“That is what this is! Is is love, peace, companionship! Why would you ever think to demean or hate on one another?

They said tha-

What they say doesn’t matter! Check for yourself, open your eyes! Do not take the world for what it is told to you. You must see it for yourself.”

-The Signless, in discussion.

I think the weirdest thing I’ve seen in homestuck right now since I just started reading it is that in the first few scenes it like john you have no arms go get your arms from the chest and then suddenly he’s holding two fake arms with his hands and just like Hussie why the fuck did you lie to me? This child obviously is not armless.

I was typing a story in creative writing class today and my teacher looks over my shoulder just as i go to youtube to replay the song. I was on a homestuck video and you know what he said? He said “that looks cool, what is it?” and it was actual interest not ‘quite procrastinating and work you nooksucker’. He is my favorite teacher by far.