Chibi art with the villains, some other characters and pokemon! Art by Straw -he says it’s for an upcoming charm giveaway. (Archie, Maxie and Kukui might be double-sided; he’s still trying to figure it out)

Sorry Golisopod but you can’t fly and don’t have wings so that’s why you didn’t make the cut (what) (that makes no sense)

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Just discovered this blog and I love it <3 Sorry for the stupid ask and my bad english, but I was wondering : is there a sort of rivalry between the bosses when they own the same species of Pokémon (as for example Cyrus, Maxie and Archie all have a Crobat, Cyrus and Lysandre both have a Gyarados and a Honchkrow, etc) ? I mean, do they argue and/or do a Pokémon battle to find out which one is the best or are they indifferent to this fact ?


Random Doom : Once Upon a Dream - Part 2 : Page 11 (open image in new tab for full size)

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Well what ya know, thanks to generous pledge, we’re back with weekly regular updates. I dislike missing updates and I had the page ready so glad to upload it after all.

Anyway, Matthew and Ross agree that this is a battle only they can face.