honda nsx concept

“Really looking forward to racing the team Mugen Honda NSX-gt in the Suzuka 1000km’s later this year. I had the chance to drive the Honda NSX concept GT last year at Motegi and absolutely loved it. Proper motor car, proper racing. #supergt #nsx #honda” (x)  


A selective history of Honda supercar concepts and prototypes

Honda HPX Concept, 1984, by Pininfarina (not produced)
Honda NSX Prototype, 1989 (produced as the first generation NSX)
Honda NSX-R Prototype, 2002  (produced as a variant of the NSX)
Honda HSC Concept, 2003 (not produced)
Honda FC Sport Concept, 2008 (not produced)
Honda NSX Concept, 2013 (produced as the second generation NSX)