anonymous asked:

As someone who has Autism, what is your opinion on services such as day programs, special ed courses, and employment services?

I sadly have no firsthand knowledge or opinion of any of these.

I was always homeschooled, and I've only gotten jobs based on personality and references. I have been blessed by being up front about my autism and having a few bosses that catered to that. (And two that abused that and have left me with issues I still am trying to get over)

I am from a family of over 6 (six) generations of missionaries all of whom homeschooled and catered to each child's individual needs. I am currently the only person in my family who has gone to a doctor and gotten diagnosed for anything other than a broken bone or cancer.

My family has a deep-seeded mistrust in governments and schools, and that has rubbed off on me. So, I apologize, but I cannot give you a fair and unbiased opinion.