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So because there wasn't much hype about Anna's birthday the other day, could you maybe please scenario Fushimi teaching Anna something? Like maybe this can be post-ROK (or maybe even pre-series), and Fushimi's teaching Anna how to play piano or chess?

Aw, that would be so cute, I love Fushimi and Anna interaction XD Maybe he tries to teach her some magic tricks pre-series when he’s in Homra, like say one day he’s bored and one of Kusanagi’s previous customers left a pack of cards on the bar. Fushimi starts playing with the cards and Yata comes over wanting to know what Fushimi’s doing, Fushimi just kinda absently asks Yata to pick a card. Fushimi guesses the correct card and then maybe does a bit more slight of hand to make it look like the card magically appeared in his hand and then turned into a different card and Yata is just mesmerized by how cool Saruhiko is. Fushimi’s also suddenly surrounded by intrigued members of Homra who all got caught up watching him because the tricks were really kinda fascinating. Fushimi’s not thrilled about all this attention, like he’s fine with Yata watching him but everyone else makes him uncomfortable and he just mutters something rude under his breath and tries to make his escape from the bar. That’s when Totsuka stops him because as it happens Totsuka has also been thinking of getting into magic lately. Fushimi categorically refuses to help him out even before Totsuka’s gotten all the words out and he’s ready to just make a run for the door when Anna tugs on his shirt, looking very serious as she asks Saruhiko to teach her magic. Totsuka’s so pleased to hear Anna ask because wouldn’t that be a cute bonding experience (and a lovely opportunity for adorable photos). Fushimi’s about to refuse her straight out but Anna keeps staring at him with this straightforward gaze and finally he sighs and says fine, he can show her a few things.

So the next day Yata comes into the bar and there’s Fushimi in the corner on the couch with Anna sitting across from him, listening attentively as he tries to teach her the trick. Anna’s super absorbed in it too, she keeps staring at Fushimi with this unblinking gaze that actually makes him a little uncomfortable. Fushimi acts like teaching her is such a total bother but he’s also being really patient (for Fushimi, anyway) and he splits the deck and makes very certain to give her all the red cards. Anna initially tries to use her abilities to work the trick, like Fushimi picks a card and she just puts a marble up to her eye and tells him what it is, Fushimi sighs but there’s something fond beneath the annoyance as he explains that it’s not magic if she uses her powers. Anna takes that very seriously and nods as she puts her marble away and says she won’t use her powers then. Fushimi starts explaining the trick and then he catches Yata watching and glares at him a bit until he leaves, Yata just laughs a little and is like ‘right, don’t wanna give away your trick, right, Saruhiko?’ Fushimi rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue, saying he just can’t concentrate with Yata there, but really he doesn’t want Yata to find out the trick because then Yata won’t think it’s cool anymore and the magic tricks are one of the rare times now when Yata’s eyes sparkle while calling him cool.

Anna probably picks up on a lot of the trick pretty quickly and even though Fushimi acts like it’s not big deal he’s actually kinda proud of her. The first time Anna guesses Fushimi’s card correctly she’s so proud that she runs to Mikoto and holds out her cards to him, asking him to pick one. Anna gets it right and Mikoto smiles and puts a hand on her head before walking over to Fushimi, who’s all tense due to his presence. Mikoto looks at the cards and books Fushimi has laid out and is like ’…magic, huh?’ before putting a hand on Fushimi’s head too and then walking off to go to bed. Totsuka meanwhile is filming the whole thing and it is like the crown jewel of his collection, all the pictures of Anna and Fushimi pouring over a stack of cards while lost in heavy concentration and just being adorable together (and then post-ROK Fushimi’s recovering the hospital and Anna brings him a deck of cards to use to keep himself occupied. The first thing she does is hold the cards out and tell him to pick one. It’s the Queen of Hearts and he guesses it right, Anna smiles softly at him and thanks him while Fushimi tries to act like he wasn’t totally touched by the whole thing).

Scepter 4 And Homra - Behind the scenes

Sometimes I like to imagine that while their 3 superiors are flirting fighting, Scepter 4 and Homra members just look at each other and go like:

“So….drinks are on us this time I guess?”

And then they proceed to go get drunk at a nearby bar and just start rambling about how their “Kings should just do the do” and how “Seri and Izumo try so hard to hide it but seriously though it’d be easier to hide your relationship if one does not try to strip the other in broad daylight” and how “Fushimi and yata have more sexual tension b/w them than all of them combined.”

Also Domyoji complaining that both sides don’t get enough screen time while Chitose snaps at him to shut the fuck up because “at least you guys get recognized by name, no one knows who the fuck we are.”

Unless you read the manga and light novels that is.

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Rather cliche, but Scepter4 and Homra have a christmas (bonding) celebration, and Fushimi & Yata gets caught under the mistletoe. How do they react? post or pre-reconciliation, or both, up to you :)

Of course this gets fic because I couldn’t resist :D

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“Scepter 4 guys: Did Fushimi-san have a friend? A “girlfriend”? And did he just made “her” cry? O_o||| “

- self-created joke

The Day Yata Misaki Disappeared from this World By Ground Zero

Edit: Gallery removed. Please buy the doujinshi to support the artist.

Translation below translated by myself. Pardon me if I didn’t interpret right. :P Enjoy!

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What if Anna had a crush on Saruhiko? And everyone but Saruhiko and Misaki could see it.

Imagine this one happens post-reconciliation, like Fushimi’s actually been visiting Bar Homra from time to time because he’s meeting with Yata. He’s kinda uncomfortable about the whole thing but he’s willing to do it because he and Yata are trying to be friends again after all. Anna is happy to see Fushimi again and she’s always coming over to sit next to him while he waits for Yata to show up. Kusanagi totally figures out the crush thing but he doesn’t say anything since it’s kinda cute as long as Fushimi doesn’t lay a hand on her (otherwise Mama Kusanagi will have to have words with him). Whenever Yata arrives and Fushimi starts fixing all his attention on him Anna always seems to get a little down about it but she doesn’t really say anything. Eventually Fushimi starts becoming uncomfortably aware that every time he comes to the bar it seems like more and more Homra members show up while he’s there and they all just glare at him while he has a drink and waits for Misaki and talks to Anna. He has no idea what their problem is and doesn’t much care though Yata’s also starting to feel uncomfortable about it because some of the guys are treating him funny too. Eventually someone says something nasty to Fushimi about ‘breaking their princess’s heart’ and Fushimi’s like wait what now. Kusanagi sighs and gets to be the one to tell Fushimi and Yata that Anna apparently has a crush on Fushimi and she’s jealous that Yata gets all his attention but she doesn’t want to say anything because she knows Misaki is happy to have Saruhiko back and she doesn’t want to get in the middle of it. Yata’s immediately like Saruhiko how could you be so insensitive to Anna’s feelings and Fushimi clicks his tongue like you didn’t notice either you idiot. In the end Fushimi probably gets convinced to take Anna out for the day and they go for a walk and have an ice cream and Anna tells Fushimi she likes him but she knows he likes Misaki, she just wanted him to know and then she thanks him for staying with her today, Fushimi’s all awkward about it because he’s not used to thus sort of thing. Meanwhile half of Homra including Yata are tailing them just to make sure Fushimi doesn’t cruelly reject her or anything.

For anyone who might not recognise all these names:

  • Kusuhara Takeru - Scepter 4 member from K SIDE:BLUE
  • Man with the Fox Mask - Colorless King in season 1
  • Shiotsu Gen -  An executive of Habari Jin’s Scepter 4, the temporary head during K SIDE:RED
  • Tamagoro - Cat from K SIDE:BLACK&WHITE
  • Tsukumo 99 - The cleaning robots
  • Hieda Tooru - The owner of “Shiro’s” body
  • Fushimi Niki - Fushimi’s dad
  • Yamata Daichi - Homra member from K R:B

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in lsw, fushimi looks up mikoto after the fire bottle incident and it said the ones that can't handle the red king's flames die. is that just internet lies, or is there actually some truth in there? and if it's true, how does homra feel about it?

I’ve always kinda wondered about this one, actually. In MOR I think it was mentioned as well, that anyone who can’t pass Mikoto’s test gets burned into ashes, but is there any proof of that ever actually happening? Considering in R:B there’s a thing with random Homra members doing what they like without Mikoto’s order and presumably having little respect for him it seems like just about anybody can get Mikoto’s power. Maybe the whole thing really is just a rumor, cooked up by Mikoto, Totsuka and Kusanagi to be sure that people don’t just try to join Homra to get awesome fire powers, they have to be willing to risk their lives to get it. (If it wasn’t a rumor though imagine poor Kusanagi’s face the first time Mikoto immolates someone in his bar. Friends help you move, real friends help you sweep up the ashes and cover up all traces of the guy you technically just murdered.)

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How do you think Yata react if he heard Saru singing? Like a time Saru was forced to go to kareoke again and he didn't realize Homra members were there like misaki and starts singing. Yata's reaction?

I wonder if Yata would recognize it, if he heard Fushimi sing. Fushimi definitely probably doesn’t do it too often (and after that first karaoke session with Scepter 4 the alphabet squad are always trying to get him to sing some more and he keeps resisting and telling them to leave him alone) but I can imagine like maybe one day when Yata and Fushimi were still living together Yata came back to the apartment after doing Homra things and spotted Fushimi sitting in his bunk on the computer with headphones in, singing along quietly to the music. And Yata was so struck by how unexpectedly nice Fushimi’s singing voice was that instead of saying anything he just kinda sat quietly in the doorway where Fushimi couldn’t see him, listening until the end of the song. He knew Fushimi would act like Yata hearing him was irritating so Yata never mentions it but secretly he thinks it’s cool that Fushimi can sing so well and he wishes he could hear it again sometime. So then jump ahead and Yata’s at the karaoke bar with some Homra members and he goes to run to the bathroom or get a snack out of a vending machine or something and that’s when he happens to pass by the room where the Scepter 4 guys are having their own little party that Fushimi has been unwillingly dragged into. Yata doesn’t even pay attention to them but that’s when he’s just able to make out the sound of Fushimi singing and he just kinda freezes for a moment as the memory hits him. Yata’s first instinct is probably to turn around and go back to the other Homra guys because who wants to see that stupid traitor anyway, but the memory is too strong and he sneaks a little closer to the room, trying to get near enough to hear clearly without being seen (for extra heartache, the song Fushimi’s singing happens to be one that they both loved in middle school and used to listen to together sharing headphones, naturally Fushimi still knows all the words and Yata finds himself mouthing them along with Fushimi). When the song’s done Fushimi immediately goes to retreat back to his corner while the rest of Scepter 4 tries to convince him to go again and if Munakata’s there he probably starts to praise Fushimi for his unexpected skill. Fushimi clicks his tongue and then freezes for a second because he thinks he can see someone listening by the door, but when he leans forward to look it seems like no one’s there. Yata meanwhile makes a break for it before Fushimi can see him, looking really quiet and thoughtful because he can’t help but remember that one time in their apartment when he heard Fushimi singing and how maybe he should’ve said something then while he still could, while they were still friends, because he really liked Fushimi’s singing and always wanted to hear it again but not like this, not when Fushimi’s with other people and they’re apart.

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I don't know if you've gotten any similar asks, but what do you think would happen if, against all odds, the theories about Niki faking his death and being a green member are true? Say, sometime in s2 he and Saru run into each other during a big battle or something, and maybe there are Scepter 4 or Homra members around too? I'm curious how you ink it'd play out, and the effects it might have on his relationships with everyone

I think Fushimi’s first reaction would probably be to assume that Niki’s just a hallucination – the Green King’s tried that tactic before, after all, and Fushimi has no reason to think Niki being alive is the more plausible explanation. But then say Yata’s there too with everyone else and he suddenly says something like “Wait, wait, it’s that guy! Saru’s…” which is when Fushimi realizes that oh shit everyone else can see him too. At that point I think Fushimi goes into immediate auto-pilot not-even-thinking Kill Mode, like ‘it doesn’t matter if that guy is alive if I kill him.’ And Niki probably laughs and says something about how much he’s missed his little monkey while using his Green electric-y powers and probably throwing Fushimi to the ground or into a wall or something (Niki’d probably be a pretty high-level clansman if the Green King made him go to the trouble of faking his death). Fushimi probably just lies there – I think his mind would’ve gone pretty blank from shock by that point – and then I think Yata would almost certainly dive in after him to protect him. Niki’d probably take down Yata pretty handily too and start laughing like, oh, look, it’s my monkey’s little friend aren’t you cute, let’s play. I don’t think it would get much farther than that because if Munakata or Anna are anywhere in the immediate vicinity I think they’d intervene to chase Niki off. I think they’d both probably have a pretty good idea of exactly who Niki is and I don’t think either of them would be very well-disposed towards him. I can see  Munakata being really cold and just scary pissed off even as he politely but firmly tells Niki that he needs to leave right now. And Niki just laughs it off and waves as he walks away, like “I’ll see you again, Saruhiko~~”

The aftermath would probably be messy. I think Fushimi would be trying very desperately to keep it together while being pretty traumatized. Yata I think even if they hadn’t made up or anything at that point would be trying to help him, like even after Niki walks away Yata’s crouching over Fushimi protectively and wondering what the fuck is going on while swearing that he’s not letting that guy get wthin ten feet of Saruhiko. And Fushimi tries to push them all away, not wanting to explain who Niki is or what just happened because he doesn’t want to think about it, he just wants to go after Niki and kill him and be done with it (actually I think Fushimi would have trouble explaining it even if he was asked, I have sort of the vague feeling that Fushimi is not entirely aware that what Niki did to him is actually abuse. Like I can see him thinking that he hates Niki and that Niki was horrible to him, that Niki was a worthless parent, but the idea that he was really, actually abused doesn’t quite come into his head because he’s kind of got his own blinders on there, being in the center of it he can’t see it even though it’s obvious to everyone on the outside). Yata’d probably end up having to be the one to explain everything and Fushimi would keep telling him to shut up because he doesn’t want anyone knowing and he doesn’t want anyone pitying him either. I can see Fushimi even attempting to go after Niki on his own, just to end it, and then ending up sort of freezing in front of Niki because he’s got all this trauma that’s come screaming back. And then the rest of the cast show up and just kinda circle the wagons around Fushimi and Yata especially is super protective, and Fushimi is sort of shocked by the whole thing and doesn’t really know what to do. (And then Munakata squashes Niki like a bug.)

pirates and navy!AU


Reisi Munakata, king of the Blue Clan and captain of the Annex, could hardly hear anything over the sounds of passerby in the port, but he could see the flash of red in the crowds, and the port soldiers running–which was all he needed to know.

He’d tracked HOMRA pirates here by word of mouth, but which ship in the docks was theirs? His money was on the nondescript cargo ship, small and plainly colored, next to the navy’s ships. Exactly the kind of bold move that HOMRA would pull. But Scepter 4 would be on them soon. For now, he tracked the kid in red, the first HOMRA agent he’d recognized today. Perhaps the boy would lead them to the others.

The kid was good–Munakata should have known his name, he’d been present for more than a few skirmishes with Scepter 4, but as he’d rather been more focused on the members of HOMRA with stronger powers (the little girl and the pirate king figuring heavily into how Munakata attempted battle with them), he could not, for the life of him, remember the boy’s name.

Damn. He’d lost the boy in the crowds. No matter. He’d narrowed down which ship was HOMRA’s, and the soldiers would be on them soon…

A flash of white in the corner of his eye caught his attention–the sails of the ship he’d identified as HOMRA’s billowing out, and their red flag going up. He revised his plans.

Flaring up his Sword of Damocles–an easy signal to all the Scepter 4 agents in port, and invisible to everyone else (except the HOMRA agents, but he was glad to sacrifice the element of surprise for time in this instance)–he returned to the Annex, and made the announcement that they would chase HOMRA.

Scepter 4, efficient as always under the command of First Mate Awashima, took off.