hon rpg

Ethan Marks | Open | FC:Zac Efron

Age - 18

Grade - Fifth Former

Ethan Marks is your average 18 year old.He’s a ladies man.All the girls want him,third to sixth former.He likes the fact that all the girls want him.It doesn’t bother him.Ethan is in the Dark Daughters and Sons.He’s been in them for the past two years.He’s used to his mark and says that it makes him ‘sexier’.Unlike other fledglings,Ethan’s hair is short.He doesn’t think he should have long hair because he’s a guy.Many of his friends have tried explaining to him that its part of being a fledgling/vampyr.But he doesn’t care,he keeps his hair cut short.

Chase Alexander | Open |FC:Alex Pettyfer

Age - 19

Grade - Sixth Former

Oh look its Chase Alexander,once of the most known guys at HoN.Chase is in the Dark Daughters and Sons.The ladies love him.You could call him conceited,he knows he’s hot shit and shows it.He doesn’t care what people think about him.Why should he?Even though most of the things people think of him are positive things,he still doesn’t.Chase had a sister before he was mark,her name was Ana,he cared about her so much.He almost didn’t let his parents take him to the House of Night,just so he can stay home and protect his little sister.From what?Boys,of course.But of course,he couldn’t stay,he had to go.

Gift - Never misses his target.