Being overly-familiar with a series is such a weird burden sometimes because like

you’ll see some theory being passed around that you instantly know is wrong. Like it’s surprising to see people supporting it because the flaws in its logic are so glaringly obvious. Until it hits you that, yeah it’s wrong, but only because you were able to immediately remember the 5 second conversation between two background characters 17 minutes through s2e13 that definitively disproves it. And no casual fan would have any reason to remember that off the top of their head and it’s you who’s the weird human encyclopedia with a shot-for-shot memory the entire damn series.

Like at that point you don’t even know anymore whether to argue your point or just…maybe go outside for a little bit.


Ling Yao and Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) "Friends are connected by their souls, you can’t just rinse something out that has been deeply instilled into your soul" (Ling)

“Geez, both Ling and shorty pretty much made the light of me…it’s enough…Yeah it’s enough…I don’t need anything else anymore…Gahaha…Farewell…my friends of the soul.” (Greed)

Man, my school’s drama and chorus classes are so pathetic.

AP Language teacher sprained her ankle during first block (how the hell, she sits all day) so I just read Homunculus on my laptop at school.  Up to volume 5, and I’m pretty glad no one was behind me during that scene with Nakoshi and Yukari after she eats dinner.

I heard it gets even worse, though…


When her strength left her and her hand began to fall, she whispered, “That’s… the monster.

Behind him, Edward heard Al gasp and say something about it not being true or whatnot, but his mind was already elsewhere, trying to process what Lan Fan had just revealed.

Because the person that she had just identified as one of the Homunculi was First Lieutenant Hawkeye.(x)-Hellbound, Chapter Three, By The Flame and Hawk’s Eye


Happy birthday Shay!

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I have a question related to your recent post about Roy (that I loved by the way, amazing) and I want your thoughts. Maes Hughes is brilliant, he's a genius, and he should /know/ about Roy's act and why Roy puts on that womanizer mask and how it helps him, so why does Maes keep telling Roy to get a wife? It seems counterproductive to me, what do you think?

(This post)

I think Hughes is well-aware, but I also think he’s Hughes whose greatest joy in the entire world has been brought to him in the form of a wife and daughter so strategy-be-damned he thinks Roy should hop on the married train.

And you definitely could create a new unassuming strategy focused on married life. Hell! I doubt the homunculi were particularly fast to suspect Hughes when he just seems like a gushing simpleton 80% of the time. That, by itself, is strategy (even though there’s no way Hughes was ever faking that over the top affection)

[Original Character Positivity Week 2016

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Officially Announcing…. Original Character Positivity Week! From March 28th to Feb 1st, fullmetalpositivity will be focusing on the original characters of the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom - next-generation Elrics, fanmade State Alchemists, new homunculi and everything in between! (Self-inserts are especially considered welcome as long as they’re part of the FMA fandom in some way!)

How do I participate? 

         Send in positivity submissions! We want to hear about the original characters that have made impressions on you - and they don’t need to be roleplayers, either. Artists and fanfiction writers deserve positivity for their characters too!

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We hope to see you all participating when the time comes!

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Do you ever think about how Roy Mustang is the scariest FMA character except for Wrath and Pride and yet he can easily be defeated by squirt gun because I do and I've been laughing about it for the last 20 minutes


A dark room… father sits towering on his throne, the seven homunculi at his feet.

“The flame alchemist once again foiled our plans. But fear not, for I have devised a cunning new weapon to neutralize him.”

The homunculi fall silent, eager to see this new doomsday machine. With a brief gesture of his hands, a wicked sleek firearm rises from the dark. Emblazoned on the side, glinting in the dim light:

“Super Soaker”

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for the 6 characters meme: Homunculi (there will be one left out though but -shrugs-)

I’m going with 03 here, obviously.

  • Push off a cliff: Probably Envy, because he’d survive anyway and it would be funny. Could also likely be encouraged to do it himself because he’s a fucking showoff. He’d do a triple spin kick or something.
  • Kiss: Lust. Why would anybody kiss anyone else when they could kiss Lust. Literally why. Do those people exist?
  • Marry: Sloth, I guess? Because the only other alternative is Pride and I don’t think that would end well. I think that would end horribly. It could be a marriage for tax benefits or something. Also she’s better at being a responsible adult than me and would remember to pay bills.
  • Set on Fire: Greed, because it would be his idea and he would think it was fucking awesome. “gee greed i dont know if this is a good idea” “NAH IT’LL BE FINE, LIGHT EM UP! *goes up in flames* AWWWW YEEEEAAAH”
  • Wrap a Blanket around: Gluttony, who did nothing wrong and must be protected at all costs.
  • Be Roommates with: Wrath. He would completely destroy the house but dammit SOMEONE’S gotta look after that horrible wolverine child and give him hugs. And keep him from dismembering other children.

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okay,, , so is lust really like. /lustful??/ she never really lusts after anyone, more the other way around. maybe it's like. a bloodlust??

IMO, not really sure. 

Like Greed, Sloth, and Gluttony are pretty archetypal, but Wrath (on the surface) is a very composed restrained man. Envy hides their jealousy well. Pride’s got solid cover. It’s possible Lust is lustful, and just hides/suppresses it well in order to focus on the goals at large much the way Wrath does. Maybe she’s really into weaponizing her sexuality. Like all the homunculi are their own people, more than just their sin, so there’s really no saying.