honda em1

So for those who don’t know, today I bought a ‘99 Honda Civic SI. But it’s not just any si. For almost a year, I was dating a guy who drove this very exact car. I dumped hella money into it(stupid, I know), full GSR swapped it, replaced many parts multiple times. He then starts talking to another female, for over a month, and then dumps me. Only pays me back half of what I spent on his swap, and then TRADES THE SI IN FOR A DOWN PAYMENT ON AN EVO9. Trades it right out from under me.

So, I went to the dealer and I bought the car back. The car that is rightfully mine. Not only did I get my motor back, but also a clean title em1. I have major plans for this car, and I couldn’t be any happier with how things worked out. I felt I’d have to share, since I said I’d keep my tumblr updated. I can’t wait to start this build ❤️ @fameone @3plymike @fcyaa @sloppyclock @blackumi @suprakai @maxima-overdrive @hood-skoop