These are the first ten pages of my comic Homunculus.

For those who haven’t seen me talk about this before, I started the comic almost a year ago but have made very slow progress on it due to school, graduation, work, and other life obstacles. As of now, I’m only on page 36. I don’t want to post it all until the entire chapter is finished (for immersion reasons) but this is only the intro, so I’ll make an exception.

Homunculus can best be described as a psychological fantasy/drama about a group of soulless beings called homunculi that are created by a lonely, outcast scientist. It follows their struggles to understand themselves and eachother as their creator struggles to turn them into human beings. It deals with themes of isolation, identity, morality, loss, and acceptance. 

When the whole first chapter is ready (hopefully this year), I plan on launching a kickstarter so I can devote all my time and attention to this, because it means so much to me. I’ve been concepting and developing it for years. I’ve sown all my fears and dreams and vulnerabilities into it. It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever done. Most of my paintings and illustrations are also directly related to this story.

If you want to see more of this comic, please share this - It would mean the world to me. Soon there will be a time when I need to ask for help in making this a reality, and the more people that see this now, the better. Thank you so much for reading, and even moreso if you end up sharing it.