honda history

*One day in the past America wanted Japan to be open to trade.*

America: Hello Japan.

Japan: Are you here to convince me of the benefits of capitalism, friend?

America: Ah, “Convince” implies that there will be a choice. *And America stepped to the side to reveal these rockin’ gun boats.*

Japan: Oh. 

*And then a wonderful friendship that experienced some, uh, minor rough patches was born.*


how about  ~s  u  n  r  i  s  e    l  a  n d 


Neat Civic evolution video from Donut Media

Disaster on Honda Point

Wreck of U. S. destroyers Sept. 8, 1923. Honda Rocks, Santa Barbara Co., California.

In the U.S. Navy’s largest peacetime loss of ships, seven destroyers ran aground on the rocks off Honda Point on the evening of September 8, 1923.  Twenty-three sailors died in this disaster.   Two other ships were grounded, but were able to break free.  Five other ships in the squadron were able to avoid the hazard.