homura cosplay madoka

[ Swap ! Akemi Homura Yami/Atem ]

I really love to change clothes of my favorite character, and yeah swap is very fun ✨
Because of the opening 3 of YuGiOh I really think about put some outfit from my true favorite magical girl anime on Yugi. And I’ve done it 😏
the emo gang madafaker ~.

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“Don’t forget.
Always, somewhere,
someone is fighting for you.
–As long as you remember her,
you are not alone.”

Photos back from Katsucon 2017 in my Devil Homura with my girlfriend as Goddess Madoka! Thank you whoever that went for the lovely input towards my outfit, it’s my first completely hand maid cosplay and I’m definitely going to wear her again, maybe make her wings too! Love you guys ❤