see your point of view! (Plus, I think you give me a little too much credit. Some of my comments had some bite to them). All the best to you! 

-Admin Samantha

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bee free honey??????

Bee Free Honee!! It’s a brand of apple based honey. It’s made using apples, lemon juice, and sugar and it’s more like honey than any other honey alternatives. I wanted to give it a try and about 6 months ago I finally did. It’s pretty neat.

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So if you're a bee person, in all seriousness, are you a Bee-Free Honee customer? It's an alternative to honey that's all natural, vegan, 100% organic apple based, delicious as fuck, and I believe it's even kosher. I've been buying it to support my town's bees and if I'm ever able to maintain it I hope to one day buy a Bee Thinking hive shelf and let my own bee colony grow and do its thing. Long live the beeeeees owo

Bees actually benefit from local beekeepers selling the honey bees make. So no, I buy the real stuff to support the tiny sky babies.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of anything that could replace honey including the antibacterial qualities? Most other vocalists use honey to keep their voices healthy but I can't seem to find a suitable vegan replacement. I looked at the website of that Bee Free Honee thing you recommended but it didn't say anything about it being antibacterial.

Apple cider vinegar and garlic both have some antibacterial properties (from the research that I have done, anyways, these seem to be the two best options)

-Admin Samantha



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