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From the last event in this video (Starts at 10:35):

SAYAKA: Homura, that you? Good morning.
HOMURA: Good morning, Sayaka.
SAYAKA: So you pass by this street too? I never knew.
HOMURA: I’ve seen you several times.
SAYAKA: Huh, really? Say something next time, alright?
HOMURA: I’ll consider it.
SAYAKA: Homura, say something.
SAYAKA: Aren’t friends supposed to have fun conversations while they walk to school!?
SAYAKA: Come on! Talk, talk!
SAYAKA: Sigh… well, should I try to find something we have in common?
HOMURA: Madoka-
HOMURA: She’s kind to everyone. She’s a wonderful person who’s very considerate to her friends.
HOMURA: She always takes what I say seriously, and acts accordingly.
HOMURA: The depths to her compassion are-
SAYAKA: Wa- wait a minute, Homura. What are you talking about?
HOMURA: Madoka, of course.
SAYAKA: A- aren’t you idealizing her a bit?
HOMURA: Absolutely not. You surely know of her greatness as well, Sayaka.
HOMURA: Madoka’s famed for being kind to even animals-
SAYAKA: That’s enough! Let’s just go quietly, okay!?

  • Homura: There's no way I can tell you how I really feel.
  • Madoka: Homura-chan...
  • Homura: I mean... I mean... I'm living in a different time than you!. I've come from the future, you know?.
  • I've met you over and over again, and each time, I've seen you die. How can I save you? How can I change your fate? I've been looking for that answer and that answer only. I've gone back and started from the beginning over and over again.
  • Madoka: That means... Huh?
  • Homura: I'm sorry. I'm sure you don't get any of this. I'm sure you're put off (disgusted) by all of this. To you, I haven't even known you for a month - I'm just some transfer student. But to me, you...
  • Each time I repeat all of this, the time you and I lived grows further apart--our feelings grow further apart, and my words stop reaching you. I think I lost myself a long time ago.
  • Madoka: Homura-chan...
  • Homura: My desire to save you: the first emotion I had that started this all. And now that I've come this far, the only star left that will help guide my way... You don't have to understand. My words don't have to resonate within you. But still, I beg you. Let me protect you.

Finally a trailer that looks nice and works.

Not a lot of information regarding the plot, but apparently the Homulust brought Madoka back to life (?).