‘Earth Dreams’ for Acura of Honda Motors

Now that word is out, take a look at one of the many projects I’ve been keeping quiet about for the last few months!

Me and four other artists teamed up with Acura to each create a 60 frame 24 fps automated flip book to promote the new 2016 Acura ILX. Vault 49, Invisible Creature, Andrew Bannecker, Jeff Soto and myself all included a quick flash of the ILX, and when all the flip books are aligned the ILX can be seen driving across all five boxes.

My piece was based off the name of the engine itself, ‘Earth Dreams.’ I thought it was a very playful name for something so mechanical and I liked that juxtaposition. Bringing out the SAT words.

Check out the promo video at as well as a few short bios on all the artists! And head over to for the next three days where you can still win* a print from the remaining artists.

Rules: *No Purchase Necessary.