• Gluttony; tongue: represents the desire to satisfy his tastebuds.
  • Lust; chest: obviously it puts some focus on her breasts which fuels sexual lust (I’m looking at you, Havoc!) but it also pertains to the temptations of the heart and body in a more broader sense.
  • Envy; thigh: the desire to walk in other people’s shoes. (Yep, that does relate to Envy’s ability to transform into other people.)
  • Greed; hand: the desire to claim all the possessions one wants.
  • Wrath; eye: represents not only the duality within Bradley’s character as a human-based homunculus, but also the window to the soul and its emotional expression which is often concealed under Bradley’s eyepatch and calm demeanour until something in him finally snaps (pretty much always during battle). While he tries to fool those around him with a calm attitude his anger is always simmering just beneath the surface until he eventually frees his eye from its concealment and out comes his full ferocity.  In other words, don’t bottle up your emotions, kids! Anger itself is not inherently evil. It’s a necessary basic emotion that needs a healthy outlet. Hiding it away however like Bradley eventually leads to evil thoughts and actions. That’s what I took from it at least.
    Also on a visual note, his tattoo gives him a red looking eye which is a common motif for anger and/or evil.

  • Sloth; back: …. Sorry, too much work to explain…. lol jk it’s pretty obvious, though. It’s what you lay on to laze about.
  • Pride; self;  Pride is probably the most interesting homunculus in terms of this list because he doesn’t seem to have the tattoo on him.
    Instead, due to his egocentrism, he personifies it. He doesn’t want a symbol, he wants to BE the symbol.
    So he expresses the ouroboros in a number of ways:
    His shadows tend to act like a serpent; such as when they slither across a surface and coil themselves around their victim (like when Hawkeye was first confronted by him), to even the distorted hissing and rattling sounds they will usually make. His shadowy form also lunge attacks and often resides itself inside a dark, underground tunnel like a snake.
    But the biggest clue is when he eats his own brother (and threatens to eat Greed too). Pride even tries to justify it as non-cannibalism because ‘’the homunculi are a collective” since they’re all just an aspect of Father. While this might be true it also means that eating his own sibling is basically the same as eating himself. Can you say ouroboros?
  • Father; self: Just like with Pride—- who is practically a replica of Father so anything I wrote about Pride could apply to him too— Father lacks the tattoo and did the exact same thing to a ‘greedy’ family member as Pride did later on.  The manga actually hints at Father (and by extension Pride) representing the Ouroboros for committing this action with Chapter 31 titled “The Snake That Eats its Own Tail.”

FMA Envy Week - Day 4: Modern AU
ohmygosh I wanted to draw this for so long and I finally got the perfect chance to do it, so… here we go. also, this was a sort of coloring experiment, I’m not sure of the result tbh lol. one or two months ago I doodled a punk-ish outfit for Envy and now here it is. we need to see more of Punk!Envy, I love this design I came up with!!


I juggle so many damn story ideas sometimes that some literally drop out the back of my brain, and I don’t notice until I see them on the floor later and pick them back up. 

One that I recently plucked back up is a story called “The Tower”. 

Based in a desolate post-disaster Earth setting, it focuses on a young trans man named Nyle Cho who lives in a town with a gigantic and ominous tower set in it’s middle. This tower houses an oppressive-authoritarian governing body and it’s leader: “the Master” that exploits the towns citizens. No one remembers how the tower got there or how long it’s been since it appeared.

Since memory began however, the town has culled groups of people to journey into the tower and attempt to fight their way to the Master at the top. Every 5 years this ritual takes place, but no one successfully makes it past all the floors to the top. With no returning survivors all manner of terrifying traps, environments, and monsters are dreamed up by the townsfolk to reside on each of it’s floors to kill hostile intruders. 

While outside the town’s walls scavenging with his blind childhood friend Rashida (art forthcoming) he digs up the strange and dormant humanoid creature who calls herself BOSCH (after the name printed on her stomach). Able to spawn/manifest weapons out her body’s material, she’s a 10ft tall, regenerating, walking armory.  

Together with Rashida and BOSCH, Nyle will journey with others into the tower to try like many before them. They’ll fight their way up the unimaginable terrors and foes of it’s many floors to overthrow the tyrannical Master at the top and free his town.